Exploring Melbourne’s Laneways Photography Journey

Exploring Melbourne’s Laneways Photography Journey

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Photos: Ading Attamimi

Of the things to do in Melbourne, exploring Melbourne’s laneways is one of the most alluring. The laneways of Melbourne are full of cafes and cosy bars. Exploring the laneways of Melbourne is one of the things you should do whether it’s your first or 10th visit to the city.


Even locals love wandering around, dropping into al fresco eateries and browsing through boutiques. There are arcades and shops.

Melbourne’s laneways

Melbourne’s laneways is somewhere you can get lost and really enjoy the wonder of the city.

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Off Flinders Lane, if you walk to the west you’ll reach Degraves Street, which is a great place to eat and drink.

Best coffee

The coffee shops here are amazing and the seating arrangement is unique.

There are tables right in the middle of the laneway. Even though it’s a typical Melbourne laneway, it has such European charm!
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Another great spot is the famous Centre Place, which is short Melbourne Laneway packed with bars, cafes and coffee stalls. It’s a great spot to meet friends for a drink and a chat.

The setup of al-fresco eateries is fascinating to explore. Centre Place is where you’ll find the graffiti known as “City of Lights”. The laneway is often used to promote Melbourne.

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Photos: Ading Attamimi

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Hosier Lane

To the east of Flinders Lane, you’ll arrive at Hosier Lane, a bluestone cobbled lane. Hosier Lane has some cocktail lounges, such as Misty and MoVida.

It was also where Masterchef Australia season two was filmed, showcasing the lane as one of Melbourne’s attractions. This is an art laneway that is creative and beautiful to look at. Every time visit, there’s something different and unique. The art keeps changing all the time. I never tire of visiting Hosier Lane.

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From here head to Bourke Street Mall and you will come across another graffiti lane call Union Lane. You won’t find any bars, boutiques or cafes here.

What most people come here to see is the giant graffiti mural, which is one of the city’s best street art sites. The whole wall is covered in art.

Union Lane was the result of a mentoring program launched by the City of Melbourne. It showcases work created by 50 young artists.

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As you can see, Melbourne’s laneways is an inspiration for artists, writers and photographers. So next time you’re in Melbourne, take the time to wander around and explore the colourful and character-filled Melbourne laneways.

Ading Attamimi lives in Melbourne

Discover Melbourne

There are plenty of cool things to do in Melbourne. The city is also a magnet for those who like exploring after dark as there are plenty of cool bars in Melbourne.

Explore the hidden laneways of Melbourne on an arts tour or just wander around on your own. Melbourne is a city where people are very fussy about their coffee and has developed the reputation of Australia’s coffee capital.

Melbourne has a wide range of accomodation, from backpacker digs to luxury hotels as well as many hotels that offer great value.


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