Photo essay – Gareth Mcguigan from Bahrs Scrub

Photo essay – Gareth Mcguigan from Bahrs Scrub

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Photos: Gareth Mcguigan

27-year-old Gareth Mcguigan moved to Queensland 18 years ago. He and his family now call the little suburb named Bahrs Scrub in South East Queensland home.


A fitter and turner by day (Gareth programmes CNC machines to manufacture custom parts), he has had a keen interested in photography for as long as he can remember. He loves photographing waterfalls and long exposures of traffic with the light trails and cloud movement. And his passion for photography bloomed when his wife bought a Canon 1100D to take photos of their children. That was in 2012.

A self-taught photographer, Gareth Mcguigan has come a long way since then and has a talent for capturing waterfalls, reflections and star trails.

“My photography is still in the hobby stage but I hope to one day be considered a professional and teach what I know to others,” says Mcguigan.

Do you have a photography philosophy?

I believe there is a opportunity to capture something great in every circumstance, condition and location, if I can’t see it then I’m not trying or looking hard enough.

bahrs scrub

Do you have a favourite spot in Queensland?

Since I started getting heavily involved in my photography I haven’t really had the opportunity to travel too far, but my favourite place I love to explore is Queensland’s Scenic Rim. The landscape, waterfalls and lakes there are incredible.

bahrs scrub

bahrs scrub

My last outing with the camera would be out to the cane fields in Norwell which is the northern part of the Gold Coast. I wanted to capture the Milky Way and get some star trails. It wasn’t really a road trip it was more me wanting to get out with the camera for a few hours waiting for the Milky Way to finally appear.

Most memorable trip?

Recently my wife and I had a night free so we travelled to Mount Barney in the Scenic Rim and hiked to the East Peak.

We camped up there for the night. It was the hardest hike I’ve done but I loved every minute of it and came away with some great photos.

East Peak Mt Barney bahrs scrub
East Peak Mount Barney

Most memorable experience?

My first hike through the Lamington National Park on the Tooloona Circuit after heavy rain. The waterfalls were incredible and it was so much fun running around shooting them all. It was my first really big hike with the cameras and it left me with some of my favourite images.

Box Log Falls bahrs scrub
Box Log Falls
Lip Falls bahrs scrub
Lip Falls

If you were going to take your Mum on a road trip where would you go?

I would take her to Lake Moogerah in Scenic Rim, where there is a great lake with mountains as a backdrop perfect for a sunset.

Lake Moogerah
Lake Moogerah

Beach or the desert?

I prefer the beach but I can think of a few images I’d like from the desert also.

City or the countryside?

When I first started shooting in 2012, I would have said I prefer the city but now I’m in love with the countryside, especially south Queensland country.

Do you have any tips on how to capture great night shots?

I guess the first thing I’d do is research, research, research. Know what shot you want to get, the weather conditions and have a good idea of the settings and equipment needed.

While out shooting take your time and tweak the settings a little and have fun.

I always like to take the same shot with the settings slightly different to see what it looks like. For images like the Milky Way, I usually have these setting: ISO 3200, F4 or lower, exposure 30 seconds.

Star Trails Norwell
Star trails, Norwell
bahrs scrub
Lost World Valley

Favourite restaurant? 

It’s not so much a restaurant but there is a little place in Burleigh named Burleigh Social which has the best coffee around.

Favourite beach? 

Point Cartwright up on the Sunshine Coast, I love the rock formations there giving me plenty of compositions for sunrises and sunsets.

Point Cartwright 12
Point Cartwright, Sunshine Coast

Favourite town?

I would say any town in the Scenic Rim and Beaudesert and Boonah come to mind these areas lead you to some amazing landscapes.

If you had to move to somewhere else in Queensland where would you choose to live?

I would like to move to Cairns as I’d love to explore tropical north Queensland.

Most romantic place you’ve been to?

I would say the East Peak of Mt Barney would be up there with some of the best.

When things get too much where do you go to get away from it all?

I like to get out at night and go anywhere quiet and photograph the stars, leaving my remote to capture multiple images so I can produce star trails in my images.

This can take up to 1.5 hours and gives my plenty of quiet time. The Scenic Rim is one place that is always a great place to get away from it all.

Elabana Falls
Elabana Falls

Favourite spa?

I’m not really a spa kind of guy!

What’s on your bucket list?

1-Explore north Queensland

2-Explore central Queensland

3-Finish off exploring the national parks in South East Queensland.

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