10 Amazing Animal Encounters Around The World

10 Amazing Animal Encounters Around The World


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Love animals? Here are 10 amazing animal encounters to put on your bucket list.

1-See the snow monkeys in Japan

snow monkeys japan
Cute snow monkey in Japan. Photo: Maria Visconti

Visiting Japan in winter is cool; not only is it a great time to go skiing but there’s a unique opportunity to see the snow monkeys soaking in hot springs. If you can’t get there in winter, head to Arashiyama Monkey Park for encounters with the long-tailed kind in other seasons.

2-Go Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

trek with gorillas 6
Meet gorillas in the wild in Uganda. Photo: Christina Pfeiffer.

Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is an experience that should be on the bucket list of any wildlife lover. The forest is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to about half of the world’s wild gorillas.

3-Watch the Lion Whisperer in South Africa

lion whisperer
Kevin Richardson, the lion whisperer. Photo: Irene Isaacson.

Want to go walking with lions in South Africa? Kevin Richardson’s Wildlife Sanctuary is the place. You’ll be amazed the trust between man and lion.

4-Take a Tiger Safari in India

tiger in zoo
Tiger in Ranthambore National Park. Photo: Christina Pfeiffer.

Spotting a tiger in the wild is not guaranteed while on a tiger safari in India. But when you do, it’s an incredibly exciting experience. The world’s tiger population is alarming low due to the demand for tiger parts in Chinese medicine and hunting pursuits of the British Raj in the past.

5-Volunteering at Moholoholo in South Africa

Volunteering with the wildlife at Moholoholo. Photo: Irene Isaacson.

There are plenty of opportunities to have a holiday with a conscience while volunteering in Africa but none quite like Moholoholo. Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a place where you can get close to a variety of injured African wildlife.

6-See the Great Migration in the Maasai Mara

masai mara luxury camp
Maasai Mara. Photo: Christina Pfeiffer

Millions of wildebeests migrate from Tanzania to the Maasai Mara each year in an annual event known as the Great Migration. Watching the herds cross the Mara River is an experience you’ll always remember.

7-Swimming with sardines in South Africa

The Sardine Run, South Africa
Photo: Christina Pfeiffer

If you’re a keen diver or snorkeller, this one’s for your bucket list. The South Africa sardine run is an iconic experience that takes place between May to July off South Africa’s east coast. Millions of sardines migrate up the coastline and are followed by sharks, seals, dolphins and other aquatic creatures.

8-Working with Orangutans in Borneo

Borneo adventure
Baby orangutans at Samboja. Photo: Irene Isaacson.

Work with the orangutans in their natural habitat in Indonesian Borneo at Samboja Lestari Ecolodge. You’ll get there chance to help prepare food for the orangutans while getting up close to see first-hand how human-like they are.

9-Get Close to Polar bears in Canada


polar bears churchill

There are approximately 20,000 polar bears left in the world and Churchill in Canada is known as the polar bear capital. A poster animal for climate change, polar bears can be viewed from a special Tundra buggy or on a walking safari while staying in a lodge.

10-Visit the Meerkats at Wellington Zoo in New Zealand

wellington zoo
Left to right: Laughing With Meerkats; Fun With A Meerkat

Wellington Zoo has an entertaining meerkat experience where you can have meerkats eating from your lap. It’s a fun activity with an adorable species.

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