20 Things To Do In Porto At Night

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Porto is Portugal’s second-largest city and lies beside the beautiful River Douro. It is a historic city with a mediaeval Old Town, magnificent architectural monuments, and museums to explore. There are vineyards and wineries producing port wine close by, which attracts many travellers to the region. Although Porto is an exciting city to explore during the day, at night it comes alive and is a dynamic place to spend the evening. You are sure to find something to do at night in Porto, whether you want to party until sunrise, visit unusual museums, join a food or drink tour, or watch a spectacular sunset. To help you decide how to spend your evenings, let’s look at my 20 top choices of things to do in Porto at night.

Porto At Night

20 Things To Do In Porto At Night

1- Have A Drink In The Lively Cais Da Ribeira Neighbourhood

Ribeira means riverside and this lively neighbourhood is right by the Douro River.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and here you will find beautifully coloured houses and numerous bars and restaurants.

From late afternoon until the early hours of the morning, locals and tourists gather to have a drink or a meal and chat.

Take a stroll by the river and then settle in a cafe or bar to people and boat watch.

You are likely to see the traditional Portuguese boats, ribelos, used to transport port wine from the vineyards to the wineries but are now used for cruises.


The sunset is stunning in Cais da Ribeira, especially as this is when the street performers emerge and entertain with their music.

If you are with a partner, it can be a romantic place to spend the evening.

Ribeira Square is particularly stunning with its massive fountain, cobbled streets, and views of the river and historic bridges.

It is also a great place to try out Portuguese cuisine.

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2- Enjoy The Sunset From A Miradouro

Lisbon From Miradouro De Santa Luzia Viewpoint
Enjoying the sunset from a Miradouro is one of the cool things to do in Porto at night.

A miradouro is an elevated scenic viewpoint and there are so many of these throughout Porto that you will be spoilt for choice when looking for somewhere to watch the sunset.

One of the best sunsets is from the Miradouro da Vitoria.

The view is also spectacular as you can see the Douro River, the Dom Luis I bridge, the cathedral, and the port wine lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Another good spot is the Miradouro da Rua das Aldas, close to Porto Cathedral.

You get a great view over the red rooftops and towards the river, and the cathedral is particularly spectacular as it is lit up by the sun’s rays.

Both of these miradouros can get busy at sunset, so if you want to avoid the crowds, head to Jardim dos Sentimentos and watch the sunset from the Torreo do Jardim do Palácio or the Miradouro da Ponte.

You will have lovely views of the Douro River from both spots.

This beautiful botanical garden is unusually designed as a labyrinth, and you can take a leisurely walk before watching the sunset.

It has stunning fountains and beautiful plants, and it is a bird watcher’s paradise.

You can even see peacocks wandering freely.

The Jardim dos Sentimentos is at Rua da Restauração 116, 4050-499, Porto.

3- Take In A Fado Dinner Show.

Fado Musician
Taking in a Fado dinner show is one of the unmissable things to do at night in Porto.

The traditional music of Portugal is Fado, with lyrics depicting heartbreak, loss, and the unfairness of life.

It is usually sung by just one person accompanied by two guitarists, one playing a classical guitar and the other, a Portuguese guitar.

Despite being sad, the music is moving and will touch your heart even if you don’t understand the words.

I suggest taking an evening Fado dinner show with a tour of Porto at night.

This experience gives you a one-hour tour with a sunset view, followed by the show and a meal, and ending with an extra half-hour tour.

Your guide will tell you about the history of the city and Fado music, as well as about Porto’s food and wine scene.

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4- Climb The Clerigos Tower

The Clerigos Tower is open until 7 p.m.

It is the bell tower of Clerigos Church and is built from granite and marble, towering over the city at a height of 76 metres (249 feet).

To reach the top, you will need to climb 240 narrow steps, but it is worth the effort for the views of the Old Town and the Douro River.

You can also see the beautiful gardens of Cordoaria.

If you are in Porto in early spring or early autumn, you might catch the sun beginning to set.

If you get a Porto Card, which gives you unlimited free access to public transport and free and discounted entrances to attractions, you will get a 50% discount to climb the Clerigos Tower.

If you haven’t got a Porto Card, you can get a skip-the-line entrance ticket which will save you from queuing.

The Clerigos Tower is at Rua de São Filipe de Nery, 4050 – 546, Porto.

5- Enjoy The Spiritus Show At The Clerigos Church
Porto With Dos Clerigos Cathedral At Night
Enjoying the Spiritus Show at Clerigos Church is another must-do in Porto at night.

After you have climbed the tower, head into Clerigos Church for the evening Spiritus Show.

There are six shows each night from Monday to Saturday, and three on Sunday.

The show immerses you in lights, music, and colours, every aspect of the interior coming to life.

It transforms the Baroque architecture into a mystical place and takes you on a spiritual journey.

The show is magical so even if you aren’t particularly religious, you won’t forget it in a hurry.

You can buy a ticket in advance so you can skip the line.

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6- Take A Douro River Sunset Cruise

Cruise Liner
Taking a Douro River sunset cruise in Porto at night.

Perhaps you feel like a chilled-out evening, relaxing and enjoying beautiful views.

If so, I suggest that you take a Douro River cruise.

There are plenty on offer but the one I have chosen takes you out at sunset on a 15-metre (49.21-foot) sailing boat.

It starts at Douro Marina and passes through the beautiful scenery of both Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, which is on the opposite side of the river.

You will pass under stunning bridges and see the Old Market (Alfandega), and the port wine cellars.

You are given a glass of port wine to sip while gazing at the beautiful surroundings and watching the sunset.

The cruise heads towards the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful seafront of Foz do Douro.

If you are lucky, you might see dolphins once you are close to the ocean.

7- Try A Francestinha At A Traditional Restaurant

Francesinha On Plate
Tasting a Francestinha is another to do in Porto at night.

A Francestinha is a Portuguese sandwich created in Porto.

However, it isn’t an ordinary sandwich and you need a good appetite to conquer it.

It is layers of toasted bread, filled with different meats, such as roast beef, steak, wet-cured ham, chipolata, or any combination of meats.

Slices of cheese are placed on top of the sandwich, and they are melted by pouring an almost-boiling sauce of tomato and beer over the sandwich.

If you want to go the whole hog, you can have a fried egg on top and enjoy it with fries.

The Caffe Restaurante O Afonso is one of the most popular places in Porto to get one of these sandwiches.

Brasao also serves the Francestinha and has many locations all over Porto.

It even serves a vegetarian Francesinha as does Lado B Cafe.

If you are a fish lover, you can get a Francestinha with prawns and shrimp at café Baracarda. This food and wine walking tour will take you to the best places.

  • The Cafe Restaurante O Afonso is at Rua da Torrinha 219, 4050-610, Porto.
  • Lado B Café is at Rua de Passos Manuel 190, Frente, 4000-382, Porto.
  • Cafe Baracarda is at Rua de Costa Cabral 806, Porto.

8- Take A Guided Segway Tour Of Porto

A Group Of People Guided Segway Tour
Taking a guided segway tour is one of the safest activites in Porto at night.

Don’t worry if you haven’t ridden a segway before because your guide will give you safety instructions.

Your guide is also an experienced storyteller who will tell you hidden secrets about the sites you pass on your journey around the city.

The segway tour begins at 6.30 p.m.,so you will see the beautiful colours of the sunset lighting up the buildings.

You will travel past such sites as Sao Bento Cathedral, Clerigos Tower, the Sao Bento Train Station, and the narrow streets of Candido dos Reis.

The tour will give you your bearings in the city and an idea of where you want to spend more time.

The Sao Bento station, for example, is beautiful as it has a stunning display of stone tiles depicting the lives of the citizens of Porto and the battles they were involved in.

If you prefer cycling, this 3-hours guided electric bike tour is another fun way to explore Porto.

9- Hit The Nightclubs

Adults Enjoying Themselves While Out In A Nightclub
Hit the nightclubs to enjoy Porto nightlife.

Porto has a lively club scene so if you want to dance the night away, you will have plenty of opportunity, especially as many clubs stay open until sunrise.

Unsurprisingly, many of the clubs are near Porto University.

Bars, clubs, pubs, and restaurants fill Rua da Galeria de Paris and Rua de Candido dos Reis.

You can either relax with a drink in a bar or dance all night in a club or go on a friendly pub crawl.

The choice is yours.

On weekends, you will find that many of the bars and clubs have live music.

One of the best nightclubs in Porto is the Tendinha dos Clerigos in the city centre.

It hosts different types of music to suit all tastes and is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m.

If you, like me, love music of the 1970s and 1980s, head to Disco 80s which takes you back to that period, both with the music and the decor.

Tendinha Dos Clérigos is at Rua Conde de Vizela 80, 4050-639, Porto.
Disco 80s is at Rua da Restauração 39, 4050-503, Porto.

10- Admire The Views From The Ponte Dom Luis I

Bridge Ponte Dom Luis Over Douro River
Admire the view from Ponte Dom Luis I in Porto at night.

The Ponte Dom Luis I is a bridge connecting Porto to the town of Vila Nova de Gaia.

It was built in 1886 and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

It is a beautiful bridge from where you have spectacular views of both Porto and Gaia, as well as of the river and the other bridges.

You can choose to walk on either the lower or upper level, but the views are best from the upper level, especially at sunset.

This is generally the busiest time so if you want to avoid the crowds, go later.

The views are still impressive as the city is lit up when the sun goes down and it looks magical.

11- Attend A Concert At The Casa Musica

Casa Da Musica
Attending a concert at Casa Musica is what to do at night in Porto.

The Casa Musica was created when Porto was named European Capital of Culture in 2001.

Concerts and cultural events are held here and there is always a good selection of shows so check online to see what is on while you are in Porto.

Past shows have included The Triumph of Shostakovich, Mozart’s Magic Flute, Beethoven’s Landscapes, jazz sessions, and Portuguese traditional music.

You can spend all evening here as there are two bars and a restaurant in the building.

Have a meal before the show and a drink during the interval.

Casa Música is at Avenida da Boavista 625, 4099–038, Porto.

12- Go On A Guided Pub Crawl

If you want to try some bars where the locals go and are less touristy, this tour will suit you down to the ground.

The tour lasts for four and a half hours during which time you visit three bars and a nightclub in the Galerias neighbourhood.

Five drinks are included in the tour price as is the entrance to the nightclub.

Your guide will have plenty of fun facts about the drinking culture, including saying cheers in ten languages.

Remember to have a meal beforehand as you will be having five drinks and maybe more if you decide to stay in the nightclub until the early hours.

13- Shop ’Til You Drop On The Rua De Santa Caterina

The Rua de Santa Caterina is one of the best shopping streets in Porto and is open until 10 p.m.

You can get just about anything you want here, and shops include Levis, Jean-Louis David, Pandora, Springfield, Swatch, The Body Shop, Flying Tiger, and H&M.

You can spend the whole evening here as there is a food court and the elaborate Art Nouveau Cafe Majestic.

Prices are a little higher in the cafe, but it is worth the extra if only to admire the decorations.

Be sure to take a photo of the Capela das Almas which has a beautiful, tiled facade.

14- Have A Drink At Caso Di Livro

Caso di Livro means book house and this bar was originally a bookstore with books still adorning the walls, making for an interesting backdrop.

It became a cafe bar in 2007 and is a cool place to hang out.

The bar runs along one wall in the front room with banquette seating opposite.

The highlight of the bar is the baby grand piano in the middle of the room.

On many occasions, a pianist plays a mixture of soul, jazz, and contemporary music.

At others, there is a DJ in the back room playing an eclectic mix of music.

Whether you want a glass of wine, a beer, a cocktail, or just a cup of coffee, Caso di Livro is a fascinating place to spend the evening.

Caso do Livro is at Rua Galerias Paris 85, 4050-315, Porto.

15- Enjoy A Jazz Show At Porto-Jazz

Jazz fans will love Porta-Jazz.

It is open on Saturday evenings and there are two shows, one at 7 p.m. and the other at 10 p.m.

So far, it has hosted over 700 concerts over seven years.

It is run by jazz musicians who also host events about jazz music all over the city.

The musicians are of all ages and present a wide variety of jazz.

Porto-Jazz is a non-profit organisation, so it does not charge entry which is great if you are on a budget.

However, donations are welcome and go to support the events.

Porto-Jazz is at Rua João Das Regras 305, 4000-293, Porto.

16- Visit The Pink Palace

In Vila Nova de Gaia, on the other side of the Don Luis I bridge, you will find the WOW Museum complex.

A recent addition to the complex is the Pink Palace, a museum dedicated to rose wine.

If this wine is your preference and you like the colour pink, this museum is for you.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the Pink Palace stays open until 10 p.m., while it closes at 7 p.m. on other nights.

There are 11 rooms where you can learn all about rose wine, the regions it is grown in, and the different climates of these areas.

Each room is pink-themed; for example, there is a room full of pink balls and another with a pink Cadillac.

The highlight, however, is a tasting of five different rose wines including Mateus Rose and Vertice Rose Bruto.

The Pink Palace is at Rua do Choupelo 39, 4400-088, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto. Skip the lines by pre-booking your entry and tasting tickets.

17- Enjoy A Night Tuk-Tuk Tour

You can take a tuk-tuk tour of Porto at any time of the day, but it is magical if you take one at night when the buildings are lit, and there are as many crowds.

The tour lasts for two hours and you can choose between a sunset tour and a night tour.

If you are in the mood for romance, the sunset tour will be perfect for you.

However, whichever you choose, you will see the Douro River from different parts of both Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.

To make things even better, your guide will tell you about the places you pass.

A lovely touch is that you are given a glass of port for your journey.

18- Visit The Serralves Museum Of Contemporary Art

Casa De Serralves, Porto, Portugal
Serralves Museum Of Contemporary Art.

This museum is in the beautiful Serralves Park, a garden which is worth walking around after you have visited the museum.

Don’t miss out on the Treetop Walk which takes you through the trees on elevated wooden platforms.

Don’t worry, they are lit at night and make for a magical experience.

The museum houses contemporary art and has permanent and temporary exhibitions by Portuguese and international artists.

However, the collection doesn’t only include paintings, but music and films as well.

It also hosts performing arts.

The museum is open until 7 p.m., except for Thursdays when it is open until 10 p.m.

The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art is at Rua D, João de Castro 210, 4150-417, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto

19- Enjoy A Port Wine Tasting

Two Glasses Of Port Wine Tawny On A Table
Enjoying a port wine tasting is one of the best things to do Porto at night.

Porto is the place to enjoy a port wine tasting as it can only be produced in the Douro Valley.

It is renowned all over the world and I like to serve it with cheese and biscuits at the end of a dinner party.

Many of the cellars are across the bridge in Vila Nova de Gaia and each offers tours with wine tastings.

Cellars include Sandeman, Caves Ferreira, and Taylor’s.

You can also book port wine experiences such as the ‘Calem Cellar Tour, with a Fado Show and Port Wine Tasting’.

In this experience, you go to Calem Wine Cellars where you have a guided tour of the cellars and enjoy a tasting while watching Fado music.

You will taste two port wines, a white port, and a special reserve port wine.

20- Enjoy An Evening Food Crawl

Porto Seguro In Southern Bahia
Enjoying a food crawl is another to do at night in Porto.

This tour is perfect if you want to go off the tourist track and see how the locals eat.

Your guide will tell you the secrets of Portuguese gastronomy and port wine, and you will taste some delicious traditional food and drinks.

The tour takes you to five restaurants where you will have tapas or try meals such as the national codfish dish, Bacalhau.

Local drinks accompany each tasting.

The restaurants are all run by local families who will tell you about the history of each dish that you try.

It is the perfect introduction to Portuguese food.

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