Airline Seats – How to choose a seat when flying

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I find it quite amazing to think that most of us take air travel for granted. After all, it wasn’t that long ago hopping on an aircraft was considered a bold adventure or a mode of transport for the upper echelon.

These days, flying is almost as common as a ride in a bus and sometimes even cheaper than the taxi fare from the airport to your destination.

Besides getting a good deal on an airfare, for me, the most important thing about flying is to avoid sitting in the middle seat!

As a frequent flyer, the ability to choose where I sit is high on my priority list.

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to fly Business Class (who cares if you’re in a middle seat in Business Class?) or an exit row seat but more often than not, I’m at the back of the airplane.

When flying economy, I prefer an aisle seat, mainly because I like the freedom of being able to get up and walk around during a flight.

Being a curious type, I decided to ask our readers which they prefer, an aisle seat or a window seat.

Here’s the result.

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Our readers prefer a window seat because….

1-The view

airline seats window emirates view 01

You’ll get to see more than just the chair or the back of the head of the person in front of you. In some destinations, sitting at the window even has the wow factor.

Think of the wonderful photos you’ll capture from the air. I’ve managed to capture some amazing shots, from the Queensland coast to the frozen landscape of the South Pole, which we flew over on a flight between Australia and South Africa. So if you’re a keen photographer, the window is definitely the best spot.

Here’s what reader Terry Ginnis has to say: Need the window to see what’s out there…and take photos. Last time flying over central Brazil, I saw a rainbow-from above! Amazing!

2-It’s a good place for a snooze

airline seats window qantas south pole 02

Window seats are the best place to sit if you’re planning on napping during the flight. You won’t have other passengers trying to climb over you to get to the toilet and it’s more comfortable to rest your head on the wall.

Here’s what reader Chaminda Monro says: Window! If I happened to fall asleep my head can rest on cabin wall and not on strangers shoulder!

3-It’s the best spot to be when you land

airline seats window virgin sunshine coast

You can keep on relaxing after the plane has landed and let everyone else jostle their way out of the aircraft. Most passengers are in a hurry to be the first one to get out of the plane.

Here’s what reader Chrissie Chrissie says: The window, because you can keep on relaxing after the plane has landed and everyone starts to stand up, because they are in a hurry to be the first one to get out of the plane … The result of this hurry is that they are waiting like morons and like packed fish in a can in the aisle with their luggage all over them.

4-You’ll be able to see what’s happening outside the aircraft

airline seats window dragonair danang

Back seat drivers who fly in planes will probably prefer a window seat. Even though you can’t see the aircraft, you’ll get some kind of view of what’s going on outside, such as watching your luggage being loaded and seeing why the pilot is turning the airplane.

Here’s what reader Lisa Haynes says: Window! Even though I can’t the plane, I like to see exactly what’s going on.

Our readers prefer an aisle seat because….

1-You need to go to the toilet all the time

best airline seats aisle dragonair vietnam

Climbing over strangers to get to the toilet is not much fun and if you have to go often, it’s so much more convenient to have an aisle seat and the freedom to move around the cabin without having to bother your neighbour.

Here’s what reader Stephen McMillen says: Have I been there before? Then aisle. Day or night? Mostly aisle. I have the bladder of a three-year-old.

2-You’re claustrophobic

airline seats aisle cathay pacific 01

If you’re at all prone to claustrophobia then being wedged between the wall and a stranger can be an uncomfortable feeling. With the empty space on one side, an aisle seat has the illusion of being more spacious too.

Here’s what reader Lauren Griffiths says: I feel a little too claustrophobic and hemmed in on the window side. And for some reason aisle feels as though I have more room. Plus it’s easy to get up when I want to.

3-It’s easier to get the attention of a flight attendant

airline seats aisle hainan airlines

Many people feel uncomfortable about pressing the call button. So sitting in an aisle seat means you may get more to eat and drink, as it’s more convenient to get the attention of the flight attendants.

So what do you think? Do you prefer window or aisle? Do you mind sitting in the middle seat?

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How to choose a seat when flying