20 Trinidad and Tobago Beaches

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Trinidad and Tobago are the southernmost island countries in the Caribbean. Several smaller islands surround the main islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago lie just 6.8 miles (11 kilometres) from the coast of north-eastern Venezuela. Colonised by the Spanish, British, French and Dutch, influences of these different cultures can still be seen today. In 1962, Trinidad and Tobago gained independence and became a republic in 1967.

African and Indian influences can be seen at cultural celebrations. Carnival, Diwali and Hosay celebrations are a must-visit if you are on the island at the right time. This is the birthplace of steelpan and calypso music. You can regularly hear calypso performances in bars, music venues or even on the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago.

The islands benefit from a tropical climate. The first five months of the year tend to be very dry, while the remaining seven months are the rainy season. And its proximity to South America has given Trinidad and Tobago a unique biodiversity that is very different to other Caribbean islands. The main ecosystems in Trinidad and Tobago are coastal mangroves, reefs, forests and savannah.

While exploring the waters around Trinidad and Tobago, look out for some of the islands’ 950 marine species. When scuba-diving, look out for sturgeons, corals and anemones and lobsters. If you’re taking a boat trip, keep an eye on the water as manta rays, dolphins and whale sharks. The islands and their satellite islands are home to approximately 80 beaches. These Trinidad and Tobago beaches often have small villages. These are our picks of the beaches to visit in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago Beaches

Top 3 Trinidad and Tobago Tours

Beaches in Trinidad

1- Maracas Bay

beaches in trinidad and tobago maracas bay trinidad palm trees on the beach
Maracas Bay is one of the top Trinidad beaches to tick off your to-visit list.

Maracas Bay is one of Trinidad’s most popular beaches.

The beach lies on the island’s northern coast and is a 30-minute mountain road drive away from the island’s capital city, Port-of-Spain.


The beach is fringed with palm trees, huge leaves offering welcome shady spots, soft golden sands and views across the water.

While at the beach, visit a bake and shark vendor.

These vendors sell a local delicacy: a sandwich consisting of fried bread filled with fish fillets, vegetables and fruits topped with sweet or spicy sauce.

Maracas Bay is at Maracas Bay Village, Trinidad and Tobago. This day trip will get you there from Port of Spain.

2- Las Cuevas Beach

trinidad and tobago beaches fried shark and bake
Try fried shark and bake when you visit the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago, especially around Maracas Bay.

Another of Trinidad’s northern bay beaches is Las Cuevas.

This long stretch of golden sands is close to the rainforest, offering incredible views of the thick trees covering the mountains as the beach curves.

The beach is famed for its picturesque caves that you can reach on foot from the beach.

The beach is 2.5 kilometres (1.55 miles) in length and 50m (164ft) wide, creating plenty of space to spread out.

Las Cuevas is often quiet and benefits from calm waters, making it the ideal beach to visit with families.

Las Cuevas Beach is at Las Cuevas, Trinidad and Tobago. Check out this day trip from Port of Spain.

3- Blanchisseuse Beach

trinidad beaches tobago beaches woman in pink hat and pink bikini back view on a Caribbean beach
Looking for beaches in Trinidad and Tobago, here are 20 to get you started.

Blanchisseuse Beach is a popular spot for travellers and quieter than most other popular beaches.

Lovers of wildlife and birds favour Blanchisseuse Beach, prime for seeing leatherback sea turtles in and out of the water and colourful parrots flying overhead.

The beach is also a must-visit location for kayaking as the Marianne River flows into the bay.

A short hike from the bay will take you to a breathtaking waterfall cascading through the rainforest.

The beach is pretty remote, and there are no facilities, but there are a few villages where you can buy food and souvenirs.

Blanchisseuse Beach is at Paris Main Road, Blanchisseuse, Trinidad and Tobago. This coastal tour of Trinidad will get you to Blanchisseuse Beach and others.

4- Mayaro Beach

beaches in trinidad and tobago rocks, water and tropical forest
Looking for beaches in Trinidad and Tobago? There are so many amazing beaches to choose from.

Mayaro Beach is on the east coast of Trinidad, and the beach is one of the largest in the island chain.

Mayaro is a popular destination due to its rainforest, soft sand and relaxed atmosphere.

This Trinidad beach is often quiet as it is far away from the large cities and has a small local population.

Expect to find surfers making the most of the waves, families, locals and those looking to uncover the secrets of the natural environment.

Mayaro Beach is at Old Mayaro Road, Rio Claro, Trinidad & Tobago.

5- Colombus Bay

tobago and trinidad beaches
Pull up a sunlounge and an umbrella and de-stress on one of these amazing Trinidad beaches.

Columbus Bay is at the southernmost point of Trinidad, and the beach is certainly not one to be missed, thanks to its natural beauty.

The bay has many natural arches carved out by the sea, mountains overlooking the waters, thick, lush rainforest and, of course, the soft white sands expected typical of the Caribbean islands.

The sea in Columbus Bay is calm and perfect for swimming or snorkelling to try and catch a glimpse of the colourful fish in the waters.

Many beautiful shells can be found on the sands of the beach.

Because of its remoteness, there are no facilities on site, so make sure to pack what you need for your visit.

Colombus Bay is at Icacos, Trinidad & Tobago.

6- Macqueripe Bay

best beaches in trinidad and tobago sunset over the beach
Trinidad and Tobago beaches are famous for stunning sunsets.

Macqueripe Bay is one of the most unique beaches in Trinidad & Tobago.

The beach is on the western edge of Trinidad, and when the tide is in, the entire beach disappears completely, with the waters reaching up to the tree line.

When the tide is out, the golden-sand beach reveals itself.

The waters are calm and not far from the resorts at Port-of-Spain, making this beach a popular one for families seeking somewhere quiet yet fun to spend a few hours with their children.

The water is safe to swim, and you’ll find lots of people snorkelling.

Macqueripe Bay is at Tucker Valley Road, Trinidad & Tobago.

7- Paria Beach and Waterfall

Paria Beach is a well-hidden treasure of Trinidad & Tobago.

The beach is accessible only following a hike from Blanchisseuse or Matelot or by taking a boat.

The hike to the beach is spectacular, with views across the natural stacks and arches along this stretch of coastline and plenty of caves with pools of water housing small shellfish and other sea creatures trapped in the pools by the tides.

Paria waterfall is a 15-minute walk inland following the river at the beach’s eastern end.

The beautiful hidden waterfall is fed by the clear waters of the Northern Range and cascades over 10ft (3m) into the rocks and plunge pool below.

The pool is safe to take a dip after a short hike or to cool off away from the beach.

Paria Beach and Waterfall is at Blanchisseuse, Trinidad.

Beaches in Tobago

8- Pigeon Point Beach

Tobago beaches Pigeon Point Beach
Pigeon Point Beach is another popular Tobago beach to explore.

Pigeon Point Beach is a must-visit beach in Tobago for beachgoers looking for a picture-postcard tropical beach.

The soft golden sands are lined with coconut trees with turquoise waters lapping against the shore.

The Buccoo Reef protects the waters, creating the perfect conditions for swimming and snorkelling.

Besides snorkelling, another way to admire the reef is to take a glass-bottom boat tour, where you can expect to see colourful tropical fish.

A few restaurants by the beach serve local dishes, fresh fish and, of course, colourful cocktails.

The entrance fee is $3 to access the beach, with fees going towards the beach’s maintenance.

Pigeon Point Beach is at Crown Point, Trinidad & Tobago.

9- Englishman’s Bay Beach

Tobago beaches englishmans bay
Englishman’s Bay is home to one of the best secluded Tobago beaches surrounded by jungle.

Englishman’s Bay Beach is the ultimate beach escape destination as the beach is quiet and secluded, with few visitors on its sands.

The beach is backed by thick, green rainforest with the sands stretching along its edges in a crescent moon shape.

The beach stretches for 1 mile (1.6 kilometres) and is well-sheltered by the rainforest.

Beyond the beach is a coral reef that you can easily snorkel to.

Despite its remote feeling, there is an excellent restaurant at the front of the bay.

Eula’s restaurant serves snacks and drinks throughout the day.

Englishman’s Bay Beach is at Parrot Hall, Trinidad & Tobago.

10- Castara Beach

waters receding from beaches in trinidad and tobago
Enjoy the view across Castara Bay, one of the loveliest Tobago beaches, on a sunny morning in the Caribbean.

Castara Beach, in the northern outskirts of Tobago, shares its name with a nearby bay.

The beach is popular with those seeking a relaxing break away from popular tourist destinations.

The beach is far quieter than its neighbours and is often secluded.

Cascreole restaurant is on the beachfront and offers excellent ringside ocean seats while you nibble on tasty dishes and specialities throughout the day.

The restaurant specialises in local cuisine and, of course, seafood.

Castara Beach is at Castara Bay Road, Trinidad & Tobago.

11- Store Bay

Store Bay is one of Tobago’s most popular beaches because of its proximity to nearby resorts.

The beach is on the southwestern coast of Tobago and is close to Crown Point, a nearby town.

You’ll find it covered in lounge chairs, umbrellas, beach towels and visitors making the most of the sun and the calm waters.

Store Bay is named after Yan Store, a Dutch immigrant who arrived on the island.

Store Bay is at Crown Point, Trinidad & Tobago.

12- Mount Irvine Beach

nude beaches in trinidad and tobago
Mount Irvine Beach in Tobago is another beach that is popular with scuba divers.

For those looking for a beach with more to offer than just golden sands to sunbathe on, Mount Irvine Beach might be the one for you.

Mount Irvine Bay is in the west of Tobago and is close to the town of Mount Irvine.

This Tobago beach is made from two bays and provides a range of challenging waves that surfers make the most of.

Scuba divers also flock to the beach to explore the range of depths and corals off the coast.

Several bars and restaurants near the beach offer great views and tasty food.

Mount Irvine Beach is at Black Rock, Trinidad & Tobago.

13- Buccoo Bay

Tobago beaches No Man's Land
No Man’s Land is an area in Tobago across Buccoo Bay.

Buccoo Bay is a great place for those looking to relax on the beach and enjoy Tobagonian entertainment.

The beach is long and sandy, with calm waters for swimming or snorkelling to Buccoo Reef.

For those looking for adventure beyond the beach, head into Buccoo’s wetland and mangroves that back onto the beach.

You can walk to No Man’s Land at low tide, where many hidden treasures await.

Close to No Man’s Land is the abandoned Princess Margaret House, which the princess stayed in during her visit to Tobago in the 1960s.

Several deserted beaches offer shade, sunspots, and a relaxing environment.

A car park is close to the beach with bars, restaurants, toilets and shower facilities.

Buccoo Bay is at Buccoo Village, Trinidad & Tobago.

14- Tyrrel’s Bay

Tyrrel’s Bay is one of the most picturesque bays in Tobago, a crescent stretch of golden sand backed by mountainous rainforest.

The beach is dotted with driftwood and pretty shells.

The bay is the perfect location for bird lovers as many coastal birds visit the shores and the rainforest to feed or nest.

Tyrrel’s Bay is also an excellent spot for diving and snorkelling along the many reefs. And you can hire snorkelling and dive gear from shops close to the bay.

Tyrrel’s Bay is close to the excellent Bird Watcher’s Restaurant and Bar, and Jemma’s Sea View Kitchen Tree House, both great spots for a bite to eat and some stunning scenery.

Tyrrel’s Bay is at Windward Road, Trinidad & Tobago.

15- Pirate’s Bay

are beaches open in trinidad and tobago
The beaches of Tobago offer stunning sunset views.

Pirates Bay is another hidden gem of Trinidad and Tobago. In the northeast of Tobago lies the hidden bay, close to Charlotteville.

The bay is only accessible by water or walking down more than 100 steps after a short hike.

The sight of local fishing and sailing boats bobbing up and down in the bay’s crystal-clear waters is your reward.

The bay is popular for snorkelling and for watching the sunset.

Due to its location, the beach is relatively quiet, so there are high possibilities you will have it all to yourself.

Pirate’s Bay is in Charlotteville, Trinidad & Tobago.

16- Bacolet Bay

Bacolet Bay Beach is in the wealthy suburb of Bacolet, where luxury hotels and homes overlook the bay.

The bay has golden sands, palm trees and shallow waters, perfect for cooling off or swimming.

The beach, despite its location, is a quiet one and does not have any facilities.

The bay has a famous history as it was the setting for both Swiss Family Robinson and Heaven Knows, Mr Allison.

Bacolet Bay is in Scarborough, Trinidad & Tobago.

17- Great Courland Bay

Tobago beaches turtle palm trees silhouetted at sunset
Turtle Beach is one of the top Tobago beaches for a relaxing vacation.

Great Courland Bay, or Turtle Beach as it is locally known, is in Plymouth and lies close to the urban centre.

The beach has golden sands, crystal clear waters and plenty of palm trees offering shade.

Great Courland benefits from being relatively quiet despite its urban location.

The beach got its local name due to the turtles that lay their eggs in the sand.

The turtle nesting period lasts from March to August. Visitors during this time should be careful to watch out for nesting sites, and towards August, mindful of young turtles heading back into the water.

Great Courland is at Plymouth, Trinidad and Tobago.

18- Arnos Vale

list of beaches in trinidad and tobago catamaran moored near the beach
Sailing is one of the fun activities, and you can sail from beach to beach in Tobago.

The beach at Arnos Vale is typically Caribbean, with soft golden sands, pristine waters and lush green palm trees.

Setting this beach apart is the eerie sight of several crumbling hotel buildings that have been long abandoned.

The beach is secluded and pleasant, but there are no facilities, so pack what you need for the duration of your visit.

Arnos Vale Beach is best visited as part of a day cruise around many of the island’s beaches. Boats moor here for snorkelling opportunities.

Arnos Vale is in Scarborough, Tobago.

19- Emerald Bay

how many beaches are in trinidad and tobago
Trinidad and Tobago’s beaches are stunning Caribbean paradises.

Overlooked by tall rocky cliffs lies the sandy shores of Emerald Bay, the waters of the bay are a rich blue-green colour which gives the bay its name.

In the water are many species of tropical fish in bright, vibrant hues best seen by snorkelling or diving.

There are over 300 coral species in Emerald Bay, including giant tube sponges and fire coral.

The bay is relatively sheltered thanks to the cliffs and the thick rainforest.

Emerald Bay is in Tobago.

20- Bloody Bay

are the beaches open in trinidad and tobago golden sunset
Enjoy a stunning sunset and one of these Trinidad and Tobago beaches this summer.

According to legend, in 1666, a fierce sea battle occurred as the British encountered the combined fleets of France and Holland off the coast of Tobago.

The British defeated the French and Dutch, and the waters ran red.

Today, Bloody Bay is a much more picturesque location, with bright red flowers blooming from immortelle trees in the mountains above the bay.

The bay and its beach are pleasant, with soft sands, plenty of shade from the trees and several small bars and snack huts.

Bloody Bay is in Tobago.

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