Interview with photo artist from Toronto Canada – Kael Rebick

Interview with photo artist from Toronto Canada – Kael Rebick


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toronto canada
Niagara Falls Boat. Photos: Kael Rebick

Meet @punkodelish (Kael Rebick) who has been working as a social media influencer full-time since January 2015. Kael lives in Toronto and started taking photographs in 2005, after she found a camera in a drawer. When she first started photography she took photos of her father’s garden every day. Here’s a peek into the life of one of Canada’s top travel photo artists. If you’re looking for things to do in Toronto from a local perspective, read on. 

Do you consider yourself a photographer or an instagrammer?

I consider myself more of a photo artist and content creator.

I think anyone who takes photos can call themselves a photographer but I always feel that’s a lofty title for what I do since I haven’t had any formal training.

toronto canada
Niagara Falls

What did you do before you became a photo artist?

I was working in medical administration but always wished I could be doing something more creative.

Photography was my hobby and I had a passion for it.

My life today is completely different to what I was doing five years ago.

I couldn’t ever have conceived that I would be doing the amazing things I’m doing now.

A typical working day is different, depending on where I am.

It usually consists of taking a lot of photos and editing those photos.

I’ve been all over Canada and the USA.

I have also been fortunate to visit Australia, Fiji, Turkey, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Italy and England.  

But there are so many places I still hope to see.

Was it your ever your goal to become a photographer?   

toronto canada
Toronto City

I’ve always been interested in the arts but never specifically into photography. I just happened upon it one day when I found that camera.  

Maybe it was fate. I have had no formal training.

I often say I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s all instinct and a love for what I’m seeing and capturing.

My mother called my sister Punkodelish when she was a baby.  

I always liked the sound of it and decided to use it as my Instagram handle.

What gear do you use?

I use a Fuji XT-10 with various lenses and my iPhone.  I edit with Snapseed, VSCO and Priime on my phone. I have recently started to use Lightroom on my computer.

When I’m on the road I try to travel as light as I can. I bring my camera and lenses and my phone.

How would you describe your photo artistry?

I photograph what looks beautiful to me.

I try to capture those things and share them as best as I can.

photo artist
Johnson Canyon Alberta

Do you plan your shoot?

Mostly I just wander.

If I’m on a trip, I’ll be visiting specific places that are hopefully very photogenic.  

If it’s a lifestyle shot, I am likely to do more planning.

toronto canada
Niagara Falls when it’s frozen
photo artist
Exploring the Rocky Mountains

Is it too late for someone just starting out on Instagram?

It’s never too late. It takes a lot of consistent work. I always recommend posting good quality images and staying engaged.

photo artist
Magic hour at Mont Tremblant

 What’s your favourite season in Toronto?

I love every season.

That’s one of the things I love most about living in Toronto.

Of course, I’m partial to fall but it’s lovely here all year round.

toronto canada
Toronto skyline

What are the best things about Toronto?

I love the neighbourhoods. We have great food, amazing culture and so many diverse cultures.

For photography, I love the ravine by my house and of course our Flatiron building.

We have a great mix of nature and city to photograph in Toronto.

toronto canada
Toronto reflections

Where do you go to chill out?

I love to take walks all over the city and listen to music.

That’s the best way I know to stay calm and centered.

toronto canada
Storm Walker

Favourite restaurants in Toronto?

Sabai Sabai



Favourite shopping?

Queen St West

If you had to move to elsewhere in Canada where would you choose?

I would probably choose Montreal.

 It’s such a beautiful, vibrant city.  

Or maybe somewhere in Newfoundland.  

I love it there.

toronto canada
Mont Tremblant

Three places on your bucket list

  • Fogo Island in Newfoundland
  • Tofino in British Columbia
  • Yukon 
photo artist
Kael Rebick. Photo: Lauren Bath

Kael Rebick is a professional photo artist who lives in Toronto.

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interview with kael rebick


  1. So many great scenes captured here. As a hobbyist photographer, these are really fun to look at and imagine what it would take to get a photo in places like this. Thanks for the motivation.


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