Wings Wildlife Park

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Will Wing’s favourite animal is the Tasmanian devil. His choice differs greatly from his grandfather, Colin, the boss of Tasmania’s largest wildlife and animal park, Wing’s Wildlife Park.

Wings Wildlife Park – Meet the family

wings wild life

Will and Colin Wing at Wings Wildlife Park near Ulverstone, Tasmania.10-year-old Will looks set to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps to be the eighth generation of the Wing family to champion the cause of Tasmanian wildlife.

Tasmania has both the smallest and the largest carnivorous marsupials alive today in Australia.

The largest, the Tasmanian devil, has the personality of Jekyll and Hyde.

It can be cute and cuddly one minute but as soon as you introduce food to it you have a hissing beast you’ll want to run away from.

The Wing family moved to the area in 1874. For more than 150 years they milked cows.


‘We gave that up five years ago, more and more people wanted to come and see the animals so what started out as a small friendly tourist attraction has now grown into a much bigger one,’ says Colin Wing.

Colin and Megan Wing run Wings Wildlife Park and employ enthusiastic locals whose daily routine includes a range of tasks, from feeding and nurturing the animals to serving coffee, snacks or lunch in the café (by the way the Buffalo Burger is delicious).

What to see at Wings Wildlife Park

Wings Wildlife park
Making friends at Wings Wildlife Park.


Tasmanian devils are a drawcard at Wings Wildlife Park, which also has over 150 species of wildlife, from relaxed kangaroos to sleeping koalas, to inquisitive meerkats.

Tasmanian devil fact: The size of a Tasmanian devil and its marking can vary greatly due to diet and habitat. Tassie devils are mostly nocturnal but you can also see them during the early morning and late afternoon.

If you’re interested in Tasmanian devils find out more Tasmanian devil facts.

Of course, you’ll get to see them any time of the day at Wings. Night tours are conducted on Thursday nights

There are numerous birds, reptiles, ponds of fish (a treat for the children when the food is thrown in but be warned of a huge splash from the feeding frenzy) as well as a wildlife nursery for cute and cuddly baby animals nursery.

Wings Wildlife Park also has other animals, such as American bison.

The road to the park is a scenic drive that passes thorough farms and forests.

The George Woodhouse Lookout is a good spot for a photo stop.

wings wild life park
Feeding the animals at Wings Wildlife Park.
ulverstone tasmania
A resident o f Wings Wildlife Park.

If you’re wondering if Will be the next Wing to walk in his grandfather’s footsteps and make caring for wildlife his life’s passion then do drop in and have a chat to him.

At the moment this young man lives in his grandfather’s shadow and is absorbing information like a sponge.

There’s a good chance you’ll bump into Will at Wings Wildlife Park, especially during school holidays.

If you do see him please say hello from me!

Wings Wildlife Park is open from 10am to 4pm or by appointment.


Wings Wildlife Park Café and Accommodation

The café serves light meals and snacks. We recommend the Buffalo Burger.

The park has accommodation with on-site cabins (named after the old timers of the district), backpacker units and powered and unpowered camp areas.

Discover Tasmania

Five more things to do around Ulverstone

1- Visit Leven Canyon for spectacular views of the gorge

2- See the Little Penguins each night at Lillico Beach

3- Visit the Ulverstone History Museum

4- Take a cruise on the Leven River

5- Explore Gunns Plains Caves

Plan Your Trip

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