12 Things To Do In Playa del Carmen At Night

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In the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya region, Playa del Carmen has a vibrant nightlife scene with something for everyone. Whether you are looking for lively bars, cultural performances, or a more relaxed atmosphere, there are many different options for entertainment in Playa del Carmen at night.

Even if you don’t like to drink or party, there is still plenty of fun in this vibrant Mexican beach town after sundown. Here are the 12 best things to do in Playa del Carmen at night, whether you’re looking for an exciting night out or a relaxing evening.

Playa del Carmen At Night

Top 3 Tours

  • Coco Bong Club – The top night experience in Playa del Carmen. The live shows are legendary and the atmosphere is electric.
  • All You Can Drink Club Crawl – Skip the lines and have fun at the hottest clubs and bars in Playa del Carmen.
  • Xcaret Spectacular – A full day ticket at Xcaret including the night show.

12 Things to Do in Playa del Carmen at Night

1- Go Bar Hopping On 5th Avenue

playa del carmen at night
Going bar hopping is one of the fun things to do in Playa del Carmen for adults.

A pedestrian-only street that spans more than 20 blocks, Playa del Carmen’s famous Fifth Avenue (“La Quinta Avenida”) is known for its lively atmosphere and plethora of bars, restaurants, shops, and street performers.

It’s the most happening part of town and a great spot to go bar hopping at night.

Fifth Avenue is home to many kinds of bars, whether you’re looking for cheap drinks, frozen yards from Senor Frog’s, craft beers, or a wine pairing evening.

Check out popular bars like Bar Loco, Tequila Barrel, Club de Cerveza, and La Verbena for a fun night out.

While the area is extremely touristy and full of street vendors, it’s still an excellent place to experience the Playa del Carmen nightlife.

Plus, the area is entirely walkable, so you don’t have to worry about getting a taxi if you stay downtown. You may like to join this bar-hopping tour to meet new people.

2- Let Loose At The Famous Coco Bongo Show

playa del carmen coco bongo
Singing and dancing and watching the shows at the Coco Bongo club is one of the fun things to do in Playa del Carmen at night.

Coco Bongo, a nightclub and entertainment venue in Playa del Carmen, offers a crazy mix of music, acrobatics and live performances that is a lot of fun.

The high-energy four-hour production features everything from Cirque du Soleil-style acrobats to pop-culture-inspired performances to music acts like Michael Jackson, Queen and Christina Aguilera impersonators.

Be ready for a wild night out at Coco Bongo, where you can dance and sing along to the performances while enjoying an open bar.

It’s a popular destination for tourists and locals, so get your tickets in advance here.

3- Go On A Floating Fiesta At Xoximilco

night show playa del carmen
Attending a show is one of the top things to do in Playa del Carmen.

Located near Cancun, Xoximilco is a nightly attraction offered by Grupo Xcaret that celebrates Mexican culture, food, and music.

A recreation of the original attraction in Mexico City, Xoximilco features colourful trajineras (gondola-like boats) with live mariachi bands, tequila tastings, and traditional Mexican dishes.

Guests can enjoy an evening of dancing, singing, eating, and drinking as they float down the canal in a fun party atmosphere.

It’s a unique and festive way to spend a night in Playa del Carmen.

4- Go Night Ziplining At Xplor Fuego

If you’re up for an adrenaline rush, another fun nighttime adventure in Playa del Carmen is to visit Xplor Fuego, one of the best Xcaret adventure parks.

After 5.30 pm, the original Xplor adventure park transforms into Xplor Fuego, offering a thrilling adventure in the Mayan jungle at night.

The nighttime version of the famous park features zip lines, amphibious vehicles, underground rivers, and caves, all lit up with orange and red hues for added excitement.

The park’s paths are lit with fire torches and bonfires, making for a unique adventure at night.

At Xplor Fuego, you can enjoy a dinner barbecue buffet as they participate in the park’s nighttime activities until 11 pm. Skip the line and reserve your tickets here.

5- See A Cirque du Soleil Performance At La Joya

Located at Vidanta Resorts, the Cirque du Soleil show “La Joya” combines acrobatics, gastronomy and live music for a unique theatre performance in Playa del Carmen.

This is the only Cirque du Soleil show in Mexico and shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for a sophisticated evening out in Playa del Carmen.

Dinner and drink packages are available where guests can enjoy a seated dinner with gourmet appetizers, entrees, and champagne while watching the show.

With highly skilled performers, the impressive acrobatics and live music make for a spectacular night of entertainment.

6- Dance Under The Stars At A Playa del Carmen Nightclub

Playa del Carmen has a lively club scene with popular nightclubs like Mandala, La Vaquita and Abolengo all clustered on the vibrant 12th Street.

Be sure to arrive early to get in without paying a cover charge.

Clandestino, in the heart of Fifth Avenue, offers a more upscale club experience with its rooftop terrace and trendy vibe.

Santino is another popular spot with its chic indoor-outdoor setup and international DJs spinning electronic music all night long.

No matter which of the Playa del Carmen nightclubs you choose, be ready for a night of dancing and drinking until the early morning hours.

For a VIP experience, tables with bottle service are also available.

7- Learn To Salsa Dance At A Latin Club

salsa playa del carmen after dark
Learning to salsa is one of the top things to do in Playa del Carmen at night.

If you’re looking for a more authentic night out in Playa del Carmen, check out one of the salsa dancing hotspots like La Bodeguita del Medio, Patio 8, or Zenzi Beach Bar.

You can spend the evening listening to live music and dancing salsa, bachata, and merengue with locals.

If you want to learn dance moves, many clubs offer on-site salsa dance lessons in small groups if you arrive early.

Check the venue’s Facebook page to find out about the salsa nights.

It’s a fun and interactive way to get out on the dance floor and experience Mexican culture at night in Playa del Carmen.

8- Drink With Your Toes In The Sand At A Beach Bar

playa del carmen at dusk
Feeling the sand between your toes on the beach is another thing to do in Playa del Carmen night and day.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed evening, grab a drink and watch the sunset at one of Playa del Carmen’s beach bars with your toes in the sand.

Zenzi Beach Bar is a popular spot for locals and tourists, with its tables and chairs directly on the beach.

It also offers live music and salsa bands in the evening for a relaxing yet lively atmosphere.

There’s nothing like sipping on a margarita and watching the waves crash onto the shore while enjoying a chill evening on the beach with family or friends.

Having a drink on the beach is a fabulous way to end a day of beach lounging or adventure activities.

9- Check Out The Views At A Rooftop Bar

bars in playa del carmen at night
Drinking in a rooftop bar is one of the most pleasurable things to do in Playa del Carmen at night.

For stunning views of Playa del Carmen’s Caribbean coastline, head to a rooftop bar like Be Roof (at the Be Playa Hotel), Fives Rooftop, or the Thompson Hotel.

Located on top of hotels in the heart of Fifth Avenue, these bars offer delicious cocktails and a trendy atmosphere with lounge seating and breezy rooftop terraces.

And with the skyline illuminated at night, they offer the perfect spot to watch the sunset or take in the city lights.

10- Eat Tacos At A Local Taco Joint

what to eat in playa del carmen at night
After a night of partying one of the things to do in Playa del Carmen is to tuck into some tasty tacos.

No visit to Mexico is complete without indulging in delicious authentic Mexican tacos.

Playa del Carmen has plenty of local taco joints where you can grab a quick, tasty bite at night.

El Ă‘ero, El Fogon, and Don Sirloin are popular spots for their authentic tacos with various meats and toppings, as well as other Mexican favourites like quesadillas and burritos.

Wash your food down with an ice-cold beer for the ultimate Mexican culinary experience.

For a more upscale taco dining experience, try La Perla Pixan, an excellent restaurant in Playa del Carmen that offers gourmet tacos made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

With its trendy atmosphere and unique flavours like cochinita pibil duck tacos (a dish native to the Yucatan peninsula), La Perla Pixan is a great place to go at night and a must-try for taco lovers.

No matter where you go, grab some tacos and enjoy Playa del Carmen’s vibrant street food culture at night.

11- Listen To Live Music Played By Local Musicians

Playa del Carmen has a vibrant music scene with many bars and restaurants offering live music from local musicians.

Check out Fah Bar or Caiman for their nightly lineup of local bands while sipping drinks in a lively atmosphere.

Baton Rouge Grill is a top night spot in Playa del Carmen offering live rock music with cheap drinks.

For a sophisticated experience, check out Off the Vine Wine Bar, which offers live music from acoustic musicians while sipping wine and snacking on cheese and charcuterie.

No matter what kind of music scene you’re looking for, Playa del Carmen offers a variety of options to enjoy live music at night.

12- Eat A Seven-Course Meal At Xcaret Mexico Espectacular

playa del carmen at night dance
Watching a Mexican cultural show is one of the top things to do in Playa del Carmen.

For a unique and entertaining evening, check out the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show at the iconic Xcaret Park, which combines Mexican culture, history and cuisine in one night.

The experience includes VIP seating at the 2-hour show with traditional Mexican dances, native performances, and colourful costumes celebrating the history and culture of Mexico.

During the show, you’ll enjoy a seven-course gourmet meal paired with wine, champagne, or non-alcoholic beverages.

It’s a fun and immersive way to enjoy Mexican culture, history, and cuisine in one night. Skip the lines and order your tickets here.

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Playa del Carmen at Night: FAQs

These answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about going out in Playa del Carmen at night will help you plan your trip.

Does Playa del Carmen have good nightlife?

Playa del Carmen offers a vibrant and diverse nightlife scene with beach bars, rooftop bars, live music venues and late-night taco joints.

And the best part is that Playa del Carmen’s downtown area is very walkable, making it easy to hop from one spot to the next.

Is it safe to go out in Playa del Carmen at night?

Stick to the main tourist areas and use caution and it is generally safe to go out in Playa del Carmen at night.

As with any destination, be aware of your surroundings, never accept drinks from strangers, and keep your valuables secure.

It’s no secret that drug-related crime exists in Playa del Carmen, so avoid drugs and do not accept any offers for them. It’s also not advised to stay out late alone in less populated areas.

Do you need to take a taxi to go out in Playa del Carmen at night?

Playa del Carmen’s downtown area is very walkable, so you may not necessarily need to take a taxi to go out at night if you’re staying at a hotel in the town centre.

However, if you’re staying at a resort in Riviera Maya, you will need to take a taxi to get there and back. Unfortunately, Uber and other ride-sharing services are unavailable in Playa del Carmen.

What is the dress code for bars and clubs in Playa del Carmen?

Generally, the dress code for bars and clubs in Playa del Carmen is casual and beach-friendly vacation clothes. Women wear dresses or skirts, men wear pants, shorts, or nice jeans with collared shirts.

However, some upscale venues may have a more strict dress code and may require nicer clothing and shoes (i.e. no flip-flops allowed). It’s always best to check with the specific venue beforehand.

Where should I go out in Playa del Carmen?

There are various options for going out in Playa del Carmen, from trendy rooftop bars to live music venues to upscale nightclubs.

Some popular bars include Be Roof, La Perla Pixan, Fah Bar, and Caiman. The most popular nightclubs in Playa del Carmen are Clandestino, Santino, and Mandala.

Conclusion: Top Things to Do in Playa del Carmen at Night

Whether you’re looking for a lively salsa night or a rooftop drink with stunning views, there are many fun things to do in Playa del Carmen at night. And even if you don’t like to drink or party, Playa del Carmen offers options like salsa dancing, nighttime ziplining at Xplor Fuego, and the Cirque du Soleil La Joya show for a special night out.

Explore some of these options for the best nightlife in Playa del Carmen while enjoying the warm, tropical atmosphere and beautiful beaches. Don’t forget to be cautious and stay safe to have the best time out in Playa del Carmen.