Queensland photographer Christopher Nobs

Queensland photographer Christopher Nobs


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Woody capturing the Sunrise at Main Beach

Although Christopher Nobs moved to Darwin earlier this year, he still calls Queensland’s Gold Coast home. He arrived in Australia and the Gold Coast in 2008, fell in love with Queensland and hopes to move back one day. He takes photos to make people smile and has certainly put a smile of the faces of thousands of Instagram fans who follow his adventures @chriznobs seeing the world through the eyes of the fictional character “Woody”.  

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I am originally from Germany and have German and Filipino blood.@ChrizNobs and WoodyPhotography is my hobby.

I work as an educator and I’m furthering my interest in primary school teaching. I started taking photos as a child, playing with my mother’s film camera.

At the age of 16, when I had some money, the first thing I bought was a camera.

Nature, architecture and animals always fascinated me.

With Instagram, I got more serious to take more photographs and taught myself how to shoot with manual settings.

It opened up lots of opportunities for me, which involves travelling.

I got lucky and found a following for my little friend’s adventures.

How did you come up with the Woody idea?

When I started Instagram, I took pictures of anything that appeal my eyes.

At first, I didn’t know what this app was all about. For the first month, I thought it was just an editing app because of its filters.

After a while, I figured out, that you can follow people and found inspiration in the “popular page”.

From there I became friends with a couple of toy photographers who inspired me to become one too.

I love the stories you can tell with them, the comedy side of it and most of all the creativity.

The biggest challenge is to make them look realistic.

I have a big toy collection but Woody stands out because everyone knows him.Nudgee BeachAlso, for me, he is perfect to shoot with, because of his movable joints and two facial expressions. This enables me to make the toy look more realistic.

Where have you travelled in Queensland?

With Tourism Queensland I was able to travel to Bundaberg and shoot some turtle photos.

I’ve also worked with Brisbane Marketing and visited Moreton Island.

I’ve also been to Cairns with my family.Cleveland SunsetOther than that, I was able to drive to Girraween National Park for camping.

The south of Queensland is quite easy to travel around by car.

There is so much to see on a Queensland road trip.

What was your most memorable trip in Queensland?

My most memorable trip was to Bundaberg.

We saw turtles laying eggs and enjoyed the scenery.

We went to Lady Elliot Island, where I enjoyed snorkelling with turtles.

We also visited the Town of 1770.

Where else have you been?

My last trip in Queensland was to Moreton Island and Tangalooma Resort, where I snorkelled around the shipwrecks, went quad biking, rode a Segway, fed the fish and wild dolphins.

It was an action-packed day trip.

I’d recommend staying at the resort for a few days in order to enjoy the activities offered.DCIM133GOPRO

What was your most memorable experience?

My most memorable Queensland experience was diving at the Great Barrier Reef.

It really is an amazing place, colourful and has very clear water with lots of sea life.

Here are some Great Barrier Reef facts

Unfortunately, during my time in Cairns, I didn’t own a good camera then and also had no underwater gear.

Nowadays I am fortunate to use my GoPro for snorkelling or diving.Snorkelling with Turtles

If you were going to take your Mum on a road trip where would you go?

Queensland is amazing.

My main focus would be a road trip that includes camping at some National Parks.

I know that she would love them especially.Gold Coast - Sunrise at the SpitLemington National Park - Discovering Mt O'Reilly's surroundings

Beach or desert?

I personally love the beach, to listen to the waves especially which calms me down quite a bit.

Also seeing the sunrise and sunsets at some locations like Currumbin is so peaceful.

I love watching the sun go down with the reflections on the water.Currumbin SunriseWoody exploring Currumbin

Favourite restaurant?

I like the restaurants at Jupiters because of their convenience and great deals.

Favourite beach?

Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays. I haven’t been there yet, but from pictures, I imagine them as the best because of the white sand.Woody capturing the Sunrise at Main Beach

Favourite town?

My favourite town would be Canungra.

It’s a beautiful location, close to the Gold Coast.

The surroundings offer a lot of photo opportunities.

I was always discovering new places there.

They have a lovely camping ground called James Sharp Park.

It’s perfect for families.

It is lovely during the summer to swim in the creek.

Also nearby is a place called Marian Valley.Canungra

If you had to move to somewhere else in Queensland where would you choose?

To me, the Gold Coast is already perfect to live in, because of the weather.

Not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter.

But I would also like to live on the Sunshine Coast.Gold Coast - The SpitWhale Watching - Gold Coast

Most romantic place you’ve been to?

There are two places that I found most romantic.

One is surrounded by water and one is high up in the mountains.

So, first of all, would be Lady Elliot Island.

The other one would be O’Reilly’s with the view overlooking the Gold Coast hinterland.Mt O'Reilly - Infinity Pool

When things get too much where do you go to get away from it all?

Canungra is relaxing.

Sitting at a waterfall to clear the mind or praying at Marian Valley is very peaceful to me.Woody enjoying the Natural Bridge

Three places on your bucket list?

1- Hamilton Island, Whitsundays including flying over Heart Reef

2- Sunset in Cape Hillsborough, Mackay (check out these things to do in Mackay) to see kangaroos at the beach

3- Cape York Peninsula

Queensland photographer


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