20 Cayman Islands Beaches

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The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory 4500 miles (7242 km) from the United Kingdom, made up of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The Cayman Islands has an average temperature of 82°F/28°C year-round, making it the perfect holiday destination that wins awards for its public and private beaches. So if you’re looking for white sandy shores, crystal-clear water and a paradise-fuelled vibe, you’ll find it on one of these Cayman Island beaches.

The islands’ waters are popular with divers and are considered the birthplace of recreational diving. There are 365 dive sites across the islands, and many local diving schools take visitors out for their first lessons or on guided underwater tours. Snorkelling is an excellent option for those unsure of diving, and you will see schools of colourful fish, coral reefs, and turtles just beneath the waves. Sailing, paddle boarding and kayaking are also activities you’ll find on the beaches of the Cayman Islands. Here are 20 to tick off your list.

21 Cayman Islands Beaches

Cayman Islands Beaches – Grand Cayman Island

1- Seven Mile Beach

Cayman Island beaches Seven Miles
Flop on a beach chair under an umbrella at Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman. It’s one of the best beaches in the Cayman Islands.

Seven Mile Beach is often voted as one of the best beaches in the world, and it is easy to see why.

The sand is white, soft and warm, and borders contrasting azure waters that lap calmly at the shore.

The beach is on Grand Cayman Island’s western side and is home to some of the most luxurious properties and hotels in the Caribbean.

The beach is fully open to the public and is dotted with restaurants and beach bars and stands to reserve sunbeds and water sports equipment.


Seven Mile Beach is on West Bay Road in Grand Cayman.

2- Governor’s Beach

grand cayman islands map
Some of the best beaches in Cayman Islands are on Grand Cayman Island.

Located within the beautiful expanse of Seven Mile Beach is Governor’s Beach, which is a stretch of beach beside the Governor’s house.

The beach is popular with families in the morning looking to relax away from crowds and the midday sun’s heat.

In the afternoon, it’s filled with people playing games such as volleyball.

The sunset from this beach is one of the most memorable, so make time during your trip to see it.

The beach is a popular location for snorkelling because of its shallow waters and local stalls selling equipment.

If you are visiting Governor’s Beach during June or July, be sure to try sea grapes that fall from the trees freely during early summer.

Governor’s Beach is on Governors Way, Grand Cayman Island.

3- Cemetery Beach

Cayman Island beaches Seven Mile Beach Caribbean beach and clouds
The beautiful Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands.

Named after an adjacent cemetery, Cemetery Beach is a pretty white sand beach to the north of Seven Mile Beach.

Thanks to its calmer waters, this beach is one of the easiest places for snorkelling in the Cayman Islands.

The fish here tend to school around Cemetery Reef, which lies approximately 200ft (61m) from the shore.

There is lots of natural shade from sea grape trees along the beach’s edge for when the sun gets a little too hot.

The shores are also dotted with beach glass, which has become popular with craftspeople and collectors in recent years.

You won’t find too many facilities at Cemetery Beach, so bring a picnic if you plan to spend the day.

Cemetery Beach is at West Bay, Cayman Islands.

4- West Bay Beach

Cayman Island beaches West Bay District trees on the beach looking over the blue water
The view from a quiet Cayman Islands beach in the West Bay district of Grand Cayman looking south towards Seven Mile Beach and George Town.

West Bay Beach is at the northern end of Seven Mile Beach.

This tranquil spot is a sun trap and is perfect for relaxing, people watching and sampling local foods.

The beach has public restrooms and changing facilities making it ideal for spending a lazy day in the sun.

It’s not far from restaurants and bars that offer both dine-in and takeaway options for those not wanting to leave the beach for too long.

The beach was the site of the sinking of the Ex-USS Kittiwake in 2011, and the wreck can be dived down either independently or with a trained scuba instructor.

West Bay Beach is at West Bay.

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5- Barker’s Beach

Cayman Island beaches Barker's National Park
Barker’s National Park has a pristine beach on Grand Cayman Island. Just put up your beach umbrella and relax on the sand.

Barker’s Beach in Barker’s National Park is a lovely beach to spend the day. 

November to April is the windy season and a good time to go kite surfing. 

Barker’s Beach is in Barker’s National Park, Grand Cayman Island.  

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6- Smiths Barcadere

pictures of cayman islands beaches cruise ship sailing from port
The Cayman Islands is a popular destination for cruise ships and if you’re looking for some time in the sun while at port, you’ll find plenty of Cayman Islands beaches to choose from.

Smith’s Barcadere is in the south of George Town, close to the ports.

Because of this port side location, Smith’s Barcadere is a popular spot for those spending the day on Grand Cayman as part of a Caribbean Cruise.

This beach epitomises the Cayman Islands’ beauty, featuring the expected white sand and blue water with shady spots beneath palm trees and patches of beautiful wildflowers.

The beach also has restaurants, picnic benches, outdoor showers and public restrooms, making it an ideal spot to spend the day.

Close to the beach are several gift shops offering local arts and crafts to visitors wanting to take a souvenir of paradise home.

Smith’s Barcadere is at South Church Street, George Town.

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7- Consuelo’s Beach

Cayman Island beaches South Sound Grand Cayman
Consuelo’s Beach on the south coast of Grand Cayman is one of the lovely beaches in the Cayman Islands.

In 2019 South Sound beach was renamed Consuelo’s Beach after Anna Consuelo Ebanks.

Ebanks was an activist, author, actress, businesswoman and environmentalist who dedicated her life to protecting the natural beauty of the Cayman Islands.

A plaque is displayed at the entrance to the beach to share her legacy with those who visit.

Consuelo’s Beach is at South Sound Road, George Town.

8- Spotts Public Beach

Cayman Island beaches pirate statue grand cayman
You’ll find pirate statues at many Cayman Islands beaches like this one on Grand Cayman.

Spotts Beach is one of the more secluded beaches on Grand Cayman and is fronted by homes and waterfront condos.

Bordering the beach’s white sands are iron-shore cliffs offering spectacular views from the top and privacy below.

The beach is small in size but is still pleasant for relaxing or strolling along the surf.

Thanks to its south-facing angle, it is also a popular location to watch the sunrise.

There are cabanas, benches, tables, and space for barbecuing along the beach.

Spotts Beach is ideal for those interested in snorkelling as it does not see many watercraft.

Spotts Beach is in Savannah, Grand Cayman Island.

9- Coe Wood Beach

Cayman Island beaches Pirate Galleon
When exploring the beaches in Cayman Islands, keep an eye out for the pirate galleons.

Coe Beach has been recently renovated to include a range of wooden cabanas to add extra shady spots, a children’s play area and restroom facilities, making it an ideal location to spend a day relaxing.

Locals favour the beach, however, it is often quiet, even during peak season.

Coe Wood is a popular location for beach-combing, with beautiful shells and pieces of smooth driftwood waiting to be found.

After an afternoon of relaxing, head to the beachside Grape Tree cafe for a local fish fry.

Coe Wood Beach is in Bodden Town, Grand Cayman Island.

10- Governor Russell Beach

Cayman Island beaches caribbean island house
A traditional Cayman Islands home is picture-book pretty.

Another of the Cayman Islands’ quieter beaches is Governor Russell Beach, named after one of the island’s most popular governors.

The beach has a staircase down to the waterfront and a lovely cabana for those wanting to escape the sun.

There are also plenty of palm trees offering shady spots.

Governor Russell beach is another hotspot for snorkelling, thanks to its calm waters.

The beach is within walking distance of the coastal road and the Czech Inn Bar and Grill is worth calling into for a snack.

Governor Russell Beach does not have a car park, however, it is possible to park on the road close by.

Governor Russell Beach is at 416 Bodden Town Road, Bodden Town, Cayman Islands.

11- Heritage Beach

beaches in cayman islands side profile of a blue iguana
The Blue Iguana is an endangered species found only in the Cayman Islands.

Heritage Beach is a popular location for significant events despite its small size.

Events held on the beach include music concerts, festivals and parties.

The beach has a permanent stage and boat ramp and a dedicated fish fry steps away from the stage.

The waters by Heritage Beach are not for swimming to conserve the diverse marine life.

The area is abundant in turtle grass which sustains a large population of marine life.

However, it is a pleasant place to visit outside of event time to take in the beauty of Frank Sound, the small bay it borders.

Heritage Beach is on Seaview Road, Grand Cayman Island.

12- Bo Miller Beach

Cayman Island beaches heritage kitchen
Heritage Kitchen is a popular eatery in the West Bay District of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands.

Bo Miller Beach is named after Derrington ‘Bo’ Miller, a true Cayman patriot who developed this stretch of sand.

Bo Miller Beach is a small beach open to the public in the North Side District of Grand Cayman.

As it is on the northern edge of the island, the temperatures are much cooler here, and as such, you will not find many sun-seekers here.

The shores are a great place to find iron shore and sea glass in many colours.

The beach is also home to the small Miller Family cemetery.

Bo Miller Beach is at North Side, Grand Cayman Island.

13- Rum Point

Cayman Island beaches Rum Point speed boat
Boats moored in clear Caribbean waters off the beach in the Cayman Islands’ Rum Point.

In keeping with many of Grand Cayman’s beaches, Rum Point is a pristine white sand beach with sparkling clear blue waters.

The beach is on the island’s northern side next to Cayman Kai.

Rum Point is dotted with hammocks, shady trees and picnic tables.

Food stalls on the beach serve up delicious local delicacies to tourists and locals alike.

The beach itself is again popular for sports such as volleyball, and its waters for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Although Rum Point is a bus or car ride away, it is also possible to access this slice of tranquillity via ferry from the cruise terminal.

The ferry offers cheap tickets and beautiful views. Dining onboard is also available.

Rum Point is on Water Cay Road, Grand Cayman Island.

14- Starfish Point

Cayman Island beaches Starfish Point Cayman Kai
One of the best beaches in Cayman Islands is Starfish Point on Cayman Kai, where you’ll spot starfish on the beach.

Starfish Point is an idyllic and hidden spot worth the drive to the northeastern tip of Grand Cayman.

Like most beaches in the Cayman Islands, Starfish Point features soft white sands and crystal clear blue waters.

Setting this beach apart, though, are the bright orange starfish that live in the shallows.

Starfish Point is a great location to snorkel to see these beautiful sea creatures up close.

It is advisable not to pick up the starfish or remove them from their watery home as they are living creatures and need the water to survive.

Starfish Point is at Water Cay Road, Grand Cayman Island.

15- Cayman Kai Public Beach

Cayman Island beaches Cayman Kai Beach row of palms
One of the popular Cayman Islands beaches is Cayman Kai Beach.

Cayman Kai is one of the more secluded beaches on Grand Cayman and is at the northern tip of the island.

This beach epitomises Cayman Islands life, offering stunning views out to sea and pristine shores to relax on.

It’s a popular beach to go swimming as the sea is calm and for those wanting a different swimming experience, Cayman Kai also has a beautiful lagoon.

Cayman Kai is covered in palm trees, offering welcoming shade.

Cayman Kai is at Rum Point, Grand Cayman Island.

16- Colliers Public Beach

Cayman Island beaches Colliers Public Beach blue building and cabanas
Colliers Public Beach is in the East End District of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Colliers Public Beach is a favourite location for cyclists and adventurous tourists.

The beach has on-beach parking off the main road but be careful not to drive too far as the sand is soft.

Colliers Public Beach is an excellent location for kiteboarding, thanks to the gentle breeze that frequents the sands and waters.

Snorkelling is possible, but it requires a long swim to reach the main reef, where you will find small fish hiding in the turtle grass.

Colliers Public Beach is at Austin Conolly Drive, Cayman Islands.

17- East End Beach

Cayman Island beaches Colliers East End
Some Cayman Islands beaches have colourful cabanas, such as this one at the Colliers Beach in the East End district of Grand Cayman Island.

East End Beach is another of Grand Cayman’s spectacular beaches.

This beach offers staggering sunrise views and is a popular location earlier in the day.

East End Beach is also favoured by locals who can be seen relaxing on the sands during the weekend or participating in locally organised events.

In the shallows, the sea bed is covered in turtle grass, providing a safe home for baby fish.

This is an excellent location to snorkel or scuba dive to see the island’s diverse marine life.

After you’ve finished relaxing on the beach, head to the local fish fry and try Mahi Mahi or snapper.

East End Beach is at Sea View Road, Grand Cayman, KY1 1801.

Cayman Islands Beaches – Cayman Brac

Cayman Island beaches nurse shark
Popular activities you can do at many Cayman Islands beaches are snorkelling or scuba diving to see marine life like nurse sharks.

18- Brac Reef Beach

Located within the Brac Beach Reef Resort, Brac Reef Beach is an idyllic spot that is a favourite among watersports enthusiasts thanks to its calm and deep waters.

Diving and snorkelling are the most popular activities, with visitors and locals seeking a glimpse at a collection of rare sea creatures living below the waves.

Kayaking and fishing are also popular at Brac Reef Beach.

Brac Reef Beach is also a favourite location for caving and exploring the area’s nature.

After diving, relax on one of the beach’s many hammocks or find a table to eat your fish fry or barbecue.

Brac Reef Beach is at Cotton Tree Bay.

Cayman Islands Beaches – Little Cayman Island

cayman island beaches
Check out these fantastic Cayman Islands beaches.

19- Point of Sand

Point of Sand, sometimes known as Sands Point, is a tranquil and idyllic beach on Little Cayman.

Thanks to the island’s popularity with scuba divers, the beaches are often quiet, with plenty of space to spread a blanket and relax in the warm sunshine.

The beach’s local population is only 170, meaning that even in peak season, this stretch of sand is often one of the quieter spots in the Cayman Islands.

If you fancy a dip in the blue waters, try snorkelling here.

Under the waves, Queen conch, bonefish and a colourful assortment of other reef-dwelling fish can be seen.

The currents here can be strong, so only venture into the waters if you are a strong swimmer.

Point of Sand is at West End, Little Cayman.

20- Head O’Bay

best beaches in cayman islands sunset and frothy waves
Cayman Islands beaches are famous for their golden sunsets.

Nestled along the southern shore of Little Cayman is Head O’Bay, a tranquil beach close to South Hole Sound.

The bay is home to one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

Its shallow lagoons are popular with divers looking to discover the marine life of Bloody Bay and the Jackson Walls.

The beach is covered with young palm trees and the occasional cabana serving drinks and snacks.

Head O’Bay offers stunning panoramas of the natural landscape and out across to the sea beyond.

Head O’Bay is at Little Cayman.

21- Owen Island

grand cayman cayman islands four conch shells on the sand
Conch shells on a beach in the Cayman Islands.

Owen Island is a slice of paradise, as this small part of Little Cayman is uninhabited.

To reach the island, grab a paddleboard, sail or kayak and make your way across the calm and tranquil waters for a little slice of personal paradise.

The island is inaccessible by any other means of transport but thanks to this inaccessibility, Owen Island is the perfect place to venture to if you want to be free from crowds and tourists.

The islet does not have any residents or permanent structures, so bring your own picnic if you plan to stay longer than a couple of hours.

Owen Island is off the coast of Little Cayman.

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