20 Anguilla Beaches

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Anguilla is a dream destination with impossibly blue waters, lush jungle, endless palm trees and luxury resorts. Unsurprisingly, it is very popular with celebrities due to its stunning beaches and laidback way of life. Anguilla is only a tiny island and one of the least visited in the Caribbean, meaning if you visit, you’re likely to have it to yourself.

With 33 beaches in Anguilla, there is more than enough sand to go around, and you can swim, explore caves, or dive in some of the world’s clearest waters. One way to reach the island is from St. Martin. Cruise ships aren’t allowed here, so you won’t find crowds of tourists on the beach, and the chilled-out lifestyle means there are no casinos, cinemas or malls on the island, leaving visitors with little to do but lie back and enjoy the sunshine.

Anguilla Beaches

20 Beaches In Anguilla

1- Shoal Bay East

anguilla beaches Shoal Bay East
Shoal Bay East is one of the beaches in Anguilla to tick off your to-see list.

Shoal Bay East is a two-mile sandy strip of paradise that usually bags the top spot for being the best beach in Anguilla, if not the entire Caribbean.

The sand is perfectly white, and the water is sparkling blue.

Since it is the most popular beach on the island, you will find deck chairs, beach umbrellas aplenty, and many restaurants and cafes lining the shore where you can enjoy a cocktail or fresh fruit juice overlooking the ocean.

The beach is also home to some of the more luxurious Anguilla resorts, meaning you can stay here and wake up to the sound of the waves or rent equipment and go jet skiing, diving or swimming.


2- Sandy Ground

anguilla beaches Sandy Ground
Sandy Ground is an Anguilla beach with lots of activities.

Sandy Ground, right next to the picturesque Sandy Village, is ideal if you’re searching for a beach that isn’t too far from amenities.

With a name like Sandy Ground, you can already picture the golden beach and clear water that awaits you, plus lots of sailboats, kayaks and kites for you to take out on the water.

In the vicinity, there are lots of food stalls and restaurants, and at night, the beach turns into a cultural hub, where you’ll find live music and dancing as locals and tourists flock to the area as the sun goes down.

3- Rendezvous Bay

beaches anguilla Rendezvous Bay
Rendezvous Bay is one of the Anguilla beaches that is perfect for watersports.

Another Anguilla beach with powdery white sand and vibrant blue sea, Rendezvous Bay, is in one of the island’s many coves at the country’s southern end.

Palm trees line the beach here, and you can head out on a sailing boat or do some water sports to while away the day.

The beach is usually quiet, although you might spot a crab or some fish in the water.

Nearby is the popular CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa, which is popular with tourists, and the widely popular Sunshine Shack, serving up freshly caught seafood right on the beach.

Also, head to Dune Preserve, a reggae bar serving barbecue food, cocktails and live music in the evening.

4- Barnes Bay

anguilla beaches Barnes Bay
Barnes Bay is another amazing beach in Anguilla to spend time at while on holiday.

Barnes Bay is one of Anguilla’s most tranquil and secluded beaches, perfect if you’re looking to relax and don’t want to be disturbed.

There are a few amenities here, as the Four Seasons Anguilla is not far away, so you can head to a beachside grill for a meal or a cocktail.

If you’re lucky, you might spot a celebrity or two as this beach is close to the villas of the rich and famous.

You can find the usual array of activities, such as swimming, kayaking and sailing, on offer, although it is particularly excellent for snorkelling due to the fine sand and bright water.

5- Maundays Bay

beaches in anguilla Maundays Bay
Maundays Bay has one of the Anguilla beaches to check out on your next Caribbean vacation.

Maundays Bay, almost at the very southern tip of Anguilla, is well-known for being home to the exclusive luxury resort of Cap Juluca, one of the best resorts in the Caribbean.

The hotel is perched on the water’s edge, but the stunning white beach remains free to anyone who wants to visit, and you can rent surfboards, paddleboards and kayaks, as well as snorkelling gear.

However, this beach is truly about relaxation, so whether or not you book an expensive stay at Cap Juluca, you’ll still feel like you’re in paradise, and you can lie back on a sunbed doing nothing.

6- Little Bay

Little Bay is a picture-perfect cove that looks like something on a desert island.

Surrounded by rugged jungle-topped cliffs, it’s a tiny cove but worth the journey.

This is one of Anguilla’s most remote beaches, only accessible via boat or rope from the nearby cliffs.

Little Bay is perfect for adventure seekers, as there is nothing here such as restaurants or shops, so make sure to pack food, drink and a good book.

The water is Anguilla’s famous bright blue, so you can go swimming or snorkelling if you bring gear.

7- Crocus Bay

best anguilla beaches Crocus Bay villas on the side of the cliff
Crocus Bay is one of the Anguilla beaches to tick off your to-visit list.

Crocus Bay sits right in the centre of Anguilla’s northern coast and is a long and uncrowded beach, yet it is only a short walk to Crocus Hill, where a few shops and restaurants exist.

Sailing and kayaking are particularly popular on the sparkling waters here, or you can find a sunbed away from the crowds to relax for the day.

Tourists frequently arrive here from the island of St. Martin, but there’s always a quiet spot to set up camp.

The water is shallow a long way into the ocean, making it ideal for children wanting to paddle or swim.

Da’Vida is the only restaurant on Crocus Bay that is a luxury restaurant and is often named the best in Anguilla.

8- Junk’s Hole

Junk’s Hole is located along a sweeping bay that comprises two adjoining beaches, Junk’s Hole and Savannah Bay.

The coastline is rugged and windswept, with grassy bluffs and strong waves, but it is a great beach to spend time on sunny days.

Although the water is not ideal for swimming, you can still sunbathe on the beach or go for a walk to explore the surrounding area.

Junk’s Hole can be tricky to reach, located at the end of a rough road, and since it’s close to marshland, don’t forget to bring bug spray.

9- Savannah Bay

Savannah Bay is connected to Junk’s Hole and the two beaches are often mentioned interchangeably.

It is one of Anguilla’s largest beaches and, like its neighbour Junk’s Hole, the water can get rough in stormy weather, it is generally popular for swimming and snorkelling.

Because of its location, you won’t find many people or amenities here, except the excellent Palm Grove, which serves seafood and rum, which makes for a classic lunch with ocean views.

Pack all you need for the day and enjoy a lazy day on the beach.

10- Meads Bay

beaches in anguilla Meads Bay
Relax on the sand at Meads Bay, which has a beautiful white-sand beach in Anguilla.

Meads Bay is on Anguilla’s stunning north shore and is home to many of the island’s private villas, top restaurants and five-star resorts.

Unsurprisingly this is because it is one of the best beaches on the island and the sapphire blue ocean stretches endlessly into the distance.

If you visit during peak season, you’ll likely see lots of luxury yachts moored just offshore here, owned by the rich and famous.

To get away from the tourists and hotel guests, head to Nims Nook on the far east of the beach for a quiet little spot to spend the day.

11- Cove Bay

Not far from Rendezvous Bay, Cove Bay is an equally stunning but much larger beach that is popular with water sports enthusiasts and kite surfers.

The beach is loved due to the lack of resorts and shops here, meaning its rolling dunes remain quiet, and you can even see the neighbouring island of St. Martin from the shore.

There are many activities, and a favourite way to explore the area is on horseback riding through the waves, which is an unforgettable experience.

Afterwards, grab a bite at Smokey’s at the Cove, the only restaurant around serving fresh seafood and hosting live music.

12- Long Bay

where is anguilla beaches orange cocktail and blue sea in the background
Looking for the best beaches in Anguilla? Here are 20 you will love.

Long Bay is arguably one of the best and, surprisingly, the quietest of Anguilla’s beaches.

Despite its name, it isn’t particularly long and has avoided any sort of resorts or restaurants being built, making it extremely tranquil.

All you’ll find here, aside from white sand and warm water, is a selection of exclusive private villas.

It gets rocky on the bay’s far side, and if you climb over these, you’ll be rewarded with endless views.

Further along, these rocks create their own little coves, so you can always find some privacy.

Make sure to bring drinks and towels with you, although the Coral Beach Bar serves both food and drinks.

13- Turtle Cove

best beaches anguilla
Pull up a beach lounge and relax on the best beaches in Anguilla.

Turtle Cove is a fairly difficult beach to explore simply because Malliouhana, a luxury resort, owns all the surrounding land.

If you’re staying here, Turtle Cove will practically be your own private beach, however, a few brave souls often swim here from the other side of the resort.

Due to the monopoly of the resort, Turtle Cove is almost always empty, so it’s perfect for a relaxing day.

The beach is small and pristine, with a cave you can explore, and the hotel will also rent out water sports equipment as the waves here can get big and are great for surfing.

14- Island Harbour

anguilla best beaches catamaran on the sand
Active travellers and families will love the beaches in Anguilla for its activities on the water.

Island Harbour, in northeastern Anguilla, is a fantastic local beach worth checking out.

The area is mainly a local fishing village, but some great eateries serve pizza and seafood here if you want to spend the day.

Pretty sailboats line the shoreline here, as it is a convenient and popular spot for tours to surrounding islands such as Scilly Cay.

There is also an array of high-quality seafood restaurants close by, as local fishermen frequent the waters and it’s likely your grilled dinner was only caught a few hours before.

15- Captain’s Bay

anguilla beaches location
Watching the sunset on the beaches in Anguilla is a wonderful moment.

Another of Anguilla’s more distant beaches, located on the remote eastern shores, Captain’s Bay beach is hard to find, with no roads or signs.

You’ll need a guide but this makes arriving all the more satisfying.

This is the beach in Anguilla to go to if you’re after privacy, as few people make the journey, and you’ll need to bring everything with you, including sunscreen, food and drinks.

The beach has golden sand, and the waters are usually fine for swimming, however, if the weather doesn’t look clear, avoid going in the water as currents can be strong.

16- Sandy Island

You’ve already read about the beautiful Sandy Ground beach on Anguilla’s north coast, and Sandy sits just offshore in the middle of nothing but beautiful blue waters.

The island is essentially a sandspit, with nothing on the white sand except a large beach shack, and you can only reach it by ferry.

The island is well-prepared for guests with speedboats, as sunbeds, umbrellas, kayaks and sailing boats are readily available once you arrive.

Inside the shack is an excellent bar and restaurant with tables on the sand, serving locally caught seafood and rum punch.

17- Prickly Pear Cay

anguilla beaches woman wearing white straw hat looking out to sea
Take a pick of these amazing Anguilla beaches and enjoy a summer vacation under the sun.

This funny-named beach is six miles north of Road Bay, on another large sandspit island off Anguilla’s north coast.

It is actually two islands, East and West, with the west being home to coral reefs and the east having a long white sand beach with blue waters ideal for snorkelling.

The island is big enough to go hiking and is home to some unique seabirds.

Although you can only get here by boat, there is an eatery, the Prickly Pear Bar+, which has deck chairs, cabanas and tables where you can enjoy lunch, such as barbecued meats, fresh seafood and plenty to drink.

They also hire out paddleboards and kayaks and offer massages, so rest assured you’ll return feeling completely rested and recharged.

18- Katouche Bay

Katouche Bay is a breathtaking beach in Anguilla due to the sheer cliffs that rise above it, which have sweeping views from the top.

Swells can get fairly large here, but you can still relax on the sand or explore the nearby Iguana Cave.

Towards the end of Katouche Bay, it begins to get rocky, which has created lots of secret beaches if you’re willing to do a bit of climbing.

You won’t find anything here, such as shops or restaurants, just a few houses dotted on the hillside, but this beach is most popular for relaxing after hiking nearby hills and cliffs.

19- Limestone Bay

beaches anguilla
If you’re looking for sun, sand and sea, the beaches of Anguilla fit the bill.

Limestone Bay was originally a remote beach down a rugged path; however, this pretty stretch of sand has become quite a hotspot for luxury villas.

The beach remains quiet and has a rugged charm about it, with a small length of white sand surrounded by rocky outcrops.

There is one huge and famous villa at the far end of the beach, but otherwise, it is only visited by locals, who you may see swimming and fishing.

It’s the best ‘hidden gem’ beach on the island if you don’t want to be around tourists.

20- Scrub Island / Deadman’s Cay

best beaches in anguilla sand and water
The best beaches in Anguilla are Caribbean paradises with vast expanses of water and sand.

Scrub Island is a fascinating and tiny island off Anguilla’s north shore, which can be reached by boat.

Like Anguilla, the island is a British Overseas territory despite there being nothing except a few palm trees.

It is truly a desert island, with a few old houses destroyed by hurricanes and a small abandoned airfield you can find by hiking across to Deadman’s Cay.

The island is excellent for spotting wildlife and is home to nesting birds, geckos, two species of turtles and even goats.

You can find an eatery or two, but otherwise, it’s advised to bring everything with you, including a good pair of shoes.

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