20 Things To Do In Astoria Oregon

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A charming coastal town with a population of only 10,000, Astoria is one of Oregon’s finest small-town gems, famous for its natural beauty, historical landmarks, and quirky walkable downtown district. Astoria is nestled beside the Columbia River and is only a stone’s throw away from the neighbouring state of Washington, making it a bridge between two populous states in the Pacific Northwest.

From ocean views to eccentric museums, there is much to see in Astoria, whether you’re seeking city sights or picturesque landscapes. Regularly voted one of Oregon’s top vacation destinations, here are some of the many things to do in Astoria, Oregon that makes it so special.

Astoria, Oregon

20 Things To Do In Astoria (Oregon)

free things to do in astoria oregon
A replica of a Chinookan Indian Burial Canoe at Coxcomb Hill.

1- Ride The Astoria Riverfront Trolley

A historic bright red trolley that has been a staple of the Astoria community since its inception in 1999, the Astoria Riverfront Trolley is a cheap and charming ride across Astoria, perfect for taking in many of the town’s finest views.

The conductors and docents are charismatic and knowledgeable, with many interesting tidbits and historical facts to keep you entertained while riding the trolley.

The trolley also makes multiple stops along its journey, at which point you can step off if you wish, making this an easy way to get around town without a strict time commitment.

If you’re looking for a unique experience and an inside look at Astoria’s history, the Astoria Riverfront Trolley is bound to be worth the $1 it takes per ride! You may also like this tour, which delves into the untold history of Uniontown.

The Astoria Riverfront Trolley is at 480 Industry St, Astoria, OR 97103.

2- Climb The Astoria Column

top 5 things to do in astoria oregon night at the columb
One of the things to do in Astoria is to climb the Astoria Column, a tower overlooking the mouth of the Columbia River on Coxcomb Hill.

The Astoria Column stands tall at 125 feet (38m) and is a stunning concrete pillar covered in murals depicting significant moments in Astoria’s history.

To truly experience what the Astoria Column has to offer, you enter a hidden spiral staircase inside the column, which takes you to an observation deck for sightseeing from the top.

From the top, you can see Mt. Saint Helens, the Astoria-Megler Bridge leading into Washington, and a small sliver of the Pacific Ocean on a clear day.

With a large parking lot, public restrooms and a gift shop, The Astoria Column can be visited from dawn until dusk and is illuminated with colourful lights after dark.

The Astoria Column is at 1 Coxcomb Dr, Astoria, OR 97103.

3- Grab A Brew At Fort George Brewery

10 things to do in astoria oregon These craft microbrew beers are in a sampler tray at a brewery in Oregon.
Sampling craft beer is one of the fun things to do in Astoria, Oregon.

The home and birthing place of beers distributed only in the Pacific Northwest and crafted locally in Astoria, Fort George Brewery is known for its seasonal beers and hearty pub fare.

Established in 2017 on the grounds of an autohouse from 1921, Fort George Brewery is a company passionate about sustainability and locally sourced ingredients, in addition to their attention to good beer.

Fort George Brewery is divided into three areas: wood-fired pizza upstairs, public house offerings downstairs, and their Lovell Taproom is open with limited hours.

This roomy brewpub is perfect for a quick bite to eat, socialising in the taproom, or attending one of their many weekly events featuring live music and performance art.

Fort George Brewery is at 1483 Duane St, Astoria, OR 97103.

4- Marvel At The Columbia River Maritime Museum

things to do in astoria oregon red and white boat on land
Soaking up maritime history is one of the top things to do in Astoria. Here’s a retired pilot boat.

The Columbia River Maritime Museum hosts a fascinating collection of seafaring vessels, artefacts and objects.

Founded in 1962 by visual artist Rolf Klep, who was raised in Astoria and lived in Chicago and New York, the Columbia River Maritime Museum’s artistry will appeal to those with an interest in maritime history and to those without.

The museum features many interactive exhibits, including a model boat pond for sailing your own vessel, a historic floating lighthouse that you can climb aboard, and a popular 3D theatre.

The Columbia River Maritime Museum is teeming with cultural value and is a must-see museum for anyone interested in naval history or the archives of the Pacific Northwest.

The Columbia River Maritime Museum is at 1792 Marine Dr, Astoria, OR 97103.

5- Visit The Historic Flavel House

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Exploring Flavel House Museum is one of the things to do in Astoria Oregon for history lovers.

The Flavel House is a popular mansion turned museum, drawing many of Astoria’s visitors to it with its architectural beauty and historical value.

The house was built in 1884 for Captain George Flavel and stayed in the family until ownership was passed to the Clatsop County Historical Society.

The Flavel House was made in the Queen Anne architectural style, with shingled patterns, a wrap-around porch, and an octagonal turret being a few of the many notable features in its design.

Listed on The National Register of Historic Places since 1951, The Flavel House is also recognized for its role in the popular film The Goonies.

The Flavel House is at 714 Exchange St, Astoria, OR 97103.

6- Explore The Peter Iredale Shipwreck

top 10 things to do in astoria oregon
Sun setting behind the wreck of the Peter Iredale on the beach in Fort Stephens State Park, Oregon.

Located in the popular Fort Stevens State Park lie the remains of the Peter Iredale, a four-masted steel sailing vessel that washed up on the Oregon Coast in 1906.

A true piece of Oregon’s coastal history, the Peter Iredale travelled from Mexico towards Portland.

It was bound for the United Kingdom with a cargo of wheat when heavy winds and currents ran the Iredale ashore.

The wreck has been a popular tourist attraction since its initial abandonment in October of 1906 and has been a busy spot for photography and urban exploration.

The Peter Iredale Shipwreck is at Peter Iredale Rd, Hammond, OR 97121.

7- Stop For A Coffee At Coffee Girl

Coffee Girl has one of the best views in all of Astoria, located on Pier 39 along the Columbia River, so you can sip and sightsee at the same time.

Coffee Girl has a diverse food and drinks menu, from granola, bagels, and paninis, to brewed coffee, espresso and teas.

There’s something for everyone at this unique coastal cafe.

If you’re looking for a side of history with your coffee, Coffee Girl is also housed in the West’s oldest cannery building, the 140-year-old Hanthorn Cannery.

You can’t beat the quality coffee paired with the excitement of being seated on the water, so make sure to stop by Coffee Girl for your mid-day pick-me-up when in Astoria.

Coffee Girl is at 100 39th St, Astoria, OR 97103.

8- Sightsee At Youngs River Falls

A stunning waterfall view with a scenic pool perfect for swimming at its base, Youngs River Falls is the picture-perfect recreation spot that delights visitors and locals alike in Astoria.

Coming in at an impressive 54 feet (16m), Youngs River Falls tumbles down over a mossy cliffside, surrounded by forest views and picturesque scenery.

The trail to reach the falls is short and family-friendly, and the swimming hole is deep enough to entertain experienced swimmers, with shallow areas for relaxing and sunbathing.

Youngs River Falls is at Youngs River Falls Park, Astoria, OR 97103.

9- Go Shopping In Downtown Astoria

Fresh-caught seafood, award-winning breweries and high-end shopping are only a few of the perks to discover in Downtown Astoria, home to some of the top dining and shopping in the Pacific Northwest.

Astoria’s downtown is dreamy in more ways than one, with small-town charm teeming from every shop and big-city excitement in the street-to-street bustle.

From good eats on one end to aromatic coffee shops on the other, Downtown Astoria is the perfect spot to satisfy your cravings before hitting the boutiques for a new coastal outfit.

10- Watch Classic Films At The Columbian Theatre

Founded in 1925 and beloved ever since, The Columbian Theatre is a quirky cinema decked out with retro colours and lighting on the exterior to take you back in time.

The Columbian Theatre shows classic films and offers a wide variety of snacks and drinks to enjoy during the movie, including an adults-only balcony serving beer, wine and cocktails.

Tickets go for only $5, and with a limited seating capacity of 600, The Columbian Theatre is worth visiting for any cinephile or even to admire the building’s impressive architecture.

The Columbian Theatre is at 1114-1120 Marine Dr, Astoria, OR 97103.

11- Cross State Lines At The Astoria-Megler Bridge

25 best things to do in astoria oregon Green steel bridge
Checking out the Astoria-Megler Bridge is one of the iconic things to do in Astoria.

The longest truss bridge in all of North America at 4 miles (6km), the Astoria-Megler Bridge is a must-see landmark that towers over the Columbia River and bridges together the states of Oregon and Washington.

This historic bridge was the last link in the US-101 Highway System to be built, which spans from Mexico to Canada.

The bridge was officially opened in 1966 and famously takes you from one state to another, stretching between Astoria in Oregon to Point Ellice (near Megler) in Washington.

The Astoria-Megler Bridge is also an iconic photography spot in Astoria, especially when viewed from a high angle, and many photographers have captured the stunning bridge set against its shimmering waterfront backdrop.

The Astoria-Megler Bridge is at Astoria Megler Bridge, US-101, Astoria OR 97103.

12- Bike The Astoria Riverwalk

things to do in astoria oregon with kids group of sea lions on a timber pontoon
Spotting sea lions basking in the sun is one of the fun things to do in Astoria Oregon.

Stretching across 12 miles (19km), The Astoria Riverwalk is a scenic route with great historic and cultural value, providing anyone who walks it with expansive views of the city’s waterfront.

The Astoria Riverwalk can be walked, biked, or enjoyed via trolley, with biking often being the favoured form of transportation for a tourist hoping to soak in the full wonders of the Riverwalk.

Bikes can be rented at various shops in Downtown Astoria, or you can, of course, bring your own!

Some of the most common stops along the Astoria Riverwalk include a viewing tower for watching sea lions play, a bustling outlet mall and the scenic Alderbrook Lagoon.

The Astoria Riverwalk is at Astoria Riverwalk, Astoria, OR, 97103.

13- Admire Cinematography At The Oregon Film Museum

The Oregon Film Museum is a small occupancy museum highlighting films made or filmed in the state of Oregon.

The museum is located within the historic old Clatsop County Jail, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Some of the most frequented exhibits in the museum include a chance to visit the jail cells featured in The Goonies and create your own film with props, green screens, and more.

The Oregon Film Museum is at 732 Duane St, Astoria, OR 97103.

14- Go Back In Time At The Lewis And Clark National Historical Park

top things to do in astoria oregon
Exploring the Lewis and Clark Hiking Trail is another cool thing to do in Astoria Oregon.

Breathtaking rainforests, coastal vistas and important historical landmarks are only a few of the many attributes that make the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park a mandatory visit for anyone in the area.

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Park is made up of 12 significant sites alongside 40 miles (64km) of the Pacific Coast.

One of the most memorable landmarks in the park is Fort Clatsop, a log fort in the forest that served as an encampment for the Corps of Discovery from 1805-1806.

There is a ten-dollar entrance fee to visit the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, which is a 6 miles (9km) drive from the town of Astoria.

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park is at 92343 Fort Clatsop Rd, Astoria, OR 97103.

15- Take A Walk Through The Garden Of Surging Waves

Designed to celebrate the Chinese heritage of Astoria, the Garden of Surging Waves is a city park and traditional Chinese garden.

Originally established as a bicentennial gift from the city of Astoria, the park has stunning architecture, from hand-carved dragon columns and hanging coloured panels to a lovely pagoda.

Not only does the park have significant cultural value, it is also a beautiful and peaceful space for observing nature and designs from Chinese culture.

The Garden of Surging Waves is at Astoria City Hall, 1095 Duane St, Astoria, OR 97103.

16- Browse The Astoria Sunday Market

things to do in astoria oregon this weekend
Display of fresh ripe organic broccoli, salad with greens and vegetables in cotton bag at the weekend farmer’s market.

In the heart of Downtown Astoria lives the bustling Astoria Sunday Market, home to over 200 weekly vendors selling meats, cheeses, produce, crafts, floral arrangements, drinks and more.

This lively market promotes small businesses, farmers, and artisans, as well as providing an opportunity for socialising and shopping up and down the streets of Astoria.

Live music from local performers hit the stage weekly at the market near the food court, and vendors are constantly growing their supplies or changing.

The Astoria Sunday Market extends across four city blocks and runs from mid-May until mid-October annually.

Astoria Sunday Market is at 12th St, Astoria, OR 97103.

17- View The Coast From A Yacht 

things to do in astoria oregon goonies
Sailboats moored at a marina in Astoria, Oregon.

Columbia River Eco tours are a family-owned tour boat company hosting unique experiences to sail the Columbia River in a classic maritime yacht.

While on the yacht, you will be privy to a wide sun deck, heated seating area, restrooms and food and drink to enjoy during your tour.

Columbia River Eco Tours can be booked for groups of six or less, with prices averaging at $100 per person for a two-hour yacht ride at your desired time of day.

Dress accordingly (it gets windy out in the water!) and prepare for a scenic tour of the Columbia River!

Columbia River Eco Tours is at 344 Industry St, Astoria, OR 97103

18- Admire Nature At The Cathedral Tree Trail

The Cathedral Tree Trail is the most well-travelled hike in Astoria and is known best for its namesake, a massive Sitka spruce, otherwise known as the Cathedral Tree.

The Cathedral Tree towers at an impressive 200 feet (60m) and has a hollowed-out tunnel through its trunk, making it a popular photo spot.

Other natural wonders you might see along The Cathedral Tree Trail include patches of western hemlock trees, skunk cabbage plants, and even a view of the Astoria-Megler bridge if you choose to hike further past the Cathedral Tree.

The Cathedral Tree Trail is at 2800 Irving Ave, Astoria, OR 97103.

19- Dine With A View At Bridgewater Bistro

If you’re looking for New American dining with a riverside view, look no further than Bridgewater Bistro, a popular stop in Astoria serving brunch, lunch and dinner.

Located on a busy pier in Astoria, this restaurant’s high ceilings and mood lighting are almost as aesthetic as the mouthwatering menu choices.

Bridgewater Bistro has something for everyone, from locally caught seafood and hand-tossed salads to cheesy pasta dishes and flavourful sandwiches.

Bridgewater Bistro also hosts special seasonal events with live music and a set menu, in addition to taking daily walk-ins and reservations for lunch and dinner or for their well-loved Sunday brunch.

Bridgewater Bistro is at 20 Basin St Ste A, Astoria, OR 97301.

20- Shop For Antiques At Phog Bounders Antique Mall

Phog Bounders Antique Mall is a classic, two-story vintage and antique shop with unique finds updated daily.

With antique finds from over fifty dealers, there is no shortage of items to browse, each with its own historical relevance and value.

Nothing gets you acquainted with a town quite like antiquing, and Phog Bounders Antique Mall is teeming with the history and culture of Astoria.

This spot is conveniently close to other frequent stops in Astoria, including the Astoria Riverfront Trolley so you can meet your various shopping and dining needs within just a few blocks of each other.

Phog Bounders Antique Mall is at 892 Marine Dr, Astoria, OR 97301.

best things to do in astoria oregon red building on a wharf
The Old Cannery hotel in Astoria, Oregon.
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