20 Spain Tours For Your Bucket List

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Spain was a major colonial power and its influence remains strong, especially in Central and South American life. Likewise, the Moors occupied these lands for many years and they left their mark. It is a country of 47.5 million, one of the largest in the European Union with Madrid, its inland capital, the home of 6.75 million.

Spain has been a major beneficiary of the huge increase in charter flights in recent decades. The coastal regions of Spain, especially the Costa del Sol in the extreme south, are hugely popular with people living within little over two hours by air. That means the large population of North West Europe. You certainly do not need to visit during the height of summer. Spain is a great escape from cold winters further north in Europe with plenty of flights even outside the main holiday months.

Spain, however, has far more than sun, sea and sand. Its rich history makes it a fascinating country for anyone interested in history. Spanish cuisine is tasty and described as “Mediterranean”, acknowledged as very healthy because of its use of olive oil, herbs and fresh fruit and vegetables. The country’s wine is equally highly regarded, with Rioja probably its most famous contribution to the world of wine. There is something for everyone and we hope that this selection of tours in Spain will encourage you to pay a visit.

20 Best Tours In Spain

Top Tours

Barcelona: Sagrada Familia Entry Ticket with Audio Guide
The famous Sagrada Familia is an obligatory stop that’s usually included in all the best tours in Spain.

El Chorro: Caminito del Rey Guided Tour with Shuttle Bus – enjoy the stunning scenery on this historic hike with a guide. 
From Madrid: Toledo and Segovia with Optional Ávila Tour – a full-day tour crammed with interesting sights. 
Barcelona: Sagrada Familia Entry Ticket with Audio Guide – skip the line and book your ticket to this iconic landmark in advance. 

Luxury Tours In Spain

1- Float In The Skies

Segovia is around an hour by road north west of Madrid.

The city itself has mediaeval walls and is known for its Romanesque churches, the Gothic cathedral and a former royal palace.

You can book a flight of around an hour over the region in early month, soaring quietly over this lovely area.

You will obviously have plenty of views that you want to photograph while crew will also take shots, and a video, of you enjoying the experience.

A short safety talk is the start of the experience while a champagne toast and breakfast on landing is how it ends.

Recommended: Segovia: Hot Air Balloon Ride with Optional Pickup Service

2- Glide In A Catamaran

Alicante: 6 Hour Catamaran Cruise to Tabarca Island
One of the popular tours in Spain is to explore the beautiful city of Alicante on the Mediterranean Sea.

A catamaran cruise from Alicante along the Costa Blanca (“White Coast”) is a great experience.

You can sunbathe and relax as you head for Tabarca Island.

There are refreshments on board while you are able to go snorkelling if you wish.

Your visit to Spain’s first marine reserve is very interesting and the clear water guarantees that you will see whatever marine life is around.

On the way back, you will see the white sands of Carabassi Beach with its white sand and the lighthouse on the Cape of Santa Pola.

Alicante is busy in high season so this is a great way to avoid the crowds for a few hours.

Recommended: Alicante: 6-Hour Catamaran Cruise to Tabarca Island

3- Seek Out Dolphins

Estepona: Dolphin Watching Cruise with Snacks and a Drink
A dolphin watching tour in Spain is a popular activity for wildlife lovers.

Dolphins are a common sight off the Costa del Sol Coast but there is no guarantee when it comes to nature.

Heading out for a couple of hours from Estepona with an experienced crew, you will be very unlucky not to get some sightings.

Dolphins often come close to boats that they are used to seeing so grab a drink and keep your eyes open as you relax on the comfortable cushions.

You can expect a pleasant breeze as you cruise along, enough to take off a degree or two on a hot day.

The whole setting is lovely with the dolphins the highlight.

Recommended: Estepona: Dolphin Watching Cruise with Snacks and a Drink

4- Take Charge On The Sea

Valencia: Boat Rental without license at La Marina Valencia!
Going cruising or sailing is one of the fun Spain tours.

If sailing is one of your hobbies, you may well have been in charge of a craft before.

You can do that once again by renting a boat for a specified time, hours or days, at Valencia Marina.

You can get advice about the best places to go, perhaps the beautiful Malvarrosa Beach or Port Saplaya? You will get the equipment on board to allow for snorkelling or paddle surfing.

If you are a group of up to five people, boats are available.

They have padded seats, shade from the sun, lifejackets, first aid kit, anchor and cool box among other features.

Recommended: Valencia: Boat Rental (without license) at La Marina Valencia!

5- Soar In Tandem

Paragliding Tandem Flight from Madrid
Paragliding is one of the activities in Spain for those after an adrenalin rush.

Jumping in tandem with an experienced instructor is perfectly safe, and quite an experience.

You will begin by listening to safety instructions and how you are to take off into the skies.

Paragliding does not need any level of fitness, just the nerve to do it.

The direction of the wind is a factor in deciding where you will go, usually Cebreros and the Somosierra Mountain Pass.

This tour involves travelling for an hour out of Madrid.

You will reach a height of up to 800 metres (2,625 feet) and in good conditions, you can expect to be in the air for up to 25 minutes.

Recommended: Paragliding Tandem Flight from Madrid

Motorcycle Tours In Spain

6- Discover Barcelona

Barcelona: 6 Hour Vespa Rental with GPS
One of the fun Spain tours is to ride a Vespa to see the sights.

Barcelona on the Costa Brava Coast in North Spain is a beautiful city with the unfinished cathedral, the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece, among its many highlights.

This is the starting point of a Vespa tour of the city.

There is plenty to see as you proceed, places like Montjuic whose elevated position allows you great panoramic views.

You will find plenty of monuments, the contrast between old and new, plenty of colour and green spaces.

It is entirely up to you where your Vespa takes you but it is certainly worth doing some research in advance so that you see the aspects of Barcelona that most interest you.

Recommended: Barcelona: 6-Hour Vespa Rental with GPS

7- Ride A Harley

Biker Tours on a Harley Davidson
Motorcycle enthusiasts will love these Lanzarote tours in Spain.

Lanzarote is one of the Spanish islands in the Atlantic and where you will get the chance of riding a Harley-Davidson, the famous iconic motorbike.

You must have previous experience of riding a motorbike and have the suitable licence to do so of course.

There are a number of routes you can take as you ride.

Las Breñas is your starting point and typically you then head through La Geria with its vineyards before going on to La Santa and Famara.

The road winds north to Teguise, Los Valles and Tabayesco.

This tour is more about the experience of riding a Harley than about landmarks as such.

Recommended: Biker-Tours on a Harley Davidson

Food Tours In Spain

8- Sample Local Tapas

Tapas are a Spanish institution and a guided tapas tour around its capital, Madrid will give you a flavour of the huge variety available.

You can expect to try around 12 different ones, in four different places that may not be on the usual tourist route.

At each place, you will get a glass of wine to drink as you eat.

There’s no real hurry and you will be able to buy more wherever you go.

Tapas does vary by region and your guide will give you plenty of information and answer your questions.

You will learn about the origins of each dish and likely more about Madrid itself.

Recommended: Madrid: Wine and Tapas Walking Tour

9- Taste Basque Favourites

Bilbao: Basque Food Tour with Guide
If you’re a foodie looking for a tour in Spain, you’ll love to join a Basque food tour. One of the region’s specialities is anchovy pintxos.

Bilbao is the main city in Spain’s Basque Region and known for its wonderful cuisine, with pintxos one of its central tastes.

Pintxos are small snacks with a range of toppings usually put on bread and secured with a small skewer.

They are bite-sized and regularly eaten by groups of friends who sit around talking, and eating.

A guided tour is a great way to learn about, and taste, the best that Bilbao has to offer.

You can expect to learn plenty about the Basques as you continue around to different places.

There is local wine, different ones suiting different pintxos so expect to be drinking as well as eating.

The tour is approximately 3 hours and you will love it.

Recommended: Bilbao: Basque Food Tour with Guide

10- Eat Pintxos In San Sebastian

San Sebastian: Food and Drink Tasting Tour with Market Visit
Eat tapas and drink wine on these fantastic Spain walking tours.

San Sebastián is an old town where pintxos are part of the social fabric.

You can drink cider or wine with the pintxos that you encounter on this walking tour.

One of the highlights of your tour is visiting the local market with its wonderful colours, locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Locally-produced ham, olives and olive oil are all worth a try.

You will go to a shop specialising in olive oil and also taste arguably the most famous pintxo of all, La Gilda, comprising olives, dried tomato, pepper and anchovy.

You will go into bars popular with the locals, many drinking that cider, local wine and eating pintxos.

This is a really atmospheric tour and a great way to mingle with locals.

Recommended: San Sebastian: Food and Drink Tasting Tour with Market Visit

Bike Tours In Spain

11- Cycle Around Bilbao

A guided bike tour around Bilbao is a great way to explore this famous city, starting from Calle de Villarias in the centre of the city.

There are bike lanes and pedestrianized streets which allow you to avoid mixing with the busy city traffic.

Among the highlights of the tour are the Guggenheim Museum on the banks of the Nervión River and the Euskalduna Conference Centre, where once Bilbao’s ships were built.

The new San Mamés soccer stadium is on the route, as is the Neo-Baroque Teatro Arriaga.

You will enjoy the Od Town with its narrow streets and wide plazas.

The San Antón Bridge links Bilbao La Vieja and Casco Viejo and you will cross it as well as seeing the old city walls.

Recommended tours:

12- Navigate Cadiz’ Narrow Streets

The historic city of Cádiz is in Andalucia in South West Spain.

It is ideal for a bike tour and you can spend 3.5 hours cycling its narrow streets within the Old Town where you will find the city cathedral with its impressive golden dome.

The newer part of the city is not surprisingly a contrast; wide streets being the obvious difference.

Cadiz was an important trading port as far back as the time of the Phoenicians in the early centuries BC.

You will have an English-speaking guide who will tell you about the history of the city and obviously answer all your questions.

Recommended: Cádiz: Guided Bike Tour

Wine Tours In Spain

13- Sip Andalusian Sherry and Brandy

Jerez: Guided Winery Tour with Wine Tasting
La Rioja is one of the best regions to explore for Spain wine tours.

Jerez de la Frontera is an Andalusian city known for its sherry and brandy.

As you walk around, you will pass white bodegas, avenues lined with flowers and lush vineyards.

Arguably the most famous sherry bodega, Tio Pepe in González Byass is here and you will head into its cellars and sample the sherry.

Another winery in the centre of Jerez, close to the Cathedral and the Alcazar is also on the itinerary.

It was back in the 19th century when Jerez was considered the world capital of wine with a young Manuel Mª González Ángel laying the first stone of what ultimately became the Tío Pepe Winery.

As well as tasting, you will also learn about the history and process of producing sherry and brandy.

Recommended: Jerez Guided Winery Tour with Wine Tasting

14- Drink The Best Of The Basque Region

This tour offers the chance to enjoy the best of the Basque Region’s cuisine, visit a local market and sample its lovely wine.

The Ribera Market in Bilbao is Spain’s largest covered food market and has few equals in Europe.

It is then off to the Old Town and its traditional bars and the locals who regularly sing as they drink local wine and a traditional aperitif.

Txakoli Bar is on the route then over the river to an historic bar in Ensanche where you will drink Rioja, arguably Spain’s most famous wine, red and white.

When you return home from Spain, be sure to take some Rioja with you.

Recommended tour: Bilbao: Pintxos and Wine Tasting Tour with Local Guide

15- Learn More About Rioja

An alternative to walking around Bilbao is to cycle.

This is one of Spain’s most important wine-growing regions and Rioja is the region’s best-known product.

You will not be cycling down busy streets but instead through ancient vineyards, through old villages and past olive oil farms.

Your guide knows everything there is to know about converting the grape its one of the world’s finest wines and of course you will have the chance to sample it.

Wine-making here has a 2,000-year history.

You will enter a wine cellar at one of the two wineries you visit and there are three different Riojas to try in each.

There is a lovely lunch on this tour which includes lovely local cheeses and dried meats.

Recommended tour: La Rioja Wine Tour by E-Bike with Wine Tastings

16- Drink The Costa Del Sol’s Finest

The southern coast of Spain is another known for its wines.

You will head out from Marbella into a wonderful mountainous environment, see historic Ronda and visit 2 different wineries for tasting and lunch.

Ronda has stunning cliff-edged location over a gorge making it a great place for photographs.

There is time in the town before the first winery.

You will try 3 different red wines with local cheeses and Iberian ham, produced from the winery’s own pigs.

The second winery is known for its commitment to natural and ecological wine.

This is where you will have lunch, and further tastings which also include a rose wine.

A great day out!

Recommended: From Marbella: The Classic Ronda Wine Experience Day Tour

Walking Tours In Spain

17- Explore the Alhambra

Granada: Alhambra Skip the Line Tour with Nasrid Palaces
The incredible Alhambra is one of the highlights of the best Spain tours in 2023.

The Muslim Moors occupied parts of Spain for many years and one of their most important legacies is the Alhambra, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole of Spain.

You are in Granada where you are sure to also like the Alcazaba, the Comares Palace, and the Generalife Gardens.

Granada thus has a rich history and your guide will tell you all about it as you walk.

The tour starts at the walled citadel, later to become the seat of the Nasrid emirs of Granada.

It is then on to the Alcazaba which was the first part to be built.

You have access to all parts, including the opulent royal quarters.

Recommended: Granada: Alhambra Skip-the-Line Tour with Nasrid Palaces

18- Enjoy Seville

Seville Cathedral In Spain
Seville’s Cathedral is one of the famous sights included in many guided tours of Spain.

The main monuments and architecture of Seville can be busy so a skip-the-ticket line is a real bonus.

Seville is another historic city with the Royal Alcázar perhaps the highlight? The city cathedral is the last resting place of several famous inhabitants over the centuries.

Inside, there are some fine artistic pieces while the stained- glass windows date back to the 16th century.

The famous Giralda Tower was built by the Moors and it has become a symbol of the city.

UNESCO has made its palace World Heritage Site, and it was a location used in the award-winning film “Lawrence of Arabia” and the recent series “Game of Thrones”.

Incidentally, the Royal Palace Gardens are lovely and you will see peacocks and other palace wildlife as you walk.

Recommended tour: Seville: Cathedral, Giralda, and Royal Alcázar Guided Tour

19- See The Famous Unfinished Cathedral

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is Gaudi’s most famous work.

It was begun at the end of the 19th century and is as yet unfinished! Remarkable, isn’t it? It is Roman Catholic and quite stunning.

Gadi’s style is unmistakeable and can be seen in other buildings in Barcelona but this is certainly the highlight.

You will get a headset with audio from your guide.

There is a museum which will further educate you on the long history of the place.

Its exhibition includes drawings, photos and models relating to the Basilica as well as more on Gaudi’s life and career.

Recommended: Barcelona: Sagrada Familia Entry Ticket with Audio Guide

20- Admire The Best Of Old Madrid

Madrid: City Walking Tour & Royal Palace Skip the Line Tour
Plaza Mayor in Madrid is one of the places you’ll visit on a popular tour in Spain.

Madrid’s Old Town with a guide is a “must” if you are in the capital.

It has the advantage of your being able to avoid any queues at places like the Royal Palac.

You will also see beautiful squares such as Plaza de la Villa and Plaza de Oriente.

The tour starts at Calle Mayor, then on to the Plaza Mayor and the statue of Felipe III.

San Miguel Market is very colourful and you will understand if you didn’t before why Spanish cuisine is so good.

Plaza de la Villa is next before the Plaza de Oriente and the Royal Palace.

Recommended: Madrid: City Walking Tour & Royal Palace Skip-the-Line Tour

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