20 Canada Instagram travel accounts to follow

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Canada’s community of photographers are passionate about their country. Just do a search for #explorecanada on Instagram and you’ll find a kaleidoscope of imagery, from the impressive Rocky Mountains to the sophisticated cities and colourful fishing villages of Atlantic Canada. 

You’ll instantly know what season it is in Canada, from the streams of photos of leaves the colour of spun gold to wondrous white winter landscapes. So if you’ve been procrastinating about ticking Canada off you’re bucket list and haven’t quite found the right moment to go, check out our list of 20 Canada Instagram travel accounts and you’ll be wowed.  

Top Canada Instagram Travel Accounts

1- @punkodelish

canadian rockies

Toronto photographer Kael Rebick is the talent behind the lens at @punkodelish, which is a mosaic of the world through her eyes.

Her photos are a montage of artistic and inspirational realism and Kael presents a nice balance of landscapes and cityscapes, with a few eye-catching arrangements of objects thrown in.

Kael has spent years documenting her home city (you’ll be surprised at how intriguing Toronto can look on a rainy day!) and has plenty of photos of other beautiful places in Canada.

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canadian rockies

2- @calsnape

canadian rockies

Otherworldly colours and eye-popping vistas are the hallmarks of Callum Snape’s images.

Although the Banff-based photographer does manage to squeeze in a bit of international travel, @calsnape has a stream of inspirational Canadian landscapes to drool over.

From breathtaking snow-capped mountains and glittering lakes of Alberta to waterfalls and trees in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. 

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canadian rockies

3- @greatnorthco

canadian rockies

In an era where collaboration is king, @greatnorthco is well and truly out of the starting blocks.

The account is a joint effort between @chritopheramat, @mikeseehagel and @davidguenther who are curating photos of Canada’s landscapes.

Each of the three have substantial Instagram followings of their own.

4- @taylormichaelburk

canadian rockies

Adventure travel photographer @taylormichaelburk from Edmonton in Alberta started using photography as an outlet in 2013.

In that short time, Taylor has managed to take plenty of photographs of the Rocky Mountains and beyond while building a huge following along the way.

His images will inspire you to get out and explore Canada’s stunning landscapes and experience the great outdoors.  

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canadian rockies

5- @photojbartlett

canadian rockies

Adventure photographer Jeff Bartlett was inspired to begin using Instagram by Australia’s top travel Instagrammer @laurenepbath.

He lives in the Canadian Rockies (it’s no wonder his Instagram account @photojbartlett is packed with stunning mountain scenes!) and has visited nine out of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories.

canadian rockies

6- @emanuelsmedbol

rocky mountains

Vancouver-based @emanuelsmedbol is documenting life as seen by the human eye.

From autumn leaves on a car windscreen to a misty day at Emerald Lake, his scenes of Vancouver and beyond display more than a dash of realism.

rocky mountains

7- @namkcaps

rocky mountains

From camping in British Columbia’s backcountry and kayaking on Maligne Lake to catching the sunrise at Peggy’s Cove, Alberta-based photographer Jeff Spackman has a collection of images of Canada that will truly inspire you to visit.

Follow @namkcaps for more.  

8- @tonoariki

rocky mountains

Life in Toronto is exciting, beautiful and delicious. This is a fantastic collection of photos of Toronto, featuring everything you could possible want to know about the city. There are skyscrapers and street scenes, festivals and little-known alleyways. For a pictorial journey of Toronto follow @tonoariki

rocky mountains

9- @alenpalander

rocky mountains

Creativity is the key to the success of Alen Palander’s Instagram account, which presents Toronto in a slick arty photography style.

You’ll get an eyeful of Nike and Stella Artois but hey, who cares when the photos are so cool.

I have to admire his pairing of the bright pink Dom Perignon label with an overcast Toronto sky.

Check out @alenpalander for Toronto’s moody artistic side.   

rocky mountains

10- @brookewillson

rocky mountains

Brooke Willson’s photos of camping in Canada, kayaking and sleeping in technicolour hammocks in breathtakingly beautiful places in Canada are sure to inspire anyone who loves an outdoor adventure.

So if you love the outdoors check out @brookewillson

rocky mountains

11- @goldiehawn_


See the mountains and lakes of Alberta and British Columbia through the lens of @goldiehawn_.

Look out Goldie Hawn, 24-year-old Katie Goldie lives in Alberta and loves hiking, skiing and boating.

Creating beautiful pictures of her forays in the mountains just came naturally. Katie went from 5000 to 100,000 followers in a year!

12- @yellowillow


Themed around the colour yellow @yellowillow has cheerful shots of Quebec, which is an awesome place for autumn colours.

But you’ll soon discover there are many more yellow things to photograph beyond leaves.

From yellow doors, walls, kayaks and balloons, Montreal photo artist and art director, Anne McIsaac will put a smile on your face.

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14- @freerishad


This edgy minimalistic portal into Canada by Vancouver-based photographer @freerishad is a documentary of places as they appear to the naked eye.

Rishad Daroowala’s love of misty atmospheric scenes highlights how beautiful Vancouver and the surrounding region can look, even when the sky is grey.  

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15- @stevint


By now I’m sure it must be obvious to you that Canada is a great place to be an outdoor lifestyle photographer.

Just ask Stevin Tuchiwsky, whose familiarity of Western Canada’s backcountry gives him the edge when it comes to getting those unique angles.

Check out @stevint for more inspiration.

16- @missyjena


Thoughtful captures and unusual angles are the hallmarks of @missyjena.

Her photography captures the serenity in all things and presents a Zen view of life through the lens in Vancouver and beyond.

17- @clo.photo

canada travel

Come to Canada; the mountains are calling.

Chloe Hibbert’s Instagram account shows off the beauty of nature and provides reasons to visit in any season.

See @clo.photo and dream about your next trip.

18- @paulzizkaphoto

travel photography

Award-winning landscape and adventure photographer Paul Zizka specialises in photographing under difficult conditions and getting to hard-to-reach places.

Living in Banff provides the perfect backdrop for him to feed his passion for capturing mountains, stars and the Northern Lights.

Follow @paulzizkaphoto and you’ll be hard-pressed not to have your bags packed.   

canada travel

19- @tobrook

travel photography

Photographer and drone pilot, Eric Gagnon, is a jack of all trades when it comes to Instagram.

His account @tobrook has a mixture of lovely landscapes, intriguing architecture and sleek interiors.

The pro photographer was inspired to focus on Instagram after meeting Australia’s top travel Instagrammer @laurenepbath in Quebec in winter 2014. 

canada travel

20- @littlebrownfox

travel photography

More than just beautiful landscapes, @littlebrownfox is documenting life and travels in Vancouver and beyond.

Photos are natural and her stream is a storytelling doorway to a world of people and places.

canada travel

21- @jeannemap

canada travel

You don’t need to understand French to enjoy the culture of Quebec.

There’s lots of detail in the photography of @jeannemap who lives in Montreal and has captured the real Quebec in a collection of food, markets and fashion.

We love those cute Quebecois cottages too!  

20 instagram accounts to follow