20 Things To Do In Florence (Oregon)

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Florence, Oregon, has a little bit of everything for everyone: from the homebody to the outdoors explorer to the wining and dining connoisseur. Natural attractions range from the big to the small, with miles and miles of sand dunes, thickly grown forests and impressive, shimmering lakes and rivers. Downtown Florence is a hub for culture, art, and class, with tantalizing boutiques, homegrown food and historical museum experiences rounding every cobblestoned street corner.

With such a wide array of activities, Florence will dazzle and delight visitors no matter which direction they choose to explore when visiting the town. For those seeking guidance to avoid missing must-see sites, here are twenty things to do in Florence, Oregon.

Florence, Oregon

20 Things To Do In Florence

1- Visit The Sea Lion Caves

things to do florence sea lion caves a pod of sea lions on a rock
Seeing sea lions is one of the best things to do near Florence for nature lovers.

Known as “America’s Largest Sea Caves”, the Sea Lion Caves in Florence are a popular ticketed tourist attraction that draws crowds from near and far to marvel at their scenic beauty.

Florence’s Sea Lion Caves allow you to get up close to the sea lions in their natural habitat as visitors take an elevator down to a massive seaside cavern where they relax and play.

The Sea Lion Caves are located 11 miles (17km) north of the town of Florence and can be reached along a scenic strip of coastal highway.

In addition to viewing the sea lions, there is an on-site gift shop to browse and nearby trails for outdoor explorers looking to get a more immersive experience.

The Sea Lion Caves is at 91560 US-101, Florence, OR 97439.

2- Explore Darlingtonia State Natural Site

Darlingtonia State Natural Site is dedicated to preserving the Darlingtonia plant, a rare species native to Oregon and some of Northern California.

The Darlingtonia plant is carnivorous and ensnares insects in its stalks, giving it another name: “Cobra Lily”.

Darlingtonia State Natural Site covers 18 acres (7 ha) and features a short winding boardwalk-esque trail through the park and an area for picnicking.

Keep in mind that the Darlingtonia is a rare plant, and it is illegal to collect it in Oregon, so be respectful during your visit.

Darlingtonia State Natural Site is at 5400 Mercer Lake Rd, Florence, OR 97439.

3- Check Out The Bob Creek Tide Pools

Positioned alongside a reserved stoney beach in Florence, the Bob Creek Tide Pools are teeming with marine life and beauty.

Some of the many finds in the tide pools range from starfish to sea anemones to hermit crabs and unique rocks and shells.

Bob Creek Tide Pools are also a popular spot to go agate-hunting, with many of this stunning rock-type often discovered along the shore.

Bob Creek Tide Pools is at Lowry Ln, Florence, OR 97439.

4- Enjoy The Sand Dunes At Sand Master Park

Sand Master Park is a one-of-a-kind experience that you will find only in Florence: they are the world’s first-ever sandboarding park.

Sandboarding is just what it sounds like; essentially, snowboarding in the sand, the skill is typically practised across rolling dunes.

Sand Master Park offers sandboarding lessons from a certified instructor, gear rentals, and nonstop fun for sand boarders of all skill levels.

This park stretches across 40 acres (16ha) of private sand dunes and makes for an impressive sight even if you don’t feel like sandboarding while you’re there!

Sand Master Park is at 4981 Oregon Coast Hwy, Florence, OR 97439.

5- Have Some Fun At Three Rivers Casino Resort

If you’re looking for beautiful lush scenery, comfortable hotel rooms, a classy lounge and never-ending entertainment, then Three Rivers Casino Resort is the right place.

Three Rivers Casino Resort was opened in 2004, expanded in 2007, and purchased the nearby Ocean Dunes Golf Course in 2012 as an adjoining property.

The casino section of Three Rivers Casino Resort is an excellent stop for some lively fun, with over 500 exciting slots, table games, and more.

The grounds cover over 100 acres (40 ha), with coastal views, picnicking areas, spa accommodations and a nearby golf course all included with your stay.

Three Rivers Casino Resort is at 5647 OR-126, Florence, OR 97439.

6- Admire The Heceta Head Lighthouse

things to do in Florence Oregon blue hour
Visiting Heceta Head Lighthouse is one of the things to do near Florence to get a sense of the area’s history.

The Heceta Head Lighthouse is one of Florence’s prime attractions and has been named the most photographed lighthouse in Oregon for its aesthetic appearance and historical value.

Completed in 1894, The Heceta Head Lighthouse is now a themed bed and breakfast featuring one of the last remaining assistant lightkeeper’s houses on the Pacific Coast.

The lighthouse towers at an impressive 56 feet (17m) and is stunning while set against Florence’s scenic coastal backdrop.

To explore more of The Heceta Head Lighthouse, book a tour or take a hike on the Heceta Lighthouse Trail to descend behind the lighthouse and into the surrounding forest.

The Heceta Head Lighthouse is at 725 Summer St, Florence, OR 97439.

Best things to do in Florence oregon
Another thing to do near Florence, Oregon, is to take a day trip to Devil’s Elbow State Park State Scenic Viewpoint at Sunset.

7- Go Shopping At The Boardwalk Market

Florence’s charm shines best at the seasonal Boardwalk Market, an open market with a wide variety of goods that takes you right along the coast.

Many vendors line Florence’s boardwalk during the spring and summer weekends, offering fruits, vegetables, drinks, meats, cheeses and craftsmanship.

Local farmers and businesses are plentiful in Florence, and the Boardwalk Market is a friendly and fun way to get to know Florence’s small-town community with a big heart.

The Boardwalk Market is at 1439 Bay St, Florence, OR 97439.

8- Marvel At The Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park

The Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park, shortened into the Honeyman State Park, is a popular coastal campground with abundant scenic views and winding hiking trails.

Honeyman State Park offers year-round camping and is only a short 3-mile (4 km) drive outside the heart of Florence, making for a quick trip either way.

Some of this state park’s finest features include bright pink rhododendrons during the spring, assorted berry bushes during the fall, and year-round shimmering lake views with two different lakes within the park.

The Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park is at Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park, Florence, OR 97439.

9- Go For A Ride With C&M Stables

Horseback riding on the beach is a bucket list experience for many, and with C&M Stables, you can do just that alongside Florence’s pristine coastline.

An assortment of rides is available depending on skill level, ranging from short morning beach rides to dune trail rides or even a beach ride during golden hour and into the sunset.

Rides can be booked solo or in a group, and there are options for riders of all ages, with a helpful and experienced guide to ensure a satisfying experience every time.

C&M Stables is at 90241 US-101, Florence, OR 97439.

10- Spend A Day At Woahink Lake

Woahink Lake extends across 820 acres (331 ha) and is also one of Oregon’s deepest lakes, reaching up to 36 feet (10 meters) below sea level.

With its impressive size and excellent scenery, Woahink Lake is a highly frequented spot for swimming, boating, fishing, and picnicking.

Woahink Lake also attracts many scuba divers due to its depth and accessibility.

Although Woahink Lake is certainly worth a visit year-round, it is hectic during the summer, when visitors from near and far visit to enjoy the warm water and panoramic scenery,

Woahink Lake is at Woahink Lake, US-101, Florence, OR 97439.

11- Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At Sweet Magnolia Bakery & Cafe

fun things to do in Florence oregon bakery goods on wooden background
Sinking your teeth into a delicious pastry is one of the things to do in Florence.

Housed in downtown Florence, Sweet Magnolia Bakery & Cafe is known for creating specialty wedding cakes and other baked goods.

Their desserts are customizable for any dietary needs or preferences, and all menu items are handcrafted with care and attention to quality.

If you choose to visit and dine in person, the cafe has a small, homey interior, and they serve breakfast, lunch, coffee and bakery items all day long.

If you’re looking for unique treats to eat in a friendly environment, give Sweet Magnolia Bakery & Cafe a try while in Florence.

Sweet Magnolia Bakery & Cafe is at 182 Laurel St, Florence, OR 97439.

12- Enjoy Coastal Views At Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

things to do in Florence oregon today
Taking a trip to Cape Perpetua is one of the things to do near Florence, Or.

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area encompasses everything the Oregon Coast is known for, from waves crashing against rocky cliffsides to lush green hills overlooking the water, with trees and forestry at every turn.

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area is 22 miles (35 km) north of Florence, with stunning coastal views along the winding stretch of highway between the two.

There is much to see at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, with 2700 acres (1092 ha) of habitation across the sprawling headland and forest.

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area can be admired from many different pull-offs and highway stops and can also be explored via a 26-mile (41 km) trail that twists through the trees.

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area is at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, Yachats, OR, 97498.

13- Go For A Picnic At Old Town Park

Simple and family-friendly Old Town Park is conveniently situated in the heart of Florence and is perfect for a quick stop during a busy day downtown.

Old Town Park has a gorgeous white gazebo, rustic brick pathways, views of the Siuslaw River, green trees, bushes and grasses.

The park can be reserved for private events or enjoyed with the rest of the public for a nice walk and fresh air.

Old Town Park is at 1310 Bay St, Florence, OR 97439.

14- Try Local Brews At Homegrown Public House & Brewery

things to do in Florence Oregon this weekend Master brewer examining the barley seeds before they enter production.
One of the fun things to do in Florence is to visit a brewery.

Indulge yourself in Florence’s brewpub scene at Homegrown Public House & Brewery, home to local brews, New American food and positive vibes.

Homegrown Public House & Brewery features eight local Oregon brews on tap and serves in-house cocktails and wines from the Pacific Northwest.

Their extensive food menu stands out among typical brewpub fare, with a wide variety of vegan and gluten-free options and even a “dog menu” for your furry companion(s)!

With indoor and outdoor seating available, Homegrown Public House & Brewery is a must-try spot for kicking back and enjoying the food and drink of the Pacific Northwest.

Homegrown Public House & Brewery is at 294 Laurel St, Florence, OR 97439.

15- Step Back In Time At The Siuslaw Pioneer Museum

For historical buffs or curious amateurs alike, The Siuslaw Pioneer Museum is a well-kept stop in Florence full of cultural and historical items and exhibits.

The Siuslaw Pioneer Museum has been a staple of Florence following its official inception in 2006 and has been staying true to its mission of protecting the history of the Siuslaw Region.

Some well-loved exhibits include larger historical pieces in the patio display area, the Native American Room, and a collection of historical photographs and paintings on the first floor.

A non-profit corporation runs the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum, and also hosts a gift shop and research library that are open to the public.

The Siuslaw Pioneer Museum is at 278 Maple St, Florence, OR 97439.

16- Walk Through Old Town Florence

An attractive dining and shopping destination, Old Town Florence is the heart of Florence’s downtown, known for its historic buildings and unique shops.

Explorers and traders established a riverfront in Florence in 1909, and the district quickly reached economic success, leading up to today, where tourism is a financially rewarding industry in the town.

Old Town Florence is full of museums and antiquing, historic landmarks and architecture, and coastal breweries and eateries are plentiful.

One can easily walk from Old Town Florence to the nearby seaside docks, and the town’s walkability is a huge part of its well-loved coastal charm.

Old Town Florence is a must-not-miss stop for visitors to Florence and is sure to engage and please visitors with a wide array of aesthetic activities to choose from.

17- Sightsee At Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint

Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint is a small, reserved area with four different highway pull-offs, with beach access, picnic space and many benches for sightseeing.

This spot is typically less crowded than other state parks in Florence, making it great for some secluded time soaking in the wonders of the Oregon Coast.

Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint is made up of four different sections – Gwynn Creek, Neptune, Strawberry Hill and Bob Creek- and each has something new and delightful to explore.

There is much to see and explore within the short stretch of Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint, so grab binoculars and a camera to truly take in some of Florence’s most impressive views.

Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint is at 97439 US-101, Florence, OR 97439.

Florence Golf Links, otherwise known as the Sandpines Golf Links, is a highly favoured and locally acclaimed public golf course.

First opened in 1993, the Florence Golf Links were designed by Rees Jones, a popular, Harvard-educated golf course architect.

Florence Golf Links is best known for its stunning coastal views, excellent service and appropriate pricing.

There is much to love at Florence Golf Links, a unique golfing experience with courses designed specifically for their coastal positionality, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Florence Golf Links is at 1201 35th St, Florence, OR 97439.

19- Go For A Hike On The Hobbit Trail

One of Florence’s most beloved hiking trails, The Hobbit Trail, is a magical trip through coastal foliage and into the beach.

This trail gets its name from its truly mystical ambience.

Ferns line the trail on either side, trees with twisting, exposed roots hang overhead, and the trail ends at a hidden beachy cove straight out of a storybook.

The Hobbit Trail leads to the secluded Hobbit Beach, home to numerous tidepools, sea caves and other natural attractions.

Only about 1 mile (1.6 km) of hiking, The Hobbit Trail is suitable for adventurers of all ages and skill levels, and the scenery the whole way makes the trip more than worth it.

The Hobbit Trail is at 91892-91974, Oregon Coast Hwy, Florence, OR 97439.

20- Kick Back And Relax At Stonefield Beach

Stonefield Beach is a hidden, little-known nook along Florence’s coast, popular for whale-watching and sightseeing.

Stonefield Beach connects to Florence’s Tenmile Creek, creating a unique coastal experience where saltwater and freshwater meet.

Due to the beach’s undeveloped nature, there is limited parking in a small gravel lot, but since Stonefield Beach is in a tranquil spot, this lack of parking usually isn’t a problem.

Grab a coffee and towel and head down to Stonefield Beach if you’re hoping to get the beach all to yourself and watch the waves lap hypnotically against the serene Florence coastline.

Stonefield Beach is at 95330 US-101, Florence, OR 97439.

top things to do in Florence oregon
Seeing the stunning coastal scenery, such as at Thor’s Well, is one of the things to do near Florence, Oregon.
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