20 Things To Do In Bermuda

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The British Island of Bermuda is close to the US east coast and easily accessible as well. You can  make a weekend of it without any problems, and be back before Monday, maybe just a bit tanner. Most people think Bermuda is in the Caribbean but it isn’t. It’s an Atlantic Ocean escape off the North Carolina coast. What can we do in Bermuda? And what about the Bermuda Triangle? Find out the best things to do in Bermuda. 

Bermuda (British Overseas Territory)

Best Tours

Island Wrap Around Tour of Bermuda
Exploring Bermuda’s cave formations is one of the interesting things to do in Bermuda on a cruise.

Private Airport Transfer in Bermuda Island

20 Things To Do In Bermuda

1- Charter A Boat And Explore The Island And Beaches

3 Hour Private Catamaran Sailboat Charter up to 20 guests
Going sailing is one of the things to do in Bermuda. Pictured is the harbour in Hamilton.

Unlike the connectivity of the Virgin Islands, Bermuda stands on its own, yet that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a boat to charter and explore the island normally.

You can charter a boat for the whole time and use it as your mode of transportation to all the key points, or simply go exploring close by in the open waters.

For those that are adventurous you can even consider taking a charter to Bermuda which can take about one to two sea days.


2- Head Out To The Blue Hole Park

Sometimes referenced as Tom Moore’s Jungle, this is perfect for a day of exploration in a jungle setting.

You can enjoy the mangrove forest here, or enjoy the crystal clear waters complete numerous fish to join you in your swim.

You can go cliff jumping for those that want a bit of exhilaration or even go exploring a local limestone caves and grottos that will have their own underground pools of water.

There’s plenty for anyone, and just make sure to be careful as it’s been preserved as a nature reserve.

Recommended tour: Tom Moores Jungle and Eco Tour

3- Explore Fort St. Catherine

Fort St. Catherine
Exploring Fort St. Catherine is one of the things to do in Bermuda.

This is the largest fort on the Island and can be found at the tip of St. George’s Parish.

It’s perfectly situated to giving fantastic views of the ocean, no matter where you are looking from.

It was one of the original structures built on the island, built all the way back in 1614.

Since it’s original construction it’s gone through many renovations and upgrades.

Besides exploring the original fortifications there’s also exhibits on site that showcase the history of the fort and the island itself.

There’s a lot to explore as there’s a functional drawbridge and plenty of tunnels and towers to see, making it a great option for those that come with kids.

Fort St. Catherine is  at 15 Coot Pond Road St. George’s, Bermuda.

Recommended tour: 3.5 Hour East End Excursion in St.George

4- Visit St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter Church
Visiting St. Peter Church is one of the things to do in Bermuda.

While many may not consider a church visit something to add to their island paradise holiday, this one is an exception.

It’s over 400 years old, with some of it’s original pieces still there, such as the originally constructed altar.

Even the font for the church is over 500 years old and was brought by the first settlers.

There’s also a gallery and two graveyards to explore on site that will take you through history of Bermuda.

St. Peter’s Church is  at 33 York Street St. George’s, GE 05, Bermuda

In the northern part of Hamilton, you will find a beautiful all white building.

This is the island’s City Hall, but is also home to the National Gallery.

There are multiple levels and you’ll want to head to the second floor where you can see the curated Watlington Collection.

This collection includes masterpieces from artists such as Murillo and Reynolds.

There’s also art pieces that are able to be dated all the way back to the 1600s as well.

If you’re into photography, there’s a permanent Richard Saunders display, with his focus being on the day to day life of African Americans.

Don’t miss out on this experience, of course after you’ve done all the shopping and eating nearby.

It’s a great place to get a mix of local Bermuda art, masterpieces, and a collection of portraits.

The Bermuda National Gallery can be found at 17 Church Street 2nd Floor, City Hall & Arts Centre Hamilton, HM 11, Bermuda.

Recommended tours:

6- Go Golfing

There are numerous spots to go golfing in Bermuda and you can make it the whole reason for your weekend getaway.

There are so many excellent golf courses we could have an entire article on just those courses alone.

If you’re going to play golf you have to try it at the Turtle Hill Golf Club.

This is a bit of a hilly course with just under 2700 yards (2468.9 meters) in size.

Yet it wins constant awards and is considered one of the top five golf courses in the world under Par 3.

Or you can go to where they hold the PGA Grand Slam at the Port Royal Golf Course.

It’s also one of the most prestigious and longest courses out there at just over 6,800 yards (6217.9 meters).

This course, like many of the options will come with complete amenities and picturesque views of the surrounding shorelines and beaches.

These golf courses are also some of the favorite options for pro golfers all around the world.

Turtle Hill Golf Club is  at 101 South Shore Road, SN 02, Bermuda

Port Royal Golf Course is  at 5 Port Royal Golf Course Road Southampton SB, 03, Bermuda

7- Explore The Crystal & Fantasy Caves

You cannot miss the power of mother nature when you head to Bermuda.

These two caves are a true natural wonder and beautiful at the same time.

They have taken millions of years to be formed and you’ll see formations of stalactite everywhere.

Don’t worry as this isn’t an arduous adventure and is more about enjoying the beauty of these caves.

You’ll walk on easy paths and bridges above pure blue waters that only add that level of majestic feeling to your tour.

You can pick up a souvenir at the local gift shop catered to the caves themselves or grab some refreshments at their café as well.

It’s also a great family friendly option as well.

The Crystal & Fantasy Caves are  at 8 Crystal Cave Rd, CR 04, Bermuda.

Recommended tours:

8- Take A Look At The Railway Trail National Park

You can enjoy a bit of history and a natural bath to explore through Bermuda Island.

This was actually a railway station set up on the island for the locals to get around with ease.

It has since been abandoned all the way back in the late 1940s, but the path mostly still exists.

18 miles (28.9 Km) of it are still completely open to the public and could be a great way to explore and get your workout in.

You can walk, hike, run, or even bike this entire trail.

Do keep in mind though that this is multiple sections pieced together, and not all of them are continuous any longer, so you may have to adjust your route from time to time.

Recommended tour: African Diaspora Heritage Trail 6.5 Hour Tour

9- Go Diving And Explore The Wreck Of The Caraquet

Bermuda Private Catamaran:Snorkeling, Shipwrecks & Cliff Jumping
Going shipwreck diving is one of the incredible things to do in Bermuda.

You’re probably wondering why it took this long to mention a shipwreck as, after all, this is the home to the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

While the unexplained phenomenon cannot be explained, there are plenty of shipwrecks to explore and dive around due to that.

The Caraquet is a great option because it’s actually in shallow waters, so it’s able to be explored without such a great amount of diving experience.

It’s also quite big, meaning there’s plenty to explore as well.

It’s always best to go in groups though, as diving around any wreckage still comes with its own risks.

10- Take A Dip In The Water At Horseshoe Bay Beach

Bermuda Horseshoe Bay Beach Nature Trail Tour
Spending time at Horseshoe Bay is one of the top things to do in Bermuda in April.

This is the beach you came to Bermuda for! It’s  at the southern part of the island, in the area known as Southampton.

It’s an extremely popular spot, so it could also be busy during peak travel season.

It’s a completely free and public beach with pristine waters and pink sands.

It also has plenty of amenities in case you need to use the bathroom or clean up from the ocean.

All along the beach there are plenty of areas to grab a bite to eat, or relax by the water with your favorite drink in hand, after a day out in the sun.

There’s plenty of water activities that are possible and places to get equipment if necessary, so you can get in all your snorkeling or swimming.

There are reefs nearby to explore and soak in all those vibrant colors underwater, as well as going out further for a bit of diving.

Recommended tours:

11- Visit The Rum Cake Factory

Bermuda loves its Rum, among other drinks, and it is seen best at the Rum Cake Factory.

Be prepared to spoil that diet with some of their lavish and delicious baked treats.

It’s  in an old dockyard and there’s also a glass working place the space is shared with, meaning after you get your fill of cakes to eat and bring back with you, you can easily head over for another fun activity.

There are plenty of samples usually offered and yes, you will easily be able to taste the delicious rum as they soak the cakes in them.

They also at times have cocktails on hand, since they’ve already got the rum, meaning you can try their signature cakes and cocktails.

The Bermuda Rum Cake Factory is  at 1 Maritime Lane, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys Parish, Bermuda.

Recommended tour: Bermuda Rum Swizzle Sip & Sample Tour

12- Do An Undersea Walk

No desire for learning how to scuba dive? No problem! There are options to go on an undersea walk, where you’re walking on the ocean floor and breathing normally with no issues.

There’s no need for specialized expensive equipment, nor any training of any sort, except to have the ability to walk and enjoy everything around you.

You will be full submerged underwater and you will wear a protective helmet that gives you a huge viewing experience of everything that is underwater.

Be prepared to spend about half the day on this adventure.

13- Check Out Gibbs Lighthouse

This lighthouse is nearly 200 years old and is made completely of cast iron, making it one of the most durable and heaviest lighthouses in the world.

Once you hike up to the top, you will get probably some of the best views on the island, enabling you to capture that picturesque moment you’ve been waiting for.

It’s also quite a cost effective option as the entry fee is quite low.

When you’re done with the breathtaking views, there’s food and refreshments available at the bottom.

Gibbs Lighthouse is  at Lighthouse Road, St Anne’s Rd, Cross Bay SN 01, Bermuda.

Recommended tour: Bermudaful Island Tour

14- Get Yourself A Pair Of Handcrafted Sandals

A trip wouldn’t be complete without the perfect souvenir, and what better souvenir than one that you actually will end up using all the time.

While there is plenty of shopping available in Bermuda, you must take a moment to stop by and get yourself a pair of handcrafted customized sandals.

At Della Valle Sandals you can do that.

You’re able to pick more than just the size, but the style, height of the heel, design and other accessories you may want to include.

You’ll get the best fitted pair of sandals ever possible.

Della Valle Sandals is  at 19 Queen Street  Hamilton HM11 Bermuda  

15- Eat The Local Cuisine

Bermuda Food Tour: Eat, Drink and Explore
Tasting local food, such as seafood spicy soup, is one of the things to do in Bermuda.

What does local food look like? Of course the island is known for offering up quite an international affair, but if you’re looking for something truly Bermudian, we’ve got you covered.

You can start the morning trying out the codfish breakfast, which went from daily morning staple to weekend meals.

It’s both a hearty and healthy meal to help you start the day right.

Then there’s the Bermuda Chowder which comes in a red sauce and is a mix of different local seafood options.

If you’re looking for something on the go there are plenty of options such as the local fried fish sandwich.

Recommended tours:

16- Watch The Sunset With Your Favorite Drink

Sometimes it’s not about exploring or discovering but taking the right step back and enjoying everything around you.

After all you’re practically on an island in the middle of nowhere.

Enjoy it for what it is and sip back your favorite cocktail on the beach, or on one of the numerous sunset cocktail cruises out there.

You can go it alone, with your special someone or a group of friends and enjoy the peaceful calm waters as you watch the day end together.

Opt in for classics, local rum concoctions, champagne, or anything you want.

The sooner you book the better price you can get.

Recommended tour: Famous Homes and Hideaways Cruise in Bermuda

17- Make Sure To Experience Sailing

Bermudaful Island Tour
You can take the ferry to explore the islands or go on a sailing trip.

It’s the perfect place to learn the ropes of what it takes to manage a sailboat.

There are options to take lessons and learn the key words and special knots that sailors learn.

Do consider booking this in advance to ensure that you’re able to secure a spot.

You can also indulge your travels with sailboat racing, where you can participate or simply enjoy it as a spectator.

Bermuda plays host to numerous races and they are the perfect blend of challenge and excitement for those of all ages.

Recommended tour: 3-Hour Private Catamaran Sailboat Charter up to 20 guests

18- See The Royal Navy Dockyard

Yacht And Fishing, Marina In Bermuda At Sunset
Visiting the Royal Naval Dockyard is one of the things to do in St George Bermuda.

Even if you don’t fancy yourself a history buff, you should take the time explore this place.

It’s a major port anyway, so if you find yourself taking a cruise to or from here, you’ll probably be stopping by it anyway.

It’s also one of the biggest attractions on the island, and home to the Bermuda National Museum.

You can explore the ancient fort, or simply go shopping at the nearby Clocktower Mall, which has plenty of local boutiques to enjoy what Bermuda has to offer.

There’s also a complete arts center for those who want to explore local artists.

If that’s not enough it’s also a place to get rentals for bikes as well as for water activities.

The Royal Navy Dockyard is  at 5 Freeport Drive, Sandys MA 01, Bermuda.

19- Check Out Front Street And What It Has To Offer

You must make sure your visit brings you to this waterfront promenade.

It’s lined with picturesque homes painted in their vibrant pastel hues of pinks and yellows that Bermuda is known for.

If you head there during the right time of the year, you will find yourself in the middle of local festivals where there are plenty of activities and food available.

You will be able to fulfill all your shopping needs here, while being able to still keep yourself close to the waters.

Recommended tour: A Bermuda Exquisite Experience with Scenic Ferry Return

20- Visit The Bermuda Zoo

This is actually also an Aquarium, Museum and Zoo combined into one.

For those that have extended stays in Bermuda, it can always be a good idea to spend the day here.

The zoo itself has a host of animals, especially beautiful flamingos in their appropriate habitat.

The museum itself is focused on the marine wildlife of Bermuda as well as the geological components.

The Aquarium has  one of the largest worldwide collections of coral there as well as unique sea creatures native to the area.

It’s a great break from other activities.

and excellent option for those traveling with families as it provides a different type of engagement for all.

The Bermuda Zoo is  at 40 N Shore Rd, Flatts Village, Bermuda.

If you can’t get your passport organised to visit Bermuda, here are some options on the US mainland in North Carolina.

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