Canada Through The Lens of Sean Scott

Aussie photographer Sean Scott explores three regions in Canada packed with natural wonders. 

Canada Through The Lens of Sean Scott


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Sean Scott photography northern lights
Fort Providence. Photos: Sean Scott

After travelling for a few days, professional photographer Sean Scott (from Sean Scott Photography) arrived in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories as the first stop of his  Canadian trip. During this trip, he experienced a number of amazing attractions in Canada

Sean Scott Photography in Canada

I quickly had dinner and then headed out to watch the most amazing displays of the Northern Lights (main photo).

It was a pretty epic way to start my trip.

It can be quite tricky when you have never been somewhere before.

Trying to find places at night was a challenge as I had no idea where each road lead, but that’s usually when it gets interesting.

This was the road into Fort Providence and one of the most difficult photos for me to shoot. 

It was 1am and I was on my own in the middle of the road, setting up my camera.

I had to light up the road and trees with a torch, all while keeping my ears out for cars. Surely enough one came through, but I just moved my set up and started again.

Sean Scott photography
Solar storm in the Northwest Territories. Photo: Sean Scott photography

I never tire of seeing the lights.

On my last night in Yellowknife, I witnessed a solar storm and had the most incredible night exploring the outskirts of town and just admiring the Yellowknife northern lights

I think the Northwest Territories is an Aurora heaven.


Sean Scott photography
Wolf in Quebec. Photo: Sean Scott photography

Quebec is so different to all the other provinces I have visited in Canada.

It really felt like I was in another country.

French is their main language and there’s not much English spoken at all.

It really does have it’s own culture and I loved how it was a totally different experience for me.

The highlight of my Quebec trip would have to be my visit to Aventuraid, where I had the chance to spend the day with pure-bred wolves.

Having them so close to me was a unique experience, that’s for sure.

It was initially a little daunting putting my trust in these guys and you could see they were really interested in me; pulling at my sleeves and pants, even ripping a few small holes.

It took awhile before I could really use my camera to capture these wolves and overall they seemed to love the attention, but at the same time they were also a little shy.

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British Columbia

British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada. 

There are so many amazing things to do in British Columbia

This was my second visit and I absolutely love this part of the country.

The drive in was awesome and Telegraph Cove was fantastic.

They have accommodation right on the wharf, good cafes and pubs and it’s a place where I could easily spend a week exploring.

Sean Scott photography
Orca in BC. Photo: Sean Scott photography

My last visit to BC was all about the bears, whereas this time I headed straight out to Telegraph Cove where we chartered a boat to go searching for sea life.

At one stage we found ourselves in the middle of a super pod of about 60 resident Orcas.

One swam right under and you could hear them singing so loudly through our aluminium boat. It was so incredible.

Vancouver Island has once again took my breath away.

I have a feeling I’m going to be coming back here quite a bit.

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Sean Scott

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