20 Things To Do In Agadir

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When I first travelled to Morocco, I’d heard about a lot of the tourist hotspots, Marrakech, Essaouira, and Casablanca. Agadir wasn’t on my travel list, however, until I visited the area for surfing. Immediately I fell in love with this part of Morocco. Agadir is a relaxed and laid-back city, home to some of the friendliest people, and just bursting with local culture and flavour.

I loved it so much that my two-day visit stretched out into several weeks. So, if you’re considering adding Agadir to your Moroccan travel itinerary, you’re making a great decision (and if you’re not planning to go there yet, then you should be!). To help you make the most of your time here, these are the top things to do in Agadir.

Agadir, Morocco

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20 Things To Do In Agadir

1- Explore The Agadir Oufella Ruins

The Agadir Oufella Ruins, also called the Kasbah of Agadir Oufla, is one of the best places to visit when you’re in Agadir.

The word Agadir means “fort”, so the entire city is named for this structure, which was created in the 1500s.

Nowadays, the fort is in ruins because an earthquake struck the area in 1755 and then again in 1960 causing extreme damage.

You can still see the remains of the Great Mosque, the outer walls, houses, alleyways, shrines and mausoleums.

Take your time to wander the ruins and imagine how life in the Kasbah used to be.

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2- Relax At Agadir Beach

Agadir: Beach and Ranch Horse Riding Tour
Looking for things to do in Agadir? You can’t go wrong by visiting the beach.

If you want to spend time at the beach in Morocco, Agadir Beach is a fantastic choice.

It’s a long, wide beach with golden sand and beautiful turquoise water.

The main beach doesn’t have big waves, which makes it perfect for swimming and relaxing.

There are cafes all along the waterfront and the boardwalk is easy to wander along.

For more excitement, hire stand up paddleboards or jetskis to explore the deeper waters.

Agadir Beach is at Rue La Plage, Agadir 80000, Morocco.

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3- Explore Paradise Valley

Agadir or Taghazout: Paradise Valley Atlas Mountain & Lunch
A tour to Paradise Valley is one of the things to do from Agadir.

In the High Atlas Mountains, just outside of Agadir, is one of Morocco’s most magical places: Paradise Valley.

The Tamraght River runs through this valley, and it helps to create an area full of shady palm trees and rushing waterfalls, in the middle of dry red rock.

This is a great place to cool off on a hot day, and you’ll find a range of hiking trails and secret swimming holes here.

Paradise Valley is approximately 37 miles (60km) outside of Agadir, so you’ll either need to hire a car or arrange for a tour bus to take you there.

However you get there, it’s worth the journey.

Paradise Valley is at Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane،, Agadir 80000, Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane 85000, Morocco.

Recommended tour: Agadir or Taghazout: Paradise Valley Atlas Mountain & Lunch 

4- Spend A Day At The Crocopark

Crocodiles are native to Morocco and used to be found throughout the country.

Unfortunately, over hunting and drought conditions have threatened these animals to the point where it’s almost impossible to spot a crocodile in the wild now.

To see crocodiles in Morocco, one of the best places to visit is Agadir’s Crocopark where more than 300 Nile Crocodiles live. 

You can stroll through the surrounding garden areas, learning about crocodiles and seeing some of these beasts up close.

There are playgrounds, picnic areas and workshops that you can attend, so it’s easy to spend a whole day at the Crocopark.

And, if one day is not enough, you can even visit at night.

The park is artistically lit up in the evenings and it’s a beautiful sight.

Crocopark is at RN 8 PK 16, Agadir, Drarga 80046, Morocco. Skip the line and book your tickets here. 

5- Hike In The Souss-Massa National Park

Just south of Agadir, you’ll find the Souss-Massa National Park.

This massive area is more than 131 miles (338 km) squared and includes dunes, beaches, cliffs, grassy fields and wetlands.

With many different hiking trails running through this park, you can take your pick of scenery and length.

I recommend bringing food, water and good walking shoes and spending at least a day here.

As well as providing a great place for photographers and hikers to explore, Souss-Massa National Park is also home to interesting and endangered species.

If you’re looking for birds you’ll find that the Northern Bald Ibis nests here, along with Marbled Ducks and the Glossy Ibis.

Animals occupying the area include foxes, lizards, hedgehogs and even the African Wild Cat.

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6- Wander Through the Medina

agadir medina
Exploring the Agadir Medina is one of the top 10 things to do in Agadir.

For a real taste of Moroccan culture, spend some time wandering through the Agadir Medina.

The word Medina simply means “city” in Arabic, but you’ll find that most signs pointing to the “medina” here are directing you towards the old, historic part of town.

The Agadir Medina doesn’t disappoint, and just like many Medinas in Morocco, it’s a beautiful rabbit warren of alleyways, stone houses, shady courtyards and market squares.

This medina has undergone reconstruction in recent years, as it was badly damaged in the 1990 earthquake.

Despite that, it has retained a lot of its old character, and it remains a wonderful place to explore. 

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7- Picnic at the Olhão Garden

Olhao Park Canon
Visiting Olhao Park is one of the things to do in Agadir, Morocco.

This shady garden is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon, and it’s right in the centre of Agadir City.

The park shares its name with Olhão in Portugal, which is a twin city of Agadir.

Agadir was occupied by the Portuguese in the 1500s and the naming of this garden reflects that.

Despite the Portuguese name, however, the Olhão Garden is all Moroccan.

There is Berber architecture throughout the park, as well as palm trees, artwork, streams, bridges, and bright grassy areas to relax or play in.

The garden is at Av. Président Kennedy, Agadir 80000, Morocco.

8- Visit The Agadir Memory Museum

Agadir: Cable Car Ticket and Guided City Tour
Seeing an aerial view is one of the things to do in Agadir.

The Agadir Memory Museum is conveniently right inside the Olhão Garden, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find.

There’s a small entry fee (as of 2023, around USD 2), but it’s worth paying to step inside and learn about the history of this fascinating city.

The two major earthquakes to have hit Agadir feature prominently in the museum.

Firstly, the Portuguese earthquake of the 1700s, and then the Agadir earthquake of 1960.

There are a lot of photographs, newspaper articles, and other artefacts that help to bring the city to life.

The Agadir Memory Museum is on Avenue Président Kennedy, Av. Des Forces Armees Royales, Agadir 80000, Morocco.

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9- Refresh At A Hammam

If you haven’t experienced a Moroccan Hammam yet, then you’re in for a real treat.

I’ve heard them described as a “Moroccan Sauna”, or a “Moroccan Bath”, but that doesn’t do justice to the experience of a Hammam.

It’s an experience of exfoliation, purification, and complete relaxation, in a moist but not steamy bathhouse.

Men and women go into different parts of the hammam and then move through several different rooms of increasing heat.

At different stages of the hammam, your entire body is scrubbed down with a special Moroccan black soap, and then you’re rinsed down and massaged with clay.

At the end of the experience, you will be incredibly clean, fresh, and soft.

There are many different Hammams around town, so take your pick.

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10- Learn To Surf At Taghazout

From Agadir: Taghazout Beach Surf Lesson with Transfer
Hanging out at Taghazout Beach is just things to do in Agadir.

If you’re looking to surf while you’re in Agadir, I recommend heading slightly north from the city to one of the neighbouring towns, and you can’t beat Taghazout.

This brightly coloured town is bursting with life, and there are several different surf spots to visit depending on your skill level.

You can rent surfboards and wetsuits from many different stores in town.

Once you’ve got your equipment, you can either arrange a surf lesson or just head down to the beach and try it out.

For beginners, the main beach is the best place to start.

If you’re experienced, then Anchor Point might be a good spot for you.

Even if those waves are too big to surf, it’s worth just wandering down to watch the surfers who brave these conditions.

To get to Taghazout, head north from Agadir on National Road 1.

Recommended tour: From Agadir: Taghazout Beach Surf Lesson with Transfer

11- Go Shopping In Souk El Had

For an authentic Moroccan shopping experience, visit Souk El Had.

This is one of the largest souks in Morocco, and just wandering past all the shops and stalls is a wonderful, almost overwhelming experience.

You can enter the souk from 12 gates and spend hours exploring some of the 6,000 stalls.

It’s the perfect place to stock up on fresh food, fruit, meat and spices, but you’ll also enjoy browsing the stalls for handmade goods, gold, silver and souvenirs.

Souk El Had is at Rue 2 Mars, Agadir 80090, Morocco.

12- Visit The Amazigh Heritage Museum

The Amazigh Heritage Museum showcases some of the best Berber history of the Agadir area and includes exhibitions of arts, culture and history throughout hundreds of years.

The museum is home to more than 200 pieces, and the displays include woodwork, clothing, jewellery and homeware.

This is the perfect place to spend an afternoon, and to immerse yourself in the people who’ve called this area home for so long, and shaped Agadir into the city it is today.

This Museum is at Passage Aït Souss, Agadir 80000, Morocco.

13- Take In The Sights Of The Mohammed V Mosque

Mohammed V Mosque
Visiting the Mohammed V Mosque is one of the things to do in Agadir.

There are many different mosques in Agadir, but one of the most impressive is the Mohammed V Mosque.

This building was constructed in 1960 after the Agadir earthquake, and it’s the largest mosque in the city.

While you can’t enter the mosque unless you’re attending for prayer, it’s still an impressive building to view from the outside.

It’s near the centre of the city, so it’s hard to miss, and it’s a very impressive building.

You’ll find the Mosque on Ave du 29 Fevrier, Agadir 80000, Morocco.

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14- Visit The Agadir Fishing Port

There are three different ports in Agadir, and while they’re all worth a visit, you really shouldn’t miss the Agadir Fishing Port.

The fishing port is home to a bustling sardine industry, which you’ll be able to smell as soon as you enter the area.

Here you can watch the fishing boats coming and going, and see the bustling activity all around.

You can also visit the fish market and get some fresh catch to take home with you or stop in at one of the restaurants for a fish and seafood dinner.

Visit the Fishing Port at Rte d’Essaouira, Agadir 80000, Morocco.

Recommended tour: From Agadir: Boat Trip with Fresh Fish and Hotel Transfers

15- Sandboard At Timlalin

For an adrenaline rush while you’re staying in Agadir, you can’t beat a trip out to the dunes in Timlalin, and a few hours of sandboarding.

If you haven’t heard of sandboarding before, this is one of the best places in the world to try it.

It’s exactly what it sounds like – running, lying, sliding, and slipping down the sand on a slippery board.

This activity is a lot of fun, and even if you don’t feel like taking part, it’s almost just as much fun to watch.

You can either get your own boards and head out to Timlalin, or you can book in with a tour company that takes care of the boards, transport, and a few other extras for you.

16- Walk Along The Seafront Promenade

Agadir: City Tour
Looking for things to do in Agadir? Check out our top 20.

While you’re in Agadir, don’t miss the chance to wander down the seafront promenade, taking in the sighs of the beach and the bustling city.

With cafes and stores all the way along, there are plenty of places to stop and get a coffee or ice cream, otherwise, the promenade is a great place to do some people-watching.

There’s a well-maintained boardwalk and footpath running the length of the main beach in Agadir, and it’s the perfect place for an evening stroll.

If you’ve got children with you, it’s also a nice place to get their rollerskates or scooters out.

The promenade is called Promenade Tawada, just off Rue La Pladge, Agadir 80000, Morocco.

17- Spend A Beach Day At Banana Point

Casbah Mountain and beach umbrellas on the coast
Spending a day at the beach is one of the top things to do in Agadir, with the Casbah Mountain in the background.

Banana Point is north of Agadir, and it’s another one of the areas with excellent beaches and surf areas.

Whether you’re planning to surf, swim, or just relax at the beach, this is a great place to visit.

Banana Point is home to some excellent surf schools, yoga classes, and great little cafes.

It will take you approximately 20 minutes by car to get to Banana Point, or if you’re feeling like some more exercise you can rent a bike in town and cycle out there in an hour or two.

This golden sandy beach and the turquoise blue waters are very picturesque and worth a visit.

Find Banana Point at Hay Tihaouarine – Banana Beach, Agadir 80750, Morocco.

18- Go Hiking In The Anti-Atlas Mountains

If you’re feeling adventurous, then I recommend planning a day hiking in the Anti-Atlas Mountains.

No matter what your fitness level or hiking abilities are, there are different trails to suit everyone.

This is a unique area, and you’re sure to see some fantastic views while you’re out exploring the Anti-Atlas Mountains.

One of my favourite treks is to summit the Jebel Akim, however, this is not for the faint-hearted.

It’s a 2,500-metre peak (7,500 feet), so make sure that you’re adequately prepared with good shoes, food and lots of water if you’re planning to attempt this one.

19- Explore the Garden of Ibn Zaidoun

You’ll find the Garden of Ibn Zaidoun in the centre of Agadir.

It’s the city’s largest park, and it’s a green, shady area that’s perfect for wandering around, going for a run, or just relaxing.

Here there are good playgrounds for children, and several water fountains as well.

Ibn Zaidoun, also known as Ibn Zaydun, was an Arabic poet.

He lived more than 1,000 years ago, but his poems are still considered some of the best of his time, and his life story has almost become the stuff of legends.

See if you can spot some information spilling these details in the garden.

The Garden of Ibn Zaidoun is at Rue 18 Novembre, Agadir 80000, Morocco.

20- Explore the Sahara Desert

While you’re in Agadir, one of the best day trips you can take is to explore the Sahara Desert.

This impressive natural feature is the largest hot desert in the world (and worldwide it’s only third place behind Antarctica and the Arctic.).

It’d be a shame to visit Morocco without seeing the Sahara, and experiencing its vastness.

Agadir is one of the best places to start your trip to the Sahara Desert.

There are many different ways to explore the Sahara although some of my favourites are by camel, or by 4WD jeep.

If you want to make the most of your time in the Sahara, I’d recommend booking in with an organised tour and spending the night out there. 

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