10 most inventive Macau spa treatments

10 most inventive Macau spa treatments

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Macau sauna
Photo: The Venetian’s Malo Clinic

Macau has no shortage of luxurious five-star hotels so, of course, their spas are just as decadent. For a first-time visitor (and even for the seasoned traveller), narrowing down your spa wish list is easier said than done. It’s a case of too many options and not enough time. Although some treatments can be pricey, there’s enough on the menu to cater to most budgets. From traditional Asian treatments to holistic therapy, here are the most inventive spa treatments in Macau.  

1-Mandarin Oriental’s Spa

Macau spa
Photo: Mandarin Oriental’s Spa

There’s nothing average about the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and naturally, their on-site spa is equally glamorous. The two-hour Macanese Dragon Experience is about as exotic as it sounds. Ideal for couples, the treatment features Chinese Baoding balls that release tension throughout the body as well as specialized massage techniques. The treatment kicks off with a foot cleanse followed by a body scrub and later, a steam shower. Then, take a dip in the Jacuzzi before enjoying a full body massage. Oh what bliss!

2-Four Seasons’ Spa

Macau spa
Photo: Four Seasons’ Spa

The Four Seasons has a reputation for being the best of the best but they earn it tenfold. One of their more unique offerings is The Diamond Magnetic Jewel, which focuses on energy. During this session, delicate gemstones are placed on the seven chakra points along the body to unblock energy pathways. This is followed by a full-body polish with micronized iron and crushed diamonds. The treatment finishes off with a massage that leaves you feeling balanced and refreshed.

3-Banyan Tree Macau’s Spa

Macau spa
Photo: Banyan Tree Macau’s Spa

With a name like Banyan Tree, it’s no surprise this Macau hotel takes a holistic approach to spa services. The menu features many treatments rooted in Asian tradition and techniques that have been around for generations. Their health and beauty items typically include oils, herbs and spices while the rain-mist experience and body scrub come along with their signature treatment. Try their Royal Banyan treatment with its herbal pouch massage. The pouch is dipped in warm sesame oil. Speaking of royalty, you’ll be treated like one from the second you walk through the doors!

4-MGM Macau’s Six Senses Spa

Macau sauna
Photo: MGM Macau’s Six Senses Spa

One of the many drawcards of MGM Macau’s Six Senses Spa is its decor. The spa has an exotic Moroccan theme with 12 treatment rooms, a dry sauna, snow cabin, crystal steam room and vitality pool that overlooks the sea. Many treatments feature Asian therapies plus there are others that focus on holistic fitness. Six Senses adopts an eco-friendly approach by using only natural ingredients in their products.

5-Sheraton Macao’s Shine Spa

Macau sauna
Photo: Sheraton Macao’s Shine Spa

Are you familiar with the five elements of Feng Shui (wood, fire, earth, metal and water)? Then you’ll appreciate Sheraton’s creative treatment method. Guests are invited to take a “test” on the spa’s iPad application to determine one’s primary and secondary element. For example, if wood is your primary element, your expert therapist might recommend their 90-minute Bamboo Lava Massage that promotes circulation. There is no obligation to choose their recommended treatment but either way, you’ll learn something new about yourself!

6-The Venetian’s Malo Clinic

Macau sauna
Photo: The Venetian’s Malo Clinic
Macau sauna
Photo: The Venetian’s Malo Clinic

Considered the best luxury medical spa in China, Malo Clinic specializes in both beauty and health treatments. It’s also attached to a hospital, so expect the utmost care. This is also the place to go for cosmetic dental or dermatology work. Even though Malo might seem a little extreme for those simply seeking a body massage, there are plenty of typical spa offerings like Vichy showers and Infra-red dry floats. In total there are four areas: the clinic, spa, beauty lab and leisure and fitness space.

7-The Spa at Wynn

Macau sauna
Photo: The Spa at Wynn

Wynn’s spa is comprised of 14 treatment rooms plus showers, a steam room and spa. While their Macanese Massage and Ginseng Hot Stones treatments are among their best, it’s their Signature Silk & Cashmere Awakening treatment that really has people talking. The experience begins with a purifying exfoliation followed by a massage using silk gloves. Then, there’s a deeper body massage with warm lotus oil. After the cashmere-infused body wrap, get ready to be covered head to toe with a body cream made with lotus flower extract and shea butter for added glow.

8-City of Dreams’ Rock Spa

Macau spa
Photo: City of Dreams’ Rock Spa
Macau sauna
Photo: City of Dreams’ Rock Spa

Besides a full menu of massages and body treatments, City of Dreams’ Rock Spa also has some pretty crafty face care remedies. Their soothing Serenade caters to sensitive skin and uses ingredients like red hogweed, raspberry and colloidal oatmeal to relieve burning and itching. Their Salsa gives your skin added glow by using papaya enzymes and salicylic acid. Finally, their hydrating Concerto restores dehydrated skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Rock Spa is also ideal for couples, as designated rooms come with a Jacuzzi, sauna and washroom.

9-The Grand Hyatt’s Isala Spa

Macau spa
Photo: Grand Hyatt’s Isala Spa

Isla means island in Portuguese and that’s where you feel when you step into the Isala Spa at the Grand Hyatt. It’s quiet, calm and drenched in Old World charm. Treatments are broken down into three categories: Dream, Dynasty and Harmony. Dream focuses on concentration and Dynasty on indulgence while Harmony is all abut revitalization. Treatments follow traditional Chinese methods while still utilizing the latest technologies and innovations. To reduce fine lines and wrinkles, opt for the Express HydraFacial on the Dream menu.

10-Altira’s Spa

Macau spa
Photo: Altira Spa

At Altira Spa, individualized attention is integral for any service. The spa menu is divided into two categories: Replenish and Invigorate. Upon arrival, guests are invited to fill out a treatment preference form and based on those responses, the therapist puts together a personalized treatment. Take time filling out the form so that you can get the most out of your treatment. We promise, you’ll feel amazing when it’s all over. Their Gold Indulgence signature treatment is well-worth the splurge, as you’ll literally glow thanks to a moisturizer made with gold dust. The 120-minute session includes a massage, body wrap and exfoliation.

Megan Eileen McDonough was a guest of Sheraton Macao

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most inventive macau spa treatments

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  1. Although I am not normally a spa person, after reading this story and viewing the fantastic photos I have been won over. Obviously Macau is the place

  2. Some of these spas sound absolutely amazing. The Wynn Spa definitely gets my vote. A silk and cashmere treatment followed by a warm lotus oil massage – how divine! I’m not quite convinced by the Sheraton Shine Spa. I can’t see how you can really work out your primary and secondary elements by looking at a computer.

  3. I agree that these spas are really inventive! They could really help relax one’s senses. I’m interested trying the Banyan Tree spa and experience royal treatment even for just some hours. I also want to try the blissful feeling that Mandarin Oriental spa could offer.


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