20 Things To Do In Temple Tx 

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Located between the larger cities of Austin and Waco in Central Texas, Temple is just the 50th most populous city in the state. It isn’t a destination that often pops up on most people’s wishlist, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t. Temple is one of the main cities in the Killeen – Temple – Fort Hood Metropolitan Area.

This makes visiting Temple a good choice for those wanting to learn more about or experience the culture of Central Texas. Then there is the city’s rich history, which will be of real interest to those into transportation. As Temple is a destination that most people know very little about, it is challenging to plan a trip, even for those interested in visiting. So here are 20 things to do in Temple, Texas.

Temple, Texas

20 Things To Do In Temple Tx 

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Looking for things to do in Temple Texas? Here are 20 to get you started.

1- Learn About History At The Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum

Temple was founded as a railroad town in 1881, so the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum is the perfect place to learn about the area’s early history.

The museum is full of artefacts and exhibits dedicated to the railroad that date back to the city’s founding.

With the grounds then filled with historic railroad equipment and offering views of an active railyard, it provides the chance to learn about the entire history of Temple and its place in the rail industry, from its settling to the present day.

Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum is at 315 West Avenue B, Temple, Texas, 76501.


2- See The Trains Go By At Whistle Stop Park

Located just a short way from the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum, Whistle Stop Park is a beautiful city park and garden that sits right beside the railroad tracks.

With a great children’s play area and benches overlooking the tracks, it is the ideal spot for train enthusiasts, young and old, to have some fun outdoors and watch the various trains go by.

Whistle Stop Park is at 58 South 11th Street, Temple, Texas, 76501.

3- Tour The Historic Ralph & Sunny Wilson House

The historic Ralph & Sunny Wilson House is a 1950’s ranch house built for Ralph Wilson, the founder of composite materials company Wilsonart.

Notable for its innovatively designed laminate interiors, it features cutting edge techniques at the time of its creation.

While not an attraction that will appeal to everyone, fans of architecture shouldn’t miss the chance to see examples of mid-20th century California ranches and 60s interiors blended together.

Ralph & Sunny Wilson House is at 1714 South 61st Street, Temple, Texas, 76504.

4- Appreciate The Exhibits In The Bell County Museum

The Bell County Museum is dedicated to teaching visitors about the regional history of Bell County, the county in which Temple is located.

With artefacts ranging from ancient Native American weapons and projectiles to 18th-century clothing and even more modern exhibits, it paints a clear and informative picture of the region’s entire history.

Bell County Museum is at 201 North Main Street, Belton, Texas, 76513.

5- Visit Temple’s Cultural Activities Center

The Temple Cultural Activities Center is a not-for-profit establishment dedicated to providing education and entertainment opportunities that embrace the style and culture of the city.

It has four art galleries that host rotating exhibits of Texas art and a stage for Texan and classical musical performances and dance and theatre productions.

Classes to teach you different skills prominent in the city, and even spaces to hold private events and exhibits.

It is a perfect place to immerse yourself in the culture of Temple.

Temple Cultural Activities Center is at 3011 North 3rd Street, Temple, Texas, 76501.

6- Explore Miller Park

Miller Park is one of the largest city parks in Temple.

It has a children’s playground, jogging trail, lake, soccer field, and cemetery.

There are picnic pavilions, restrooms, and wide open green spaces, making it a great place for visitors of all ages to enjoy the fresh air and the great outdoors without leaving the city.

Temple Cultural Activities Center is at 1919 North 1st Street, Temple, Texas, 76501.

7- Discover Temple’s Diverse History At The Czech Heritage Museum

The Czech Heritage Museum And Genealogy Center is a museum and cultural institution focusing on a unique aspect of Temple culture that has developed thanks to the significant historic Czech population in the city.

Decorated throughout with mosaic tiles and boasting a fabulous collection of artefacts and exhibits, the museum is an incredibly unique destination that allows you to fully understand what is known as the Texan – Czech experience.

Czech Heritage Museum And Genealogy Center is at 119 west French Avenue, Temple, Texas, 76501.

8- See The Weapons At The Temple Museum Of Modern Warfare

Unlike most museums, the Temple Museum Of Modern Warfare exhibits collections of military equipment from the current day and age and a few pieces from the past 100 years.

With an array of weapons, uniforms, armoured vehicles, and more, it helps to give you a better understanding of what today’s soldiers will be using when heading off to serve their country.

Temple Museum Of Modern Warfare is at 1163 Berger Road, Temple, Texas, 76501.

9- Explore Historic Fort Griffin

things to do temple tx at night silhouette of ruins of Fort Griffin against a starry sky
Exploring the history of Fort Griffin is one of the things to do in Temple Tx.

Also known as Little River Fort and Fort Smith, Fort Griffin was a military fort erected by the Texas Rangers which was used to protect them from Indian attacks and was in operation from 1836 to 1841.

Locals then used it for similar reasons in the years after its abandonment.

While virtually nothing remains of the fort itself, the historical markers and graveyards that now occupy the area are an excellent piece of Texas history for visitors to enjoy.

Fort Griffin is at Hartrick Bluff Spur, Temple, Texas, 76502.

10- Enjoy Wildlife At The Miller Springs Nature Center & Park

things to do in temple tx this weekend
Nature lovers will find several things to do in Temple Tx.

The Miller Springs Nature Center & Park is a city park and nature reserve located on the southeast corner of Belton Lake.

Between the two of them, they provide a little bit of everything that the natural landscape of Temple has to offer.

In Miller Springs Park, you will find hiking trails, bridges, informative markers, picnic areas, fabulous lake views, and a pond, as well as the west end of the Leon River.

It is an excellent option for those looking to go for a walk or enjoy some outdoor recreation in beautiful surroundings.

Then, in the Miller Springs Nature Center, you have more hiking and running trails, which run through a preserve filled with an abundance of wildlife, including birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians that is representative of the area surrounding the city.

Miller Springs Park is at 1473 Farm To Market Road 2271, Belton, Texas, 76513.

11- Enjoy The Great Outdoors In Temple Lake Park

Temple Lake Park is a beautiful park and garden on the eastern shore of the 12,300-acre Belton Lake.

With great beaches and nearby boat ramps, it is the perfect place to make the most of the water and views while enjoying activities like boating, fishing, swimming, and even picnicking.

Temple Lake Park is at 14190 Farm To Market Road 2305, Belton, Texas, 76513.

12- Embrace The Area’s Past At The Santa Fe Depot

The Santa Fe Depot is a historic rail depot and museum adjacent to the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum.

Having been carefully restored, visitors can see a traditional Texas railroad station as it would have looked during the railroad’s heyday.

Santa Fe Depot is at 315 West Avenue B, Temple, Texas, 76501.

13- Marvel At The Sounds Of The Temple Symphony Orchestra

fun things to do in temple
Attending an orchestral performance is another of the things to do in Temple Texas.

The Temple Symphony Orchestra has been running since 1994 and is where you will find many of the city’s best musicians practising their craft.

Concerts are held regularly, giving fans of classical music the chance to see the very best Temple has to offer during their visit.

Temple Symphony Orchestra is at 100 West Adams Avenue, Temple, Texas, 76501.

14- Make A Trip To The Temple Children’s Museum

The Temple Children’s Museum is an excellent stop for anyone travelling with children that want to keep them entertained while also educating them while on vacation.

A collection of hands-on, interactive exhibits provides the opportunity for children to learn through play, ensuring a fun yet informative time for all.

Temple Children’s Museum is at 11 North 4th Street, Temple, Texas, 76501.

15- Unwind At The 3 Texans Winery And Vineyard

things to do in temple
Going wine tasting is one of the fun things to do in Temple Tx.

With Temple being relatively close to the heart of Texas Wine Country, a few wineries are in and around the city, including the 3 Texans Winery And Vineyard.

Established in 2009, the vineyard boasts 5,000 vines and produces up to 15 tons of fruit yearly.

Visitors can enjoy strolling through the vineyard, imagining they are in Italy, before being transported back to the United States by the sight of the stunning, traditional Texan-style ranch house.

With a selection of wines on offer and a range of snacks to enjoy, you can rest up after you’re done exploring to sample some of the best vintages while soaking in the views of your incredible scenic surroundings.

3 Texans Winery And Vineyard is at 7536 Farm To Market Road 2409, Temple, Texas, 76504.

16- Spend An Afternoon At The Lions Junction Family Water Park

Located in the very south of Temple, in the South Temple Community Park, Lions Junction Family Water Park is a fabulous outdoor waterpark with amenities for people of all ages.

With a range of pools and slides, as well as faux rivers, splash pads and zones, diving boards, aqua climbing walls, lounge areas, and snack stands, kids and grown-ups alike can spend an afternoon or day here, letting loose and having some carefree fun in the water.

Lions Junction Family Water Park is at 5000 South 5th Street, Temple, Texas, 76502.

17- Walk The Length Of The Friar’s Creek Trail

Friar’s Creek Trail is a wonderful 1.2-mile (2 km) hiking trail that begins in South Temple Community park and runs along the creek.

With its manageable length, convenient location, beautiful scenery, and a collection of amenities like picnic tables dotted along its length, it is a great option for those who want to go for a walk and enjoy the local landscape without exerting themselves too much.

South Temple Community Park, 5705 South 5th Street, Temple, Texas, 76502.

18- Immerse Yourself In Texan Culture At Bo’s Barn Dancehall

Bo’s Barn Dancehall is a large dancehall designed like a traditional barn that is the perfect place to embrace the Texan culture.

Learn how to line dance, see some live country music, or have a few drinks and shoot some pool with the locals to immerse yourself in the spirit of the region.

Bo’s Barn Dancehall is at 4984 Farm To Market Road 93, Temple, Texas, 76502.

19- Support The Arts At The Temple Civic Theatre

The Temple Civic Theatre is a great little non-profit performance arts venue located just west of Temple College.

Home to a range of dramatic and musical theatre shows, it offers you the perfect chance to support the arts and perhaps see the next big star of the stage before they are famous.

Temple Civic Theatre is at 2413 South 13th Street, Temple, Texas, 76504.

20- Attend An Event At Frank W. Mayborn Civic & Convention Center

fun things to do in temple tx
You’d be surprised at how many things there are to do in Temple.

Named after local broadcast legend Frank Willis Mayborn, the Frank W. Mayborn Civic & Convention Center is a large convention centre in north Temple.

The site of many of the largest and most popular conferences, conventions, events, exhibitions, and shows in the city, there is almost always something going on here, so check the listings to see if anything piques your interest before you arrive.

Frank W. Mayborn Civic & Convention Center 3303 North 3rd Street, Temple, Texas, 76501.

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