Tasmania For Kids

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Remember the scene in Alice in Wonderland where Alice drinks from a bottle labelled “DRINK ME” and shrinks to a size too small to reach the key on the table? Then she finds a cake with “EAT ME” and grows into a giant. While there are many amazing things to do in Tasmania, follow the white rabbit to discover attractions in Tasmania for kids for the whole family to enjoy.

Tasmania for kids

Places To Go In Tasmania For Kids

1- Tasmazia

Tasmania for kids
Tasmazia is a fun spot in Tasmania for kids. Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

Kids can feel larger than life at this miniature village which is located en route to the fabulously gorgeous Cradle Mountain.

No, it’s not a spelling mistake.

Once you have reached the land of Tazmazia, it’s time for fun.

Wander around the Village of Lower Crackpot or get lost in the Yellow Brick Road Maze.

The complex with eight mazes and model village packed with fun and games that will bring out your inner child.


The collection of hedge mazes reportedly makes this place the largest maze complex in the world.

Tasmania with kids
Get lost in the maze and you’ll soon see why this is a great spot in Tasmania for kids. Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Brendan Williams

Located 40km from Devonport in North West Tasmania, you’ll be enchanted and amazed at what can be accomplished on a former dairy farm.

The Embassy Gardens has 60 buildings representing 40 countries and in case you like lavender, the property is a working lavender farm which you can see in full flower during the month of January.

The kids don’t seem to mind the wicked witch either.

Do test your strength at the fabled sword in the stone and try to retrieve it like a good swordsman from King Arthur’s time.

If you do manage to pull it out, swing it around proudly because you are the lucky king of the magical kingdom.

family activities
Tasmania family activities in Tasmazia. Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

tasmania for kids
Tasmazia is a delightful place to visit on a Tasmania holiday with kids. Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

2- Doo Town

tasmania with kids
Visiting “Doo” town is a fun way to explore Tasmania with kids. Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Adrian Cook

Back in the 1930’s the residents of Doo Town, about 80km south of Hobart, really got in the community spirit when architect Eric Round named his shack ‘Doo I’.

The idea caught on and these days most of the shacks in this small seaside town near Pirate’s Bay are named according to this quirky tradition.

So if you’re looking for something quirky to do around Hobart for kids, take a drive to Doo Town.

The thing to “doo” after visiting the Tasman Peninsula, Tasman Arch and Eaglehawk Neck is to whip around town and snap photographs of ‘Doo’ shacks.

tas kids
Checking out the signs in Doo town on a Tasmania family holiday. Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Adrian Cook

There’s Doo Drop In, Dr Doolittle, Make Doo, Doo Me, Wee Doo and Didgeree Doo.

There’s the Doo-lishus Fish and chip at Tasman Blow Hole. How about Doggy Doo, Hooley Doo Lee and See & Do? Can you think of a good “Doo” name?

Do leave your suggestions in the comments below.

3- Railton Town of Topiary

things to do in tasmania with kids
If you’re visiting Tasmania with kids make sure you check out the topiary here. Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Kelly Slater

The first topiary at Railton Town of Topiary was planted at “Looking Glass Cottage”.

Since then, the horse and farmer topiary has expanded and the town’s topiary has grown to over 100 in the main street.

There’s “Ned Kelly” and Bluey’s “crocodile”, which is outside the service station.

Located between Latrobe and Sheffield in North West Tasmania, the town is a topiary mosaic from the imaginations of the residents and a gallery of elephants, ducks, giraffes, kangaroos and other fascinating shapes including a farming scene of Railton leading on to a miniature scene of Cradle Mountain national park with fly fishermen, wombats, wallabies, spiders and a Tasmanian Tiger.

4- Amarna at MONA

family things to do tasmania
There are plenty of places to visit in Hobart for kids that may not be obvious, including this attraction in MONA. Photo: Museum of Old and New Art

If God was going to build a gazebo, they say it would look like Amarna, a 20m by 30m wide temple of light designed by Arizona artist James Turrell.

Named after the city built by Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten in the late Eighteenth Dynasty, Tasmania’s Amarna is a mesmerising rectangle space-age fibreglass shelter on the roof of MONA.

Turrell calls it a skyspace, a mesmerising installation and one of 80 around the world (Tassie’s is the largest).

It’s free to visit and open at sunrise or sunset. Just turn up and gaze in wonder at this 21st-century work of art.

5- The Gumboot Tree 

Cruise down the Pieman River from Corinna, in the south-west of Tasmania, and you may well see the Gumboot Tree.

Decorated in once-loved rubber boots, the tree is situated amongst a small huddle of privately owned fishing shacks.

One of the best ways to view the tree is by taking a boat cruise, which stops to let out passengers near the mouth of the river.

The walk to the sea goes right past the shacks and this rare species of ‘gum tree’.

6- Exeter 

You’ve heard of Aussie meat pies, vegemite and lamingtons. But if you haven’t been to Tasmania you’ve probably never heard of the scallop pie.

Perfected by generations of Tasmanians, the scallop pie traditionally includes moist fresh scallops wrapped in a delicate filo pastry.

Many local bakeries stock this seafood-cum-pastry delicacy but they are difficult to find. A family treasure hunt for this secretly guarded gastronomical delight is well worth the effort.

For one of the best pies visit Exeter Bakery in the small town of Exeter, 25kms north of Launceston.

Exeter is centre of the Tamar Valley Wine Route and a region renowned for its orchards, fruit, dairy and beef cattle.

This intriguing little town, off the main tourist map, is also home to the oldest Methodist Church in Tasmania built in 1861.

The scallop pies here are delicious. The recipe has been perfected for over 100 years.

Do you have any suggestions on where to find the perfect scallop pie?

Top tip: when visiting Exeter go to Brady’s lookout. The view is superb on a good day. Take one of the many wine tours and visit the Notley Fern Gorge State Reserve, which has a 1.5 km walking track through the ancient rainforest.

7- Penguin

kids activities launceston
Visiting the Penguin township is a fun thing to put on your list fo things to do near Launceston with kids. Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Adrian Cook

While there are plenty of things to do in Launceston with kids, travel a short distance from Launceston to the seaside town of Penguin.

Aptly named, the town sits on the edge of the Bass Strait and is named after the nearby permanent penguin rookeries.

Don’t miss a quirky photo opportunity with the giant penguin.

Real penguins can be seen each night at Penguin Point.

The penguins waddle up the beach to nest from September to March.

Every Sunday, the town of Penguin is the venue for Tasmania’s largest undercover market.

The market has over 200 stalls selling local food and wine, crafts and other intriguing Tasmanian-made wares.

Top tip: The coastal drive between Ulverstone and Wynyard has fantastic ocean views and lovely spots to have a picnic.

8- Tasmania’s devil crossings

tasmania holiday with kids
Playing spot the devil crossing signs is a fun thing to do in Tasmania with kids.

Only in Tasmania can you see these signs warning drivers to slow down and avoid a collision with the elusive and rare Tasmanian devil.

Tasmanian devils, once almost hunted to extinction, are now a protected native animal and a sighting in the wild is a visitor’s dream.

Tassie devils are predominantly nocturnal so if you’re out driving at night, you might even spot Tassie devils feasting on roadkill.

Best of luck spotting the devils – it’s incredibly thrilling when you do see one. Or you can get up-close and personal with these Aussie icons during the day at one of the many wildlife parks around Tasmania.

9- Reliquaire

things to do in Tasmania with kids
Reliquaire in La Trobe is a great place to shop, especially when visiting Tasmania with kids. Photo: Reliquaire

In the town of Latrobe in northern Tasmania, Reliquaire has a treasure trove of quirky toys and collectables.

Visiting Reliquaire will transport you back in time as the displays in this wonderland include more than toys.

The 26 rooms are packed with dolls, teddy bears, jewellery, soaps and candles, handbags and clothing.

There are beautiful items like Venetian masks and puppets, cookbooks and games. It’s an intriguing attraction that has a little something to suit all ages.

10- Queenstown

Tasmania family holiday
Exploring the colourful former mining town of Queenstown and the western wilderness is one of the ways to spend your Tasmania family holiday.

Harry Potter meets Mad Max in Queenstown, which once held the crown as the world’s richest mining town.

You’ll feel like you’ve arrived on the moon as you wind your way along the moonscape to Queenstown.

Queenstown’s colourful buildings are full of character.

Check out the Empire Hotel and its National Trust-listed staircase of Tasmanian Blackwood. There’s also a heritage-listed gravel-surface football oval.

11- West Coast Wilderness Railway

family day activities
Tasmania’s Hogwarts Express – riding the West Coast Wilderness Railway is a fun thing to do in Tasmania with kids. Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

The West Coast Wilderness Railway is as close as you’ll get to the Hogwarts Express.

Considered one of the great rail journeys, this unforgettable train trip aboard a restored steam train starts in the heart of Queenstown along the legendary ABT track then goes deep into wilderness country; and, crosses steep gorges and wild rivers with mind-bending views.

There are full- and half-day tours.

The kids love the old-time train and going for walks and seeing the attractions at the stations.

12- Port Arthur (at night)

family things to do in tasmania
Looking for family things to do in Tasmania? The Port Arthur Ghost Tour is a spooky activity suitable for kids. Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Alastair Betts

It’s night time in Port Arthur.

The site of the infamous prison that once imprisoned the hardest of British criminals is high on the must-see list. And there you are with the kids ready to experience tales of the unknown and see sites of unsolved mysteries that baffle even today’s paranormal experts.

In this 90-minute lantern-lit tour you will have exclusive access to the grounds and buildings.

Places to stay in Tasmania with kids

grindelwald hotel tasmania
Grindelwald hotel Tasmania. Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Dan Fellow

Grindelwald Hotel Tasmania

Just north of Launceston lies a faux Swiss-looking town which was the brainchild of a Dutch immigrant.

If you think this sounds like a place the Griswold’s from National Lampoon’s Family Vacation-fame might visit, you wouldn’t be far wrong. Visit this Swiss village to channel their inner Heidi.

See pretty flower boxes, colourful wooden window shutters and perfectly manicured streets.

The Swiss-themed Tamar Valley Resort at Grindelwald is one of the fun family places to stay in Tasmania with kids.

What to do in Tasmania For Kids

What to do in Tasmania For Kids

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