20 Louisiana Beaches

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Louisiana isn’t a destination often associated with glorious beaches like they are in the coastal states of California, Florida or the Carolinas. While Louisiana may not have the same kind of beaches as those other states, it does have an excellent selection of its own from which you can enjoy the beautiful sun and weather of the south. Even with its entire southern border running along the Gulf Of Mexico, most people wrongly assume the Bayou State has nothing but swamps. Here are the 20 best beaches in Louisiana to help you turn your Louisiana trip into a dream beach vacation.

Louisiana Beaches

The 20 Best Beaches In Louisiana

beaches in louisiana
Louisiana beaches: you might be surprised to learn that Louisiana has quite a few beaches.

1- Mae’s Beach

Mae’s Beach is the westernmost beach in Louisiana, located less than 15 minutes from the border with Texas.

A wonderful stretch of golden sand in a remote destination, it is a perfect place if you’re looking for a tranquil spot.

Take a walk along the beach, pick up some of the beautiful shells that have washed up on the shore, check out the historic wreck that is half-submerged beneath the sand, or lay back and watch the wildlife or the sunset over the ocean from this tranquil destination.

Mae’s Beach, Cameron, 70631.

2- Little Florida Beach

louisiana bayou
This sourther state may be more famous for its bayous but you’ll also find some national park and Gulf Coast beaches in Louisiana.

In the Johnson Bayou in east Louisiana, Little Florida Beach got its name as locals felt it was the closest beach the area had to recreate those found in Miami.


While admittedly not as glamourous as many in south Florida, Little Florida Beach is certainly a wonderful place to visit.

With stretches of sand, beachfront homes and wildlife, all surrounded by sections of the bayou, Little Florida Beach offers what is best described as a “south Florida lite” experience, where you can enjoy a little taster of all the things that make that more famous location great.

Little Florida Beach is at 154 – 162 Beach Boulevard, Johnson Bayou, Cameron, 70631.

3- Constance Beach

Located on the edge of a small Gulf Beach Highway community, Constance Beach is a neighbourhood beach with a welcoming atmosphere.

Visitors are embraced by the friendly locals who invite you in with open arms to enjoy this fabulous, clean little beach.

With beautiful sands, great fishing spots, grasslands, and even ATV parking and dog walking areas, you can enjoy everything you would expect from some of Louisiana’s more remote beaches without being cut off.

Constance Beach, Cameron, 70631.

4- Holly Beach

louisiana beaches
Check out these Louisiana beaches for a fun time outdoors.

Affectionately referred to as the “Cajun Riviera”, Holly Beach is a beautiful beach on the outskirts of a community of the same name.

Lined with beachfront cabins, it is an incredibly popular location for activities like crabbing and ATV driving and simply relaxing on the sand.

A former music and social hub for Cajun people, the beach has even been mentioned in hit songs by the likes of Lawrence Walker, Nathan Abshire, and Kenny Tibbs And The Jokers.

Holly Beach, Cameron, 70631.

5- Cameron Beach

Located in the southeast corner of Cameron, Cameron Beach is a popular destination to pull up in an RV.

Surrounded by RV parks, visitors can spend their days enjoying the sand and water without worrying about having to drive or leaving their possessions too far away.

Cameron Beach, Cameron, 70631.

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6- Rutherford Beach

beaches louisiana
You may be surprised to discover that Louisiana has some sandy coastal beaches too.

Rutherford Beach is an isolated spot on a peninsula cut off by the Mermentau River that is perfect for an extended stay at the beach.

With a beautiful campsite, it offers facilities like grills, showers, and toilets, ensuring those who are camping here have all the facilities they require for a comfortable stay.

The collection of wildlife includes pelicans and shells constantly washing up on the shore, so there is plenty to keep you occupied beyond just the beautiful sand itself.

Rutherford Beach, Gulf Of Mexico, Creole, 70632.

7- Cypremort Point Beach

Located in Cypremort Point State Park, Cypremort Point Beach is a fabulous little stretch of sand that is surrounded by things to keep you entertained.

There is plenty to do and see in between swimming or topping up your tan with various wildlife, such as rabbits, deer and red foxes.

There’s a fishing pier, a kayak launching point, and a beautiful stilted beachfront building.

Cypremort Point Beach, Cypremort Point State Park, 306 Beach Lane, Cypremort Point, 70538.

8- Grand Isle Beach

does louisiana have beaches grand isle
Some of the best beaches in Louisiana are part of a state park and set on the shores of a lake.

Set at the west end of Grand Isle, Grand Isle Beach is a popular spot with off-roaders, who take the opportunity to have some fun on their ATV away from any groups of people.

Animal lovers love this beach too, as dolphins and porpoises can commonly be seen in the water.

Even if you just want to enjoy lazing on the sand, playing in the water, listening to music and taking in the views, Grand Isle Beach is great.

There are facilities like motels, restaurants, and boat charter companies located in the immediate vicinity to cater to your needs.

Grand Isle Beach, Grand Isle, 70358.

9- Elmer’s Island Beach

West of the main section of Grand Isle, Elmer’s Island Beach is a protected beach at the heart of a wildlife preserve.

Accessible by either car or the local shuttle service, it is a great place to enjoy the landscape, provided you don’t require any amenities.

The beach has no facilities but it’s a good spot for those who want to do a spot of crabbing or fishing or just want to let the kids have some fun and play in the sand.

The respectful vibe of the beach also means those using it for differing reasons stay in their own end, ensuring everyone is safe and has plenty of personal space.

Elmer’s Island Beach, Grand Isle, 70358.

10- Northshore Beach

On the northeast shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Northshore Beach is one of the most popular beaches for those visiting New Orleans.

With a stretch of soft golden sand bookended by trees and wildlife and a jetty and portable toilets, you can enjoy a quiet beach destination without going too far from the city or being completely cut off.

Northshore Beach is at 267 Debbie Drive, Slidell, 70458.

best beaches in louisiana woman on standup paddleboard
Standup paddleboarding thorugh the swamp.

11- Lincoln Beach

Lincoln Beach is a secluded beach that is hard to get to, making it the perfect option for those who want as few other people around as possible while trying to relax.

However, it is perhaps even more popular for its history, as it was the designated ‘black beach’ in the area during the times of segregation.

As there are still remnants present from its infamous past, it will help you to step back in time and explore that painful period of American history.

13904 Hayne Boulevard, New Orleans, 70128.

12- Fontainebleau Beach

louisiana beaches Fontainebleau Beach
One of the beaches in Louisiana you may like is Fontainebleau Beach.

Fontainebleau Beach is a beautiful, sandy beach in Fontainebleau State Park, surrounded by amenities and attractions, so it’s a great destination for a day spent relaxing on the sand.

You have parts of the lake designated for fishing and swimming, sections of the beach for picnic and BBQ areas.

A nearby splash pad will give the kids a fun yet safe way to spend the day, while showers, restrooms, and bathhouses mean you will never have to go to far from where you set up base.

There are even plenty of hiking trails surrounding the sand for those who want to stay more active.

These offer beautiful views of the landscape around the beach and allow you to see the park’s wildlife, including alligators, coyotes, deer, eagles, owls, turtles and woodpeckers.

Fontainebleau State Park, Mandeville, 70448.

13- North Beach

North Beach is a white sand beach on the northern shore of Lake Charles.

With facilities including picnic areas and volleyball courts, and regular lifeguards and water patrols, you can swim, play, eat, and relax, all while feeling completely safe.

There is even a yacht club and a public boat ramp nearby for those who want to enjoy a spot of boating and explore Lake Charles during their visit.

North Beach, Lake Charles, 70601.

14- Lake Claiborne State Park Beach

Located in Lake Claiborne State Park, the unnamed beach on the park’s waterfront provides a beautiful, quiet stretch of sand where you can swim and relax while enjoying the natural surroundings.

There are many water sports on offer for visitors to enjoy as well as a children’s play area.

With nature and bird watching trails, campsites, woods and a collection of log cabins, there’s plenty to keep you busy in the park around the beach.

Lake Claiborne State Park Beach is at 225 State Park Road, Homer, 71040.

15- White Sands Lake Day Beach

White Sand Lake Day Beach is a man-made beach in Franklinton that is specifically designed for tourists.

Its calm waters make it a safe option for families, young kids and weaker swimmers seeking a fun day at the beach.

It’s packed with activities, including kayaks, paddle boards, beach volleyball courts and trampolines.

There’s a range of rentable floating mats, inflatables, see-saws and flotation devices, an inflatable water play area, sun umbrellas and plenty of facilities set on soft golden sand and back dropped by rows of trees.

White Sands Lake Day Beach is at 52129 Sandstone Boulevard, Franklinton, 70438.

16- South Toledo Bend State Park

Located in South Toledo Bend State Park, on the southeast corner of the Toledo Bend Reservoir, this unnamed beach is perfect for those who want to spend a day relaxing on the sand and watching the local wildlife.

A popular location for fishing and boating, as the beach even has a public boat ramp, there are facilities like toilets and picnic areas to cater to all of your needs.

Campsites and hiking trails make sure you can enjoy a longer or more active visit here as well.

South Toledo Bend State Park is at 120 Bald Eagle, Anacoco, 71403.

17- Bogue Chitto State Park

A small, shell-covered beach in Bogue Chitto State Park, this unnamed beach is ideal for those who enjoy strolling along the waterfront and taking in the scenery.

With various water activities, cabins and campsites, and plentiful hiking and horse riding trails, it is a lovely location but one best suited to those seeking an active trip.

Bogue Chitto State Park is at 17049 State Park Boulevard, Franklinton, 70438.

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18- Port Fourchon Beach

Port Fourchon Beach is a long, isolated beach on the Port Fourchon peninsula.

Primarily sandy with a few shelly patches, visitors here can enjoy the solitude of their location, relaxing on the beach while they watch the waves and local boats pass them by.

Port Fourchon Beach, Golden Meadow, 70357.

19- Jimmie Davis State Park

Located on the north shore of the Caney Creek Reservoir, Jimmie Davis State Park’s beach area is a wonderfully clean and maintained area where families can enjoy a day by the water.

With two boat ramps, a fishing pier, a children’s play area, campsites, cabins, picnic areas and restrooms, all surrounded by beautiful woodlands full of nature, this is a place where everyone can enjoy the beach in their own way.

Jimmie Davis State Park is at 1209 State Park Road, Chatham, 71226.

20- Olimpic Beach

louisiana map

Olimpic Beach isn’t a traditional beach, but it is still a perfect option for adult beach lovers looking for something a little different.

A privately-owned residence with a dock, a pool, and a small stretch of private sand, the owners allow visitors to use them all for free while also serving beer and margaritas, making for a unique, adult-oriented experience.

Just make sure to tip them to show your appreciation for their generosity.

Olimpic Beach, Slidell, 70461.

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