20 Mauritius Beaches

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Mauritius is well-known as a paradise destination to rival the islands of the Maldives and Bahamas. This small country off Africa’s eastern shores is full of palm-fringed white sand beaches, bright blue waters and lush jungle. Mauritius’ beaches are home to many luxury and boutique hotels; however, it is accessible to almost anyone and offers an array of incredible sights and activities.

Although most people assume Mauritius is a honeymoon destination, the islands are home to waterfalls, gardens and national parks to go on safari, cycling or hiking and more. If you love sun, sea and sand, you can’t go wrong here, and among its 16 islands and islets, you’ll find plenty of secluded spots and virgin beaches in Mauritius all to yourself. This is where you can experience some of the world’s best snorkelling and diving, including swimming with wild dolphins and exploring stunning coral reefs.

Mauritius Beaches

20 Beaches In Mauritius

1- Le Morne

mauritius beaches le morne
Le Morne is one of the best beaches in Mauritius for a tropical beach vacation as it has all the things you’d expect: palm trees, white sand, blue ocean and beach beds with umbrellas, sun chairs and parasols.

Le Morne is one of the first beaches you’ll hear about when searching for the best beaches in Mauritius and when you see it, you’ll understand why.

Located at the base of the Morne Brabant Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this western beach unsurprisingly has a rugged desert island feel and is postcard perfect.

Not only are the waters here ideal for both snorkelling and scuba diving, but the area of Le Morne is known as the best wind and kitesurfing spot in Mauritius due to high waves.

You’ll often see competitions taking place here attended by surfers from around the world.

2- Mont Choisy

mauritius beaches mont choisy
Pull up a sunlounge and relax under an umbrella at Mont Choisy beach in Mauritius.

Mont Choisy is the longest beach in Mauritius, making it one of the best because despite being popular with tourists, you will always find somewhere quiet for yourself.

The beach is lined by hundreds of native casuarina trees, perfect for picnicking under.

There are all the usual water sports on offer here, and the beach is particularly popular with families for its shallow water and an excellent range of cafes and restaurants near the beach.

However, if you plan to go here, it is worth noting that the shallow sea floor only stretches for around 30 metres before dropping into the deep ocean, which can be unexpected and dangerous.

3- Flic en Flac

mauritius beaches flic en flac jetty and sunset
Enjoy a stunning Mauritius beach sunset like this one at Flic en Flac Beach.

What was once a very small fishing town in west Mauritius is now a beautiful vacation spot with one of the most stunning beaches in Mauritius.

One of the most popular places for both tourists and locals to spend a day on the sand, the 8km long Flic en Flac combines powdery white beach with deep blue lagoons, and as it has quickly risen in popularity, several excellent shops and restaurants have popped up along the shore.

Because of the beach’s cove shape, with a reef just offshore, it is protected from large swells, so it is relatively shallow and makes a great place to swim, especially with kids.

4- Tamarin Beach

best beaches in mauritius island beach sunset
Rempart and Mamelles peaks in the background at Tamarin Bay where the Indian Ocean meets the river,

A lovely beach not far from Black River, Tamarin is one of Mauritius’ most popular and guarded beaches, as it is known to be one of the best spots for surfing in the country, particularly at Dal and Black Stone – two of the best spots.

The beach is surrounded by stunning salt flats and has a coral reef offshore, a gap allowing access to the beach itself.

Aside from surfing, Tamarin has some great snorkelling and diving due to the reef however it can get fairly busy as it is an embarkation point for many dolphin spotting tours on the island.

Arrive early enough and you can sometimes spot them near the beach.

5- Trou aux Biches

Beaches Mauritius Trou aux Biches
Another of resort beaches in Mauritius is Trou aux Biches.

One of the most stunning beaches in northern Mauritius, Trou aux Biches is a one-mile sweeping slice of paradise.

The beach is between Mont Choisy and Pointe aux Piment and is a favourite with photographers for its classic low-hanging palm trees and white sand.

Although you can find tourists here on weekends, the beach is usually uncrowded and has lots of water sports activities and restaurants serving fresh seafood, and other food and drink stands.

Find a patch of sand to settle down for the day, or rent one of the many sunbeds lining the beach to spend the day soaking up the sun with a cold drink.

6- Poste Lafayette

mauritius best beaches for swimming
Windsurfing is another popular activity and the sight of colourful sails can be seen from many Mauritius beaches.

Poste Lafayette is a rugged yet stunning beach on the southeast coast.

This Mauritius beach is rarely visited as volcanic rocks surround it and the sea here is often choppy.

This makes it a favourite spot with kite surfers and other water-sports enthusiasts; however, it isn’t recommended unless you’re a strong swimmer.

If you’re looking for an untouched, remote desert island-style beach and can manage the waters, you’ll be rewarded by windswept natural bluffs, a spectacular coral reef and a small sweeping cove of white sand where virtually no one goes.

Make sure to bring everything with you as you won’t find any amenities around.

7- La Cambuse

mauritius beaches woman in white bikini underwater
Swim and snorkel at one of these stunning Mauritius beaches on your next tropical vacation.

La Cambuse is one of the most untouched of all Mauritius’ beaches, situated down a dirt road not far from the Hotel Shandrani.

The beach is lined with casuarina trees and surrounded by abundant flora and faunas, meaning it is quite secluded.

Although swimming is not recommended on the main part of the beach due to strong currents, there is a small area towards the end protected by rocks where you can paddle, and the beach still has endless white sand to relax on.

If you’re feeling active, there are some excellent hikes nearby, including a trail to Le Bouchon.

Now is the time to visit La Cambuse before a new mega-development begins in the area.

8- Pereybere

Beaches in Mauritius Pereybere public beach
An aerial view of Pereybere public beach.

Another extremely popular beach, Pereybere, is the place for tourists and locals with kids.

The sparkling shallow waters and abundance of great restaurants are a haven for family days out, so if you’re visiting with kids, this will keep everyone entertained all day.

Water sports are available for kids and adults, from thrilling jet ski rides to glass-bottomed boat tours to see tropical fish.

The waters here are calm and warm, plus there are lots of drink and ice cream vendors on the beach, so you won’t have far to go when you need a pick me up.

Even if you’re travelling without kids, Pereybere is a good beach to start with for excellent food options, and you’ll still be able to find somewhere to chill out in the sun or go swimming.

9- Ile aux Cerfs

best beaches in mauritius Aerial view of beautiful tropical beach with turquoise sea.
The beaches in Mauritius are idyllic tropical paradises, like D’eau Douce and Ile aux Cerfs.

Ile aux Cerfs, as the name suggests, is an island in itself and is one of the prettiest in Mauritius.

The island is popular with everyone from honeymooners to adventurers, as long as you’re searching for a deserted stretch of sand.

Since the beach is popular, you can find several activities on offer, including jet skiing, kayaking and catamaran tours.

This Mauritius beach is accessible only by boat from Trou d’eau Douce, so be prepared to pay to reach paradise.

The beach is a favourite for locals and tourists alike, but you can usually find somewhere quiet to set up camp for the day.

There are a few small shops and amenities on the island, but after much campaigning, there is luckily no large resorts or malls, so it remains as tranquil as ever.

10- Gris Gris

mauritius beaches photos a family walks on Gris Gris beach
Gris Gris beach in southern Mauritius is an Indian Ocean beach that is great for families.

Despite its name, which means ‘Grey’, Gris Gris beach is one of Mauritius’s most naturally stunning beaches and is the southernmost point on the island.

The beach is backed by rugged steep cliffs, which offer sweeping views from the top if you’re up for a climb.

The beach isn’t known as being a relaxing destination but offers pretty coastal hikes and views of the crashing waves.

These huge swells mean it is dangerous to swim here, and the currents are strong, however, there are certain secluded spots on the cliffs that are popular for diving into the water – if you’re brave enough!

11- St. Felix Beach

beaches in mauritius pictures couple lying on a beach in Mauritius
The beaches of Mauritius are perfect for honeymooners, especially along the Indian Ocean coast.

St. Felix is a beach located in Mauritius’ extreme south, between Souillac and Bel Ombre.

It is known as one of the more hidden beaches in Mauritius, despite not being particularly hard to get to, as there is little here except white sand and blue sea, divided into east and west by a short pier.

The western half is slightly more popular, with a few food and drinks stalls on offer, so this makes the perfect spot for spending a day relaxing.

Swimming and water sports are not on the cards here, as currents are deceivingly strong.

Poisonous stonefish are scattered on the offshore seabed and can be very toxic to humans.

12- La Cuvette

mauritius famous beaches pedalos on the idyllic palm fringed beach, couple men and woman on vacation Mauritius.
Most Mauritius beach resorts offer a range of watersports, from paddleboats and paddle boards to windsurfing and kayaking.

If you’re staying near the busy Grand Baie or are just searching for some peace and quiet, La Cuvette is just a short twenty-minute walk from Grand Baie and is infinitely more tranquil.

The only hotel here is the Royal Palm, but it is otherwise mostly deserted.

The waters are shallow and can get choppy, but not enough that you can’t go for a swim or partake in the many water-based activities on offer, such as parasailing and deep-sea diving.

With its close proximity to Grand Baie, you won’t need to worry about finding a bite to eat or any other amenities and can enjoy this lesser visited beach with a good book or just soak up the sun.

13- Riviere des Galets

mauritius beaches people A couple of men and women watching the sunset on a tropical beach in Mauritius with palm trees by the swimming pool,
Fall into a hammock and watch the sunset over a beach in Mauritius.

This is arguably Mauritius’ most unique beach, as you won’t find the typical soft white sand here, but instead can take a stroll along a long stretch of beach lined with sparkling pebbles and boulders.

The thousands of pebbles here have made the beach a top tourist attraction and a popular place for photoshoots.

You can also do diving and boating trips here, but only if you are an experienced swimmer.

Although it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend the day sitting on the shore here, it is a stunning location to take a stroll and a few photos, and it gets some of the best sunsets on the island.

14- Anse le Raie

mauritius beaches hotels drone aerial view of a tropical beach
Could this be your next vacation? Take your pick of Mauritius beaches and pull up a spot on the sand.

Anse le Raie is a laid-back, romantic beach in the north of Mauritius home to exclusive luxury hotels, popular among honeymooning couples.

It has a diverse mix of attractions, so is a great place to base yourself to experience the island, from the quaint fishing villages nearby to the endless views of the Indian ocean.

Beach vendors and hotels offer many water sports, and it is particularly popular for stand-up paddleboarding and kitesurfing further out to sea.

Whether or not you’re staying in the area, Anse le Raie is a perfect beach on which to spend the day, knowing you can get a cold drink and food from the hotels, plus many boat trips go from here to nearby islands such as Coin de Mire or the capital of Port Louis.

15- Grand Baie

mauritius beaches grand baie
Grand Baie beach in north Mauritius is one of the popular beaches for visitors to the island.

Grand Bay is in the north of Mauritius near the popular tourist area of Riviere du Rempart.

This is a typical, yet still stunning, tourist beach, so if you like to relax during the day and enjoy having a choice of restaurants and hotels, plus lively bars and a nighttime music scene, then it will be perfect for you.

Grand Baie is often used as a pick-up point for deep-sea fishing tours, and other water sports are readily available, such as jet skiing, windsurfing and sailing.

If you’re looking for slightly more peace and quiet, you can sometimes catch a boat to nearby coves, which are often completely deserted, as when evening rolls around, Grand Baie is party central and has some of Mauritius’s best bars and clubs.

16- Blue Bay

mauritius best beaches couple kayaking and speedboat
You’ll most likely be kayaking or boating on your Mauritius beach vacation.

Just a short way from Mahebourg, Blue Bay is in Mauritius’ south-west and is one of the best places to see diverse marine life.

Unsurprisingly due to its name, the water here is vibrantly blue and clear, which makes it ideal for boat trips, snorkelling and diving.

The area is home to the Blue Bay marine park, a national park where visitors can see hundreds of varieties of coral, fish and other wildlife.

The best time to visit Blue Bay is during the week when it is almost deserted, as locals often crowd this popular spot on weekends.

17- Belle Mare Plage

best beaches mauritius Flying over the turquoise lagoon of Mauritius in the Belle Mare area
One of the Mauritius beaches you will love is Belle Mare Plage, which has a coral reef just a few strokes from the sand.

Although slightly less well-known, Belle Mare Plage on the northeast cast is slowly creeping onto people’s radars as one of the best-hidden gems in Mauritius.

It is already getting busy, with several boutique hotels in the area.

This pristine six-mile stretch of sand offers plenty of activities, including snorkelling, catamaran trips and horse-riding.

Most people, including locals, come here to spend the day swimming and relaxing, so you can find food and drinks at hotels or food stands.

For the freshest meal, head to the nearby Belle Mare market, which sells local produce, hot food and souvenirs.

18- Poudre d’Or

mauritius island beaches three cocktails on a table by the sea
Drinking cocktails on a Mauritius beach is a dream come true.

The name Poudre d’Or translates to ‘Golden Powder’, so you already know what to expect at this stunning beach located a short way from the capital of Port Louis.

The beach has pristine sand and clear waters, although it is known for its lush greenery, including nearby marshlands and palm and casuarina trees along the shoreline.

There is nothing much to do at this beach except relax, and the beach is only accessible via one road.

However, it makes a great place to spend a few hours after visiting the nearby village of the same name to learn about the area’s history, which saw many shipwrecks.

There is now a statue of the drowned lovers Paul and Virginie (Mauritius’ version of Romeo & Juliet), which is a testament to the town’s past.

19- La Preneuse

beaches mauritius Aerial of a lagoon in Mauritius with boats moored on the sand.
A boat tour is a must-do because you will visit a few Mauritius beaches in a day.

La Preneuse is one of Mauritius’ more historic beaches, famous for the Martello Tower and the number of old cannons that line the sand.

The beach is out of the way from the main tourist areas, meaning it remains quiet and the shallow waters here are ideal for children.

The beach is only around a kilometre in length, and it is best to visit at low tide when most of this appears, as there is very little left at high tide.

Swimming and water sports are possible here, however, it is less popular for snorkelling and diving than other beaches due to the lack of a coral reef.

You can also catch excursions such as boat trips and dolphin spotting tours from here, but La Preneuse often gets busy at weekends and in the evening when it has spectacular sunsets.

20- Ilot Mangenie

gay mauritius beaches row of sun lounges and umbrellas on the sand
Many Mauritius beaches offer stunning white sand and sun lounges with umbrellas. Which seat is yours?

The only beach on the list that not just anyone can reach, Ilot Mangenie is both the beach’s name and the private island it’s located on.

This tiny white sand island is owned by the luxury Shangri-La Le Touessrok Resort and Spa; however, day visitors are welcome and it is a short ten-minute speedboat trip from the main island.

The Island is surrounded by a breathtaking coral reef, which not only makes for great snorkelling and diving but also protects the island from heavy waves meaning you can swim here to your heart’s content.

If you’re going for the day, you can set up on the beach or rent a cabana, and if you’re inclined to explore, you can also hire an e-bike to explore the plantations on the island.

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