Instagram Road Trip through Southern Tasmania

Instagram Road Trip through Southern Tasmania

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tessellated pavement tasmania
Photo: Lauren Bath

I recently had the opportunity to go on an Instagram road trip with three of my best mates to Southern Tasmania and as you can imagine, I jumped at the chance. What could be better than 10 days on the road with some of Australia’s best Instagrammers with the sole purpose of capturing the less explored, but no less beautiful, south of Tasmania?

Even better is that my best friend Garry Norris is a local and was taking us to his hometown and beyond so we could rediscover his childhood memories. Pauly Vella, Jewels Lynch, Garry and I were ready to see some of the best Tasmania’s attractions.

Tasmania attractions moody views

As with all great adventures, our trip didn’t go off quite as planned. For a start, we were immediately hit with some of that well-known Tasmania weather – four seasons in a day (we even got snow!).

Not letting anything daunt us we reverted to some classic Instagram “tricks” including old faithful, the red umbrella.

When you’re shooting in all kinds of weather, as we do, it’s nice to have a few tricks up your sleeve. On our first sunrise, we definitely shot some moody pictures, which I personally love.

Barretts Beach Tasmania attractions barretts-beach

Luckily for us, we also had great sunrises including this one at Barretts Beach. One thing that I really love about Tasmania is the diversity and these quaint coastal towns are worlds apart from the wildness of the west coast, the mystery of Cradle Mountain or the humming life on the east coast. I could have sat here and enjoyed the tranquility all day.

Cockle Creek

Tasmania attractions pademelon cockle creek

As a part of our great southern adventure, we had to get down to Cockle Creek, which is as far south as you can drive. After a morning of exploring we sat down to a hand-packed picnic lunch with a few locals joining us.

I love the wildlife in Tasmania and pademelons are my favorite. Despite the temperature of the water, Pauly still braved a quick dip while the rest of us cheered from the shore.


Tasmania attractions ghostly southport

After a few nights staying at the Kermandie Hotel on the Huon River, we made our way to the adorable town of Southport.

Our accommodation here absolutely made the trip! The Jetty House is probably the most unique property that I’ve ever stayed at and I felt like we weren’t alone – if you know what I mean (calling all ghostbusters).

The rooms are filled with relics of years gone by and the attic is worth a poke through. We spent two happy days exploring the coastline and trying to capture some stars despite the full moon.

Newdegate Caves, Hastings

Tasmania attractions newdegate caves hastings

Another trip highlight was Newdegate Caves in Hastings – one of the best Tasmania attractions.

Locals just call them Hastings Caves.

I’m a sucker for photographing caves and always drag my tripod in to capture the full dynamic range of the vistas.

These caves are amongst the best I’ve ever seen, a magical experience.

South West Wilderness

Tasmania attractions southwest wilderness

A trip to a wilderness area as vast as Tasmania’s south definitely requires some aerial views.

We took a helicopter to the South West Wilderness and I can’t believe how untouched this area is. I’ve always struggled to photograph through the glass but was pretty happy with my shots of Bathurst Bay and Maatsuyker Island.

Mount Field National Park

Tasmania attractions horseshoe falls

When we started to head back to Hobart we were definitely keen to stop in at Mount Field National Park and, in particular, to photograph Horseshoe Falls.

I definitely needed to take my shoes off and roll my jeans up for this shoot.

There are so many different vantage points to shoot these beautiful falls and I particularly loved capturing all the green mossy rocks and foliage.

Rob Pennicott – Tasman Island Cruises

Tasmania attractions rob pennicott

After a week of exploration, it was time to return to civilization (Hobart) and join up with some local Instagrammers for a day out with Rob Pennicott on the fast boat.

Even though I’ve done this adventure cruise twice before, I was still looking forward to it.

The difference between this time and previous times was that we had the boat full of crazy Instagrammers, including a group of Tasmanian instagrammers who had given up their Sunday to come along to our instameet.

We saw seals, dolphins, many types of birds and of course sheer cliffs and rugged coastline. We then spent the afternoon photographing the Tessellated pavement, a marvel of natural rock.

Bruny Island – Lighthouse

Tasmania attractions Bruny Island Lighthouse

Our last stop on our Tassie road trip was Bruny Island and I think we saved the best till last. At least we certainly got the best sunset at the lighthouse.

Bruny Island truly shines with beautiful light and we were so thrilled to capture some of it.

We spent our last day shooting the classics including The Neck, which is also a natural land formation.

Tasmania’s south surprised us at every turn, from ghostly encounters to experiencing every season in a week to amazing wildlife.

I can’t thank Garry Norris and Tasmania enough for sharing this very special part of a very special state.

Bruny Island, The Neck

Tasmania attractions the neck

It’s nice to get off the beaten track sometimes and everything about Tasmania’s South surprised and delighted me. Great food, country hospitality and sights that not everyone who visits Tasmania will experience.

Lauren Bath was a guest of Tourism Tasmania

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