Penguin Tasmania | 5 Places for Family Travel

Looking for some fun spots for the kids?

Penguin Tasmania | 5 Places for Family Travel

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As a kid I used to turn on the telly on Saturday mornings. After all, it was Saturday morning cartoon time. And with all the usual menagerie of animal characters that jumped off the screen seemingly turning into life there was one character that scared the bejeebers out of me. This is a character that still sends shivers down my spine, the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes. Well I’m all grown up now and Taz (that was the cartoon character’s name) may have gone into celluloid heaven but Taz is very much alive in my mind. In the spirit of childhood memories, come and visit Penguin Tasmania and other attractions your kids will love.

1-Retrieve King Arthur’s sword in Tazmazia

penguin tasmania
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

Kids can feel larger than life at this miniature village which is located enroute to fabulously gorgeous Cradle Mountain.

Once you have reached the land of Tazmazia, it’s time for fun. Get lost in the compact hedge mazes.

Don’t think about the movie, “Children of the Corn” either.

The collection of hedge mazes reportedly makes this place the largest maze complex in the world.

penguin tasmania
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett
penguin tasmania
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

Afterwards spend ample time acting like the friendly giant as you traipse by the mini town known as The Village of Lower Crackpot.

We don’t like the wicked witch much but the kids don’t seem to mind. But do test your strength at the fabled sword in the stone and try to retrieve it like a good swordsman from King Arthur’s time.

If you do manage to pull it out, swing it around proudly because you are the lucky king of the magical kingdom.

2-Meet the giant penguin at Penguin Tasmania

penguin tasmania
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Adrian Cook

On the Bass highway between Burnie and Ulverstone in northern Tasmania lies a tiny town known as Penguin.

This peaceful seaside hamlet is home to roughly 4,000 residents (as in people) but it also boasts a famous mascot: the Big Penguin.

Be sure to stop by the roadside attraction on the Esplanade for a fun family snap at one of Tasmania’s most photographed icons.

3-Ride the West Coast Wilderness Railway

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Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett
family day activities
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Nick Osborne

The West Coast Wilderness Railway is as close as you’ll get to the Hogwarts Express.

Considered one of the great rail journeys, this unforgettable train trip aboard a restored steam train starts in the heart of Queenstown along the legendary ABT track then goes deep into wilderness country; and, crosses steep gorges and wild rivers with mind bending views.

There are full- and half-day tours. The kids love the old time train and going for walks and seeing the attractions at the stations.

4-Channel Heidi at Grindelwald

If you think this sounds like a place the Griswold’s from National Lampoon’s Family Vacation-fame might visit, you wouldn’t be far wrong.

Families can visit and so can you. Everyone can visit this Swiss village to channel their inner Heidi.

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Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Dan Fellow
penguin tasmania
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Lap Fung Lam

Just north of Launceston lies a faux Swiss-looking town which was the brain child of a Dutch immigrant.

See pretty flower boxes, colourful wooden window shutters and perfectly manicured streets.

The family can overnight at the Swiss-themed Tamar Valley Resort at Grindelwald to explore some of the fun attractions there.

5-Go on a spooky ghost tour at Port Arthur

penguin tasmania
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Simon Birch

It’s night time in Port Arthur.

The site of the infamous prison that once imprisoned the hardest of British criminals is high on the must-see list. And there you are with the kids ready to experience tales of the unknown and see sites of unsolved mysteries that baffle even today’s paranormal experts.

In this 90-minute lantern-lit tour you will have exclusive access to the grounds and buildings.

penguin tasmania
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Alastair Betts

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