20 Amazing Aruba Beaches

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It’s easy to see why Aruba is one of the most visited Caribbean islands. The island receives more sunny days than any other Caribbean Island, making it the ideal Aruba beach getaway and a popular island for sun-seekers. Despite its small size, beaches in Aruba are plentiful, white and sandy with clear turquoise waters and excellent food. The locals are friendly, and the island is a mixing pot of cultures. Arubans come from 90 different nationalities spread across more than 130 countries, giving this island an international flavour, with individual cultures shining through in the island’s art, architecture and, of course, food.

Aruba makes the most of its watery surroundings and you’ll find plenty of fresh fish to eat, such as freshly barbequed red snapper, mahi-mahi and lionfish. It’s also the perfect vacation destination for fans of water sports as the island benefit from trade winds and has many excellent locations for surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. The warm 26°C (79°F) year-round waters make it the ideal spot for snorkelling or swimming. Aruba’s warm waters and beneficial trade wind mean that the heat is manageable and pleasant to be out in during the day.

Aruba has a unique history and many interesting places to explore beyond its beaches. Head up to Aruba’s now abandoned gold smelting ruins to see the old industry of the island or visit its oldest chapel. Alto Vista is perched on a cliff edge and dates from 1750. This beautiful religious building offers spectacular views over the island. The island’s capital city, Oranjestad, should also not be missed. Featuring impressive examples of Dutch colonial architecture, Oranjestad is a small city but one that is packed with life and culture.

For a more natural day out, look no further than Arikok National Park, which makes up 18% of the island. The park has unique features, such as its natural ocean pool formed from volcanic stones to its breathtaking examples of Caquetio Indian cave paintings. Look out for the island’s native residents within the park, such as nesting turtles, geckos and burrowing owls. Aruba’s beaches are, however, what has made this Caribbean paradise such a desirable vacation destination. Here are 20 beaches in Aruba to entice you to visit this stunning island.

Aruba Beaches

20 Best Beaches In Aruba

1- Eagle Beach

aruba topless beaches aerial view of rows of beach umbrellas
One of the best beaches in Aruba if you want everything at your fingertips is Eagle Beach.

Eagle Beach is in the northwest corner of Aruba.

The beach is one of the island’s most prized resorts and is not as frequently visited by tourists as other beaches in Aruba.


This Aruba beach is so beautiful that Conde Nast Traveller named Eagle Beach one of the world’s best beaches.

It stretches for 1.24 miles (2 km) of pristine white sand dotted with divi-divi trees and thatched palapa umbrellas offering shade.

The waters by Eagle Beach are crystal clear, making it perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving, with currents gentle enough for swimming.

Eagle Beach is close to many hotels, restaurants, and local diving schools.

Eagle Beach is at J.E. Irausquin Boulevard, Aruba.

2- Palm Beach

images of Aruba beaches aerial view of sand, water, palm trees and resorts
Palm Beach is a white long sandy beach in Aruba with palm trees and resorts.

Palm Beach is Aruba’s most popular beach for tourists and there are many high-rise hotels nearby.

The beach is a two-mile (3.2 km) stretch of white sand with plenty of sunbeds, palapa umbrellas and beach stalls selling everything from snacks to water inflatables.

As Palm Beach is predominately touristy, there are plenty of restaurants close to the sands offering everything from snacks to local and international cuisines.

Palm Beach is also a highly popular location for water sports, and there are many places to hire equipment close to the beach.

Its calm waters make it perfect for taking a quick dip in after sunbathing.

Palm Beach is at Noord, Aruba.

3- Manchebo Beach

aruba beaches photos view on Manchebo beach with a few people walking on the beach towards the resorts
Another Aruba beach in the western part of the island is Manchebo Beach.

Manchebo Beach is on the westernmost point of the island.

Unlike other beaches in Aruba, Manchebo Beach has rougher waters and large waves, making it the ideal destination for surfing and other wind-based water sports.

There are pockets of calmer waters by Manchebo Beach, which are perfect for snorkelling.

As the beach is further away from the island’s main tourist areas, it benefits from fewer people, creating a calmer and more relaxing environment.

Manchebo Beach is at J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 55b, Aruba.

4- Arashi Beach

aruba photos beaches foamy waves on the sand
Dreaming about a vacation by the sea? These beautiful pictures of Aruba beaches will get you motivated to book a vacation.

Arashi is one of Aruba’s quieter beaches and is bordered by calm and tranquil waters, making it the ideal spot for swimming.

Its sands are typically white and pristine, like many on the island.

There are many palapas and huts to take shade from the sun and a popular snack shack.

Thanks to its calm waters, a large variety of marine life ventures closer to the shore, making Arashi the ideal spot to snorkel and marvel at the teeming ocean life around you through its crystal-clear water.

As many locals venture to Arashi Beach, it has a more authentic Aruban vibe.

The beach is also close to California Lighthouse, which is easily accessible from the beach on foot.

Arashi Beach is at L.G. Smith Boulevard, Noord, Aruba.

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5- Baby Beach

nude beaches aruba blue sky day and clear water
A tree growing in the water at Baby Beach in Aruba.

On Aruba’s southern tip, Baby Beach is a family-friendly beach in Aruba away from the popular hotel areas offering a little more peace and quiet.

The beach has a manmade breakwater that creates a calm and protected swimming area protected from the rough ocean outside of the breakwater area.

The waters close to the beach are warm, shallow, and crystal-clear, so look out for schools of fish.

Baby Beach is in San Nicolas, Aruba.

6- Boca Catalina

beaches resort aruba aerial view
Boca Catalina is one of the more compact beaches in Aruba.

One of Aruba’s smallest beaches, Boca Catalina, is popular for snorkelling as there is a large and diverse variety of marine life swimming close to shore.

In the waters surrounding Boca Catalina, there is a sunken shipwreck of the Antilla, a German ship that sticks out of the water.

It is not recommended to swim to the wreck due to the distance, however, those interested often hire a catamaran or sailboat to venture closer.

The best time to visit Boca Catalina is early morning to watch the sunrise.

Boca Catalina is at Noord, Aruba.

7- Malok Beach

pink sand aruba beaches colourful sky
Beautiful pictures of Aruba: the ocean is perfect for wreck diving and snorkelling.

Unlike many of Aruba’s Beaches, Malmok Beach does not have the typical pristine white sands for its entire length.

Some areas have narrow rocky strips, pebbles and stones.

Malmok is another popular snorkelling location thanks to its rocks which offer plenty of spaces for marine life to hide.

Its waters are also very calm, creating the ideal atmosphere to explore under the waves.

Malmok is also popular with boats, as many hire catamarans or sailboats to head to this stretch of the island to dive, swim, or simply escape the more crowded areas.

Malmok Beach is at L.G. Smith Boulevard, Noord, Aruba.

8- Savaneta Beach

best beaches aruba aerial view
Whe looking at pictures of Aruba beaches, you’re probably picturing a white-sand beach, thatched umbrellas and lounges by the Caribbean like this one.

Savaneta Beach is a 30-minute drive from the high-rise strip and a peaceful stretch of sand waiting to be explored.

It is close to Baby Beach.

The beach is lined with fofoti trees and sea grapes and is popular with the locals.

Because this Aruban beach is off the beaten track, few visitors know about it, making Savaneta the ideal spot for a quiet day away.

There are some local seafood restaurants in the surrounding area which are catered to by local fishermen who are frequently seen fishing in Savaneta.

If you prefer your fish in the sea, the shallows of Savaneta are fringed with mangroves providing safe hiding spaces for blue tangs, parrotfish and sea sponges.

Savaneta is at De Bruynewijk, Savaneta, Aruba.

9- Boca Prins

map of aruba beaches man and woman mid age on vacation on the beach
Looking for a Caribbean vacation? These Aruba beaches might fit the bill.

For those seeking a more natural and nature-filled beach experience, look no further than Boca Prins.

Boca Prins is in Arikok National Park and lies on the northeast coast of Aruba.

The beach is a perfect summary of the island’s iconic scenery.

Soft white dunes are formed along the shoreline, with rocky outcrops in the water itself, making for an idyllic and interesting spot to spend a day.

Swimming in the waters of Boca Prins is impossible due to strong undercurrents.

The beach is accessible via wooden stairs and is relatively quiet year-round.

Nearby is a restaurant specialising in local delicacies, with beautiful views over the ocean and the national park.

Boca Prins is at Santa Cruz, Aruba.

10- Flamingo Beach

pictures of aruba beaches A colorful flamingo at beachfront, woman on the beach with flamingos
Flamingo Beach is one of two topless beaches in Aruba.

The Renaissance Hotel and Resort owns the tiny private island where Renaissance Beach is located, more popularly known as Flamingo Beach.

Flamingo Beach is named after the bright pink flamingos that call the beach home.

The island is free for guests of the hotel and resort, however, a fee of $125 can be paid per person for day access if you are staying elsewhere.

As the island is relatively small and privately owned, The Renaissance Hotel limits how many people can visit each day, meaning crowds are avoided and the flamingos are not disturbed or distressed.

Flamingo Beach is at Renaissance Island, Aruba.

11- Hadicurari Beach

topless beaches aruba
Aruba is not in the Caribbean’s hurricane belt, so you can book a vacation on Aruba’s beaches without having to worry about getting caught by bad weather.

Hadicurari Beach is the perfect spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

As this section of Aruba benefits from strong winds, the skies are filled with kites year-round.

There are many rental facilities close to the beach, and lessons are available for beginners.

The beach is blanketed in soft white sand, and spending an afternoon with a cooling breeze watching the kite surfers makes for a pleasant time.

Hadicurari also benefits from spectacular views up and down the Aruba coastline.

Hadicurari Beach is in Noord, Aruba.

12- Boca Keto

aruba beaches ARUBA title written on sky above beach travel bikini suntan woman sleeping relaxing covering face with hat doing siesta. ARUBA text in blue ocean copyspace above.
You won’t find any official nude beaches but there are a couple of topless beaches in Aruba.

Boca Keto is truly a hidden gem in Aruba.

The beach is secluded and hard to get to, thanks to its location in the vast Arikok National Park.

The only way to get to the beach is through the national park on dirt roads, followed by a short hike.

When you finally reach the beach, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view.

The white sands of the beach break up the harshness of the cliff faces, and the waters are clear.

The water is sadly rough here, making swimming inadvisable.

However, it is the perfect spot to head to escape the crowds or simply to enjoy a corner of this Caribbean paradise to yourself.

Hiking for a short distance away from the beach takes you to a hidden natural pool where you will enjoy a swim in the inviting waters.

Boca Keto is in Santa Cruz, Aruba.

13- Daimari Beach

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If secluded and hidden beaches are your thing, another of Arikok’s hidden treasures is Daimari Beach.

This beach is to the north of Boca Keto and similarly features rough waters leading up to spectacular surroundings.

The beach is quiet and undisturbed, with few people venturing there.

As the beach is hard to access and located inside the national park, there are no amenities, so pack a picnic and plenty to drink.

Daimari Beach is in Santa Cruz, Aruba.

14- Andicuri Beach

One of Aruba’s less-visited beaches is Andicuri Beach because this east-coast beach is hard to get to as it is located at the base of high walls of rock formations.

The beach is accessible by 4×4 or car, followed by a walk over uneven and rocky ground leading down to the beach.

It’s known for its large waves and excellent surfing conditions, which attract surfers from all over the world.

Andicuri Beach is at Ayo, Aruba.

15- Blackstone Beach

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Named after its sparkling black stones, Blackstone Beach has no sand and, instead, its shoreline is covered in round black stones.

This off-the-beaten-track beach is a tranquil location to visit.

Blackstone Beach is a popular photography spot, with many keen photographers visiting at sunrise to capture the best image of the shoreline.

Swimming in the waters around Blackstone Beach is not recommended as the currents are strong and the waves are high.

Blackstone Beach is within walking distance from Andicuri Beach at Santa Cruz, Aruba.

16- Mangel Halto Beach

best aruba beaches aerial view of beach and city
Mangel Halto is one of the lovely beaches in Aruba on the southeast coast.

Mangel Halto is a small beach on the way to San Nicolas, uniquely surrounded by thick mangroves.

The beach is a favourite with the locals as it is quieter than some larger beaches.

It’s one of the best snorkelling and shore diving locations in Aruba, thanks to its calm waters and shallows.

When diving, look for the great reef structure on which many fish have made their homes.

Mangel Halto Beach is at Pos Chiquito, Aruba.

17- De Palm Island Beach

best beaches in aruba cabanas with day beds
Work on your suntan while staying at a private resort. There are no topless public beaches in Aruba but there are two topless beaches in Aruba that a private (Renaissance Island & De Palm Island).

While not a full beach itself, De Palm Island is the perfect place to spend a day out with your family.

The island is a five-minute ferry trip away from the mainland.

De Palm has white sand beaches, restaurants, waterparks, and rides available for an all-inclusive price.

Families frequent the island with young children who come to play in the island’s pools and explore the water slides or banana boats.

There are also courts for beach volleyball, salsa lessons and snorkelling opportunities.

As the price for the island resort is all-inclusive, unlimited food and drinks are also included.

De Palm Island is on Palm Island, Aruba.

18- Rodgers Beach

nude beaches in aruba drone view of people sunbaking on the beach
These Aruba beaches are perfect if you’re dreaming of a vacation under the sun.

Rodgers Beach is the ideal location to spend a day swimming in Aruba’s warm and calm waters.

The beach is a skinny strip of powdery white sands close to Baby Beach.

Captain Rodger, a British man who opened the first oil refinery in Aruba in 1928, has the beach named after him. The refinery can be seen from the beach.

The shore is dotted with colourful fishing boats anchored up and is frequented by locals.

Nearby the beach is a small shop offering snorkelling and diving equipment to allow visitors to make the most of the waters.

Rodgers Beach is at San Nicholas, Aruba.

19- Dos Playa

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Dos Playa is so named for its two beaches in one; both have white sand with limestone walls surrounding them.

The beaches are inside the Arikok National Park and access by car or 4×4 is recommended, although it’s possible to hike to the beach along one of several marked trails.

Due to its natural surroundings, Dos Playa is a great beach to visit for those seeking unspoilt beauty on the island.

This beach in Aruba is a popular spot for experienced surfers because it has huge waves and strong currents, but swimming is not recommended.

Dos Playa is in Santa Cruz, Aruba.

20- Tres Trapi Beach

beaches in aruba amn and woman swimming in clear water aerial view
Tres Trapi (Triple Steps) Beach is one of the popular Aruba beaches because it has crystal clear water.

Tres Trapi Beach is the perfect spot for wildlife lovers to head to.

The beach is to the north of Boca Catalina beach and is own a series of steps.

At the bottom of the steps, a world of marine life awaits.

To the left, expect to see starfish bobbing on the bottom of the shallows, to the right, snorkel with large schools of small fish.

Immediately in front of the steps are many turtles in and out of the water.

Pack a snorkel and snacks for a full day of exploring to make the most of this incredible area.

Tres Trapi Beach is at L.G. Smith Boulevard, Noord, Aruba.

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