20 Grenada Beaches

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Grenada is the most southern island in the Antilles chain. Located in the Caribbean Sea between Trinidad and Tobago and St Vincent, Grenada is home to lovely beaches. Consisting of three islands – Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique – almost all Grenada beaches feature the typical Caribbean soft white sands and inviting azure waters. Like many other Caribbean islands, Grenada is a popular location for water sports. Setting it apart from other islands are the shipwrecks off the coast that offer a unique diving experience.

If you’re looking for a break, Grenada’s beaches are the perfect place to perfect ‘liming’, the Caribbean art of relaxing with friends and enjoying yourself whilst doing little. Grenada has an incredible climate and, as a result, can cultivate beautiful plants and flowers that have won the island awards. The natural landscape is a large part of the tourist allure of Grenada, with its beaches often backed by lush green jungle and dotted with colourful flowers. There are 45 beaches in Grenada and its islands in total. Here are 20 of the best to entice you to book a trip.

Grenada Beaches

20 Beaches In Granada

1- Grand Mal Bay

grenada beaches girl in yellow bikini on the beach
Take your pick of the best beaches in Grenada for your next summer vacation.

While many beachgoers head to Grenada’s beaches to unwind and relax in the sun, those heading to Grand Mal Bay also come for the water.

Grand Mal is a protected bay with bright and colourful reefs.

The reef offers scuba divers and snorkellers a chance to see some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful marine life in their natural habitat.

The reef has pinnacles and Pillar corals and is a popular spot for sighting the Southern Stingray.


Grand Mal Bay is in Grand Mal, Grenada.

2- Grand Anse Beach

pink sand grenada beaches rainbow over Grand Anse
One of the best beaches in Grenada for families is Grand Anse.

Grand Anse Beach is a popular Grenada beach close to St George’s, the island’s capital.

Grand Anse is popular for water sports such as snorkelling, diving, and surfing, and you can rent a kayak to explore the waters.

Thanks to its close to the city location, Grand Anse also has the best hotels and restaurants in Grenada.

The beach stretches for 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometres) and is remarkably pristine, given its centralised location.

The beach is backed by almond trees, offering welcome shade.

Grande Anse Beach is on Main Road, The Lime, Grenada.

3- Morne Rouge

best beaches in grenada caribbean sunset over the Caribbean Sea
Watching the sunset over Grand Anse Bay is a Grenada beach moment you won’t forget.

For a quieter local beach experience, look no further than Morne Rouge.

This infrequently visited beach is located between Magazine Beach and Grand Anse Beach.

Morne Rouge is locally known as BBC Beach, named after a local nightclub.

The beach is only 400 yards in length and is crescent in shape. Its waters are safe to swim in, and many small sailboats moor here.

Morne Rouge is primarily visited by locals and has limited facilities.

A short walk away is two beaches with facilities, making Morne Rouge perfect for escaping crowds before heading back for something to eat.

Morne Rouge is in St George’s, Grenada.

4- Sandy Island Beaches

grenada caribbean beaches Image of sandy beach ocean waves and hills of spring plants
There are three islands in Grenada (Carriacou, Petit Martinique and Grenada) with typical white sand and clear water.

Sandy Island and its beaches are breathtaking.

The island is a narrow stretch of uninhabited land dotted with palm trees and corals below the water.

There’s a small beach bar that serves drinks and snacks, however, there are no other facilities on the island.

This Grenada beach is only accessible by boat or water taxi, so be sure to book in advance.

Sandy Island is home to many birds, including herons, blackbirds, and hummingbirds.

When snorkelling, look out for schools of colourful fish.

Sandy Island Beaches is on Sandy Island, Grenada.

5- Magazine Beach

beaches in grenada woman wearing a straw hat with lovely legs on the beach
Relax and read a book in the sun on these amazing Grenada beaches.

Magazine Beach is on the extreme southwestern point of Grenada.

The beach is right next to the international airport and, at first glance, may not be an ideal location for a relaxing day at the beach, but Magazine has a lot to offer.

Magazine Beach is ideal for plane spotters who come to the beach to watch the airplanes take off and land, however, many tourists visit the beach to see this up close too.

The beach is also home to many first-class hotels as its sands are pristine and unspoilt.

When not relaxing on the beach, taking a dip in its welcoming waters or spotting planes, head to the Aquarium restaurant.

Located in the middle of the beach, this restaurant serves fresh seafood dishes and local delicacies.

Magazine Beach is in St George’s, Grenada.

6- Levera Beach

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Levera Beach is a must-visit for wildlife and nature lovers as the beach is Grenada’s wildest beach and is in the remote north-eastern corner of the island.

The Levera National Park covers the area, and between April and August, Levera beach provides a safe nesting ground for leatherback sea turtles.

During this time, visits are strictly tour-based only and must be booked in advance to allow the sea turtles to remain safe.

The beach is covered in golden sands and vegetation, and the bay is dotted with colourful boats.

Close by is Sugar Loaf Island, accessible by boat and by strong swimmers as the beach has no lifeguards so you should take care in the waters.

Levera Beach is in Sauteurs, Grenada.

7- Bathway Beach

Bathway Beach is a popular spot for snorkellers and swimmers, thanks to its incredibly calm waters and beautiful coral reef.

The beach is in the northeast of Grenada and is relatively quiet.

Bathway Beach is ideal for families as lifeguards are present alongside the calm waters.

The waters are shallow and perfect for family visitors or those wanting to swim or paddle.

The beach has spectacular views across the sea toward Sandy Island and has facilities, including a few beach bars, toilets, and showers.

Bathway Beach is at Lake View Drive, St Patrick, Grenada.

8- Paradise Beach

beaches resort grenada Palm trees with hammock on white sand beach
Relaxing in a hammock is one of the things you’ll be doing on the beaches on Grenada.

Paradise Beach is on one of Grenada’s satellite islands, Carriacou.

Paradise is truly an appropriate name for this beautiful beach, which is a narrow stretch of white sands, turquoise water and thick trees.

There are plenty of spaces to sunbathe or seek shade, and the waters are calm enough for snorkelling and swimming.

The beach is the most popular on the island, so it can get very busy during the tourist season.

It is easy to spend a full day at Paradise Beach as there are many beach bars and restaurants.

Paradise Beach is at Av. Andes, Carriacou, Grenada.

9- Anse La Roche Bay

beaches grenada Image of Side hull of red and white shipwreck on sandy beaches with blue sky
There are 45 beaches in Grenada to choose from, so you could spend weeks having fun in the sun.

Anse La Roche Bay is an incredibly picturesque corner of Grenada.

The beach has inviting waters and coral reefs close to the shore, making it the ideal destination for scuba diving and snorkelling.

When scuba diving, look for sea turtles swimming calmly around the corals.

The beach is secluded and is only accessible following a 0.5-mile (0.8 kilometre) hike.

The beach is private and unspoilt and is infrequently visited. Its location at the foot of the High North Range creates spectacular surroundings.

Anse La Roche is at Carriacou, Grenada.

10- Lance aux Epines

best beaches in grenada Luxury travel, romantic beach getaway holidays for honeymoon couples, tropical vacations in a luxurious hotel, and beach chairs on the beach.
Pull up a beach lounge and relax on one of the many beautiful Granada beaches this summer.

Another of Grenada’s beautiful, secluded beaches is Lance aux Epines. The beach is in the south of the island.

The beach is a narrow stretch of sand close to some of the most exclusive homes and hotels on the island.

There’s plenty of shade underneath palm trees.

Despite its popular location, the beach is relatively quiet due to its size, with many visitors favouring nearby larger beaches such as Grand Anse and Morne Rouge.

Lance aux Epines is in St George, Grenada.

11- Black Bay

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Black Bay Beach is the perfect location to see some of the best that Grenada’s nature has to offer.

From its staggeringly beautiful waterfalls to the soft black sand, this beach is truly worth the trip.

To access Black Bay Beach, visitors need to walk for 20 minutes from the main road across the bumpy ground and through the thick jungle.

The walk is worth it once you emerge from the shade and onto the sands.

Once at the beach, embrace the quiet surroundings dotted with large chunks of driftwood and thick jungle offering shade.

There are no facilities at Black Bay, so be sure to pack what you need for your day at the beach.

Black Bay Beach is at Concord, St John, Grenada.

12- Petit Bacolet Bay

Petit Bacolet Bay is a wonderfully quiet coastal spot in the south of Grenada.

A resort is in development close to the bay but remains relatively quiet compared to some of the more touristy beaches.

The beach is backed by private land and cannot be accessed through the jungle.

Access to the beach is from Grenada Marine or Laura’s restaurant.

Facilities are limited, so packing food and drinks for the day is recommended.

Laura’s restaurant is a short hike away.

The bay waters are calm and perfect for snorkelling and swimming.

Look out for beautiful pieces of driftwood dotted along the sands.

Petit Bacolet Bay is at St David’s, Grenada.

13- La Sagesse

grenada beaches pictures
One of the Grenada beaches to tick off your list is La Sagesse, which has swaying palm trees and is a typical Caribbean paradise.

Located close to Petit Bacolet Bay is La Sagesse, which has a stunning and protective cove.

The beach at La Sagesse has sun loungers, welcoming shade from coconut trees, and a range of restaurants close by.

Despite the increase in facilities, La Sagesse remains a relatively quiet beach compared to others further down the coast.

The La Sagesse Nature Centre is close to the beach and has an excellent on-site restaurant.

The waters are cool and inviting for those interested in taking a dip in the sea.

The calm sea is perfect for snorkelling or exploring in a kayak, which is available to rent from one of the beach huts.

La Sagesse is at La Sagesse Beach Road, St David’s, Grenada.

14- Duquesne Bay

grenada pictures beaches
A colourful local fishing boat in Duquesne Bay, Grenada.

Duquesne Beach is perfect for those seeking both sun and local history.

It’s a traditional Caribbean beach with soft white sands, plenty of inviting shade from palm trees, and water that is ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

The biggest allure to this beach is its history and Amerindian petroglyphs on the rocks in the local area.

The petroglyphs were carved by the earliest Amerindian people on the island and show faces and monkeys.

Duquesne Bay is at Duquesne, St Patrick, Grenada.

15- White Island

White Island is the ultimate Caribbean paradise, largely untouched and with pristine beaches.

The island is only 10 acres in size and is infrequently visited, so there are great possibilities you will not be seeing anyone else, giving it the feel of your own desert island escape.

Surrounded by coral reefs, the waters are calm, creating the perfect snorkelling or scuba diving conditions.

Water taxis can take you to and from the island, but return trips will need to book in advance.

The island doesn’t have facilities to allow it to stay as untouched as possible, so pack everything you need before you head off.

White Island is off the southeast coast of Grenada, close to Argyle.

16- Sanchez Beach

grenada beaches resort sunset on the beach
If you’re looking for a beautiful sunset, take your pick of Grenada beaches, and you will be happy.

Sanchez Beach is a pristine white sand beach on Petit Martinique, a small island 2.5 miles (4.02 kilometres) from Carriacou.

The beach is quiet and perfect for spending an afternoon sunbathing or swimming.

For those looking for something a little more active, it is possible to hike to The Piton, the highest peak on the island.

The Piton is 750m (2460ft) above sea level and offers views out to other islands in the area, such as Petit St Vincent and Union Island.

Sanchez Beach has some excellent beach bars, including Gary’s, and some restaurants like Palm Beach serving tasty food all day.

Sanchez Beach is at Petit Martinique, Grenada.

17- Pink Gin Beach

beaches in grenada Jack Russell dog reading a newspaper on a beach chair or hammock with sunglasses under umbrella, on summer vacation holidays
Looking for a Caribbean beach vacation? Check out the beaches of Grenada for sun, sand and cocktails.

Pink Gin Beach is a partly private beach for guests staying at the adult-only Sandals resort.

This exclusive stretch of beach is backed by shady palm trees and umbrellas and has calm turquoise waters, which are perfect for snorkelling in.

Sandals offers those staying at their resort the opportunity to gain a scuba diving qualification.

Diving in the waters by Pink Gin beach offers a beautiful and colourful array of marine life.

Away from the resort but still close to the beach are a few excellent restaurants, including the Aquarium restaurant.

A favourite among locals, the restaurant serves s variety of fresh seafood and hosts a barbecue on the beach each Sunday.

Pink Gin Beach is at St George’s, Grenada.

18- Dr Grooms Beach

Dr Grooms Beach is one of the best beaches in Grenada.

The beach is in Morne Rouge at the southern end of the island, and at only 107m (351ft) in length, the beach is small yet still worth a visit.

The beach is to the south of Portici Beach and the north of Magazine Beach, however, is much quieter than its neighbours.

Dr Grooms Beach is your typical Caribbean beach; pristine soft white sands, crystal clear waters for swimming and plenty of palm trees offer some welcome shade.

Dr Grooms Beach is at St George’s, Grenada.

19- Sauteurs Beach

grenada best beaches coconut trees
Sauteurs Beach is one of the best Grenada beaches to escape from the crowds.

Sauteurs Beach is in the north of Grenada and is an ideal spot for those seeking a quieter and less visited beach.

Many of Grenada’s more secluded beaches can be tricky to get to, either involving a hike or a 4×4 vehicle.

Sauteurs, on the other hand, is easily accessible.

The beach is backed by a lush green jungle dotted with colourful flowers.

From the beach, you can see views across the surrounding islands.

The beach is to the west of Sauteurs town, so while there are no facilities at Sauteurs beach, they are within walking distance.

Sauteurs Beach is at Sauteurs, Grenada.

20- Tyrell Bay Beach

Tyrell Bay Beach is a horseshoe-shaped beach on the southern coast of Carriacou.

The beach is quiet, making it perfect for a relaxing day.

Snorkelling or diving at Tyrell Bay Beach is a must. Diving is so popular that there are many local shops selling diving equipment.

The marine life around the shore is spectacular and varied in species.

Head out into the water to see turtles, schools of colourful fish, and corals.

After exploring underwater, head back to the beach to unwind in the sunshine or seek shade under the palm trees.

Tyrell Bay Beach is at Argyle, Carriacou, Grenada.

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