20 Waterfalls in Oregon

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Oregon might be known by some for its fine dining, rich culture and arts scene, but many others are drawn to Oregon for its natural wonders and jaw-dropping scenery. From coastal views to deep plunges into swimming holes to lava dams and forest foliage, Oregon’s waterfalls are as diverse as is its stunning ecosystem. 

Whether you’re looking to escape from the crowd and submerge yourself deep into the wilderness or longing for a big city with a panoramic view, these waterfalls in Oregon have something for the experienced explorer and the reserved recreationist alike. 

Waterfalls in Oregon

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20 Incredible Waterfalls in Oregon

1- Multnomah Falls 

largest waterfalls in oregon
Multnomah Falls in Oregon is a scenic cascading tall waterfall.

The fifth largest waterfall in the United States and the #1 tourist attraction in all of the Pacific Northwest, Multnomah Falls is an easily accessible waterfall towering at over 600 feet (182m). 

Located along the Historic Columbia River Highway and only a 34-mile (54km) drive from the populous city of Portland, Multnomah Falls is a must-see natural site in Oregon. 

Multnomah Falls is recognisable by its two separate tiers, which are connected by a picturesque bridge great for viewing the cascading lush green effect of the falls. 

Not only a natural wonder, Multnomah Falls is also home to the Multnomah Falls Lodge, where you can find fine dining, an espresso stand and a snack bar, among other ways to soak up the vibrance of the Pacific Northwest.

Multnomah Falls requires a permit to visit and park in busy seasons, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly. 

Multnomah Falls is at 53000 Historic Columbia River Hwy, Bridal Veil, OR 97010. You can visit the falls on this popular tour.

2- South Falls (Silver Falls State Park) 

waterfalls in bend oregon with water falling into a pond done with slow.
South Falls in Silver Falls State Park is one of the lovely waterfalls in Oregon to enjoy.

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon’s largest state park at 9,200 acres (3723 ha), is home to seven unique waterfalls, the most popular of which is South Falls. 

South Falls can be reached by a short 1/4 mile (0.4km) hike, and the most commonly travelled trail extends behind the waterfall for a unique viewing experience. 

Silver Falls State park also contains a variety of campgrounds and cabin stays, as well as picnic sites, a cafe and amenities for those travelling or taking a day trip. 

Many bookable events take place at Silver Falls State Park, such as a popular Hike and Wine tour hosted by an expert guide with knowledge of the park’s history and wine in the Willamette Valley.

A trip to Silver Falls State Park can be tailored to your fitness level, depending on the trails you choose, making it perfect for seasoned and inexperienced hikers. 

Silver Falls State Park is at 20024 Silver Falls Highway SE, Sublimity, OR 97385.

3- Abiqua Falls 

how many waterfalls in oregon Abiqua Falls Side View
Another waterfall in Oregon to tick off your list is Abiqua Falls, which is especially fetching early in the morning.

Abiqua Falls is one of Oregon’s most-loved waterfalls, infamous for its stunning appearance.

The waterfall drops down over unique basalt columns formed by cooled molten lava and into a large splash pool. 

It is in Scotts Mill, a small city in Marion County, with various outdoor activities for the adventurer in you. 

To access the Abiqua Falls trailhead, you will need 4WD to brave the bumpy downhill excursion; however, there are other parking lots or pull-offs along the way that will extend your hike but save you some unpleasant driving. 

Abiqua Falls is a demanding hike, with ropes on the trail in some spots for climbing over downed trees or large rocks, so make sure to plan accordingly for a view that is more than worth the struggle. 

Abiqua Falls is at 3rd St NE, Scotts Mill, OR 97375.

4- Tumalo Falls 

waterfalls in central oregon
Tumalo Falls in Bend, Central Oregon, in summer.

Tumalo Falls is a scenic waterfall in Eastern Oregon, about 20 miles (32km) outside of the well-known city of Bend. 

Tumalo Falls is deep within the Deschutes National Forest, so expect stunning views of the surrounding forest teeming with wildlife on your drive to the trailhead and your hike to the falls. 

If hiking isn’t your scene, there is no need to fret as Tumalo Falls can be seen from two different viewpoints; the lower viewpoint requires only a short walk from the parking lot. 

Tumalo Falls is at Tumalo Falls Trail, Bend, OR, 97703.

5- Sweet Creek Falls 

hidden waterfalls in oregon
A lovely waterfall in Oregon on the Sweet Creek hiking trail.

Situated along the Oregon Coastal Range, this short hike follows a twisting trail with about a dozen small waterfalls leading up to your final destination at the titular Sweet Creek Falls. 

Nestled between the beach town of Florence and the college town of Eugene, Sweet Creek Falls is a lovely, dog-friendly hike that packs many jaw-dropping views into a relatively quick excursion. 

If you visit during the spring and summer months, you will be surprised by a stunning array of woodland wildflowers and the forest foliage. 

Sweet Creek Falls is at Sweet Creek Rd, Mapleton, OR, 97453.

    6- Hug Point Falls 

    Get a trip to the beach and a scenic waterfall view at Hug Point Falls, a waterfall between Manzanita and Cannon Beach. 

    Just a quick walk from an accessible parking lot, Hug Point Falls is a small teeming waterfall that spills over onto a beach covered in hidden sea caves and tidal pools with assorted marine life. 

    Hug Point Falls is easy to find, free to park, and perfect for an out-of-the-ordinary stroll down the Oregon Coast. 

    Hug Point Falls is at Beach Access Rd, Arch Cape, OR, 97102.

    7- Drift Creek Falls 

    Drift Creek Falls is a dog-friendly and family-friendly hike right outside of the beach town of Lincoln City, Oregon. 

    The waterfall can be viewed best from a 240-foot (73m) suspension bridge that leads to the base of the falls, where a picnic table constructed from an old fallen tree provides the perfect spot to rest and enjoy the views. 

    This hike requires a parking pass that can be purchased online in advance and has a spacious parking lot that rarely fills up, even in the finest of weather. 

    Drift Creek Falls is at BLM Rd 1770, Otis, OR 97368.

    8- Latourell Falls 

    big waterfalls in oregon
    Situated in the Columbia River Gorge along Highway I-84, Latourell Falls is another photogenic waterfall in Oregon.

    Latourell Falls is along the Historic Columbia River Highway and within the Guy W. Talbot State Park, home to many of Oregon’s most-visited natural landmarks.

    No hike is required to see this stunning single-plunge waterfall.

    A viewpoint is stationed above the trailhead that is impossible to miss and perfect for photographing the waterfall. 

    For a more unique perspective on the falls, take the steep downhill trail that leads to the bottom of Latourell Falls.

    You can stand back and enjoy the mist or even walk directly underneath the waterfall to cool off on a summer’s day. 

    Latourell Falls is at Historic Columbia River Highway, Corbett, OR 97019. Explore this waterfall on this tour.

    9- Ramona Falls 

    tallest waterfalls in oregon
    Admire the cascading view of Ramona Falls, a stunning Oregon waterfall, from the wooden foot bridge while on a hike.

    Ramona Falls is a beautiful cascading waterfall in the Mount Hood Wilderness along the historic Sandy River. 

    This hike is most popular in the summer, with 1035 feet (315m) of elevation gain, and appeals to more experienced hikers who are comfortable navigating difficult terrain. 

    Before or after hiking Ramona Falls, check out the plentiful lodging and dining options in the Villages of Mount Hood. 

    Ramona Falls is at Ramona Falls Trail #797, Mt Hood, OR 97041.

    10- Punch Bowl Falls 

    how many waterfalls are in oregon
    Punch Bowl Falls is another waterfall in Oregon to check out.

    Punch Bowl Falls is on Eagle Creek, which spins into a crystal-clear basin and sends shimmering reflections across the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. 

    Hiking Eagle Creek to Punch Bowl Falls is an experience of surreal, otherworldly views with lush greens and blues coating the lava-formed basalt cliffs which the falls twirl over. 

    This hike is a popular spot for swimming, as hundreds flock to the emerald pools at the base of the falls during the hottest months of the year. 

    Punch Bowl Falls is at Cascade Locks, OR, 97014. Check out this tour.

    11- Salt Creek Falls

    waterfalls in oregon coast
    The lush canyon below Salt Creek Falls in Oregon.

    Salt Creek Falls is in the Cascade Mountains, one of Oregon’s most powerful waterfalls and the second-highest single-drop waterfall in the state. 

    The falls can be viewed from a lot right off the highway, making this an easy stop to the famous Crater Lake National Park. 

    If you’d rather hike to a view, there is a gravel loop trail with four different viewpoints for different perspectives on the falls. 

    Salt Creek Falls is at Salt Creek Falls Day Use Area, Crescent, OR 97733. Book this tour for an easy way to see the lake and falls.

    12- Bridal Veil Falls 

    best waterfalls in oregon
    Afternoon sunlight over Upper Bridal Veil Falls in Columbia River Gorge makes this one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Oregon.

    Right off the Historic Columbia River Highway and occupying the site of an old lumber mill, Bridal Veil Falls plunges under a bridge and spans two tiers, creating a unique viewing experience. 

    Positioned along what is known as Oregon’s Waterfall Corridor, Bridal Veil Falls is in a fee-free area where you can view the falls from many different perspectives for maximum enjoyment of the scenery. 

    Bridal Veil Falls is a must-see gem along the Columbia River Highway, surrounded by abundant moss in many shades of green and with a comfortable observation platform for the best view. Here’s a fabulous tour to take in the best of Columbia River Gorge.

    Bridal Veil Falls is at E Crown Point Hwy, Bridal Veil, OR 97010.

    13- Toketee Falls 

    hikes in oregon with waterfalls
    Toketee Falls  is another scenic Oregon waterfall with a decent drop.

    Toketee Falls is one of many hidden gems along the Umpqua River in Southwestern Oregon, with views straight out of a storybook and a plunge into a dreamy pool of clear water. 

    Whether you jump into the freezing water or admire the views from afar, the mist from the Toketee Falls and the enclosed valley at the base make this an Oregon waterfall you won’t want to miss. 

    The hike leading to Toketee Falls also takes you to the stunning Umpqua Hot Springs for those who want to continue their journey into the Umpqua National Forest. 

    Toketee Falls is at Idlyeld Park, OR 97447.

    14- Henline Falls

    Deep in the Opal Creek Wilderness of Marion County, Henline Falls is the spot for those looking to admire the diverse ecological culture found in Oregon. 

    Henline Falls is conveniently located 41 miles (65km) outside Salem, Oregon’s bustling and well-populated capital. 

    On the way to the falls, one is flocked by forests of Western Hemlock and Douglas Fir trees; if you look even closer, you may be able to find the remnants of an abandoned mine shaft that are buried into the hillside. 

    Henline Falls is best seen in mid-April when the weather is warmer and butterflies flit around the blue-green pool surrounding the falls. 

    Henline Falls is at NF-2209, Lyons, OR 97358.

    15- Proxy Falls 

    famous waterfalls in oregon
    Proxy Falls waterfall in Oregon.

    Proxy Falls is in the Cascade Mountains and is notable for its appearance; one fall streams off in two different directions, creating a two-pronged waterfall cascading down the mossy cliffside in the Cascades. 

    The water at the bottom of the falls appears to disappear into thin air, but this is more of an optical illusion as the water sinks through porous lava and is fed directly into the ground. 

    Proxy Falls are some of the most photographed waterfalls in all of Oregon, and the short family-friendly hike is worth the views you’ll be rewarded with. 

    A pass is required for parking and hiking in the Willamette National Forest area, so make sure you plan ahead for your trip. 

    Proxy Falls is at Proxy Falls Trailhead, Blue River, OR 97413.

    16- Munson Creek Falls 

    Munson Creek Falls, located within the Munson Creek Falls State Park, is the tallest waterfall in Oregon’s Coast Range, coming in at a breathtaking 319 feet (97m). 

    Munson Creek Falls State park is also home to many ancient red cedar and Sitka spruce trees, including one of the country’s tallest Sitka spruces. 

    The waterfall can be reached by a short winding trail through the trees, leading you to the many-tiered waterfall and a picnic area surrounded by maple trees, where you can enjoy the sounds of the falls tumbling around you. 

    Munson Creek Falls is on the Tillamook Coast, a beach town known for its kayaking scene, pastoral farmland and the Old Tillamook Cheese Factory open daily for tours and tastings. 

    Munson Creek Falls is at Munson Cr, Rd, 6400-6200 Munson Creek Rd, Tillamook, OR 97141.

    17- Strawberry Falls

    Deep in the heart of Eastern Oregon, nestled within the Malheur National Forest, lies the Strawberry Mountain Range, home to some of Oregon’s most untouched and uncrowded nature, including the gem that is Strawberry Falls. 

    Strawberry Falls is a relatively small waterfall at 50 feet (15m), but it certainly makes up for what it lacks in size in its picturesque location and surroundings. 

    To reach Strawberry Falls, you’ll start at the Strawberry Campgrounds and arrive shortly at Little Strawberry Lake, a gorgeous reflective lake with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forest.

    Strawberry Falls is not far from Little Strawberry Lake, so it is easy to make the trip and see both in a day, especially if you camp in one of the many campgrounds within the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness.  

    Strawberry Mountain Wilderness is home to seven different alpine lakes and countless breathtaking views, so Strawberry Falls is bound to be just one of many scenic views you will see on your trip. 

    Strawberry Falls is at Strawberry Mountain Wilderness, Canyon City, OR, 97820.

    18- Sahalie Falls 

    waterfalls in portland oregon
    Beautiful Sahalie Falls is in central Oregon near the town of Bend and was the scenic location in the movie “Homeward Bound”.

    A roadside waterfall along the McKenzie River in the Cascade Mountains, Sahalie Falls is one of the popular waterfalls in Oregon due to its easy accessibility and its unique appearance.

    This Oregon waterfall is a 100-foot (30m) fall that plunges deep into a natural lava dam. 

    You can view Sahalie Falls from a comfortable platform that is wheelchair accessible, or you can take the loop hike that connects Sahalie Falls to Koosah Falls, another popular waterfall in the vicinity. 

    During the winter, the Sahalie Falls freeze over and the surrounding foliage is often covered in snow; although it is a less common time to view the falls, it is certainly a natural wonder in its own right. 

    Sahalie Falls is along the McKenzie River, a great recreational area for hiking or river rafting. 

    Sahalie Falls is at McKenzie River Dr, McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413.

    19- Tamolitch Falls (Blue Pool)

    Tamolitch Falls, also known as Blue Pool, has unbelievably clear, topaz-blue, glassy water with vibrant colours and reflections so vivid it’s difficult to determine whether what you’re seeing is real. 

    Tamolitch Falls is a “dry fall”, as the water flows underground and emerges below the falls except in periods of heavy runoff. 

    Tamolitch Falls is a popular spot for swimming in the summer, despite the near-freezing water temperatures; it is hard to resist the deep blue hues of the pool and the reflections of the surrounding alder trees. 

    You can reach the pool from the McKenzie River Trail, and the length of the hike varies depending on which trailhead you start from, so be sure to plan accordingly. 

    Tamolitch Falls is at National Forest Road 2672-655, McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413.

    20- Watson Falls 

    Watson Falls is southwest Oregon’s highest waterfall, clocking in at 293 feet (89m), with a powerful spray that can be felt while observing the beauty of the falls. 

    Situated along the North Umpqua River Valley, Watson Falls is a commonly visited stop for picnicking, bird-watching and camping in the charming creekside fir forest of Douglas County. 

    You can view Watson Falls from many points along the trailhead leading to the base of the falls, with footbridges and benches, which are great for photography. 

    Watson Falls is at NF-37, Idleyld Park, OR 97447.

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