Living the dream in the Rocky Mountains

Living the dream in the Rocky Mountains


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living the dream
Photos: Stevin Tuchiwsky

When you have a passion for photography and a zest for outdoor activities make sure you live in one of the world’s most beautiful mountainous locations. Well, that’s what Stevin Tuchiwsky did.

His home base in Calgary allows him to have access to the stunning national parks of Alberta and beyond. And there are plenty of things to do in Calgary itself. 

 The hiking, skiing, snowmobiling and mountain bike riding Civil Engineer Technologist spends his free time working on his Instagram account @stevint

Rocky mountains

Rocky mountainsDescribe a typical day in your life

I generally work a full day at my current job then head home to rest or working and plan projects. 

My weekends are generally filled with one of my many interests such as hiking, skiing, mountain biking or snowmobiling all while combining this with my love for photography.  

In the last year, I made a big lifestyle change by moving to Calgary. 

Moving to Calgary has allowed me more access to the mountains I love and to connect with like-minded individuals.

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Tell us about your Instagram journey

I was already a photographer a few years prior to Instagram and have slowly evolved in utilizing the app to showcase my photography.

I have been using Instagram for over three years now but didn’t really start posting seriously to showcase my photography until about two years ago.  

I honestly just found the app one day on the suggested apps download and from there it has been a great platform to share work and meet some great people along the way.

What are the things that are required to be successful in photography?

Dedication and willingness to learn to outweigh any type of talent.

The world of digital photography has made it easily accessible to learn and shoot on a relatively small budget compared to the tedious task of learning on film.  

The digital world is so instant, which in return gives feedback at the tip of your fingers which you can change and manipulate at ease.  

I really think anyone can shoot a photo, whether it appeals to you or not is another question but everyone has his or her own style of shooting, processing and delivering a photo.

Where have you travelled to in Canada?

Most of my travels have been on the west side of Canada which I soon want to change.

British Columbia and Alberta are both beautiful locations but I would really love to visit the east coast.

For inspiration read:

My bucket list location though is definitely Baffin Island, which would be a dream to see.

Rocky mountainsliving the dream

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Lethbridge, Alberta just about two hours south of Calgary.

It is a great little city that is still close to the mountains and a few provincial and national parks.

I enjoyed my time there as a kid growing up and once graduated high school explored a bit of British Columbia living then finally settling in Calgary.

What were you most challenging assignments and what did you learn from them?

I shoot a lot of sports along with my landscapes.  

I really love the diversity sports present and the thinking that needs to go on behind the scenes of getting the actual image.

The logistics and planning are sometimes just as fun taking the photo.

Besides that dealing with the elements is always a challenge.  

The cold can be super unforgiving on gear and requires a few things to consider.

What’s your favourite season to photograph in Alberta?

We are really lucky to have all four seasons in Alberta.

I’m thankful for all of them.

Each season brings its own unique characteristics to shoot.

It makes the transition from one to another just as enjoyable.

What are your top spots to photograph in all of Canada?

Anywhere in the mountains really!  

Banff and Jasper National Parks offer an array of terrain and scenes to photograph all while being an active playground.

rocky-mountains-7Along with that, British Columbia has endless terrain that I love to get out and see.

It is really hard to just pinpoint it down to three cause every time I get to a new place it usually ends up in that top three.

Many people say the Rocky Mountains is so beautiful you just have to turn up with any camera and you’ll get great shots. Is that true?

Well somewhat true.

They are very photogenic places in Canada and I have always believed in  saying, “the best camera is the one you bring with you.”

Regardless of photographing them or not, the Rocky Mountains are honestly one of the greatest sights to see in my opinion.

I spend a lot of time in the mountains, half of that is due to my interests, half of that is due to the amazing group of friends I get to enjoy them with.

With that mountain, experience gives me a more in-depth knowledge of the potential risks and safety considerations that are required when being in the backcountry.  

Because of this, with the right assessments, it sometimes allows me to go the additional mile to places that sometimes are not so accessible.  

These places are truly the places I love to get to and bring a great experience to my shooting.

living the dream

Do to push the boundaries?  

Everything I do is thought out generally or safety is taken into consideration.

Anything from checking the weather, checking snowpack, packing the right gear is generally all thought on before I head out.  

living the dreamThat being said I have braved a few strong elements when shooting as well as a few unplanned nights on a mountain but it was never in a way that put anyone or myself at risk, as we were all prepared.

If you were going to take photography friends on a 10-day road trip where would you go?

It would definitely have to be a road trip down the TransCanada through some of our great national parks starting in Alberta and finishing up on the west coast of BC in Tofino.

Highlights such as Banff to small interior BC towns like Revelstoke all the way to Tofino are all amazing stops.

Favourite restaurants

I am a food lover galore so I can’t pin down any restaurants but I do love pizza.

Favourite scenic views

Mount Robson, Mount Assiniboine, Smutwood Peak

Favourite cities  

Calgary, Revelstoke, Whistler

If you had to move to somewhere else to live where would you go?  

Revelstoke has been on my radar for a bit now.  

It is a smaller interior town in BC but offers a ton of terrain to many of the great activities I enjoy.

Do you have any advice for photographers visiting Canada?

Travel and experience new things.

Even if you think it may not be things that will interest you at the time do it.

Sometimes I have had the best experiences from the most unexpected things.

Bucket list

Stevin Tuchiwsky is a photographer who lives in Alberta, Canada

Living the dream in the Rocky Mountains



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