50 FREE Things To Do In Macau

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Being a regular visitor, I’m always on the lookout for free things to do in Macau. Fortunately, there’s plenty to see around the city. Over the years, I’ve discovered a surprisingly high number of exciting things to do and free places worth experiencing. 

So, here are 50 free things to do in Macau that will keep you busy and if you’re looking to save, you might want to check out these budget hotels in Macau

Did you know that it takes an hour or less to get from Hong Kong to Macau is easy? Options are to take the bus across the Hong Kong – Macau- Zhuhai bridge (one hour), the Turbojet ferry (40 minutes) or the Cotai Water Jet ferry (an hour). 

These posts will help you plan:


50 Things To Do In Macau For Free

Free things to do in Macau World Heritage Area

There are loads of free attractions to visit in the Historic Centre of Macau. If you’re on a budget, start with these free attractions when exploring the World Heritage area and check out these other places to visit in Macau later. 

1- Discover the secret library at Leal Senado 

The Leal Senado (1784) is at Senado Square and is considered the best representation of Portuguese architecture in the city. 

The building is of Neo-classical architecture with unique features within.

Inside, a staircase lined with blue-and-white Portuguese style tiles draws visitors up to the beautiful courtyard at the back of the building.

Another flight of stairs leads to the elegantly carved library on the second floor.

On your way out, pop into the three-room gallery on the ground floor.

There are regular free exhibitions here, with local and international artworks or visiting exhibitions from regions within China showcasing artifacts, calligraphy and other precious items.

2- Admire Chinnery Tiles at Cathedral Square 

things to do in macau - Chinnery Murals below Cathedral Square
Admiring the Chinnery Murals below Cathedral Square is a thing to do in Macau.

Admiring the Chinnery Murals below Cathedral Square is a thing to do in Macau.

Located at the base of Cathedral Square are the blue tile artworks by George Chinnery (circa 1835-40). 

These delightful murals provide a glimpse of the Portuguese colony as seen through the eyes of Macau’s most famous artist of the 19th century.

3- See how a wealthy Chinese merchant lived at Lou Kau Mansion 

Lou Kau (1889) is a historic mansion and example of late 19th-century Chinese architecture. 

Built for a wealthy local merchant, this is a two-storey building of typical grey brick construction, featuring three halls connected by passageways. 

Interior courtyards, decorative plasterwork, carved wooden canopies and screens as well as period furniture are on full display.

There are free concerts and exhibitions in the main gathering hall of Lou Kau Mansion from time to time.

4- Discover the treasures of St. Dominic’s Church 

One of the most famous churches in Macau, St. Dominic’s Church dates back to the early 17th-century. 

It has a striking yellow Baroque facade fronted by Portuguese cobblestone pavements (calçada Portuguesa). 

The church is a classic icon of the colonial era and one of Macau’s famous photo stops.

The interior of the church is worth visiting, as is the free Treasure of Sacred Art Museum.  

You can get to the museum through the church tower. 

Over 300 Macanese religious artifacts are showcased in this dandy little attraction.

5- Taste free local snacks along Rua S. Paulo 

Rua de S. Paulo, which leads to the steps of the Ruins of St. Paul’s, is also called Food Street. 

The busy street is a great place to try Macanese specialty snacks in local shops and pastelarias (bakeries) lining the street.

Sample jerked beef, almond cookies and many other local snacks, which can also be purchased if you like what you try.

6- Explore the Ruins of St. Paul’s 

things to do macau st paul's
Of course, the number one thing to do in Macau is to visit St Paul’s Ruins.

Initially built in the early 17th-century and named Mater Dei, the church and the adjacent St Paul’s College was burnt down by a fire in 1835. 

What remains is the standing facade and church ruins which is the most popular free thing to see in Macau. 

Make sure to head to the back of the Ruins to visit the Sacred Art Museum and Crypt.

Macau Tip: The Ruins of St. Paul’s is a key location during Chinese New Year and is where the annual eye-dotting ceremony s held.

It is also where the famous 238m long dragon parade makes its start before winding its way through the city centre.

7- Admire the charming Dom Pedro V Theatre

Dom Pedro V Theatre (1860) in St. Augustine’s Square was the first ‘western’ style theatre house in China. 

Teal green in colour, the facade is an attractive representation of Neo-Classical architecture and is very photogenic.

8- Hunt for the sacred statue in St. Augustine’s Church

the sacred Bom Jesus dos Passos statue in the back of St
Discovering this gem is one of the things to do in Macau for free.

Discovering this gem is one of the things to do in Macau for free.

The 16th-century St. Augustine’s Church is across from the Dom Pedro V Theatre.

St Augustine’s is one of several traditional Portuguese-style churches that can be visited for free within the Historic Centre of Macao.

St.Augustine’s is the organiser of the annual Easter Procession. 

Look for the sacred ‘Bom Jesus dos Passos’ statue behind the altar.

9- Relax in the garden at St. Lawrence’s Church 

St Lawrence Church in Macau
Exploring St Lawrence Church is a free thing to do in Macau.

St. Lawrence’s Church is one the oldest and largest churches in Macau and the most splendid. 

Located along Rua de Sao Lourenco, the original church was built by the Jesuits before 1560 and rebuilt in 1846.

It has an impressive pastel yellow Neo-Classical facade and there is a lovely staircase leading up to the church as well as a small garden with park benches upon its terrace. 

The interior is simple yet modestly elegant, offering unexpected hints of Baroque architecture as well as an attractive pale blue wooden ceiling. 

10- Discover Chinese history at Mandarin’s House 

Mandarin’s House (1869) at Lilau Square is the best-preserved example of Chinese architecture in the Historic Centre of Macau and a must-see attraction in Macau.

Originally this was the residential compound of reformist and literary figure Zheng Guanying. 

Within the two-storey property, you will find numerous restored rooms with traditional furniture. 

There is also a beautiful moon gate entrance and exhibition rooms detailing the history of the Mandarin House.

Macau Tip: The Mandarin House is another top place to visit during Chinese New Year when the compound is decked out. Numerous holiday activities and lion dances are hosted during the holiday.

11- Admire the view of Macau from Our Lady of Penha Church 

things to do in macau our lady of penha

Penha Church (Our Lady of Penha Church) rests atop Penha Hill near the Southwest corner of the Macau Peninsula. 

The church itself is rather modest but the 270-degree hilltop view is impressive.

Looking south, you’ll see the Macau Tower, the harbour and Cotai Island in the distance while the other side of Penha Church has lovely vistas of the Strait and into China.

12- Explore A-Ma Temple 

thing to do in macau
An iconic place – visiting A-Ma temple is one of the top things to do in Macau.

A-Ma Temple (1490) is one of Macau’s oldest buildings and is the most popular Chinese temple in Macau. 

The temple is named after the legendary appearance of a lost girl name Matzo (A-Ma). 

It’s also associated with the original Portuguese name of the island – A Ma Gau – that was shortened to Macao.

At A-Ma Temple, you can appreciate traditional Chinese temple structures spread upon a hillside. 

There is a delightful archway entrance flanked by stone lions, decorative halls and prayer rooms, open pavilions and photogenic moon gate. 

You’ll see lots of burning incense and other traditional temple activities within A-Ma Temple.

13- Go hiking around Guia Fortress 

things to do in Macau guia hill
If you’re feeling energetic, one of the things to do in Macau is to climb Guia Hill.

If you’re feeling energetic, one of the things to do in Macau is to climb Guia Hill.

The Guia Fortress (1622) is perched atop Guia Hill and is another one of the iconic images of Macau. 

The fortress features a historic chapel with centuries-old frescos, the first modern lighthouse (1865) on Chinese coast as well as old military tunnels. 

You’ll also be rewarded with stunning views of the city centre.

Macau Tip: From the fortress, there is access to forested nature and hiking trails around Guia Hill. This is one of the green lungs of Macau where locals go for a quiet rural retreat from the busy streets below.

14- Take the Macau Government Tourist Office Free Audio Guide Tour

The Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) at Senado Square is a great place to pick up free maps, brochures and tourist information.

This MGTO branch also provides a free audio guide service covering each of the 25 World Heritage attractions situated around the Historic Centre of Macau.

Note: A MOP200 deposit is required to check out an audio guide kit. Deposits are returned when you bring the gear back to the MGTO office.

Free things to do on Macau Peninsula 

There are many other free things to do around the Macau Peninsula beyond the Historic Centre of Macau. These are free attractions I recommend seeing first.

15- Soak up the European streetscape at Albergue S.C.M

Things to do in Macau for free
Exploring charming streetscapes is one of the top free things to do in Macau.

Exploring charming streetscapes is one of the top free things to do in Macau.

The St. Lazarus quarter has some of Macau’s most attractive streetscapes, the most noteworthy being Albergue da Santa Casa da Misericordia along Calcada da Igreja de S. Lazaro. 

It has a delightful European-style courtyard, centred by two camphor trees and lined with pastel yellow-coloured buildings. 

One of the buildings is a gallery for occasional exhibits and is free to visit.

16- Discover emerging artists at 10 Fantasia

Next door to Albergue S.C.M. is 10 Fantasia, which is a Colonial property converted into a gallery and creative arts incubator for local artists. 

Drop by to check out Macau’s emerging art scene.

Tap Seac Gallery
Enjoying art at the Tap Seac Gallery is one of the many free things to do in Macau.

There are a number of galleries and museums in Macau

Tap Seac Gallery is at the northeast end of Tap Seac Square and is an excellent free art venue. 

It features a single large gallery that exhibits works mostly by international artists throughout the year. 

18- Discover hidden headstones at St. Michael’s Chapel & Cemetery 

things to do in macau for free
One of the more unusual things to do in Macau for free, visiting this cemetery is a great way to discover history.

One of the more unusual things to do in Macau for free, visiting this cemetery is a great way to discover history.

Here you find a tiny mint-green chapel (1875) and the old cemetery filled with intriguing headstones, sculptures and tombs of both Western and local Chinese Catholics dating back to the early 19th century.

The most notable tomb to see is that of 19th-century Portuguese Army officer Vicente Nicolau de Mesquita who played an important role in the Passaleão incident in 1849.

19- Relax in Lou Lim Ieok Garden 

Lou Lim Ieok Garden entrance
Seeing the flowers at Lou Lim Ieok Garden is another free thing to do in Macau.

Lou Lim Ieok Garden is by far the most beautiful garden in Macau

The Suzhou style garden features well-maintained landscaping, grottos, a large koi pond, Chinese pavilions, exhibition house and the Macau Tea Culture House. 

Macau Tip: The garden is beautifully decorated during the holidays, particularly during Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival.

During the annual Lotus Festival each June, the pond at the back of the garden is filled with lotus flowers coming into bloom.

20- Discover a hidden gem at Kun Iam Temple 

The Kun Iam Temple along Avenida do Coronel Mesquita dates back to the 13th century, making it one of the three oldest temples in the city.

The present complex was constructed in 1627 and features an attractive façade and numerous decorated halls.

The garden behind the temple is home to an understated historic gem – the stone table used for the signing of the Treaty of Mong-ha, the very first Chinese and American trade agreement in 1844.

21- Learn the history of the Chinese Mandarins at Lin Fung Temple 

Lin Fung Temple (1592) along Avenida do Almirante Lacerda is another historic temple in Macau. 

This is where the Chinese Mandarins (government officials) would stay when visiting Macau in centuries past.

You will find traditional temple features including grey-brick facades, deity shrines, large joss stick burners, Chinese lions sculptures, various halls and courtyards with detailed mural scenes and ceramic reliefs.

Just outside the temple, there is an impressive statue of Commissioner Lin Zexu, for whom there is also a free museum next door.

22- Take photos of Rua da Felicidade (Red Street)

Rua da Felicidade was a famed street for vices during the old days of Macau. 

These days it is a popular tourist street, lined with grey buildings with bright red-coloured shop fronts. 

Visit early in the day before the tour groups begin to arrive if you’re keen on taking photos of Rua da Felicidade.

23- See the British fire trucks at the Fire Service Museum 

Things to do in Macau - Dennis Fire engines at the Fire Service Museum
Most people are not aware that one of the free things to do in Macau is to see the historic fire engines at the Fire Service Museum.

The Fire Services Museum is on Estrada de Coelho do Amaral. 

Here you will find a beautiful colonial-era building housing two well-preserved British ‘Dennis’ fire trucks. 

There are also several Chinese water pumps used to fight fires in Macau in the old days.

24- See the cobblestone engravings at Camões Garden

North of the Ruins of St. Paul, you will find a pleasant garden and wooded area named after Portuguese poet Luis Camões. 

Visitors can enjoy well-maintained footpaths winding through forested grounds as well as a small grotto, a bust of Luis Camões and series of 10 cobblestone engravings representing cantos of the poet near the front of the garden.

25- Look at the displays in the Grand Lisboa Lobby 

Auspicious Chinese treasures in the lobby of Grand Lisboa
There are plenty of free things to see in the lobby of the Grand Lisboa, such as this Chinese treasure.

There are plenty of free things to see in the lobby of the Grand Lisboa, such as this Chinese treasure.

A surprising encounter at the Grand Lisboa Hotel lobby is an open exhibition area featuring a handful of large-scale auspicious Chinese treasures. 

These are very impressive for those who appreciate art and antiquities. 

On display are exquisitely carved mammoth tusks, massive jade carvings, antique furniture, large vases and other treasures.

26- Visit the Chinese pavilion in Jardin de San Francisco 

things to do in macau for free 2
Checking out the memorial building and Chinese pagoda are some of the things to do in Macau.

Jardim de S. Francisco is a lovely garden located just behind the Grand Lisboa Hotel. 

This two-tier garden was built in the late 19th-century and features pink terrace mounts, fountains and pretty tiled pavements.

Make sure to see the charming Chinese style pavilion (Bajiaoting Library) on the lower level of the garden as well as the small memorial building that resembles a pink wedding cake on the upper level during your visit.

27- Get inspired at Anim’ Arte Nam Van

what to do in macau
If you’re visiting with the family, one of the free things to do in Macau is to take part in the activities at Anim’ Arte Nam Van.

Anim’ Arte Nam Van is a designated family-friendly area along Nam Van Lake. 

Visitors can enjoy art installations, sculptures, light shows and holiday events. 

There are paddleboats (for rent) as well as a handful of creative art and souvenir shops as well.

28- Take a lakeside walk along Avenue da Republica 

Along Sai Van Lake, Avenida da Republica is a cobblestone promenade lined with old trees providing shade for a casual lakeside stroll. 

There are plenty of park benches facing the lake and Macau Tower, perfect for taking rest after long hours of sightseeing around World Heritage area.

Macau Tip: Avenue da Republica is a prime location to watch the fireworks displays held on New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and during the International Fireworks Competitions (September.)

Free things to do in Macau Peninsula’s N.A.P.E. Area 

There are a handful of free things to do in the N.A.P.E. area of the Macau Peninsula, including visiting some of the best museums in the city.

29- See an exhibition at the Macau Art Museum (M.A.M.)

Masterpeices of Russian Art from the State Tretyakov Gallery Exhibition at MAM)
MAM has excellent international exhibitions and a visit to the museum is one of the top things to do in Macau for free. Here is artwork from the Masterpieces of Russian Art from the State Tretyakov Gallery Exhibition.

The Macao Art Museum (M.A.M.) is the largest and most comprehensive art museum in the city and an excellent free attraction in Macau for art lovers.

Here you’ll find five floors of art space, featuring an extensive collection of Chinese calligraphy, paintings and ceramics. 

There is an interesting gallery featuring Macau scenery prints and paintings from the likes of George Chinnery, Macau’s most famous historical resident artist.

Impressive international exhibitions are held at the M.A.M. throughout the year as well.

Check out the M.A.M. website for upcoming temporary exhibits that may be occurring during the time of your scheduled visit to Macau.

30- Discover precious treasures at the Handover Gifts Museum 

The Handover Gift Museum houses 56 extraordinary gifts given to the city of Macau by various Chinese regions, cities and ethnic groups to celebrate the return of the territory from Portugal to China in 1999. 

Here you find a large gallery displaying the unique collection. 

The works demonstrate the precious resources, materials, craftsmanship and artistic skill found throughout China.

31- Sit in a racing car at the Macau Grand Prix Museum (under renovation) 

Be the first to sit in a racing car when the Macau Grand Prix Museum reopens. 

The museum is located at the Tourism Activity Centre (C.A.T.) on Lotus Square. 

The museum has long been regarded as one of Macau’s very best free museums, celebrating Macau’s most popular annual sporting event – the Macau Grand Prix (M.G.P.). 

Here visitors can see historic high-powered race cars, motorbikes and learn about past M.G.P. champions and races.

32- Learn about Portuguese wine ad the Wine Museum (under renovation) 

The Wine Museum shares space with the Grand Prix Museum at the C.A.T. building. 

This museum takes a surprisingly deep dive into wine production across the various regions of Portugal. 

There is an opportunity for learning more about Portuguese wine as well as tasting and buying wine at the Wine Museum.

Note: Presently, the Macau Grand Prix and Wine museums are closed for renovations to the C.A.T. building and are expected to reopen in 2020 or 2021.

33- Learn about religion at Kun Iam Statue & Ecumenical Centre

This is a 32-metre tall bronze statue of Kun Iam situated at the end of a 60-metre causeway along Ave. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. 

The statue is a bronze-gold colour and makes for good photographs on sunny days when sky conditions are favourable.

The statue stands atop an Ecumenical Centre, which can also be visited freely. 

Here you learn about various religions and philosophies of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, all of which recognise the Goddess, Kun Iam.

34- Watch the fish in the Aquarium at M.G.M. Macau

In the leisure area of M.G.M. Macau called Grande Praca, there is an 8m tall cylinder-shaped aquarium, which is the largest tank in Macau. 

The aquarium provides a 360-degree view of clownfish, lionfish, triggerfish, panther grouper, stingrays and other aquatic life. 

At times, experienced divers enter the aquarium for fish feedings.

35- Watch the show at Performance Lake (Wynn Macau)

Performance Lakes at Wynn
Enjoying the show at Performance Lakes is a top free thing to do in Macau.

Here you can watch free water fountain performances in front of the Wynn Macao property in the Peninsula. 

Shows are around three minutes in length and are held every 15 minutes during the majority of the day. 

They are set to Western and Chinese musical scores and are more impressive to watch after dark when L.E.D. lights and fire jets are used to enhance the performances.

Note that a second and much larger Performance Lake can be found in front of the Wynn Palace on the Cotai Strip. 

It is several times larger than what you will find here at Wynn Macao.

Free things to do in Taipa Village

Most attractions in Taipa Village are free to enjoy. Here is the best of what is available.

36- Nibble your way along Rua do Cunha  

Rua do Cunha is the famous food street in Taipa.

Like Rua da S. Paulo on the Peninsula, there are many local pastelerías along Rua do Cunha for sampling local specialty treats at no cost. 

This is a great place to nibble your way through a range of Macanese snacks that you may have never tried before. 

37- Pay respects to the God of the North at Pak Tai Temple 

The most interesting of the free temples you can visit in Taipa is Pak Tai (1844) in the middle of the village. 

The temple is dedicated to Pak Tai, the god of the North and features a warm and welcoming exterior and an interior with traditional Chinese temple features.

Note: In Mid-April there is a special festival called the Feast of Pak Tai celebrated in front of the temple. 

Visitors can freely enjoy lion dances and Chinese opera during the annual festival.

38- Enjoy local art at Taipa Village Art Space

Art Space Taipa Village
Another free thing to do in Macau is to discover local talent at Art Space Taipa Village.

This art gallery on Rua da Cleigos opened a couple of years ago, providing local artists with the opportunity to display their works in Taipa. 

The venue is a single hall, making this a quick and easy art stop while sightseeing around the village.

39- Visit the Museum of Taipa & Coloane History

Taipa and Coloane History Museum
Exploring this museum is one of the things to do in Macau for free.

A lesser-known museum worth a visit in Taipa, located on Rua Correia da Silva, the museum includes two floors of displays dedicated to the history of the fishing villages of Taipa and nearby Coloane. 

You can also learn about other past industries as well as early Portuguese administration in this area of Macau.

40- Step back into history at Taipa Houses Museum 

The Taipa Houses Museum is a series of five colonial period houses, lining the northern end of the artificial lake in Taipa. 

These are early 20th-century residences of significant architectural value, hence their function as a museum since 1999. 

The five houses are now a Macanese Living Museum (furnished just as they were in the past), exhibition space for art/sculpture shows as well as a souvenir and gift shop.

41- Admire the flowers at Dra. Laurinda M. Esparteiro Garden 

Relatively unknown on the tourist trail in Taipa is the Dra. Laurinda M. Esparteiro Garden, a rural area below the Taipa Houses Museum next to the lake. 

Here you find pastel green with red trim coloured walkways and decent landscaping.

You’ll also find large-scale flower and plant exhibitions held throughout the year. 

These outdoor exhibitions are particularly rewarding to see during Chinese New Year, the Lotus Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival each year.

42- Discover Our Lady of Carmel Church 

Our Lady of Carmel in Taipa Village, Macau
Visiting Our Lady of Carmel is another free thing to do in Macau.

Our Lady of Carmel (1885) is a charming colonial-style church located at Avenida de Carlos de Maia in Taipa Village. 

Like the Taipa Houses Museum, the church once overlooked the sea. 

However, after 20th-century land reclamations, it now overlooks the lake and designated wetlands.

Free things to do in Macau – Coloane Village

For those looking for free things to do in Macau’s Coloane area, start with these.

43- Look at the whalebone boat in Sam Seng Kung Temple 

There are a handful of temples you can freely visit in Coloane

The most interesting is Sam Seng Kung (1862), located at the end of Avenida de Cinco de Outubro and the village promenade. 

The temple is painted bright red and features traditional shrines, hanging incense coils and joss stick burners. 

Make sure to see the large whalebone, carved into the shape of a boat inside the main hall of Sam Seng Kung.

Macau Tip: Chinese opera performances are held at the temple during the Feast of Tam Kung (8th day of the fourth lunar month).

This temple is where massive firecrackers, often five metres in length, are set off during Chinese New Year.

44- Search for relics in St. Francis Xavier Church 

St. Francis Xavier Church (1928) neatly fits in the back of charming Eduardo Marques Garden along the harbour promenade. 

For many decades the church held important relics, including those of the St. Francis Xavier, the famous Catholic missionary in Asia during the 16th-century.

45- Go hiking at Hac Sa Reservoir Country Park 

For those interested in spending time in a more rural setting, look no further than the Hac Sa County Park just south of the Coloane Village.

Here you find a small lake, B.B.Q. areas and eleven different hiking trails through forested and hilly terrain, some make way along the nearby rocky coastline as well.

46- Feel the sand between your toes on Hac Sa Beach 

Hac Sa (Black Sand) is Macau’s only proper public beach and is at the southern end of Coloane and is made up of a mix of yellow and black sand – hence the name Black Sand Beach.

Free things to do in Macau –  Cotai Strip 

The Cotai Strip is not just about casinos and gambling these days. Many of the major properties have free entertainment and attractions for visitors to enjoy. It’s also a fun place to visit in Macau with kids. Here are a few worth checking out.

47- Ride the SkyCab Cable Car to Wynn Palace

The larger and more impressive of the Performance Lakes in Macau is at Wynn Palace on the Cotai Strip. 

Visitors can watch large-scale water shows featuring hundreds of nozzles that shoot water into the air. 

These “performances” are synchronised to various western and Chinese musical scores and are held every 30 minutes (12 pm-7 pm) and every 20 minutes (7 pm-12 am).

There is also a free cable car called SkyCab that circles the lake during and between the 3-minute long water dance shows. 

You can use SkyCab to enter and exit Wynn Palace freely. 

48- Enjoy a creative visual feast at The Spectacle (M.G.M. Cotai) 

The Spectacle is the indoor open area in M.G.M. Cotai with numerous L.E.D. screens lining the walls showing a series of digital art programmes with captivating images of the city skylines, nature and art. 

The Spectacle runs all day and can be viewed in a 360-degree manner from the ground level. 

This creative visual feast is free to enjoy for all visitors to M.G.M. Cotai.

49- Wander around the Canal Shoppes in the Venetian Macao 

Venetian Macao is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the Cotai Strip. 

You can visit most of the property freely, enjoying the replica Venice landmarks such as the Grand Canal and Campanile di San Marco. 

This is also where you find Venetian-style canals transecting the Shoppes at Venetian Macao. 

You can even take gondola rides (for hire) if you like.

50- Gawk at the Eiffel Tower at the Parisian Macao

Visitors to the Cotai Strip will find it impossible to miss seeing the replica Eiffel Tower situated at the front of Parisian Macao

You can ride up to the viewing platform (entry fee required) or simply enjoy viewing the tower and other Paris landmark replicas such as the Fontaine des Mers in the Rotunda while visiting Parisian Macao.

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Bonus Freebies

Here are five additional freebies in Macau that are worth knowing about while planning your visits to Macau

Chinese New Year events (late-January to early-February) 

During Chinese New Year there are many free activities to enjoy, including eye-dotting ceremonies, Dragon Parade, lion dances and an impressive New Years day Parade. 

Most tourist attractions around the city are impressively decorated during this important holiday.

Lotus Festival (mid-June) 

Each June Macau hosts an annual Lotus Festival.

The best spots to view these beauties are at Lou Lim Ieok Garden, on the Macau Peninsula, and the wetlands below the Taipa Houses Museum in Taipa Village, where blooms can be seen in the thousands each year.

International Fireworks Competition (September)

Each September Macau hosts an international fireworks competition.

Teams from all over the world light up the sky on weekend nights around Macau Tower. 

These spectacular displays last around 10 minutes each and can be viewed from the promenade at Nam Van Lake as well as along Ave. de Republic on Sai Van Lake.

Portuguese Cobblestone (calçada Portuguesa)

A fun and free thing to do in Macau is to see the many Portuguese-style tiled pavements that line pedestrian walkways and squares throughout the city.

These patterned cobblestone surfaces are everywhere in Macau Peninsula so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see and enjoy them while you are out sightseeing.

Free Hotel Shuttle Bus Service

A great way to get around the city is by way of the free shuttles provided by major hotel and casino properties. Visit the TripAdvisor Macau forum for an updated list of those providing free shuttle transportation in Macau.

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