Coloane Macau – 10 things to do away from the city

Coloane Macau – 10 things to do away from the city

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Explore the quieter side of Macao by spending a day in Coloane. Photos: Macao Government Tourist Office.

The only part of the former Portuguese colony that remains undeveloped, Coloane is a haven from the bright lights of the Cotai Strip and the heaving masses of the Macau Peninsula. Here are 10 things to do in Coloane Macau that will give any visit to Macau an added dimension.

Coloane Macau

Coloane village macau
Exploring the streets of Coloane, which was once a fishing village.

1- Swim at Hac Sa Beach

Sun, sea and sand: While Macau is known around the world as a gaming mecca, Hac Sa Beach is a good spot for a few hours of relaxation.

The beach is frequently deserted, even in summer, and there is also a public swimming pool nearby that is open all summer for those who don’t like salt water.

There are also barbecue pits and a few restaurants and shops selling snacks and souvenirs.

2- Hike Coloane’s trails

Take a hike: Coloane is the best place to take a stroll among greenery, and while Macau’s largest “mountain,” Alto de Coloane, is not exactly a challenge at just 170m, it is enough to get your blood pumping.

There are different trails which vary in length and difficulty including some that are suitable for hikers with children.

History buffs can explore Seac Min Pun Ancient Path between Hac Sa Beach and Coloane Village.

Over 50 years ago, the path between the beach and village used to be a trade route before the roads for paved.

3- Discover A Ma Statue and cultural village

Perfect for a few hours of cultural immersion, the beautifully decorated front gate ushers you towards the village’s gem at the centre, Tin Hau Temple. Check this list for festivals at the temple.

Not far away, there’s a 20m high statue of the goddess A-Ma. According to a legend, this statue inspired the name of the enclave: A-Ma Gau, or “Bay of A-Ma.”

A local legend tells of the story of a beautiful young woman, A-Ma, who commanded the elements to allow a junk that was caught in a storm to reach land safely.  She has been worshipped ever since.

4- Taste egg tarts at Lord Stow’s Bakery

coloane egg tarts
Lord Stowe’s Bakery in Coloane is the best place to try Macanese egg tarts.

No trip to Macau is complete without a visit to the spiritual home of what has become the culinary symbol of Macau – the Macanese egg tart.

While the tart is a relatively recent addition to the territory’s culinary canon, Lord Stow’s in Coloane is a must visit, but be prepared to queue

5- Visit Seac Pai Van Park

macau's pandas at coloane panda pavilion
Baby panda at the Panda Pavilion in Coloane

A very modestly sized park not far from the Cotai Strip, Seac Pai Van Park is home to, among other things, the Sagres.

The small plane was flown from Portugal to Macau in the 1980s in honour of noted Portuguese aviators Brito Pais and Sarmento Beires.

The stars of the park, however, are the inhabitants of the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion, Kai Kai and Xin Xin.

The two giant pandas were a gift from President Xi Jinping during his visit to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Macau’s return to Chinese rule.

6- Play a round of golf

Around Hac Sa Beach is the Macau Golf and Country Club. Access is limited to club members and guests at the Grand Coloane Resort.

If you’re curious about where to play golf in Macau, read this post.

7- Eat, drink and be merry

coloane 中文
Dining at Miramar Portguese restaurant fronting one of Coloane’s beaches

The selection of restaurants in Coloane may be small, but there is plenty of quality to go around.

Miramar and Fernando’s offer authentic Portuguese and Macanese food and are perhaps better suited to dinner, while the al fresco restaurants in the village square are perfect for lunch.

Locals and tourists love Nga Tim which offers good Macanese food. In winter tins of hot coals are put under tables to keep diners toasty

8- Stroll on Cheoc Van Beach

coloane island
Top: Exploring the streets of Coloane’s main fishing village, bottom left: Pousada de Coloane, bottom right: day at the beach, anyone?

Yes, tiny Macau has not one but two beaches. Cleaner and more picturesque than Hac Sa Beach, Cheoc Van is a great place to take a stroll or even a siesta on the sand.

Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy the sunset from the terrace at La Gondola Italian restaurant. The pizza and clams are excellent and the sangria slides down easily.

Nearby Pousada de Coloane is also a great place to stay and the Pousada de Coloane restaurant is a lovely spot for an alfresco meal.

9- Explore Coloane village square

coloane village attractions
One of Coloane’s attractions is exploring Coloane Village square

Coloane Village is beautifully picturesque. The stunning Chapel of St Francis Xavier is the backdrop for hundreds of selfies every day while the modest monument at the opposite end of Eduardo Marques Square commemorates a victory over pirates who pillaged Coloane for decades.

In 1910, the pirates captured a group of local children and held them for ransom but the residents fought back and after days of intense battle, the children were freed.

10- Go on a bike ride 

coloane macao
Coloane fishing village.

Much like hiking, Coloane island is not going to present a challenge for seasoned cyclists, but for a few hours of leisurely pedalling, it is great.

Hire your steed from Island Bicycle and check out the northern area of Coloane village where stilted houses and dried-fish shops line the seashore.

Discover Coloane Macau

Visiting Macau with the family? Here’s a three-day itinerary to help you plan your trip.

Where to stay in Coloane

Grand Coloane Resort

Grand Coloane Resort (formerly the Westin Coloane) is a five-star hotel with convenient access to the golf course and close to Hac Sa Beach.

Book your stay at Grand Coloane Resort here

Pousada de Coloane

Pousada de Coloane is a boutique hotel that was once the home of a tycoon.

Book your stay at Pousada de Coloane here 

things to do in Coloane


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