20 Things To Do In Canton, Ohio

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Canton is not on the radar of most travellers heading to Ohio, yet with all its world-class amenities, picturesque surroundings, and proximity to Akron and Cleveland, it should be. Canton is most famous for being the location of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, arguably the biggest attraction in the entire city, however, it is far from the only one.

From the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum to the Hoover Historical Center, Canton has birthed everything from US Presidents to titans of industry, making it one of the most delightful and a historically significant destinations in Ohio. These are the best things to do in Canton, Ohio.

Canton, Ohio

20 Things To Do In Canton

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Admiring historic architecture is one of the things to do in Canton, Ohio.

1- Explore The Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is a mecca for football fans in the US and abroad, honouring the careers and lives of the NFL’s greatest players throughout the league’s history.

The facility was opened in 1963 and has undergone several expansions and renovations since.

Today, the museum features attractions such as a stadium that hosts pro football games, hands-on exhibits, guided tours, and a theatre where visitors can relive some of the NFL’s most memorable moments.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is at 2121 George Halas Dr, Canton, OH 44708.

2- Discover The Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve

Located in the north of Stark County, the 58-acre (23 ha) Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve is a scenic wetland preserve carved over a million years ago from large ice sheets moving southward across Ohio.

The preserve was incorporated as a state nature preserve in 1980 and supports over 20 species of state-listed endangered plants, including the northern pitcher plant and the shrubby cinquefoil.

This beautiful nature preserve is filled with amazing attractions such as hiking trails, playgrounds and a pavilion.

Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve is at 7984 Fulton Dr NW, Massillon, OH 44646.

3- Visit The National First Ladies’ Library

things to do in canton library
Who would have thought that visiting a library would be one of the intriguing things to do in Canton Ohio?

The National First Ladies’ Library is the only facility commemorating and honouring the contributions made by the First Ladies throughout the history of the United States in the world.

The library is situated inside a meticulously restored Victorian house and is part of the Ida Saxton McKinley House, the former residence of President McKinley and his wife, Ida Saxton McKinley.

Registered as a National Historic Site, the library and its national archive, exhibits and displays serve as one of Canton’s best places to visit and are well worth stopping by whenever you’re in northeast Ohio.

The National First Ladies’ Library is at 331 Market Ave, Canton, OH 44702.

4- Step Back In History At Canton Classic Car Museum

The Canton Classic Car Museum was established in 1978 by Marshall Belden, a collector of classic and unique vehicles.

The museum features over 45 vehicles in its collection, ranging from a 1937 bulletproof police car to a 1970 Plymouth Superbird.

The museum is located inside a restored 1914 Ford dealership and displays several exhibits and artefacts related to the history of the automobile.

From periodically-correct clothing and vintage toys to classic movie posters and photographs, the Canton Classic Car Museum is a wonderful destination to stop by for anyone interested in cars and the history of the automobile.

Heartland Motorsports Park is at 123 6th Street S.W., Canton, OH 44702.

5- Learn About The 25th USA President

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The courthouse in Canton, Ohio.

The McKinley Presidential Library and Museum commemorates the life and impact of the 25th President of the United States, William McKinley, one of Canton’s most famous former residents.

The library and museum feature several exhibits and artefacts from McKinley’s birth in 1843 to his untimely death in 1901.

The facility is located near the McKinley National Memorial and has a science centre, a research library and a planetarium, which visitors can explore to learn more about the 25th President and one of only four sitting US Presidents to have been assassinated.

McKinley Presidential Library and Museum is at 800 McKinley Monument Drive NW, Canton, OH 44708.

6- Visit The Canton Museum of Art

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Looking for things to do in Canton? Here are 20 you may like.

The expansive Canton Museum of Art is one of Ohio’s most prestigious museums, focusing on American art such as paintings, ceramics and prints.

Founded in 1935, the museum encourages and promotes art in Canton and the broader northeast Ohio region.

The Canton Museum of Art organises multiple art exhibits throughout the year and offers visitors free admission on Thursdays.

Apart from the vast collection of world-class art, the museum also hosts various workshops and art classes, making it a fantastic Canton landmark.

Canton Museum of Art is at 1001 Market Ave N, Canton, OH 44702.

7- See The Spring Hill Historic Home

Spring Hill Historic Home is a delightful 16-acre (6 ha) farm settled by Thomas and Charity Rotch, two well-known New England Quakers, in 1811.

In 1830, the Wales family inhabited the residence and remained on the farm for three generations until 1973.

Today, the Spring Hill Historic Home features several attractions and points of interest which visitors can tour, including an early 20th-century grain barn and milk house and a 19th-century wool house.

The farm is kept in its original condition and is furnished just as it was when the Rotch family first moved in, making it one of Canton’s most historically significant landmarks.

Spring Hill Historic Home is at 1401 Spring Hill Lane NE, Massillon, OH 44646.

8- Drink Wine At Gervasi Vineyard

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Going wine tasting is one of the fun things to do in Canton.

The 55-acre (22 ha) Gervasi Vineyard is a state-of-the-art winery and resort in Canton, Ohio, that has been serving up sumptuous wines and Michelin-worthy meals since 2010.

The destination pairs award-winning red and white wines with an authentic Italian bistro serving up some of the best food in Ohio.

Visitors planning to stay the night pick between three unique overnight accommodation options ranging from an 1800s farmhouse to a Tuscan-inspired villa.

The Gervasi Vineyard is an amazing Canton destination to visit that’s guaranteed to delight vinophiles and foodies alike.

Gervasi Vineyard is at 1700 55th St. NE, Canton, OH 44721.

9- Delve Into Aviation At MAPS Air Museum

things to do with kids in canton Vintage airplane engine detail in a airplane museum.
Discovering historic aircraft is one of the things to do in Canton if you love aviation or history.

The internationally acclaimed and recognised MAPS Air Museum serves as the northeast Ohio region’s main centre for all things related to aviation history.

The museum’s exhibits include over 55 different aircraft and over 130 artefacts and displays with significant historical significance each.

Some of the MAPS Air Museum’s best attractions include an F-16 Fighting Falcon, a 1908 Martin Glider, and even relics and mementoes from the USS Arizona, which was destroyed during the Pearl Harbor attack.

Doubling as a museum and a war memorial, the MAPS Air Museum is one of Canton’s best places to visit and a must for anyone interested in aviation.

MAPS Air Museum is at 2260 International Pkwy, North Canton, OH 44720.

10- See Model Ships At Blue Water Majesty Museum

things to do in canton, ohio Model of ships on the wooden table.
Visiting a museum is one of the fascinating things to do in Canton, Ohio.

The Blue Water Majesty Museum is a museum dedicated to exhibiting and celebrating the model ships made by famed master carver Larry Pulka.

Pulka’s miniature ships are perfect scale replicas of famous 18th-century sailing vessels and battleships, complete with periodically-correct rigging and deck nails.

Most of the museum’s displays are made from rare and exotic woods, giving each ship beautiful colours and designs without needing to paint or stain it.

Some of these ships contain as many as 150,000 individual pieces and are meticulously crafted to perfectly replicate the actual, much larger vessels in unbelievable detail.

Blue Water Majesty Museum is at 2810 Columbus Rd NE, Canton, OH 44705.

11- Relax In Beech Creek Gardens

The Beech Creek Gardens is one of Canton’s best outdoor attractions, offering visitors tons of fun and engaging things to do and sights to see.

The gardens are home to family-friendly spots such as the Caterpillar Nursery, Butterfly House, Amazing Garden Plant Science Center, and the Wildlife Observation Deck, where visitors are encouraged to interact with the many animals and plants found within the gardens.

The Beech Creek Gardens hosts several events and workshops throughout the year, including the popular Spooky Science, Christmas at Beech Creek, and Art in Bloom events.

This serene Canton landmark is always fun to visit no matter which season you decide to come, promising a fun day filled with memorable activities for all ages.

Beech Creek Gardens is at 11929 Beech St. NE, Alliance, OH 44601.

12- Climb The Steps At William McKinley National Memorial

things to do in canton ohio
Visiting the McKinley National Memorial is one of the top things to do in Canton Ohio.

The visually impressive William McKinley National Memorial serves as the final resting place of the 25th President of the United States, William McKinley.

It sits adjacent to the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum.

Canton is where McKinley lived after his service in the military and was where he launched his political career, so it’s fitting that the city was chosen to be the site of his Presidential Library and his monument.

108 steps lead up to the monument, and the memorial that soars above the surrounding trees houses the remains of President McKinley and his wife, Ida Saxton McKinley.

William McKinley National Memorial is at 800 Mc Kinley Monument Dr NW, Canton, OH 44708.

13- Feed The Ducks At Price Park

Price Park is one of Canton’s most visited public parks, comprising an area of over 18 acres (7 ha) that includes attractions such as tennis courts, ponds, fishing spots, and many nature trails.

The park is always buzzing with locals enjoying time with friends or family and joggers enjoying the outdoors.

Various animals call the park home, such as geese and ducks.

Price Park is a classic urban park featuring playgrounds and paved pathways that are perfect for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

Price Park is at 1000 W Maple St, North Canton, OH 44720.

14- Take The Kids To Boettler Park

Featuring award-winning playgrounds, a historic landmark and several outdoor attractions, the 82-acre (33 ha) Boettler Park has been one of northeast Ohio’s most popular urban parks since its creation in 1997.

The park is the location of the Lichtenwalter Historic Schoolhouse, a one-room schoolhouse dating back to 1881.

The park’s Heritage Hill Playground sits atop the highest point and was built by 400 community volunteers for the kids of Canton.

Visiting Boettler Park is a fantastic time for travellers with children and anyone who loves nature and is entirely free to enter.

Boettler Park is at 5300 Massillon Road, Green, OH 44720.

15- Try A Local Brew At Canton Brewing Company

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Tasting local beer is one of the fun things to do in Canton Ohio.

The Canton Brewing Company was established in 1883 by Otto Giesen, an immigrant from Bavaria who arrived in nearby Cleveland in 1865 as a bookkeeper.

Giesen worked at a brewery in Akron before establishing his own brewery, making excellent and authentic Bavarian beers for the population of northeast Ohio.

Since its establishment, the Canton Brewing Company has won several international awards and offers tours of the entire brewery and the brewing process.

The Canton Brewing Company’s facility features a tap room and a restaurant, where visitors can sample some of the brewery’s products and enjoy a tasty meal, making it an excellent Canton destination.

Canton Brewing Company is at 120 3rd St. NW, Canton, OH 44702.

16- Visit The Hoover Historical Center

Hoover Historical Center is the former Victorian farmhouse where William Henry “Boss” Hoover grew up, the founder of the Hoover Company.

The centre displays several artefacts detailing the life of Boss Hoover and the Hoover Company from grassroots to the present day.

The Hoover Historical Center forms part of Walsh University and offers visitors a chronological depiction of the entire history of Boss Hoover and the Hoover Company.

The museum’s exhibits range between vintage Hoover vacuums and old advertisements to WWII artefacts and women’s fashion pieces.

The Hoover Historical Center is at 1875 E Maple St, North Canton, OH 44720.

17- Taste A Sweet Treat At Harry London Candies

Canton’s famous Harry London Candies has been creating chocolates and candy for over 80 years, boasting more than 500 chocolates and candies that visitors to the factory shop can sample.

The facility hosts guided tours for the public, taking visitors through the entire facility as well as the process of crafting the company’s signature sweet treats.

Harry London Candies boasts the largest factory store in the Midwest and is absolute heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Harry London Candies is at 5353 Lauby Rd, North Canton, OH 44720.

18- See Wildlife At The Wilderness Center

The Wilderness Center is a non-profit nature centre near Canton in Wilmot, Ohio.

The centre features several attractions, including an interactive display room, a nature store, an astronomy education building, and an animal observation area.

The Wilderness Center was established in 1964 and focuses on connecting the population of northeast Ohio to nature with outdoor attractions, such as nature trails, a lake, a pond, a lookout tower and prairies.

The Wilderness Center is at 9877 Alabama Ave SW, Wilmot, OH 44689.

19- Watch A Show At Canton Palace Theatre

Built in 1926, the Canton Palace Theatre is a 1,488-seat theatre and one of Canton’s most famous landmarks.

Designed by Austrian-American architect John Eberson, the Canton Palace Theatre is a stunning example of Churrigueresque-style architecture and features terracotta bricks.

The theatre hosts hundreds of events throughout the year ranging from film screenings to musical performances.

A truly multipurpose venue, the Canton Palace Theatre is a delightful Canton landmark to visit that promises a magical night of great live entertainment in an even better setting.

Canton Palace Theatre is at 605 Market Ave. N, Canton, OH 44702.

20- Explore Historic Zoar Village

The Historic Zoar Village features a perfectly preserved 19th-century German village situated on the banks of the Tuscarawas River.

The village was established by 300 German Separatists and features various private homes, stores, restaurants and several living museums.

It’s jointly managed by the Zoar Community Association and the Ohio Historical Society and is open to the public to tour and explore to get a sense of life during the 1800s.

Historic Zoar Village is at 198 Main St., Zoar, OH 44697.