How to choose which museums in London to visit

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With tens of millions of visitors each year, London tops the list of the world’s most visited cities, which is unsurprising, as London is a great travel destination with just about something for everyone, including visiting a list of amazing London museums. 

There is so much to do and plenty of famous landmarks in London to see that it would take a real effort to get bored here but it’s the museums in London that keep me coming back to this city.

London edges out many cities as a rich destination for culture vultures and museum junkies, with an astonishing array of museums in London that are not only the very best in their respective categories but they are also mostly free to visit.

It doesn’t get much better than that! 

Every time I visit, I add a new one to my London itinerary.

With so many London museums, where do you start?

Here are some tips that might help you plan your visits to London’s best museums. 

London Museums Guide

museums in london
A young woman marvels at the collection of books in the British Museum Reading Room, opened to the public in 2000 after the interior was restored to its 1857 glory, Bloomsbury, London, London, England. Photo: Visit Britain & Eric Nathan

1- Find Out What is Available in London

The first step is to simply learn what is available.

Research is key and this is best done by flipping through a good London travel book (I am partial to DK Eyewitness travel books) as well as utilising online resources like TripAdvisor’s London ‘Things To Do’ pages.

As a visual person, I also like to browse through images to see if my interests are stoked by what different museums have to offer.

Note that the number of days of stay in London will impact how many museums one can realistically visit.

So be ready to pick and choose and make sure to leave time for other sightseeing endeavours.

While there are plenty of touristy things to do in London, a real perk to visiting London is its world-class museum scene.

2- Start with the Major Museums in London

museums in london
Visitors inside The British Museum, London, England. Photo: Visit Britain & Britain on View
museums in london
Visitors to the British Museum looking at the Rosetta Stone, a valuable key to the decipherment of hieroglyphs and our understanding of Ancient Egyptian culture, British Museum, London, London, England. Photo: Visit Britain & James McCormick
museums in london
National Gallery. Photo: Brad Reynolds

I usually recommend trying to visit one or two of London’s major museums, which are also some of the most recognisable England landmarks

These include The British Museum, The National Gallery, The Victoria & Albert Museum, and The Natural History Museum (great for kids), which all hold enormous collections of historically important artifacts.

The breadth and depth of which will guarantee excellent viewing for both newbies and experienced museum-goers alike.

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3- Check out the more Specialised Museums in London

These are the other heavyweight museums of London, which cater to those with more specialised interests yet remain accessible places to visit for everyone.

These include TATE Modern and TATE Britain for the art-inclined, the Imperial War Museum for war history buffs, and the Science Museum, which is another hit with kids! 

museums in london
Expanding City Gallery, Museum of London, London, England, UK. Additional Credit: Visit London. Photo: Visit Britain & Pawel Libera

Most of these major and specialised major museums have one to three-hour highlight tours for those with limited time.

Alternatively, one can allow half a day or even more visiting these large museums for a more leisurely and comprehensive visit.

Check the museums’ websites online to learn more.  

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4- Don’t Forget The Smaller Gems

This is where things can get exciting for museum aficionados, as London’s many smaller and specialised museums still pack a punch.

A couple that I really enjoy include the Sir John Sloan’s Museum, a time capsule into the world of the early 19th-century antiquity hunter and collector, and the Sir John Ritblat Gallery at the British Library where one can view the Magna Carta, Shakespeare’s plays, The Beatles’ lyrics and other original articles of the English language.

museums in london
A young woman walking past some of the many treasures to be found in the Wallace Collection, West End, London, London, England. Photo: Visit Britain & Ingrid Rasmussen

Additional favourites of mine include The Wallace Collection for 18th-century French art, furniture and ceramics in gorgeous period rooms, and the Courtauld Gallery (£7 per adult) for French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artworks (and also where I pay homage to my favourite Cezanne, ‘Man With Pipe’).

5- Look into the Highly Specialised Museums in London

museums in london
Booth Map Room, Museum of London, London, England, UK. Additional Credit: Visit London. Photo: Visit Britain & Pawel Libera
museums in london
Twining’s Tea Shop and Museum. Photo: Brad Reynolds

It doesn’t get more specific than this!

The list is long but probably the most popular would be the Sherlock Holmes Museum (£15 per adult, £10 per child), which is cleverly situated at 21 Baker Street.

Other specialty museums focus on cartoons, toys, company brands, fans, water and steam as well as tea, which can work well if you fancy a stop at the original Twining’s Tea Shop and Museum.

Still don’t know which museum to visit?

museums in london
People sitting on steps in front of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square at dusk. Photo: Visit Britain & Pawel Libera

Travellers to London are spoilt for choice when it comes to museums.

First-time visitors might want to concentrate more on the majors, with the British Museum probably the best bet for the undecided.

In the end, research is key! The best choice of museums and overall travel itinerary will always be the one informed travellers make for themselves.

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