Norfolk Island: Bounty for all seasons

Norfolk Island: Bounty for all seasons


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norfolk island
Photos: Christina Pfeiffer

Norfolk Island is a South Pacific paradise with dazzling blue skies, dramatic plunging cliffs and majestic Norfolk pines. It is a microcosm of planet earth, a land where oceans are full of fish and crops grow naturally and bountifully in fertile volcanic soils.

norfolk island

It is also a perfect destination for a scrumptious culinary adventure, only a short two to three-hour flight from Australia’s east coast.

Day one: Jack and the beanstalk 

In the tradition of their forefathers, the Bounty mutineers, Norfolk Island’s farmers grow fresh organic fruit and vegetables using sustainable agricultural techniques free from steroids, pesticides or herbicides.

Crops are planted in rich volcanic soils, irrigated with harvested storm water and fertilised with mulch. The end result is a bounty of seasonal fruit and vegetables that are fresh, firm and flavoursome.

Visit a farm to feast on plump tomatoes straight off the vine, ripe passionfruit oozing with flavour or sweet juicy watermelons. Drop a few dollars in an honesty box at a farm stand and fill up a basket with a cornucopia of fresh seasonal choices.

norfolk islandDay two: Catch and cook

Fishing is known as ‘catching’ because a few hours at sea yields tens of kilos of succulent Sweet Lip (Trumpeter to the locals), Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo or Great Southern Marlin. With no bag limits, the World of Norfolk is up there as one of the world’s top spots to fish.

Any hotel on the island that has a restaurant will be only too happy to cook up the fresh catch. Don’t miss the sunset cliff-top fish fry at Puppy’s Point. It’s a fun ritual of feasting, singing and Tahitian dancing for the whole family.

norfolk islandDay three: Go bananas 

Traditional recipes inherited from British mutineer forefathers and their Tahitian wives dish up scrumptious flavours of the South Pacific with a uniquely English twist.

Bananas, or plun in the local Norf’k language, grow in abundance. Try banana dumplings or mudda, made by boiling grated green banana in coconut milk, banana fritters, made by cooking grated green bananas in a pan, and banana pilhai, a moist slice cooked using ripe fruit combined with flour and a pinch of salt, then slow-baked in banana leaf.

Banana dishes are served at smorgasbords, cafes, restaurants and at progressive dinner tours where friendly locals welcome visitors into their homes for a home-cooked meal.

norfolk islandDay four: Gorgeous dining

From Tahitian kingfish marinated in coconut milk to woodfired pizza with blue swimmer crab, king prawns and olive tapenade, the island’s chefs know how to make the most of the World of Norfolk’s abundant resources. Menus are surprisingly innovative and always delicious.

Book a table at Dino’s at Bumboras and dine in a charming historic Norfolk pine homestead built on land granted to mutiny descendant William Adams in 1875. Like most restaurants here, Dino’s is full of character.

Home-made pasta is lovingly prepared with free range eggs and fresh herbs. Served with local veal and locally grown mushrooms, it’s just one example of the World of Norfolk’s fresh and tasty fare.

norfolk islandChristina Pfeiffer was a guest of Norfolk Island tourism

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