20 Seychelles Beaches

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An archipelago in the Indian Ocean with 115 islands, Seychelles is off the coast of East Africa. Seychelles beaches are postcard-perfect and encircled by gin-clear seas. The beaches in Seychelles, each with distinct features, ranging from ribbons of hypnotic white sand to small stretches peppered with granite rock formations. Think boulder-dotted coastlines, inland tropical jungles and imposing granite peaks. Needless to say, Seychelles’ beauty is undeniable.

Keep in mind that trade winds affect the quality of the country’s beaches in terms of sea currents and waves. From May to September, when the winds blow from the southeast, the beaches in the north of Seychelles are calmer than those in the south. On the flip side, when northwest winds take hold between December and February, beaches in the south of Seychelles are more tranquil than in the north.

With an ample choice of exquisite beach destinations, it can be hard to choose which of these unspoiled beaches are worth visiting on your holiday. Narrow your search for the ultimate tropical getaway with this list of the 20 best Seychelles beaches, broken down by the main, inner and outer islands.

20 Seychelles Beaches

Best Beaches In Seychelles – Main Islands


1- Grand Police Bay

seychelles beaches mahe woman standing on the sand
Grand Police Bay is one of the best Seychelles beaches on Mahe Island.

Tucked away in Mahé’s southwestern tip, Grand Police Bay is a force of nature with a wild, sweeping bay lapped by a brilliant but often choppy blue sea.

Grand Police contrasts the country’s emblematic gentle beaches, yet it is just as idyllic, being raw and untouched, and you’ll most likely have this paradise to yourself.

Despite the wide beach’s plush, golden sand, Grand Police is almost entirely sundrenched, and strong currents make swimming particularly difficult here.


Although unsuitable for families, adventurous surfers can rejoice in its tall and relentless waves.

A scenic but bumpy and winding road leads to the bay along with a short walk.

Yet the journey south is worth it to be rewarded with this surreal tropical beach that looks like it’s been copied from a postcard.

2- Anse Major

top 10 beaches in seychelles woman sitting on a towel under a palm tree on white sand
Many Seychelles beaches with plenty of shady spots.

A striking green and blue jewel hidden along Mahé’s northwestern coast, Anse Major stuns with a tiny, white sandy bay surrounded by verdant tropical forest and massive granite boulders.

Only reachable by foot along an easy, one-hour hike or by boat or water taxi, both choices offer breathtaking seascapes.

Since it’s out of the way, Anse Major doesn’t get too crowded and is an ideal spot to spend the day.

Pack your goggles or snorkelling gear as the crystal-clear turquoise water is perfect for spotting an array of colourful sea life.

Slithering eels, shy angelfish, bright blue spotted groupers, and sea turtles are only a few marine creatures that call the nooks and coves of the bay their home.

Make sure to check out the little freshwater lagoon just next to the enormous, crenellated rocks on the righthand side for a refreshing dip.

The smaller beach just around the corner from the main beach is also worth taking a peek at – don’t miss the tree swing for some photos for your Instagram feed.

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3- Anse Takamaka Beach

seychelles best beaches a tropical beach with palm trees
Mahe has several tropical beaches with palm trees, white sand and blue ocean, such as Anse Takamaka, which is one of the beaches in Seychelles to escape from the crowds.

A local favourite, Takamaka Beach, is the face of Mahé’s southern end.

A must-visit when the northwest winds take reign over the island, leaving this slice of paradise calm and a deep lapis lazuli shade marvellously mixed with hues of azure.

With a long stretch of soft sand consisting of a plethora of pretty small shells, you’ll always have a place to set your towel even at its busiest.

It’s an excellent place for frolicking under the sun, building sandcastles with the little ones, spotting schools of fish and turtles, and watching the sun dip below the horizon.

Chez Batista restaurant also sits at the far end of the beach, serving a buffet of creole food and fresh drinks.

Insider’s Tip: a trail to a nearby rockpool (Ros Sodyer) starts behind Chez Batista. After some rock climbing and a scenic hike that’s achievable in under an hour, a hidden gem in the form of a deep natural blue pool awaits. Only jump in when the tide is low, and beware of the rocks below.

4- Anse Soleil

anse soleil seychelles beach family wearing straw hats sitting on the sand
Anse Soleil is one of the wonderful beaches in Seychelles for families.

Hugging Mahé’s southwestern coast, Anse Soleil is an oasis of silky sand overlooking a translucent sea and enfolded by swathes of green jungles.

Don’t sleep on this quiet but mesmerising beach.

It’s one of the best places for snorkelling, where you might even catch a glimpse of a manta ray, and it’s a prime sunset spot too.

With ample shade from overhanging palm trees and a local restaurant perched above the beach, Anse Soleil is a blissful place to spend an afternoon.

5- Petite Anse, Baie Lazare

seychelles beach mahe island woman standing on rocks
Mahe Island is home to several amazing beaches in the Seychelles.

Quite simply, Petite Anse is a dream beach and one of the most beautiful on Mahé.

Bright powdery sand makes up its pristine bay flanked by two cliffs.

Since it’s sheltered, the gentle sea is excellent for swimming and snorkelling. There’s also ample space for sunbathing and even a low-hanging beach swing.

Petite Anse is truly a heavenly paradise for the whole family to enjoy.

If you’re lucky, you’ll even be privy to a group of rays basking on the shoreline.

Despite the luxurious Four Seasons Resort surrounding the beach, Petite Anse remains accessible to the public.

Insider’s Tip: If you aren’t staying at the Four Seasons, you can park by the resort entrance, either in front of Club Liberte Casino or within the resort’s grounds. Call ahead and see if the Four Seasons has a spot for lunch for guaranteed access. You’ll see breathtaking views of the bay as you walk down to the beach.

6- Port Launay Beach

beaches seychelles woman in white see-through beach shirt
If you’re looking for a stunnine Seychelles beach to enjoy some sun, you’ll have difficulty choosing.

Nestled within an impressive, protected bay in northern Mahé, shallow emerald water and flawless fine sand define Port Launay.

It beautifully compliments the surrounding greenery while Constance Ephelia Resort borders most of the beach.

Though claimed by the resort, access isn’t impeded as the beach lies off the main road.

Here, you’ll find locals and tourists alike weaving in and out of the sea, snorkelling, lounging and playing.

For a tasty refreshment, buy a coconut off one of the locals strolling up and down the beach.

7- Bliss Hotel Beach, Anse l’Ilot

This unassuming cove along Mahé’s northern coast feels isolated, yet it’s steps away from the main road.

Although there’s only a small stretch of sand, with a small section shaded by palm trees, this beach is a serene place to unwind.

Head to the azure-coloured rock pool next to the beach to take some lovely photos.

Towards the end of the day, grab a sundowner from The Rockpool Restaurant above the beach and set yourself up on a roof terrace sunbed while you watch the sun dip into purple and golden hues.

Insider’s Tip: the beach is best to visit during low tide as higher tides essentially swallow it. If you’re visiting Mahé during the southeastern trade winds, Bliss Hotel beach’s sparkling calm sea is a lovely gem.


8- Anse Volbert (Cote d’Or)

victoria seychelles beaches aerial view of Anse Volbert on Praslin
Anse Volbert is one of the best beaches in Seychelles.

The island’s most popular beach, and for good reason, Anse Volbert is a long and spacious beach on Praslin’s northern shore, with pearlescent sand fronting a shallow turquoise sea.

Craning palm trees provide shade, while small shops and eateries are only a stone’s throw away.

Anse Volbert is also a snorkelling hotspot; take it further to Chauve Souris Island for a more colourful range of sealife.

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9- Anse Lazio

beaches in seychelles public man and woman aerial on beach surrounded by rocks
Escape to paradise at a pristine Seychelles beach, such as Anse Lazio.

Situated on the northwestern tip of the island, Anse Lazio is a timeless beauty of crystalline water, flour-like sand, a bright green mix of palm trees, takamaka trees and striking boulders.

This tropical blend makes it one of the most photogenic beaches in the world.

To top it off, Anse Lazio beach is huge, and there’s never a need to fight over space here.

Altogether, it’s an exquisite allrounder where you can sunbathe and swim at your leisure, snorkel among the rocks, stroll down to the little coves at the southern end and refresh at the Honesty Bar shack.

10- Anse Georgette

best beaches seychelles man and woman holding hands in the clear water
You’ll be hard-pressed to find any Seychelles beaches that don’t have crystal-clear water.

Anse Georgette is a beautiful beach in Seychelles.

While this golden beach lapped by aquamarine water is primarily accessed through the Constance Lemuria Resort, you can also follow a scenic trail, beginning at the coast from Anse Lazio and through an overgrown jungle.

The hike will have you working up a sweat, but it’s not too demanding.

Come prepared with plenty of sun cream and a hat as the beach doesn’t offer much shade.

Even so, Anse Georgette is still a little piece of paradise.

La Digue

11- Anse Source D’Argent

beaches in seychelles rocks and green hills with couple standing near the water
One of the best beaches in Seychelles for a tropical escape is Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue.

Anse Source D’Argent’s jaw-dropping natural landscape is a highlight of any trip to La Digue.

A shimmering flat sea dazzles while sand-like sugar entices.

The sight of eye-catching granite boulders adds to the allure, making it a one-of-a-kind spectacle.

Hurry to claim a spot because it is sure to fill up.

There’s a lot to explore, so rent a transparent kayak and traverse the glassy seas. And after a day of adventure, head to the beach shack for some fresh fruit or a refreshing juice.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to pass through the L’Union Estate coconut plantation to access the beach and pay a small fee to enter the premises.

Insider’s Tip: visit in the early morning to avoid the crowds and avoid high tide as the beach can be almost entirely submerged.

12- Anse Patates

best beaches in the seychelles couple standing on a rock admiring the ocean
Enjoy the ocean while on vacation on one of these amazing Seychelles beaches, such as Anse Patates beach, La Digue Island.

A highly underrated beach, Anse Patates offers an intimate atmosphere as you lounge on its white sand lined with palms and picturesque rock formations.

On the north side of La Digue, you’ll have to cycle to reach this small but stunning beach.

Don’t be deterred by its slightly rocky demeanour and climb down the steep steps for a small slice of tropical beauty.

13- Grand Anse

best beaches in seychelles victoria aerial of local boat on the beach
Going on a boat trip in a local boat is one of the fun activities around the beaches in the Seychelles. That way, you’ll get to swim, snorkel and sunbake on a few beaches.

A stunning beach nestled within the southeasterly side of La Digue captivates with iridescent sand, staggering boulders, and a sea painted with a beautiful gradation of blues.

Bike it or hike it, either way, it is a gem worth the trek.

A few shacks and bars nearby make it a perfect spot to spend your day. But bear in mind that currents can get very strong and the waves quite high.

It may not be the best spot for families, but it’s ideal for surfers.

Best Beaches In Seychelles – Inner Islands

seychelles beaches background sunset over the beach
Many beaches in Seychelles are romantic and perfect for watching the sunset. 

14- Grande Barbe Beach

Uncover Silhouette’s best-kept secret along its northwest coast: Grande Barbe beach.

After tackling a hike from one end of the island to the other, taking about three hours, the reward is worth the effort as you’re met with a deserted stretch of sand with an arresting backdrop of Mount Dauban, the second highest peak in the country.

Not only is it great for sunbathing, but if you visit during the right season, you’ll have front-row seats for turtle hatching.

Grand Barbe beach is on Silhouette Island.

15- West Coast Beach

images of seychelles beaches
Cruising around on the water is a popular activity on many of the beaches in Seychelles.

Rivalling Police Bay, you can’t miss this unreal beach set on the west side of Grande Soeur.

Despite having no official name, it is a real gem embodied by its raw beauty.

This Seychelles beach is a short walk across the island, past the giant tortoise, and away from Grande Soeur’s main snorkelling spot.

Although it’s in a remote section of paradise, its main drawcards are powerful currents and huge waves.

Yet it still makes a delightful place for sunbathers with its spacious stretch of soft sand.

West Coast Beach is on Grande Soeur Island.

16- Anse Victorin

Once named the world’s most beautiful beach by the UK Times, Anse Victorin sits at the northwestern end of private island Frégate.

Rows upon rows of palm trees create the stunning backdrop of the sandy beach washed by a magnificent sapphire sea.

Jaw-dropping granite boulders tower upon the beach’s soft surface, along with lofty trees to protect travellers from the blazing sun.

Here, float in the clearest waters, and between November and January, watch baby turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean.

Although Fregate’s resort is only a short walk away, Anse Victorin is almost always deserted, meaning that you can enjoy this paradisiacal destination in total seclusion.

Anse Victorin is on Fregate Island.

17- West Beach

Tune into nature on Bird Island’s West beach.

Embodying a pristine natural sanctuary, the sand here is fine and silver-tinged, and the beach is as flat as those in the Maldives.

The glittering sea is swathed in several striking shades of blue and so clear that you wouldn’t need any goggles or gear to appreciate the marine life below.

Not only is it an ideal destination for swimming, but birdwatching at West beach is an unparalleled experience as sea birds soar and dart overhead.

It is one of the places where you will feel totally at one with nature.

West Beach is on Bird Island.

18- Anse Badamier

Anse Badamier is a natural treasure featuring surreal aquamarine water lined by a dense natural forest.

Although only accessible by boat or trekking across the island through mangroves and tropical jungle, it’s absolutely worth the trip whichever way you choose to get there.

Along the way, you’ll come across giant tortoises, scurrying crabs, various tweeting birds, and creeping geckos.

At the end of the trail, you’ll be rewarded with Curieuse’s ultimate highlight: Anse Badamier tucked away on the island’s northern side.

Its biggest draws are its seclusion plus its precious marine life. However, the beach itself is dotted with rocks and the sea’s currents can sometimes be very strong, yet it is nonetheless idyllic.

Anse Badamier is on Curieuse Island.

Best Beaches In Seychelles – Outer Islands

seychelles nude beaches aerial view of couple snorkelling
Syechelles beaches in Praslin are fantastic spots to go snorkelling.

19- Madame Zabre Beach

Madame Zabre is a dream beach getaway on the northern shore of a private island.

Desroches Island is home to this secluded nirvana, offering exclusive access to guests staying at Four Seasons Desroches and IDC Guesthouse.

The beach offers ultimate privacy and an intimate ambience.

Madame Zabre beach is a powder-soft pristine cove lapped by a glassy, calm and flat sea.

Palm trees and verdant shrubs spill out onto the beach, offering ample shade and a sense of space.

Also the island’s premier snorkelling spot, Madame Zabre is a true slice of serenity.

Madame Zabre is on Desroches Island.

20- Alphonse Island

seychelles islands beaches map
Looking for beaches in Seychelles? Here’s where to find them.

Although they bear no official name, Alphonse’s beaches picturesquely wrap around the whole island.

Escape the crowds on this blissful island beach retreat made up of untouched stretches of fine sand fringed by shade-bearing palm trees and lapped by gentle, crystalline water.

Alphonse feels like a secret getaway on a private island with only limited access.

The beaches are also a haven for frequenting manta rays and baby sicklefin lemon sharks. 

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