7 things to do in Macau for kids

7 things to do in Macau for kids

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things to do for kids
Seeing the giant pandas is one of the things to do in Macau for kids. Photo: Macau Tourism

Macau holds so many world titles, none of which appear conducive to family trips across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. There’s the fact that it’s the most densely populated area in the world and that charming certitude of world’s largest gambling centre. If you think that chasing a toddler around an overcrowded casino hub is a fate worse than death, think again! There are plenty of things to do in Macau for kids.

macau with kids

Your first guess might be that Macau is a playground for wealthy punters who don’t mind a bit of hustle and bustle. And chasing a toddler around this overcrowded casino land appears to be an affliction worse than the Inferno, Sheol, or whichever spiritual realm of evil and suffering you happen to subscribe to. But, like the sky-painted ceiling of Venetian Macau, looks can be deceiving.

In fact, the flood of American-style casinos in the area over the past five years has, quite ironically, made Macau much more child-friendly.

That’s before you even begin exploring the old town.

Here’s what to do if you find yourself in Macau with your munchkins.

Things to do in Macau for kids

1- Explore Macau’s colonial past

macau with kids
Photo: Macau Tourism

The fact that the island was a Portuguese colony from the 16th century all the way up until 1999 makes it a fascinating blend of European and Asian culture.

This is best seen in the colonial architecture dotted across the island, all of which is worth a look in.

There are plenty of churches to explore, however, kids do tend to tire of religious paraphernalia so best limit your visit to one or two destinations.

The ruins of St Paul’s are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Macau’s most iconic landmark. Admission is free and the site is only a short walk from the town centre.

Other key historic landmarks include Senado Square, Guia Fortress, St Dominic’s Church and Tashi Square.

2- Ride the gondolas at The Venetian

A replica of the popular Las Vegas moneymaker, this hotel and casino is well worth a visit, even for non-gamblers.

There are three canals snaking through the mammoth complex and visitors can explore each one on foot via the bridges and heavily painted sidewalks, or take a gondola tour, which includes some only-slightly-naff opera accompaniments.

Stop along the way to enjoy a famous egg tart from Lord Stow’s cart and end up at Qube – a three-story, fully-decked out play centre the kids will love.

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macau for kids
Looking for things to do in Macau for kids?

3- House of Dancing Water at the City of Dreams

macau for kids
The House of Dancing Water show in Macau is suitable for kids. Photo: City of Dreams Macau

Just like Vegas, there are always plenty of performances taking place in Macau, including lots for kids.

The House of Dancing Water is an extravaganza that can only be described as part acrobatics, part water and light display, part stunt show and all awesome.

The show took five years and 250 million USD to develop and, even if the kids don’t follow the love story, there are plenty of tricks and flips to wow them.

4- Relax in Lou Lim Leoc Garden

macau with kids
Exploring the Chinese Garden is a lovely way to spend a few hours when exploring Macau with kids. Photo: Macau Tourism

When the glitz gets too much, the Lou Lim Leoc Garden is a tranquil escape located in the northern part of Macau.

Modelled after the classical Chinese gardens of Suzhou, Lou Lim features narrow pathways, a pond filled with carp and lotus flowers, and a six-way bridge ripe for exploring.

5- Visit the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion

things to do for kids
Seeing the giant pandas is one of the most amazing things to do in Macau for kids. Photo: Macau Tourism

Three giant pandas (and who doesn’t love pandas?) live in a purpose-built sanctuary located on Coloane Island.

It’s a bit of a hike from the city centre so you might need to grab a cab, however children under 12 gain free admission and adults get in for the equivalent of about two Aussie dollars.

6- Stop in at the Macau Science Centre

macau for kids
On a rainy day, the Macau Science centre has plenty of distractions in Macau for kids. Photo: Macau Tourism

This modernistic building houses several interactive exhibitions, including a planetarium with 3D space footage and an IMAX theatre.

Don’t fret about language barriers because many of the movies and activities appear in English.

7- See the Galaxy Macau Diamond Show

macau for kids
Galaxy Macau has plenty of fun activities if you are visiting Macau with kids. Photo: Macau Tourism

Just the name sounds thrilling and the actual show doesn’t fail to impress. Touted as one of the largest laser displays in the world, the show runs nightly and features lights, lasers, and music. Best of all, the 20-minute display is absolutely free!

Marina Cilona

8- See the jellyfish at the Moon Jellyfish Aquarium

The name spells it all – Moon Jellyfish Aquarium. Over at the Wynn Macau find one of the world’s largest water tanks devoted to moon jellyfish.

Although not a local marine species these critters were brought in from Taiwan and Japan, they continue to enchant, casting off stunning neon blue tones.

The glowing experience is a delightful thing to do in Macau for kids.

It occurs as you’re checking in at the Encore Tower in the main entrance.

9- A day at the beach

Nothing spells relaxation than laying down your beach towel at the Hac Sa Beach (the locals call it Black Sand Beach).

Macau’s largest natural beach located on the southeast side of green infused Coloane island no longer has black sand (it’s golden) but still makes a great city break when looking for things to do in Macau for kids.

10- Macau Maritime Museum

Head to the Macau Maritime Museum.

Built on the site where the first Portuguese explorers landed, the site alone is significant.

Today, see a lively harbour of sailboats and cargo ships that sail past this building which also resembles a boat with its white full sail.

Explore five sections that include fishing techniques, technology and an aquarium gallery with four tanks devoted to different themes.

We like the last tank showing a recreated sunken boat in the deep sea undoubtedly filled with sunken treasures.

Ilona Kauremszky

Fun ways to introduce the kids to food in Macau

11- Join a Macanese cooking class

There’s nothing like cultural immersion to reveal the spirit of a destination and the inventive culinary workshop at Pousada de Coloane does just that.

Armed with a shopping list for classic Portuguese dishes that are part of Macau’s food heritage, I shop and haggled at the Red Market while absorbing the particulars of Macanese traditions.

I learn the importance of balancing spicy and sweet flavours and how to pick fresh coconut and turmeric for vibrant flavor.

Portuguese music seeps through the elegant black and white tiles that cover the pousada, as I whip up Portuguese coconut chicken.

Paired with wine, caldo verde or kale and potato soup and views of Cheoc Van beach, it’s the perfect introduction to the Portuguese side of Macau.

12- Savour the flavours of fat tea

The tradition of Cha Gordo or fat tea is an unexpected Macanese take on the concept of English High Tea.

Cha Gordo is high tea with a twist of Chinese and Portuguese sensibilities.

The idea took hold in the early 20th century when there weren’t many restaurants or cafes in Macau.

Macanese housewives would prepare a mid-afternoon spread of snacks and desserts to celebrate saints days, christenings or just a neighbourhood gathering.

Chef Miguel Joao de Souza creates a weekly Cha Gordo based on childhood memories at the Sheraton Macao.

The feast includes at least 12 sweet and savoury dishes with nods to Chinese, Portuguese and Angolan influences.

I sample serradura, cookies and cream pudding, lacassa noodle soup, bacalau codfish and potato fritters and minchi diced and deep fried meats and potatoes with three kinds of soy sauce.

Washed down with a pot of tea, it’s a perfect example of Macanese fusion cuisine.

13- Hunt for the perfect Portuguese egg tart

Portuguese egg tarts are great for kids
Portuguese egg tarts are delicious and a favourite for kids in Macau. Photo: Macau Tourism

Macau has the best of both worlds, street food as well as formal dining.

Macau’s egg tarts have become famous around the word and are right at the top of the Macanese food chain.

In Macau, you’ll find egg tarts everywhere as most bakeries and many restaurants serve up this treat. But there’s nowhere as famous as Lord Stow’s Bakery, a tiny shop that is worth the trip to snatch up the warm, buttery pastries.

It’s a must-do in Macau.

In 1989, after a visit to Portugal, Andrew Stow created a Macanese version of Pasteis de Nata or custard tarts.

Stow was an Englishman nicknamed “Lord Stow” by local Portuguese for jokingly “lording” his British heritage over them.

The joke was on the Portuguese as Stow’s egg tarts have become Macau’s most well-known treat.

I visit Lord Stow’s original bakery in Coloane and munch warm, caramelized brown on top and slightly sweet tarts straight from the oven.

14- Cook your own hot pot meal 

macau with kids
Cooking your own hot pot meal is a fun way to feed the kids in Macau. iPhoto: Rosalind Cumming-Yeates

The Chinese influence in Macau’s cuisine is evident through China’s 1,000-year-old hot pot tradition introduced to Macau by Mongolian warriors.

The Mongolians used their helmets to simmer soup over hot embers.

Hot pots evolved into a popular social activity all over China.

At Sheraton Macao’s Xin Restaurant, groups of families and friends gather around tables eating from the hot pots.

Chinese hot pots are sometimes called Chinese fondue.

The dish involves selecting meat, fish, vegetables and condiments and cooking them yourself in a metal pot.

A hot pot meal is a leisurely, communal experience where everyone at the table shares sampling the dishes.

The broth is the foundation of the meal. Xin’s menu comes with a range of meat and seafood broths.

Each region in China is famous for a different broth. I particularly love the famous Sichuan hot pot and its chili peppers and peppercorns.

The spicy flavours compliment the vegetables and chicken I plop into the soup. It’s also an honour to participate in a long-honoured Chinese cultural tradition.

15- Nibble almond cookies

almond cookies for kids
Sweet treats for kids in Macau. Photo: Macau Tourism

Next to egg tarts, almond cookies top the list as Macau’s most ubiquitous edible souvenir.

You’ll spot boxes of them everywhere, from street stands to high-end department stores, with the Koi Kei brand the most popular.

So what’s so special about them? I’m not sure what the fuss is about until I bite into a dense, crumbly cookie. These aren’t the bland desserts featured on Chinese takeout menus.

Macau almond cookies are baked with mung bean flour and feature whole pieces of almonds.

The taste is nutty and only slightly sweet but it’s the unusual flavours that really make them stand out.

Choose almond cookies with shredded pork, black sesame or lard for a true taste of Macau.

Rosalind Cumming Yeates

Where to stay in Macau with kids

Many hotels in Macau are family friendly and offer adjoining rooms and even rooms set up with toys for the children. Here are three you might like to check out.

1- The Venetian

macau with kids
Photo: Venetian Macau

There are some that say casino-less hotels are your best bet for families in Macau, but as I’ve already mentioned, The Venetian is a wonderfully interactive experience in Macau for kids and adults alike.

Check the latest prices for the Venetian here

2- Conrad Macau

The Conrad Macau is located along the Cotai Strip and connected to the Hong Kong ferry terminal, has spacious rooms, a wonderful buffet area, and an indoor pool. The fact that it doesn’t house a casino but is in walking distance of all the main attractions is a big drawcard here.

Compare prices for rooms at Conrad Macau here

3- Sofitel Macau

macau for kids
Photo: Macau Tourism

Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 is located in Old Macau, a stone’s throw from the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral and Senado Square.  It has a rather beautiful outdoor pool with Romanesque statues aplenty!

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