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A small country just south of Malaysia, you’d be forgiven for thinking that shopping opportunities were thin on the ground in Singapore. On the contrary, Singapore is a spectacularly modern country, bordering on futuristic, with sleek architecture, contemporary neighbourhoods and almost too many shopping opportunities. 

Naturally, visitors to Singapore can find shiny malls filled with classic high street brands and luxury designers, but you’ll also find centres dedicated to cutting-edge technology, arts and culture and local makers.

The rich blend of cultures brought by Singapore’s residents, who hail from Malaysia and India to Dubai and Australia, mean districts like Little India and the Arab Quarter offer more shopping opportunities in one-off boutiques, fresh produce markets and bustling bazaars. 

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Where To Go Shopping In Singapore

1- Orchard Road

Orchard Road Sign And Buildings
Orchard Road is the most famous shopping street in Singapore.

This vibrant stretch of road is lined with an array of high-end luxury boutiques, department stores, and world-class malls.

From renowned international brands to local designers, Orchard Road offers a diverse range of fashion, accessories, electronics, and more.

Shoppers can explore famous malls like ION Orchard, Ngee Ann City, and Paragon, which house a mix of luxury and mainstream brands.

With its beautifully designed storefronts, dazzling lights, and bustling atmosphere, Orchard Road provides a captivating shopping experience.


Another luxe shopping mall on Orchard Road, Paragon, is a popular alternative to The Shoppes if you’re more Prada than Primark.

Expect the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Chloe, Dior and more here.

The sheer size of Paragon means there are hundreds of stores to explore, and so there are plenty of more affordable favourites in there as well – there’s even a Marks & Spencer.

There are also lots of upmarket Asian designers and high-end dining options, along with salons, galleries, lounges and coffee shops for when the luxury all gets too much.

The Paragon is at 290 Orchard Rd, Singapore.

Design Orchard

Forget outlet malls and high street chains; head straight to Design Orchard for a truly Singaporean shopping experience.

A trendy, local hub selling homegrown products, it has a diverse range of shops run by local designers and artists.

The centre is run by a parent brand that shares knowledge of marketing, advertising and retail with the local creators to ensure they flourish here, and buying a few bits and bobs goes a long way to helping them thrive.

It’s not just clothing here either; discover great finds from interior designers, jewellery makers and painters too.

Top tip – there’s also a fab rooftop cafe with views directly over Orchard Road.

Design Orchard is at 250 Orchard Rd, Singapore.

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2- The Shoppes at Marina Bay

Louis Vuitton Store, Singapore
Marina Bay has some of the best luxury shopping centres in Singapore.

If you’re hunting for luxury, look no further than The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Anyone who’s anyone has seen the hotel above this mall, famous for its incredible rooftop pool that’s notoriously hard to access.

On the bottom floors, you’ll find the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada, along with culinary delights, from Michelin-star bites to artisan chocolate shops.

Not forgetting the mall’s homage to Las Vegas’ The Venetian for its stunning waterways running through the complex. You can book a sampan boat ride here. 

On top of this, there’s a theatre, cinema and if you can’t quite shell out for the hotel, catch skyline views from the observation deck instead.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay is at 8 Bayfront Ave, Singapore. Skip the line and book your observation deck ticket for a break between shopping. 

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3- Chinatown

Downtown City Skyline, Cityscape Of Chinatown Singapore
Chinatown is one of the best places to go shopping in Singapore for cheap buys.

Not all shopping is about clothes and shoes, so if you’d rather discover some truly local shopping, head to the thriving streets of Singapore’s Chinatown.

Singapore has a huge Chinese population and is where all the best restaurants, shops and markets live.

You can pick up everything from flavourful spices to traditional Chinese clothing, local handicrafts and souvenirs.

Even better, the food is some of the best in town; grab dim sum, noodles and other freshly made dishes for mere pennies – and certainly far less than you’d find at Singapore’s famously pricey restaurants.

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4- Little India

Mannequin In Front Of A Colorful Sari Shop, Little India.
Little India has some intriguing shops in Singapore.

Little India didn’t acquire its unique name for no reason.

Far from just being home to a few Indian shops or cafes, Little India will transport you west and make you feel like you’re on the streets of Delhi or Jaipur.

This neighbourhood is particularly famous for its brightly coloured shophouses, hidden curry houses, all-day cafes and local shops.

Indian spices, fresh produce and traditional gifts are abundant, as are some stunning temples and Singapore’s best street art.

So what should you buy here?

Food should be your first port of call, and afterwards, pick up a traditional saree or even some gold, buy an offering to lay at a local temple or explore one of the many markets.

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5- VivoCity

There’s only one way to explain VivoCity and that’s ‘adult playground’.

This is Singapore’s answer to shopping til you drop, with virtually endless stores selling everything under the sun.

You can exhaust yourself at all the most famous brands, from H&M and Zara to Dyson and Coach – you name it, they’ve got it.

This is where to stock up on products from fashion and sports to tech and toiletries.

Naturally, this can be a little exhausting, but unsurprisingly there’s also a cool Skypark, giant cinema and a massive food court for refuelling before round two.

VivoCity is at 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore.

6- Arab Quarter

On one side of Singapore’s cultural triangle is Little India, another is China, and the last is the Middle East.

Visiting the Arab Quarter is like stepping into a slice of Arabia, its spectacular Sultan Mosque glinting gold in the sunlight and the quaint streets lined with shops.

Along the main drag, you can find a variety of goods ranging from gold jewellery to pottery and souvenirs.

Venture deeper along the side streets, however, such as the bustling Haji Lane, and you’ll discover somewhere akin to the souks and bazaars of Morocco or Dubai.

Stores selling hand-woven carpets, colourful glowing lamps and intricately patterned headscarves are everywhere you look.

Combined with hole-in-the-wall bars, cafes and Arab eateries serving authentic cooking, this is an unmissable place to shop.

7- Clarke Quay

Aerial View Cityscape Of Clarke Quay, Singapore City Skyline
Clarke Quay has some of the best shopping in Singapore, bars and eateries.

Clarke Quay was a low-key area filled with street food markets and great restaurants.

Now, it’s more commonly known for being at the centre of Singapore’s nightlife, bursting with bars, restaurants and clubs along the riverside that are buzzing all night.

Among these are some of Singapore’s best boutiques and galleries.

During the day, you can pick up affordable Asian-made clothing, discover local brands and artisans, browse artwork at some galleries or get your caffeine hit at one of many cool cafes.

Its central location is the beating heart of Singapore, and easy to reach from anywhere, plus, you’ll already be there when the bars start to come alive to enjoy a sundowner or a riverboat cruise. Skip the line and book your cruise here. 

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8- IMM

Forgot something essential for your trip, or can’t hack designer price tags?

Not to worry, IMM in Jurong is Singapore’s biggest outlet mall, where you’ll no doubt find a bargain or two to fit your budget.

IMM stands for International Merchandising Mall, and this massive complex has almost 300 shops to explore.

All your favourite brands, like Tommy Hilfiger, Birkenstock, Nike, Calvin Klein and dozens more, have shops here, meaning you can get great designer clothes, shoes and accessories at knockdown prices.

Not all shops are outlets – there are hundreds of normal shops here and more than 50 places to eat and drink.

Truly, it’s a day out all in itself, regardless of what you need!

IMM is at 2 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore.

9- Bugis Street Market

Visiting Bugis Street is the only real way to explain Singapore’s most famous shopping street-slash-complex.

Part flea market, part mall, head to Bugis for a bustling, chaotic market where you can buy anything under the sun.

Thousands of souvenirs can be found here, so it’s great for picking up presents to take home, but it also sells clothes, bags, shoes, tech, beauty products and more, mostly at unbelievably low prices.

Try haggling and you may get even more of a bargain.

It would take days to check out the more than 800 stalls here, but after making a go of it, don’t miss visiting the equally impressive array of food stands for local street food, snacks and drinks for just a few dollars each. 

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10- City Plaza

City Plaza is ideal for an authentic Singapore shopping experience, with it being the country’s oldest mall.

It’s great for buying everything vintage, from clothes and shoes to cameras, watches and handbags.

You won’t find too many mainstream brands here, instead, there are hundreds of singular local shops that sell either their own label clothes at great prices or re-sell preloved fashion.

Many also sell wholesale to bigger shops, so you can generally find great bargains here if you want to pick up new threads.

The five floors can take a while to work through, but the mall’s central food court has a variety of local eateries which serve huge portions at affordable prices.

City Plaza is at 810 Geylang Rd, Singapore.

11- Scape Underground

This is a particularly good place to shop, because SCAPE is Singapore’s youth-uplift concept.

All of the shops here are run by young people, who are encouraged by the government to produce individual, creative designs, products, artwork and more.

And unsurprisingly for a place based around youth, all prices are student-friendly, so it’s popular for bagging a bargain.

The shops here stock clothes, accessories, shoes, tech, gifts, souvenirs and more, ranging from classic reproduced designs to cool one-off pieces – do some exploring and you might find something special.

Scape Underground is at 2 Orchard Link, Singapore.

12- Tanglin Mall Bazaar

Although Singapore is home to several different bazaars, the Tanglin Mall Bazaar is particularly loved due to its range of vintage products.

Like any good bazaar, you can visit dozens of shops here selling handmade products, homewares, souvenirs, clothes and more.

However, most notably, the mall also sells great vintage clothing, along with old-school tech like vinyl, record players, CDs and more.

Also an affordable spot to grab a bite, Tanglin Mall has a refreshing array of international food options, whether you’re craving a bagel or Chinese food.

Tanglin Mall Bazaar is at 163 Tanglin Road, Singapore.

13- Funan

A mall that has undergone a full facelift, Funan has had a massive renovation to showcase almost 200 brands now.

Based on the themes of live, work and play, the mall is a futuristic place to shop or have fun.

Aside from the local and international brands, it’s home to a strange array of unique features, such as a giant living wall, a rooftop urban farm and the ‘Tree of Life’.

Don’t think shopping is all you can do here either, as Funan also now includes a huge multiplex cinema for catching the latest blockbuster, plus a boutique fitness centre complete with a pool.

Funan is at 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore.

41- Mustafa Centre

Although we’ve already mentioned Little India, this district’s biggest shopping centre deserves its own visit.

The Mustafa Centre is Little India’s main shopping complex, open 24-7, so there’s no excuse not to check it out.

The clothing here is a particular highlight, where everything from branded pieces to more traditional and unique clothing can be found at low prices.

Being Little India however, you can also find a wide array of products like fresh food, spices, tech, shoes, sportswear, fabric, gold and cosmetics – if you’re in desperate need of something, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.

Unlike many other markets, there’s a no haggling rule here – but the prices are so low you won’t need to!

Mustafa Centre is at 145 Syed Alwi Rd, Mustafa Centre, Singapore.

15- Holland Village

Holland Village is an entire district in Singapore, previously home to British Army personnel many years ago.

It has been redeveloped into one of the country’s best shopping, dining and entertainment neighbourhoods.

Home to classic, beautiful architecture, the area houses an eclectic mix of old-school shops, such as the Thambi Magazine Store, open since the 1940s, and contemporary shops, cafes and galleries in the Chip Bee Gardens.

For slightly more luxury, also in Holland Village is the Raffles Holland V shopping mall, which also happens to hide one of Singapore’s best artisanal food courts – think less hawker centre, more Harrods, serving fresh cheeses and charcuterie flown in directly from Australia, Japan and the US.

16- The Star Vista

The Star Vista is one place you can’t miss when shopping in Singapore; you don’t even need to shop to enjoy it.

A super contemporary architectural complex, it has a dizzying array of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and more to explore.

Moreover, it has its own 5,000-seat auditorium where you can watch concerts, shows and events.

You can enjoy a plethora of cool experiences here, such as ‘mall workouts’ like kickboxing and Zumba classes, and chow down on almost any cuisine you can think of, from Japanese to Mexican.

For music enthusiasts, it’s also home to Asia’s most renowned music store, Swee Lee, which sells every instrument from Gibson, Fender, Bose and Ibanez.

The Star Vista is at 1 Vista Exchange Green, Singapore.

17- Queensway Shopping Centre

Located in Queenstown, the Queensway Shopping Centre is a one-stop shop for buying sportswear, from trainers to running shorts.

There is a big mix of well-known and local shops here, and although there’s a high concentration of sportswear brands, you can pretty much find a little bit of everything.

Aside from stocking up on vests, swimsuits and sports gear, more unusual products like musical instruments and tailor-made suits can be found, along with a surprising amount of barber shops, optometrists and watch shops.

Essentially, it’s a very Singaporean shopping mall that’s worth stopping by for the experience.

Queensway Shopping Centre is at 1 Queensway, Singapore.

18- Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport In Singapore
Changi Airport is one of the best shopping places in Singapore.

The uninitiated may be confused as to why an airport would be on a list of best places to shop, but for those lucky enough to even have a layover at Changi, you’ll already know what it hides.

Changi Airport is consistently voted one of the best in the world.

Within its five terminals are a giant waterfall, rainforest, sky walkway, butterfly garden, modern art installations, a cinema, kid’s areas and even a rooftop pool.

The crown jewel (so to speak) is its main shopping terminal, Jewel, which is home to floor upon floor of designer and high street shops, classic restaurants and other fun activities.

Almost every brand, from favourites like Mango to luxury names like Dior, has an outlet here, all surrounding the central waterfall.

Whether you’ve arrived early for your flight, are waiting to check in or ‘accidentally’ missed one, what better way to kill time than shopping in such an epic location?

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