Macau Tower and other adventures

Macau Tower and other adventures

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Macau packs a surprisingly big punch for a territory covering just 30km2.  There are adventurous activities both on the land and on water. At 338m high, Macau Tower offers a suite of thrilling urban adventures, although its prime function is as a convention and entertainment centre. Some of the activities at the tower require skill others such as walking around the tower’s exterior only require a strong will and nerves of steel. Other active activities in Macau include golf, hiking, cycling, golf and watersports. Here are 7 adventure activities in Macau to tick off your list.

Macau Tower

Macau Tower bungy jump

Travellers do some mad and wacky things these days so it’s no wonder the operators of Macau Tower brought in the instigator of wacky travel adventures; A. J. Hackett.  ‘A.J.’ is a New Zealander who convinced the travelling public that their holidays would never be the same unless they bungy jumped off various structures around the world.

Tower thrill seekers can bungy jump, do tethered sky jumps, climb the masthead or take the A.J. Hackett Skywalk around the exterior of the tower.

The mother of all bungy jumps is the 233m leap; the world’s highest leap where participants travel at 200km/hour before coming to a jarring halt metres from the ground.

Macau Tower Skywalk

Walking Around Macau Tower (2)

The Skywalk seems downright sedate compared to the bungy jump and while there are no handrails and there’s nothing between you and the ground below, there are safety harnesses to ensure no one ends their holiday disastrously.

The Skywalk entails circumnavigating the exterior of the tower on a two-metre wide platform. It’s not too scary until you decide to walk to the extreme edge of the structure and peer down to the ground way below. During such moments, you appreciate the great faith we place in technology and the overhead harness and straps that keep you on the straight and narrow.

The whole exercise is a 15-minute, knee-wobbling adventure and after a few photos to immortalise the momentous event, most adventurers are more than happy to return to the safety of the public viewing area of the tower.

Macau Tower Mast Climb

Walking Around Macau Tower

Another adventurous activity at the Macau Tower is the Mast Climb (from the 61st floor at 233m to a height of 338m).

Once again, participants are strapped on so it is all safe. Armchair travellers will enjoy safe and spectacular elevated views from the Macau Tower over the historic city below, the South China Sea and mainland China.

The lunchtime buffet served here is highly recommended but preferably after attempting any of the thrill seeking activities. Macau Tower is open daily and most adventure activities are offered on a daily basis.

2-Caesar’s Golf

lake 8th hole Macau Golf & Country Club

Caesars Golf Macau was once owned and operated by Caesar’s from United States but it has just changed hands and is now owned by Chinese interests. From a golfing perspective, nothing has changed on the 18-hole, par 72, links-styled course.

It is a course that looks mostly flat upon first appearance but on closer inspection, the fairways are surprisingly undulating and the game is broken up by a challenging mix of long and short holes. The shortest hole is the 198m long, par 3 fifth and the longest, the 603m long, par 5 fourth hole.

While the course features broad grassy fairways these are interspersed with some suitably challenging water hazards. Water hazards are a dominant feature with all but four holes having some form of water close by. The course also covers some 5% of Macau’s total landmass so its greenery is also important for the environmental wellbeing of the whole territory.

Clubhouse facilities include a restaurant imaginatively named the Dining Room, VIP private room (Augustus Suite), premium locker rooms and a well-stocked pro shop. Caesars also has Macau’s only golf driving range (there is another course on the island but it is the domain of members only).

3-Formula 3 Grand Prix

adventure activities in macau

Motor racing enthusiasts should plan to be in Macau every November for the annual Formula 3 Grand Prix race around Macau’s narrow historic streets. The first Macau race was won in 1983 by motor racing legend Ayrton Senna racing on the iconic Guia Circuit which takes in many of Macau’s historic sites.

4-Fun on the Water

coloane beach macau

While it’s not Hawaii, there are pleasant beaches around Coloane for swimming and watersports including windsurfing and jet skis which can be hired at either end of Hac Sa Beach.

5-Run and Cycle

There are several walking and cycling tracks for exercise, leisure and competition. The longest walking and jogging trail is the 8km long Trilho de Coloane which departs from Estrada do Alto on Coloane (entrance is near the arboretum). The Northeast trail of 3km is also located on Coloane while in the city; Guia Hill has a jogging trail with fitness equipment. The Taipa Grande Trail is popular with cyclists.

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Macau Tower and other adventures