17 Things To Do In Ibiza At Night

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Lounging around a beach might be popular during the day but Ibiza at night is transformed into a glittering party destination with a legendary nightlife that draws partygoers from around the globe. The island’s clubs attract top DIJs who deliver electrifying beats through the night.

Ibiza’s nightlife is not limited to its nightclubs. The island is also home to rooftop bars, beach clubs and sunset spots where you can enjoy stunning views, feel the sea breeze on your face, sip cocktails and dance under the moonlit sky. Ibiza has fantastic beachfront venues offering music, gastronomy and fun.

For a more intimate setting, Ibiza’s charming old town, Dalt Vila, also comes alive at night. Its narrow cobblestone streets are packed with cosy bars, boutique shops and restaurants. You can explore historic fortifications and soak up its old-world charm.

Ibiza At Night

17 Things To Do In Ibiza At Night

1- Cruise Around On A Yacht

ibiza night cruise
Going on a sunset cruise is one of the top things to do in Ibiza.

Ibiza’s boat parties are legendary, so join a sunset boat party or yacht excursion along Ibiza’s stunning coastline, where you can dance, sip drinks and enjoy stunning views of the sun dipping below the horizon.

From sunset beach hopping to sunset boat parties, cruising is a fun way to see the beauty of Ibiza’s coastline while meeting new friends on the water.

Here are some options:

2- Let Your Hair Down Clubbing

DJ's hand operating equipment
Clubbing all night long is a staple activity in Ibiza at night

Dress to impress and party in an Ibiza nightclub.

Experience world-famous Ibiza nightlife by going nightclub hopping at famous clubs like Pacha, Amnesia or Ushuaïa.

Arrive fashionably late because in Ibiza, the party doesn’t start until way after dinner and lasts until the wee hours.

Most clubs don’t start hopping until after midnight, so pace yourself and arrive around 1 am for a night out in Ibiza.

Then, let your hair down and dance the night away to pulsating beats from top DJs, surrounded by energetic crowds and spectacular light shows.

The best areas to go clubbing are Ibiza Town for its vibrant nightlife, Marina Botafoch for its upscale clubs and stylish atmosphere and San Antonio, where you will find clubs like Eden and Es Paradis belting out a mix of mainstream and underground music.

Playa d’en Bossa is a hot spot with beachfront clubs such as Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza.

3- Go On A Bike Ride

ibiza at night dalt vila lit up
Exploring Dalt Vila is one of the things to do in Ibiza at night.

Explore Ibiza Town on a private bike tour with a customised itinerary that matches your interests while learning about local culture and history from your private guide.

Popular spots include the Necropolis del Puig, the old Ibiza port, and Playa Talamanca beach.

Necropolis del Puig is an ancient archaeological site in Ibiza Town and one of the ancient world’s largest necropolises (cemeteries).

The UNESCO World Heritage Site dates back to the Phoenician-Punic period (7th century BCE) and continued to be used during the Roman era.

It offers a fascinating glimpse into the history and culture of the ancient civilisations that once thrived on the island.

4- Enjoy A Sunset Picnic At Es Vedra

Es Vedra at night in Ibiza
A sunset picnic on Es Vedra is one of the romantic things to do in Ibiza at night.

Es Vedra is a majestic rocky island off the southwest coast of Ibiza, with stunning scenery and enchanting sunsets.

You’ll explore the ruins of the abandoned Festival nightclub, the second nightclub to open in Ibiza and take photos of the ruins and the view.

Then see the sunset from Es Vedra Mirador, high up on a cliff looking out towards the sea.

Clink champagne glasses and eat a delicious picnic while gazing at the view. Find out more here.

5- Look For A Pool Party

Hang with the cool crowd at one of Ibiza’s famous Ibiza pool parties, such as the ones held at Ocean Beach Ibiza or Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

Ibiza’s pool party scene is an electrifying fusion of music and non-stop festivity where you can jive to pulsating beats as top DJs spin their tracks, surrounded by pools, chic sunbeds and a stylish crowd.

Pool parties can go all day and right into the night, with live performances, entertainment and an energetic atmosphere.

Sip cocktails by the pool, groove to live DJ sets and enjoy a party atmosphere.

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6- Treat Yourself To A Sunset Cocktail Or Dinner

With its breathtaking sunsets, Ibiza is the place to treat yourself to a sunset cocktail or dinner.

Iconic spots are Café del Mar or Café Mambo along San Antonio’s coastline or Sunset Ashram in Cala Conta, for front-row seats of the sun setting and the sky ablaze with vibrant hues.

Sip a Mediterranean-inspired cocktail and listen to relaxing music while you ponder the menu and enjoy the magic of an Ibiza sunset.

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7- Shop In A Night Market

Exploring lively street markets, such as Las Dalias or Punta Arabi, in Ibiza at night is fun and a great way to experience the creativity of the locals at the grassroots.

Shop, mingle, haggle and soak up the island’s creative energy under the moonlit sky.

Las Dalias in San Carlos has a Bohemian vibe and a range of stalls offering unique handcrafts, clothing, jewellery and artwork.

Punta Arabi in Es Canar is another popular night market with a range of artisanal products, from handmade goods to local delicacies.

Both markets come alive with live music, performances and an electric atmosphere.

8- Relax At A Beach Club

curtains over a beach bed with a view of the old town
Partying in a beach club is one of the things to do in Ibiza at night.

Indulge in a luxurious beach club experience at one of Ibiza’s fantastic beach clubs, such as Nikki Beach, Blue Marlin, Ushuaïa Beach Club and Ocean Beach Ibiza.

Lounge on plush sunbeds, top-notch cuisine and sip refreshing cocktails while listening to the DJs’ soundtrack.

Amante Ibiza is tucked away in a secluded cove near Cala Llonga and has a romantic feel with lovely views and a Mediterranean restaurant, while Experimental Beach Club in Cap des Falcó exudes a more Bohemian vibe.

9- Lose Yourself In A Warren Of Streets In Dalt Vila

ibiza at night
Looking for activities to tick off your list in Ibiza at night? Check out these.

Join a guided night tour to discover Ibiza’s Old Town and wander through the enchanting streets of the fortified Dalt Vila under the moonlight.

Exploring Dalt Vila in Ibiza at night is captivating as the ancient illuminated walls exude a magical aura at night.

The main square, Plaça de Vila, comes alive at night with a buzzy atmosphere filled with cosy cafés and restaurants offering al fresco dining.

Then do some night shopping in the boutiques and galleries along Calle de la Virgen.

Cathedral of Santa Maria and Baluard de Sant Pere, the ancient fortress, are mesmerising sights at night.

10- Dine In A Top Restaurant

Delight in a memorable dinner at one of Ibiza’s top-rated restaurants.

Ibiza’s fine dining scene blends international and local Mediterranean flavours with dishes crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

From beach-side meals to fine dining experiences, you’ll find some excellent places to treat yourself to a culinary experience.

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11- Find A Rooftop Party

three female hands drinking colourful cocktails
Drinking in a rooftop bar is one of the fun things to do in Ibiza at night.

Ibiza’s rooftop bars offer stunning views and a vibrant atmosphere to enjoy cocktails, socialise and soak in the views.

Soak up the vibrant atmosphere of a rooftop terrace party and dance to a backdrop of panoramic views over Ibiza Town, surrounded by stylish decor and a chic crowd.

Popular rooftop bars include:

  • ME Rooftop at ME Ibiza Hotel – Santa Eulalia
  • Sky Bar at Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel – Santa Eulalia
  • Atzaró Rooftop – Santa Gertrudis
  • La Torre del Canónigo – Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town
  • The Ninth Rooftop at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza – Playa d’en Bossa
  • Café Mambo Rooftop – San Antonio
  • O Beach Ibiza Rooftop – San Antonio
  • Tanit Beach Ibiza Rooftop – Playa d’en Bossa
  • Nassau Beach Club Rooftop – Playa d’en Bossa

Better still, book a room in one of these hotels or nearby to fall into bed when you’re done partying.

12- Attend A Concert Or Live Music Event

Attend live music events and concerts featuring local and international artists at venues like Ibiza Rocks or Heart Ibiza.

You’ll find various contemporary music, from rock and pop to electronic and world music.

Ibiza’s vibrant music scene means a list of festivals and events like Ibiza Rocks and IMS Ibiza showcasing live performances and DJ sets.

Ibiza Gay Pride, Flower Power Ibiza, and the Ibiza Burlesque Festival celebrate diversity, nostalgia and artistic expression.

There’s also the Ibiza Jazz Festival, Reggae Festival and International Film Festival, providing opportunities to enjoy jazz music, reggae vibes, and independent films.

So whether you’re a music enthusiast, a film lover or seeking to celebrate diversity, Ibiza’s festival calendar will have something to please.

13- Take Part In A Silent Disco

Take part in a silent disco, a unique and interactive experience. Grab a pair of wireless headphones and dance to different music channels while enjoying synchronised moves with fellow partygoers.

Silent disco has become popular in Ibiza, offering a unique and immersive musical experience at various venues, including beach clubs, rooftops, and special pop-up locations.

Look out for silent disco events advertised in local event listings, social media, or check the beach clubs, nightclubs and rooftop bars.

It’s a fun and interactive way to enjoy music while connecting with others in a novel and entertaining way.

14- Cool Off With A Late-night Swim

Ibiza’s beaches can be full-on during the day, with tanned bodies sunning themselves under the Mediterranean sun after a big night out.

Cool off with a late-night swim at Cala Comte or Cala Salada, where you can experience the serenity of moonlit waters, soft sands and a peaceful ambience.

15- Try Your Luck At Ibiza’s Casino de Ibiza

Casino de Ibiza in Ibiza Town is housed in a modern building and offers a range of gaming options including slot machines, roulette, blackjack and poker.

There’s a bar and lounge area to unwind and enjoy cocktails.

Its dress code is smart casual, for men, collared or smart polo shirts with trousers or tailored jeans while women can opt for elegant dresses, skirts, or trousers paired with stylish tops.

16- Catch A Movie Under The Stars

Catch a movie under the stars at one of the outdoor cinema experiences under the island’s starlit sky.

From beachfront screenings to rooftop projections, Ibiza’s outdoor cinemas take advantage of the island’s natural beauty.

Whether it’s a classic film, a recent release, or a special event screening, the atmosphere is filled with magic and nostalgia.

Snuggle up in comfy seating, nibble on snacks and immerse yourself in the cinematic world surrounded by Ibiza’s stunning landscapes.

Amante Ibiza hosts moonlit movie nights on their terrace overlooking the sea while Cinema Paradiso Ibiza is an open-air cinema that offers screenings at various locations across the island, including beaches, rooftops and gardens.

17- Stroll Along Ibiza’s Lively Promenades

aerial view of Ibiza at night
An aerial view of Ibiza at night.

Promenade along Sunset Strip in San Antonio or the Marina Botafoch in Ibiza Town and soak up the vibrant atmosphere while people-watching and enjoying the street performances.

Strolling the promenades of Ibiza is a great way to get your bearings at night and soak up some of the street life after dark. 

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