Photo essay: Tasmania’s East Coast

Photo essay: Tasmania’s East Coast

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East Coast Tasmania
Bay of Fires Photos: Jewels Lynch

Tasmania’s east coast really is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Tasmania’s east coast is raw, pristine, untouched, rugged, sublime and magical. It’s a place that makes me feel like I’ve stepped back in time, where everything slows down a little.

Bay of Fires 2

Wineglass Bay

One day I got up at the crack of dawn to photograph Wineglass Bay. Unfortunately, all the walking tracks and lookout had been closed off due to damage from bad weather.

I was devastated that I didn’t get to see that amazing scene but there was plenty more scenery to make up for it. Here are my favourite spots on the east coast.

Bay of Fires 1


Can you believe that is a public swimming pool in Launceston? What a location to have a public pool! I had a bit of spare time and had heard that the Cataract Gorge and First Basin were only a 10-minute drive from the airport so I thought I would check it out.

Tasmania Travel 10

Unfortunately I didn’t have time for a swim but I did enjoy a chairlift ride across the gorge, which is how I captured this photo.

There is a small entry fee to the pool and for the chairlift, but what a great family day out it would be.

The cafe there looked wonderful and there were also people swimming in the gorge and walking the bridge too. I also saw beautiful baby peacocks while I was there, which was super cute. The chairlift was so much fun.

Bay of Fires 3

Bay of Fires 7

Binalong Bay

These were a couple of strangers that I asked to stand on the rocks for me while I took this photo. I kept telling them to stay really still because my shutter speed was very slow, but they weren’t listening and kept moving about.

They were a lovely couple from Switzerland, travelling Australia. I sent them a copy of that photo, and they loved it so much they sent me flowers. This was taken on a stormy afternoon at Binalong Bay.

Bay of Fires 4

It was cold and the rain was bucketing down. It was pitch black and I was alone. But I was determined to shoot sunrise at the beautiful Cape Tourville Lighthouse.

I arrived early as I wasn’t sure how long the walk would be. As I walked along the track, I started to hear strange growling and grunting noises.

They got louder and louder. I panicked and sprinted as fast as I could back to the car and locked myself in. I honestly thought I was going to get eaten alive by a Tassie Devil.

I had never seen one and knew nothing of them at the time. I waited till it got a little lighter, ran out, took this shot and ran back to the car again. It was definitely one of those ‘had to be there kind of mornings’.

I’ll never know what it was, and I now know that Tassie Devils don’t eat humans but I’ll never forget that morning. As you can see by this picture, I didn’t even get the spectacular sunrise that I was so hoping for.

Bay of Fires 5

Freycinet National Park

I had walked for quite some time through Freycinet National Park. By this stage, and to be honest, I’m not exactly sure where this shot is taken from.

It’s a spot somewhere along my hike. I love nature so much as being in nature allows my mind and emotions to be free, to be able to breath.

I used to hike all the time, until in 2013, when I had two really bad accidents injuring my back. I’m really working on getting back into shape this year.

tasmania's east coast

tasmania's east coast

This is one of my favourite things about Tasmania – these beautiful red lichen covered rocks. This shot is in Binalong Bay just along the coastline away from the main beach area.

My top five spots in Tasmania are:

1-Tasman Peninsula

2-Bay of Fires, Binalong Bay

3-Freycinet National Park

4-Bruny Island

5-Cockle Creek

Jewels Lynch was a guest of Tourism Tasmania

For more things to do in Tasmania see Best of Tasmania and Discover Tasmania.

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  1. Lovely photos of my home state – however – Launceston (my home town) is on the central north coast and nowhere near the beautiful beaches of the east coast. Lonnie also isn’t really on the way to the east coast either – still love for you all to call in and visit this lovely part of the world.


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