20 Greece Tours For Your Bucket List

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Greece is a country with thousands of islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. It finally achieved independence from the Ottomans in 1830. Its population is just around 10.5 million, with almost four million living within the Greater Athens (the capital) Metropolitan Area.

Greece has been dubbed the “cradle of civilisation”, the home of a mighty empire that was a major power from the 8th century BC until the rise of the Romans in the 2nd century BC. It was a series of powerful city-states until Alexander the Great unified the majority in the 4th century BC and conquered lands eastwards, even to parts of India. You’ll find a range of tours in Greece to choose from, as tourism is hugely important, with several historic landmarks in major cities, especially Athens.

The wonderful climate attracts large numbers of visitors annually, with many heading out to popular islands found throughout the Aegean. The larger islands mostly have their airports with charter flights running for half the year. Regular ferries allow for moving between nearby islands and, indeed, out of Athens to numerous destinations. Combine a visit to Athens with time on one of the popular islands or if you prefer just to relax, then an island is the best place to do that but there will be crowds in high season in the most popular destinations.

Below is a flavour of the types of Greek tours available. There are many more but I’m sure you will be tempted by these. 

Tours In Greece

Best Tours

Luxury Tours In Greece

1- Get Pampered On The Sea

Mykonos: Luxury Catamaran Cruise with Lunch & Drinks

The clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea on a catamaran cruise out Mykonos are a great experience.

You will have the chance to explore the many coves around Rhenia island as well as swim, snorkel, or simply relax on board, soaking up the sun and enjoying the cool breeze.

A delicious Greek lunch is obviously part of the day and plenty of local wine.

The beautiful white houses of Mykonos, its windmills and Delos Island make great photos while if you decide to head out for the sunset cruise, there are memorable shots as the sun finally sinks below the horizon.

Recommended tour: Mykonos: Luxury Catamaran Cruise with Lunch & Drinks

2- Enjoy A Santorini Sunset

Santorini: Premium Catamaran Cruise with Fresh BBQ & Drinks

Santorini is a hugely popular wedding venue and in recent years has been attracting more and more visitors.

You can get away from the crowds for a while by boarding a luxury catamaran to enjoy the crystal-clear waters around the island.

There is plenty of chance to swim and snorkel with a BBQ laid on by the crew.

Red Beach is the first stop followed White Beach, both striking in appearance.

Aspronissi and Akrotiri are on the route, both beautiful and uninhabited islands before you are invited to relax in hot springs to take away any tension you have in your body, unlikely after such a lovely cruise but still a great experience.

Recommended tours:

3- Soar In A Helicopter

To get a different perspective of Santorini and the sea that surrounds it, why not take a short helicopter trip?

You will get great views of the volcanic caldera and villages such as Fira and Oia with their typical whitewashed houses.

Incidentally, the churches with their blue domes are a feature of Oia.

Indeed, there is plenty of colour to see including beaches with red and black sand.

There are secluded bays and coves which you may resolve to visit on another day within your holiday.

The contrasts between the black of the cliffs, red sand, the blue of the waters and the white houses are spectacular.

Recommended tour: Santorini: 30-Minute Private Helicopter Flight

4- Arrange A Helicopter Transfer

If your island base in Greece has no airport of its own, you will need to catch a ferry, or will you? You can book a helicopter as an alternative if you have the budget to afford it.

There is a limit to the range of a helicopter but if you talk to a company which specialises in helicopters, you may be able to arrange a transfer for up to 4 people to your island base.

Alternatively, ask about the options of flying above the land and sea to get a totally different view of your holiday destination.

Recommended tour: Naxos: Private Helicopter Ride to Greek Islands or Athens

Tours In Athens

5- Explore The Acropolis

Athens: Acropolis and 6 Archaeological Sites Combo Ticket

The Acropolis dominate the skyline of Athens, the capital of Greece and once a powerful city-state.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and taking a tour with an experienced local guide will teach you much about its history, and the mythology and storytelling that surrounds it.

The Acropolis Museum is surely among the best in the whole world? You will see surviving masterpieces from the temples which once stood in the Acropolis.

Excavations can be seen under glass floors and walkways.

The Dionysus Theatre, famous for dramas and tragedies in those days is on the itinerary as is the impressive Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the Sanctuary of Asclepius, the healing god.

Recommended tour: Athens: Acropolis and 6 Archaeological Sites Combo Ticket

6- Attend The Theatre

Athens: Ancient Greek Theater Performance

There is plenty of mythology surrounding Ancient Greece, and you should seriously think about attending a theatre performance where many of the stories are told in English.

You will be able to close your eyes and imagine you are back in the 5th Century BC in the powerhouse that was Athens.

You may imagine talking to Medea, the daughter of King Aeetes and granddaughter to Helios, the Sun God.

Perhaps you will see the daughters of Oedipus grieving or discover more about the life of the hero, Odysseus?

Recommended tour: Athens: Ancient Greek Theater Performance

7- See Delphi On A Day Trip

Ruins Of Delphi Oracle In Athens, Greece
Ruins Of Delphi Oracle is a popular day tour from Athens.

The Temple of Apollo and Delphi Archaeological Museum are the highlights of a visit to Delphi while such a trip will also give you a chance to see some of the Greek countryside.

That includes the fertile plain of Boeotia, the town of Thebes and the story of King Oedipus.

Livadeia and Arachova on the slopes of Mount Parnassus are next before you reach Delphi.

The Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios, the Treasury of the Athenians, what is left of the Temple of Apollo, and Archaeological Museum fill an amazing few hours.

The bronze statue of Charioteer of Delphi is definitely worth a photo as well.

Recommended tour: From Athens: Day Tour to Delphi

Sailing Tours

8- Sail To Dia Island From Crete

Heraklion: Dia Island Sailboat Cruise with Swimming and Meal

Dia island is off the north coast of Crete and if you want a day away from Greece’s largest island, board a sailing yacht to Dia.

The island has a lovely bay and after an hour’s cruise to Dia, you will get plenty of time to relax, swim, enjoy lunch and try a range of water activities.

The starting point is Heraklion and there are both morning and afternoon departures, the latter which can include a lovely sunset because you will not get back to Heraklion until around 9.00 pm which at this latitude is after the sun has sunk behind the horizon.

Recommended tour: Heraklion: Dia Island Sailboat Cruise with Swimming and Meal

9- Cruise From Kos To Nearby Islands

From the Port of Kos: Full Day Boat Cruise to 3 Islands

Kos is just a short distance from Bodrum on the Turkish mainland but there are also nearby islands within Greece that you can visit on a trip out of Kos Town.

Kalymnos, Plati, and Pserimos are on this itinerary which includes plenty of time to swim and a delicious BBQ lunch with plenty of fresh dishes to accompany it.

Vathi, a village on Kalymnos with its natural fjord is the first stop.

You can explore before returning to the boat for lunch which has a vegetarian option.

A visit to a fish farm follows and the chance to see dolphins before going to Plati for more swimming.

Pserimos is the last stop and there is time to explore again before returning to Kos.

Recommended tour: From the Port of Kos: Full Day Boat Cruise to 3 Islands

10- Head Back In Time In A Wooden Boat

Corfu, Capital Town Of Corfu Island
Corfu Town, the capital of the island of Kerkyra, is a lovely sight and a popular stop on many Greek tours.

Not surprisingly, the sea has always played a major role in Greek life from the very early days.

You can head out from Corfu as locals did centuries ago in an old wooden boat to sail around the island.

The views of Corfu Old Town and Fortress begin a fascinating day.

There is plenty to see; Kouloura, a fishing village and an impressive villa, proof that Corfu was home to the affluent, is early on your trip.

You then reach protected wetlands with stunning flora, including orchids.

Lunch is served then on to Peristeres Lighthouse from the 19th Century.

The whole setting is beautiful, time for your camera and you can swim at a number of stops.

Recommended tour: Corfu Town: Full-Day Cruise with Lunch, Drinks & Swim Stops

11- Go In Search Of Turtles

Blue Caves On Zakynthos Island In Greece
Exploring Zakynthos Island is one of the best tours in Greece for nature lovers.

The Aegean is a nesting site for endangered turtles, especially the loggerhead, “caretta, caretta”.

Zakynthos is an island close to the Greek Mainland and the Gulf of Laganas lies on the south of the island.

Your cruise includes a guide who will tell you more about the turtles and then you will keen your eyes on the sea to try to see one.

They come to the surface for air regularly and the chances of sightings are good.

On the cruise, you will be able to swim and have your camera ready to photograph the caves of Keri.

Marathonisi Island and the Golden Nesting Beach is where sea turtles lay their eggs and you will visit here before returning back.

Recommended tour: Zakynthos: Turtle Spotting, Marathonísi & Keri Caves Cruise

12- Keep Your Eyes Open For Dolphins

Preveza: Dolphin Watching Cruise with Lunch and Drinks

Preveza in the Epirus region of North West Greece is known for the regular sightings of dolphins in its waters.

You will set out from the port and hear about the tradition of fishing over the years, and see the fish farms that harvest these days.

Dolphins are used to the boats and regularly approach allowing you the chance of great photos.

This is a relaxing day with beaches, waters inviting you to swim and of course a delicious lunch using fresh local produce.

There is never any rush to do anything and you will return to port at the end of the day with many memories.

Recommended tour: Preveza: Dolphin Watching Cruise with Lunch and Drinks

13- Jump On A Catamaran

Rhodes: All Inclusive Catamaran Cruise with Lunch and Drinks

Cruising along the coast of Rhodes in a catamaran, sailing or under power will give you the chance to visit a series of lovely beaches and to swim or snorkel in the bays.

Do nothing and relax if you wish. Lunch and drinks are on board.

The itinerary includes Anthony Quinn’s Bay (remember the film Zorba the Greek starring Quinn), then an hour on Afandou Beach.

The colourful fish are just below the waves if you want to snorkel.

Lunch follows and then there is a choice.

If you have booked a power catamaran, head to either Tsambika Beach or Ladiko Bay, the quieter one being the best choice.

Kalithea Springs is the last choice, swimming again before heading for home.

Recommended tour: Rhodes: All-Inclusive Catamaran Cruise with Lunch and Drinks

Walking Tours

14- Trek In A Gorge

Samaria Gorge At Crete Island In Greece
Samaria Gorge is a magnificent sight to explore on a guided tour of Greece.

Samaria Gorge on the island of Crete is one of the longest gorges in the whole of Europe.

It is also 4,000 feet (1220 metres) above sea level and its altitude means that temperatures are below those at sea level.

Before the trek, you can enjoy breakfast at Omalos in the White Mountains.

You will have an experienced guide with you and you can go at your own pace although you will need a decent level of fitness.

The surface is uneven, rocks and stones, as you head through an ancient forest along the banks of a small river.

Goats live wild in the mountains incidentally.

Agia Roumeli village is the end of the hike and you may be happy to get the chance of refreshments in one of the tavernas.

Recommended tour: From Chania: Full-Day Samaria Gorge Trek Excursion

15- Marvel At Butterfly Valley

Rhodes: Butterfly Valley and Seven Springs Valley Day Trip

Two of the many natural attractions on Rhodes are the Valley of the Butterflies and Seven Springs Valley.

You will enjoy exploring both with transport available to get you there and back.

Two hours in Butterfly Valley gives you time to see the Panaxia Quatripunktaria butterflies as you walk along the Pelekanos River.

There are wooden bridges and waterfalls to photograph, a small museum and the Kalopetra Monastery at the top of the valley.

The Valley of Seven Springs on the east coast is next and where you will see beautiful flora and clear water springs.

A narrow tunnel leads to an artificial lake, dam and waterfall.

Recommended tour: Rhodes: Butterfly Valley and Seven Springs Valley Day Trip

16- Seek Out Mount Olympus

The archaeological park of Dion and Mount Olympus is a day tour out of the impressive city of Thessaloniki.

You will have air-conditioning in your bus Kalo Petra.

The archaeological park of Dion is impressive with an ancient theatre where plays by the philosopher Euripides were performed.

These days it plays host to the Olympus Festival.

Olympus was the mythological home of the 12 Greek gods.

You will have the chance to take a short hike along the Enipeas River to get views of the Enipeas Gorge.

Recommended tour: From Thessaloniki: Day Trip to Dion and Mount Olympus

Food Tours

17- Sample Athen’s Street Food

Greek Gyros Wrapped In Pita Breads
Eating Greek food like Pita Gyros is one of the pleasures while on a Greece tour.

Beginning at a pie shop to sample Greece’s traditional cheese pie (spanakopita) which usually includes spinach, you are about to enjoy the best of Greek street food.

Souvlaki (meat and vegetables on a skewer) local beer are on the menu.

Meat in pita bread, tomatoes, and tzatziki dip made with yoghurt, cucumber and seasonings comes early on the walk.

Visit a pastry shop for Greek donuts and loukoumades with honey and cinnamon.

The Greeks love their breads and their desserts.

You will eat rings covered with sesame seeds, and desserts where golden syrup, sweet spices and flavoured ice cream play an important role.

Recommended tour: Athens: Street Food Tasting Tour

18- Join A Cookery Class

The traditional cuisine of Naxos, an island of the Cyclades in the Southern Aegean, benefits from the fertility of the island itself.

There are local herbs and aromatic plants used in the cooking and here is your opportunity to learn about their use.

Local wine and pleasant traditional music are part of the lesson, which are in groups of differing sizes, arranged in advance.

You might actually make cheese in the traditional Greek way, feta, and there are fruits and vegetables that you will gather yourself to use during the lesson.

Such classes take place at different parts of the day.

Recommended tour: Naxos: Half-Day Cooking Class at Basiliko Family Tavern

19- Get A Taste Of Naxos

Naxos: Naxos Town Food Tour with Included Tastings and Wine

Alternatively, you can walk the streets of Naxos on a guided tour with your guide knowing the best places to go to sample Naxos’ favourites.

You start at the Town Hall before heading down the narrow streets of the Old Town, streets that have existed since the time the Venetians occupied the island.

The local market is a splash of colour, with fruits and vegetables changing by the season.

Your senses will also be challenged by the aromas coming from the numerous stalls.

Local wine and cheese will play their role in the day as will a traditional potato dish and several phyllo pastries.

Recommended tour: Naxos: Naxos Town Food Tour with Included Tastings and Wine

20- Eat In The Sky

A really unique culinary experience starts with a welcome drink.

You can choose the sunset option or the starlight alternative at night.

The table seats 22 people and once everyone is seated, it ascends 50 metres (164 feet) into the air for a 5-course meal.

There are beautiful panoramic views in all directions.

The table rotates slowly so you will miss nothing, especially the illuminated Acropolis.

Delicious Greek wines accompany the courses, an experience that has few equals.

Recommended tour: Athens: Dinner in the Sky Experience

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