8 places to get married abroad

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There’s something romantic about saying “I do” on a beach, a tropical island or in an ancient castle. There are plenty of places to get married abroad but why would you do it? Well, getting married overseas is not only romantic but it can also be cost-effective. You can combine your wedding and honeymoon and your guests can have a holiday while celebrating your nuptials.

Planning an overseas wedding can be relatively simple or it can be enormously complicated. So, to get you started, here’s our list of romantic places to get married abroad.

8 places to get married abroad

1- Getting married in Cook Islands

planning a wedding abroad
Planning a wedding abroad? Check out the Cook Islands.

A tranquil location in the South Pacific to say “I do” all year round, the Cook Islands offers romantic sunsets.

You can say your vows on a beach or in a garden or at church.

Aitutaki is a popular place for honeymooners anyway, so if why not combine planning a wedding abroad with your honeymoon at the same place?

2- Getting married in Thailand

places to get married abroad
Thailand is one of the most popular places to get married abroad if you have extended family living around the world.

Sitting on an elephant while it walks down the aisle will make any bride feel special. Having a baby elephant at the reception also has a novelty value.

There are a number of reasons why Thailand is one of the more popular places to get married abroad.

Firstly, getting married in Thailand will save you thousands of dollars.

What’s more, if your extended family is spread across the world living in both northern and southern hemispheres, Thailand is a central destination most people can afford to visit.

Thailand also has exciting places to visit, such as floating markets, islands and lesser-known destination such as Udon Thani.

3- Gettin married in Fiji

places to get married abroad
If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, consider putting Fiji on your list of places to get married abroad.

Floating on the ocean in a canoe with tattooed Fijian warriors by your side is a wedding experience to remember.

With sandy beaches and plenty of resorts to suit all budgets, couples are saying “Bula” to getting married in Fiji. 

Likuliku Lagoon Resort resort is a luxury resort perfect for honeymooners.

If you’re looking for an exotic island destination for a honeymoon, Seychelles is a stunning spot. Here is a seven-day Seychelles itinerary

4- Getting married in French Polynesia

places to get married abroad
Planning a wedding abroad with the wow factor? Bora Bora is the place to go.

Blessings performed by a Tahitian priest followed by a romantic dinner under the stars and a blissful night in an overwater bungalow is a heavenly way to start married life.

Bora Bora is impossibly romantic and a South Pacific destination to put on your bucket list.

5- Getting married in Bali

places to get married abroad
Wedding holiday packages in Bali are affordable and there’s plenty of choices.

Bali is a relaxing destination for a trouble-free western-style wedding.

Most wedding planners love Bali because it’s easier to make arrangements here than many other places. There are a range of wedding holiday packages in Bali to suit most budgets.

There are also lots of choices when it comes to accommodation in Bali and lots of things to do in Bali while you and your wedding guests are there.

6- Getting married in Vanuatu

beach weddings abroad
Vanuatu is a lovely spot to consider for beach weddings abroad.

If you’re leaning towards beach weddings abroad, Vanuatu’s pristine beaches and the volcanic landscape is an idyllic backdrop for a romantic island wedding with warrior dancers and flame torches.

It’s also home to the island that inspired James Michener to write “South Pacific”.

7- Getting married in France

getting married in france
Getting married in France requires some planning.

Paris is a top spot for romantic couples wanting to elope. But don’t plan on getting married in France unless you are prepared to live in France for 40 days before the wedding.

You might want to complete the legal side at home before running away to Paris to say your vows.

Beyond Paris, France is a delightful place for a honeymoon. Foodies will love Lyon’s attractions and the Loire Valley.

8- Getting married in Italy

destination weddings venice italy

What could be more romantic than swapping vows in a Venetian gondola? Venice is a romantic spot for couples planning a honeymoon in Europe and there are plenty of memorable spots to tie the knot.

Other places in Italy to consider are regal Turin or perhaps you might prefer an Italian seaside town.

Planning a wedding abroad?

Check out these tips.

places to get married abroad

places to get married abroad

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