10 Things To Do in the Grampians

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If you love Australia and love the natural world and if you appreciate outdoor adventures then you’ll like the Grampians in Victoria. During this trip, we discovered many wonderful things to do in Grampians and places to see and photograph.

Like many other places in Australia, there’s much hiking to do in the Grampians. Other attractions in the Grampians are quaint cafes and country drives. However, what I remember the most about my trip was the people. I travelled with great friends and I met some gorgeous people.

Second is the kangaroo hopping along the road in front of us for 20 minutes. That was just so hilarious and so Australian.

Third would be nature.

The Grampians is just so special. Before going there I had actually never heard of the Grampians before. Now it’s one of my favourite Aussie destinations. It’s somewhere I long to take my family one day soon.

The Grampians

10 Things to do in the Grampians

1- Photograph the sunset 

things to do in grampians
One of the most amazing things to do in the Grampians is watching the sunset at Halls Gap

We had a brilliantly coloured sky for our sunset near Dunkeld.

It was about 8 pm and we had had a long day working on an Instagram workshop and instameet at the Royal Mail Hotel (where8 pm also had the most divine lunch).

We were all pretty tired and half-hearted about sticking around for sunset as the sky didn’t look too promising.

As we headed home the sky burst into colour.

We pulled over and spilled out of the car into a grassy field and ran around like crazy people looking for a good foreground.

The Grampians was also super-easy to get great shots.

There is beauty at every turn.

As an Instagrammer, you get used to taking heaps of shots in limited time while on a campaign.

I’d love to go back there on my own sometimes and hang out for a little longer, taking my time to photograph the key locations in the Grampians in the best light.

I think some of my best shots have come from my visits to the Grampians.

The Grampians made me so happy! That kind of rugged untouched nature really appeals to me.

I’m a bit of nature lover so it’s pretty much my perfect destination. I’d love to go back in winter.

I hear occasionally there is snow.

2- Take a dip at Mackenzie Falls

things to do in the grampians
Visiting McKenzie Falls is one of the most amazing things to do in the Grampians.

Mackenzie Falls is one of the calmest places to see in the Grampians.

It’s about a 30-minute drive from Halls Gap in Grampians National Park.

The walk down to the base takes about 20 minutes and you can continue on a long walk along the track if you want to.

Mackenzie waterfall is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in the Grampians.

I love being in such raw and untouched natural places. Waterfalls always make me feel so at peace and at one with nature.

3- Taste wine at Seppelts Great Western Winery

things to do grampians
Exploring the underground tunnels at Seppelts Great Western Winery is one of the fun things to do in the Grampians

The winery we visited was in the Pyrenees near Ararat, the Seppelts Great Western Winery.

There are underground tunnels that date back to the late 1800s, used to store sparkling wine.

My favourite is the Great Western Sparkling Shiraz.

The surrounding areas of the Grampians such as Ararat and Pyrenees are known for wine and there are plenty of lovely vineyards in the Grampians too.

We passed so many wineries, but could only stop at the one on our way to Melbourne airport on our last day.

4- See the clouds at Boroka Lookout

things to do in grampians
Seeing the clouds beneath your feet is one of the stunning things to do in the Grampians.

At the Boroka Lookout, you are literally floating above the clouds.

This spectacular lookout is one of the easiest to access. It offers one of the most beautiful sunrise spots in the world.

You can park your car only two minutes from where the photo is taken.

Boroka Lookout is so close to Halls Gap, only a 20-minute drive up the mountain range.

what to do in grampians
Floating above the clouds at Boroka Lookout

The clouds were below us at Boroka Lookout at sunrise.

It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

It was like standing on the shore of an ocean of cotton balls.

The cloud blanket was so thick, white and fluffy.

When the sun rose and shined down on the clouds, it was first like pink candy floss and then changed into an ocean of liquid gold.

5- Hunt for Kangaroos 

things to do grampians
Looking for kangaroos is one of the fun things to do in the Grampians.

We stayed in the Grampians Motel in Halls Gap.

At any time you can find many kangaroos hopping around or just chilling out on the property.

At sunrise, there are often a hundred or more in the front field of the property.

I didn’t even need a zoom lens to photograph the kangaroos there.

They are very relaxed and you can get really close to them.

6- Visit Bellfield Lake

bellfield lake
Another of the top things to do in the Grampians is to stop at Bellfield Lake.

Bellfield Lake is only a couple of minutes from Halls Gap.

We were hoping for fog on the water just like the first time I visited, along with a beautiful sunrise.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get either and actually didn’t stay long at all as we sped off to another location, chasing light as usual.

7- See the bees in the Canola Fields

places to visit in grampians
The canola fields are one of the places to visit in the Grampians.

The Canola Fields are amazing to see if you can catch them in full bloom.

We drove for about an hour to the west before we reached this field.

We searched for quite some time to find these fields and I was so excited when we finally saw them.

halls gap 1

We then had to do some pretty scary hiking through waist-high ‘very snakey’ grass and jump a couple of barbed wire fences to get in there (which was a bit crazy!).

There were bees everywhere.

8- Drive the Grampians Road

Grampians Road
Driving the Grampians Road is another of the attractions in the Grampians.

This road isn’t too winding and it’s quite flat and really long.

I didn’t get too car sick as I was doing all the driving.

One night, while we were coming back from Dunkeld along this road a huge male kangaroo jumped out in front of the car.

halls gap 7

It proceeded to hop just ahead of us for at least 20 minutes.

We were all in hysterics watching this great big roo just hopping along the road thinking he was a car.

I couldn’t overtake him, as he was all over the place and I didn’t want to freak him out.

I occasionally politely tooted the horn softly at him but he just kept on hopping as though we weren’t even there.

All we could do was follow along at about 20km an hour. It was crazy.

9- Photograph the Milky Way 

things to do at grampians
Photographing the Milky Way is one of the top things to do in the Grampians for photographers.

We stayed out until around 11.30 pm shooting the night sky and the Aurora Australis, waiting for the Milky Way to be in a good position.

There was no wind about and the temperature was quite mild as it was Spring.

At night the temperature did drop somewhat but nothing too cold.

10- Visit The Pinnacles 

the pinnacles grampians
Take a photo at the Jaws of Death on the way to exploring the Pinnacles in the Grampians. It’s one of the main attractions in the Grampians.

They are famously known as ‘The Jaws of Death’ but the real name is the Balconies lookout.

My friend Melissa was gamer than I to step out on the ledge and take in all the beautiful scenery from that incredible spot.

I had to capture the moment.

It was beautiful.

I’d love to go back and make the trek to the Pinnacles, which is another amazing location overlooking the mountain ranges.

For me, the Grampians was super easy to get great shots. There is beauty at every turn.

The landscape of the Grampians made me feel happy.

It has a rugged untouched natural beauty that makes it a wonderful destination. I’d love to go back in winter to see it in the snow.

How to get from Melbourne to the Grampians?

The Grampians National Park is 230km north-west of Melbourne. It takes about three hours by car along the Western Freeway (M8) and Western Highway (A8). Another option is to go by train and by bus.

The Grampians