What Is Georgia Known For?

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Founded in 1732 as the last of the thirteen colonies, Georgia is a state filled with culture and famed for its natural beauty and significant historic sites. Georgia’s hot summers and mild winters, makes it a year-round destination to visit. What is Georgia known for? Nicknamed “The Peach State,” Georgia is known for producing juicy peaches (the state fruit), peanuts and pecans. It’s the birthplace of important people in United States history, including Civil Rights activists Martin Luther King Jr. and former President Jimmy Carter.

Businesses have also thrived in this state, both nationally and globally. Coca-Cola and Chick-fil-A were invented and still headquartered in Georgia. This state is also a great place to enjoy natural beauty, whether it be at its state parks, getting to know native species, or strolling through historic cities. You may be surprised to find out what Georgia is famous for.

What Is Georgia Known For?

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1- The Peach State

Georgia Welomes The World Sign
The nickname the “Peach State” is what Georgia is known for.

You may have heard Georgia referred to as “The Peach State,” so don’t be surprised to see the state fruit on their license plates.

Georgia earned this nickname due to its prosperous peach orchards that flourished because of the optimal growing conditions provided by weather and well-drained soil.

The first commercial peach orchard in Georgia was planted in the mid-19th century, and since then the state of Georgia has grown into one of the nation’s top peach producers.

All throughout Georgia, you can find roadside stands with peaches to try.


If you want to immerse yourself in peach culture, head to a peach orchard such as Lane Southern Orchards or Pearson Farm, both in Fort Valley.

You can even find peaches featured in desserts and dishes in restaurants.

This agricultural staple has become a symbol of the state and is easily one of the top things Georgia is known for.

2- Atlanta, The Capital City

Piedmont Park In Downtown Atlanta City In USA
Atlanta is the city Georgia is most known for.

Atlanta is not only the largest city in Georgia but also the state capital and one of the most dynamic cities.

It’s a hub for history, businesses and travel, and you’ll find many of the things that Georgia is known for in Atlanta.

Atlanta also houses one of the busiest airports in the world, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which sees over 100 million people pass through each year.

Atlanta is a business mecca, headquartering some of the largest corporations in the country such as Coca-Cola, CNN, Home Depot, Delta Airlines and UPS.

When it comes to historical significance, Atlanta is home to landmarks like the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Visitors can also enjoy the city’s artistic scene at several places from the High Museum of Art to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

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3- Chick-Fil-A

This fast-food chain got its start in Hapeville, Georgia just outside of Atlanta and the company is now headquartered in College Park, maintaining the ties to its birthplace of Georgia.

Chick-fil-A was originally known as the “Dwarf Grill,” later changed to the “Dwarf House.”

The restaurant was opened by S. Truett Cathy in 1946 and in 1967, the first modern Chick-fil-A was opened in Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta.

The fast-food chain skyrocketed in popularity, first appearing in mall food courts and then stand-alone restaurants with drive-throughs.

Year after year, Chick-fil-A ranks among the top performers for customer satisfaction and top customer service.

You can still visit the original Dwarf House today, which is a diner-style version of Chick-fil-A characterised by charming architecture meant to look like an actual dwarf’s house.

The menu features the chains well-known chicken sandwiches as well as specialty menu items.

4- The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta

Training, Golf Ball And Tee With Hand Of Black Man On Field
The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta is what is Georgia is known for in the sporting arena.

The Masters Tournament is one of the most iconic golf events each year.

The tournament was founded by golf star Bobby Jones in 1934 and since then has become one of the four major championships in professional golf, along with the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open and the Open Championships.

The site of the Masters Tournament is the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia during the first full week in April.

The course was built to demonstrate a challenging layout with a beautiful view of the azaleas blooming.

Each year, The Masters Tournament brings thousands of golf enthusiasts to Augusta to watch and celebrate the traditions of golf.

Augusta National Golf Club and The PGA Masters Tournament are a significant part of the history of Georgia, the local tourism, and the stunning beauty of the state through the meticulously kept greens and natural areas.

5- Historic Savannah

The Golden Dome Of The Savannah City Hall
Historic Savannah is a city that Georgia state is known for.

The historic city of Savannah is one of the most popular cities in the state of Georgia.

The city was founded in 1733 and once served as the capital when Georgia was a province, before it became a state.

The cobblestone streets, large oak trees and interesting architecture that dates back to the American Revolutionary War and the Civil War have been preserved to this day, giving the city an old-world charm like no other.

Savannah is a popular city and visitors can sightsee the historic homes or walk along the riverfront of the Savannah River. A guided walking tour is a great way to learn more.

Forsyth Park is one of the most photographed parks in the world, with its stately fountain and wide open spaces.

There are also museums, art galleries, delicious local restaurants, exciting bars and tempting dessert and candy shops.

Savannah is synonymous with the charm and hospitality of the South.

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6- Birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. and The Civil Rights Movement

The state of Georgia has a truly rich history.

It’s home to the site of the Civil Rights Movement and the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. King born on 15 January 1929, in Atlanta, and grew up in what is known as the Jim Crow South period.

Martin Luther King Jr. became a leader in the fight for racial equality following the arrest of Rosa Parks in 1955, which led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Martin Luther King went on to lead many civil rights campaigns, including the March on Washington in 1963 when he delivered his world-famous “I Have A Dream” speech.

Martin Luther King Jr. is a prominent figure in not only the history of the state of Georgia but the entire world and how we interact in the modern day.

You can learn more about King’s journey and life at sites such as his preserved birth home and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta.

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7- One Of The Most Famous Drinks In The World, Coca-Cola

Bottle Of Coca Cola
One of the most famous drinks in the world, Coca-Cola, is what Georgia is known for producing.

At one point in time, you have probably enjoyed a Coca-Cola or another beverage that falls under the Coca-Cola Company umbrella such as Diet Coke, Sprite or Fanta.

These products were created by one of the most recognisable brands across the world.

Did you know that this world-famous drink got its start in Georgia?

The Coca-Cola Company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1886 by Dr. John Pemberton.

The first glass was served in Jacobs’ Pharmacy in downtown Atlanta.

Today, the company is headquartered in Atlanta and contributes to various charities and community programs within the city.

It also hosts the World of Coca-Cola Museum, which allows visitors to explore the history of the Coca-Cola creation, production, and growth of the brand across the world.

Coca-Cola is a fun part of Georgia’s history and one of the biggest economic stimulators in the state. Buy a skip-the-ticket line to the World of Coca-Cola.

8- Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain In Georgia
Stone Mountain is what Georgia is known for.

Stone Mountain Park is just outside Atlanta, spanning over 3,200 acres (1,294 ha).

One of the standout features of the park is the world’s largest exposed granite monolith, which towers 825 feet (251 m) above ground.

This historic park features a ton of outdoor activities for visitors including 15 miles (24 km) of hiking and walking trails, a scenic railroad, a cable car ride, boating, fishing and camping.

There’s a miniature golf course and Dinosaur Explore park which features 20 life-size moving prehistoric creatures that offer a glimpse into Jurassic life.

The park also offers indoor activities such as the 4D theater and the Dinotorium, a four-story museum for kids.

The Historic Square is a collection of original buildings from various areas within Georgia that were built between 1793 and 1875 and relocated to this village.

Stone Mountain Park is a true gem in Georgia and one of the best displays of its natural beauty.

9- President Jimmy Carter

James Earl Carter Jr., also better known as President Jimmy Carter, was born in Plains, Georgia.

This small town is in Sumter County, near the Alabama-Georgia border.

Carter began his political career in local governement within Georgia and served as governor from 1971 to 1975.

In 1976, Carter was voted as the 39th president of the United States.

Jimmy Carter’s presidential career did not present as easy, as he faced civil rights movements and an energy crisis.

Ultimately, his dedication to human rights earned him a Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

Throughout Carter’s life, he stayed connected to his Georgia roots, even returning to run his family’s peanut farm after his time in the United States Navy and returning after his presidency.

Jimmy Carter is a role model to the entire state on what it means to be a proud Georgian citizen.

10- The Georgia Aquarium

Aquatic Tunnel In The Georgia Aquarium
The Georgia Aquarium is what Atlanta, Georgia is known for.

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, is easily one of the most visited attractions in the state and one of the largest aquariums in the world (it’s the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere!).

Georgia Aquarium is famous across the entire United States for its unique exhibits.

One of the most photographed is the 100-foot (30 m) ocean tunnel, which gives you a 180 degree view of fish swimming all around you.

Some of the other most notable exhibits are animal encounters which allow you to meet penguins and seals.

This expansive aquarium is also known for its conservation efforts, educational programs and marine research on a local and global scale.

This Georgia staple is a institution dedicated to the lives and preservation of marine animals and a wonderful place for everyone to appreciate the denizens of the ocean. Skip the line and buy your tickets online in advance.

11- Large Music Scene For Hip Hop and Blues

Georgia is a huge hub for music of all genres, which ultimately shapes the entire culture of the state.

Starting in the early 20th century, Georgia produced many notable musicians in the blues and gospel genre, including Reverend Thomas A.

Dorsey, who is known as the “Father of Gospel Music.” Georgia also created artists in country and rock, with household names such as Alan Jackson, the Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The genre that really shines in Georgia is the Hip Hop and R&B scene in Atlanta, during the early 2000s, the city was buzzing with world-famous artists who rose to fame including OutKast, Ludacris, CeeLo Green and T.I.

More recently, Atlanta has propelled artists such as the Migos, Gucci Mane, Future and Soulja Boy.

All of these stars within the genre represent Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia to its fullest, mentioning the state in their raps.

This artistic expression is part of the history and future of the state of Georgia.

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12- Hollywood of the South

Georgia is often referred to as the “Hollywood of the South,” because it is a hot spot for filming locations for film and television.

This is because the state has various backdrops available, from rural farms to urban cities.

The Georgia Film Academy, located in Atlanta, is a nonprofit that works hand-in-hand with the Technical College System of Georgia to produce the next generation of upcoming filmmakers.

If you’re wondering if you have ever watched a production that was filmed in Georgia, the answer is probably yes!’

Popular productions include some of the Marvel series, “The Walking Dead” and “Stranger Things.”

13- Cherokee Indians

During the nation’s early history, the Cherokee Indian people were the original inhabitants of what is now Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama.

The history of the Cherokee is tragic and complex and includes the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which led to the Trail of Tears.

This act forced thousands of Cherokee out of their native land, and they had no choice but to move to Oklahoma in the western part of the USA.

Although this act also forced Native Americans out of Georgia, the state is still home to Cherokee members.

The Cherokee of Georgia Tribal Council is a nonprofit with 369 members who are passionate about maintaining the traditions and history of the Cherokee community.

Ultimately, the Cherokee Indians shaped the early history of the state of Georgia and contributed to today’s culture.

14- Quail Hunting

Quail hunting is not just a sport in Georgia; it’s a social gathering steeped in Southern tradition.

Georgia has been a top spot for quail hunting for over 100 years because the state has the perfect outdoor environment.

The pine forests, open green spaces and fertile soil combine to create an optimal habitat for quail, specifically the Northern Bobwhite quail.

This quail species was even named the State Gamebird because of its significant presence within the sport.

Quail hunting season runs from November to February when the quail species is most abundant.

Plantations and preserved hunting locations are the best locations for the activity; some even provide guided hunting sessions and trained bird dogs to aid in your success.

15- Pecans and Peanuts

Scattered Fresh Pecans, Nuts In Shell Close Up
Pecans and peanuts are what food is Georgia known for growing.

Peanuts and pecans are a significant part of Georgia’s culture and economics.

Georgia is a leading producer of peanuts, earning it the nickname “Peanut Capital of the World.”

Pecans are also heavily produced in Georgia but peanuts are more plentiful.

These nuts perform so well in the state because of the growing conditions which consist of sandy soils and warm temperatures all year.

President Jimmy Carter family even had a peanut farm that he ran for a period of time!

Today, the peanut and pecan industries thrive in Georgia.

The state produced 1.45 million tons of peanuts in the past year, which is over 52% of the world’s supply.

Georgia has over 4,000 peanut and pecan farms throughout the counties of Mitchell, Worth, Miller, Decatur and Early.

If you are driving through Georgia, you can often find fresh, delicious peanuts and pecans at roadstops and local nut shops.

Map Of United States With Georgia Highlight

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