20 Things To Do In Fremont

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Fremont is the second-largest and fourth-most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area, yet, it remains a destination that is often overlooked in favour of the more famous cities that surround it; Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose. While Fremont may not be as famous as its neighbours or have as many iconic attractions, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of your attention.

It is a beautiful city with a truly warm, welcoming, Californian feel and the best collection of urban parks and wildlife areas in the state. However, being less well-known means many people won’t be aware of all of the wonderful options they have when they visit Fremont for themselves. There are plenty of things to do in Fremont suitable for all tastes and interests to fill out your travel itinerary. Check them out here.

Fremont, California

20 Things To Do In Fremont, California

1- Explore The Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Fremont things to do Aerial photo of red salt ponds
Looking for things to do in Fremont for nature lovers? Check out the salt ponds at Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

The Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge (DESFBNWR) became the first urban National Wildlife Refuge when it was first established in 1974.

It is designed to protect the wetland shoreline in the bay area and is named after local congressman William Donlon Edwards for the work he did for its preservation.

With 30,000 acres of mudflat, open bay, salt marsh, salt pond, and upland and vernal pool habitats, nature lovers will find more than 280 species of migrating birds here, including eagles, hawks, ospreys, kites, white pelicans, and California clapper rails, as well as the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse.

The refuge is at 2 Marshlands Road, Fremont, 94555.

2- Go For A Walk In Coyote Hills Regional Park

best things to do in fremont Coyote Hills Regional Park
Coyote Hills Regional Park is a regional park administered by the East Bay Regional Park District. The park is located in Fremont, California, on the southeast shore of San Francisco Bay.

Coyote Hills Regional Park boasts 978 acres of rolling hills and archaeological sites on the shore of the San Francisco Bay.

With countless hiking trails, it is a great destination to explore the local countryside and see historic locations like shell mounds and the remains of a large missile base.

With attractions like a reconstructed pit house, shade shelter, sweat lodge, and tule house, as well as popular spots for biking, birdwatching, camping, and picnicking, it is a fabulous outdoor destination for all to enjoy.

Coyote Hills Regional Park is at 8000 Patterson Ranch Road, Fremont, 94555.

3- Enjoy A Wild Day At Aqua Adventure Water Park

Aqua Adventure Water Park is a fabulous aquatic amusement park in the southern corner of Central Park.

With various pools, slides, rides, places to purchase refreshments, and a permanent team of lifeguards to keep everyone safe, it is a fabulous opportunity for the whole family to cool off and enjoy some wet and wild fun under the hot Californian sun.

Aqua Adventure Water Park is at 40500 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, 94538.

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4- Explore Shinn Historical Park And Arboretum

The Shinn Historical Park And Arboretum has a beautiful 19th century stately home, surrounded by gardens filled with stunning flowers.

Visitors can take in the fabulous architecture or embark on a tour to explore the home’s inside and see its décor and antique furniture before enjoying a relaxing stroll around the grounds, soaking in the smells, sunshine, and fresh air.

Shinn Historical Park And Arboretum is at 1251 Peralta Boulevard, Fremont, 94536.

5- Follow The Alameda Creek Regional Trail

The Alameda Creek Regional Trail is a collection of pathways running along either side of the Alameda Creek as it passes through the city.

A popular destination for activities like biking, hiking, horse riding, and running, it provides the perfect opportunity to exercise and explore the natural side of the region’s landscape, without ever having to go too far from the city.

Alameda Creek Regional Trail is at 2250 Isherwood Way, Fremont, 94536.

6- Take A Trip Across The Dumbarton Bridge

things to do in fremont Aerial of Dumbarton Bridge over the San Francisco Bay in Newark, California, USA.
Another thing to do in Fremont is to cross the Dumbarton Bridge.

The Dumbarton Bridge is the shortest and southernmost bridge across San Francisco Bay, running for 1.63 miles from Fremont to Menlo Park.

It carries highways, footpaths, and cycle tracks, making it a suitable option for everyone to cross the water, no matter how you are travelling.

However, for those travelling by bicycle or on foot, it also provides the perfect opportunity to stop and take in some of the most stunning views of the San Francisco Bay you will find.

The Dumbarton Bridge is in Newark, California, 94560.

7- Learn About Californian Agriculture At Ardenwood Historic Farm

fun things to do in fremont Farmer feeding her farm sheep
Visiting a farm is another of the things to do in Fremont with kids.

The Ardenwood Historic Farm is a Regional Historic Landmark listed on the U.S. Register Of Historic Places and remains fully operational to this day.

Throughout the site, visitors will discover the Ardenwood Station and train line, the 19th century Patterson House, the former Ohlone Village and burial site, and a blacksmith shop and gazebo.

Perhaps most significantly, though, is the area filled with animals and crops being farmed using historic methods.

This perfectly demonstrates the history of the region’s agriculture, lets you see it with your own eyes, and proves that the methods still work today.

Ardenwood Historic Farm is at 34600 Ardenwood Boulevard, Fremont, 94555.

8- Soak In The Beauty Of Mission Peak Regional Preserve

Mission Peak Regional Preserve is a sprawling mountain preserve that centres around the eponymous Mission Peak, an iconic location that doubles as the logo of the City Of Fremont.

With other peaks, including Monument Peak and Mount Allison and the Mission Peeker summit pole sculpture, Mission Peak Regional Preserve is a fabulous destination for hiking, biking, and taking in the views of the region from a higher vantage point.

Mission Peak Regional Preserve is at 43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, 94539.

9- Be Amazed By The Wonders Of The Little Yosemite Area

fremont california lush green hills and rocks at sunol regional preserve
Sunol Regional Preserve.

The Little Yosemite Area is the southernmost point of the Sunol Regional Wilderness and takes its name from the legendary Yosemite National Park.

While nowhere near as large or grand as its namesake, this scenic gorge is filled with features like waterfalls and rock formations, making it a must-see for fans of natural beauty.

Those who particularly enjoy the experience may even make you decide to visit the real Yosemite National Park itself less than three hours’ drive away.

The Little Yosemite Area is on Geary Road, Sunol, 94586.

10- Get Some Fresh Air In Central Park

Central Park is the largest park in Fremont and lies right in the city’s heart.

Centred around the expansive Lake Elizabeth, it is a fabulous place to take a break from the urban press of the city and enjoy a little fresh air for a while.

It has a golf course, four playgrounds, boat rentals, nature and fishing areas and picnic spots.

With sports complexes and facilities, a dog park, island, performance pavilion and community centre, there is more than enough choice to keep everyone entertained.

Central Park is at 40000 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, 94538.

11- Experience Weightlessness At iFLY Indoor Skydiving

iFLY Indoor Skydiving – SF Bay is a unique attraction where vertical wind tunnels are used to recreate the feeling of skydiving in a safe and controlled environment.

With options available for people of all ability levels, iFLY provides the perfect opportunity to experience weightlessness and perhaps even get yourself prepared to take on the real thing.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving – SF Bay is at 31310 Alvarado-Niles Road, Union City, 94587.

12- Hike The Trails In Vargas Plateau Regional Park

what to do in fremont bald eagles
Looking for wildlife is another thing to do in Fremont.

Vargas Plateau Regional Park is an area covering 1,250 acres on a plateau 1,000 feet up in the Fremont Hills.

Filled with grasslands, wooded canyons, and countless hiking and walking trails, it is a fabulous place to admire the views of the surrounding area.

It also has a collection of wildlife that includes eagles, hawks, owls, wild turkeys and snakes.

Threatened or endangered species, such as Alameda whipsnakes, California red-legged frogs, and California tiger salamanders, make it a nature lover’s dream.

Vargas Plateau Regional Park is at 2536 Morrison Canyon Road, Fremont, 94539.

13- See The Exhibits At The Museum Of Local History

The Museum Of Local History first opened in 1994 and is designed to educate people on, and preserve the historical resources of, the Washington Township, a historical township that included the modern-day Bay Area cities of Fremont, Newark, and Union City.

It is located in a historic 1950s fire station and contains archival research, books, documents, and more than 7,500 photographs.

Visitors can take guided tours to learn everything there is to know before taking a stroll around the fabulous gardens.

The Museum Of Local History is at 190 Anza Street, Fremont, 94539.

14- Visit The Mission San José

Located in the Mission San José district, the eponymous Mission San José is the oldest historic mission church in California, erected in 1797.

While large parts of the mission have been restored or completely rebuilt, it is still an iconic location forever linked to the settling of the state.

Listed on the National Register Of Historic Places, visitors can attend mass on weekday mornings or visit a museum to learn the site’s complete history.

There is even a gift shop, so you can purchase a keepsake to help you remember your experience.

Mission San José is at 43300 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, 94539.

15- Have A French Meal At Papillon Restaurant

top things to do in fremont French snacks on a wooden background. Cheese, wine and other ingredients on a wooden table
Dining on French food is one of the most delicious things to do in Fremont.

The Papillon Restaurant is considered by many to be the best restaurant in Fremont.

A fine-dining restaurant serving traditional French cuisine and fabulous wines in a covered atrium kitted out with stylish décor and a white tablecloth dining room, it is the perfect stop for those who want to treat themselves to the very best cuisine and dining experience the city has to offer.

Papillon Restaurant is at 37296 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, 94536.

16- Sip Cocktails In The Mojo Lounge

things to do in fremont at night Friends toasting cocktail at bar
Going on a cocktail bar crawl is one of the fun things to do in Fremont at night.

The Mojo Lounge is a fabulous bar and nightclub known to serve some of the best cocktails in Fremont.

With regular live blues and rock concerts, DJ and karaoke nights, a fabulous range of drinks and bar food, and a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, it is the perfect place for those who want a great night on the town, experiencing the best nightlife Fremont has to offer.

Mojo Lounge is at 3714 Peralta Boulevard, Fremont, 94536.

17- Test Your Wits At The Heist Escape Room

things to do in fremont california gun, wallet and money escape room concept
One of the things to do in Fremont on a rainy day is to have fun at an escape room.

Escape rooms are fast becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment across America, and the Heist Escape Room is a popular attraction in Fremont.

You will test your wits and race against the clock as you take on the challenge of trying to complete a diamond heist and escape with the goods while working through the many twists and turns thrown at you along the way.

Heist Escape Room is at 3913 Washington Boulevard, Fremont, 94538.

18- Step Back In Time At The Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

vector brown silhouette chaplin on old paper
Visiting the The Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum is one of the lesser-known things to do in Fremont.

Located in Fremont’s historic Niles district, the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum is an iconic cinema from the 1910s that has been converted into a museum dedicated to silent films.

It’s just half a block from Essanay Studios, where silent movie legend Charlie Chaplin made many of his films.

Visitors can take guided tours around the property to see its collection of historical artifacts, exhibits, and an archive of more than 10,000 silent films before watching one of the classic movies.

Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum is at 37417 Niles Boulevard, Fremont, 94536.

19- Sample Some Vintages At The Elliston Vineyards

Elliston Vineyards features a collection of wonderful vineyards surrounding a beautiful stone building used for winemaking.

With this region of California known to produce many of the best wines in the USA, it is the perfect opportunity to stop and sample some of the country’s best vintages.

While their shop and tasting room will satisfy most, they even host events for those who want to enjoy a special occasion in these incredible surroundings.

Elliston Vineyards is at 463 Kilkare Road, Sunol, 94586.

20- Travel In Style On The Niles Canyon Railway

fremont california things to do Nile Canyon Railroad in Niles on a blue-sky day
A journey on the Nile Canyon Railway is another of the fun things to do in Fremont California.

The Niles Canyon Railway is a museum and railway running on the line of the first transcontinental railroad, which was constructed in 1866.

The railway is on the National Register Of Historic Places and is definitely worth a look.

Guests can travel through the stunning Niles Canyon on diesel and steam locomotives.

With historic artefacts, bridges, depots, and train equipment, all incredibly well preserved, you can learn about the railroad’s history to complete a truly incredible experience.

Niles Canyon Railway is at 6 Kilkare Road, Sunol, 94586.

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