Where To Stay in Fukuoka

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Fukuoka is Japan’s sixth-largest city and is in a lovely location on Hakata Bay, with its other three sides framed by mountains. This port city has a population of around 1.6 million with a further million within the immediate vicinity and has been an important trading place for many centuries. Fukuoka is the second-most important port in Japan after Yokohama. It is on the closest island, Kyushu, to the Asian mainland and it’s a city that attracts Taiwanese, Chinese and South Koreans (Japan’s nearest neighbour).

The city developed its own culture because it is relatively distant from the other large settlements of Japan; Tokyo is 1,100 kilometres (685 miles) away while Busan in South Korea is just 180 kilometres (112 miles) distant. The two cities are twinned. The city you see today is one that was formed in 1889 when Fukuoka and Hakata joined together to became one. Fukuoka was known as the city of Samurai, Hakata the city of merchants.

There are plenty of accommodation alternatives within the city. Some are ideal for families, others the best for first-time visitors. Budget accommodation as well as luxury hotels are there with the transport infrastructure good enough to mean that accessing all parts of the city is no real problem. However, different neighbourhoods in Fukuoka have their own distinct “feel.” Nishijin for example is very traditional Japanese while Hakata represents 21st-century Japan. Here’s where to stay in Fukuoka.


Where To Stay In Fukuoka


Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine
Sumiyoshi Taisha in Hakata-ku.

Hakata-Ku is in the centre of the city, the most popular of its neighbourhoods and regularly the choice of first-time visitors.

It has the city’s largest shopping malls and the widest choice of restaurants and eateries in general.

Hakata Station, the city’s transport hub, is massive with plenty of shopping and restaurants.

The most important shrine of its kind in Japan is here, Sumiyoshi Taisha in Hakata and you should definitely have it on your Fukuoka itinerary.


What you may not get here though is the real authentic experience of Japan that you may be seeking.

That said, you are within walking distance of an old part of the city and its temples and shrines.

The Hakata Sennen-no-Mon Gate is your entrance and beyond you will see several temples, Jotenji, Shofukuji, Japan’s first Zen temple, and Tochoji Temple, headquarters of the Shingon Buddhism Kyushu sect.

Kushida and Waka Hachimangu Shrines are also here.

If you head to the coast, the Hakata Port Tower gives great views over the surrounding area, both the city itself and the sea looking west to the mainland of Asia.

Whether you are looking for a guesthouse or a smart hotel, you will have a good variety of alternatives.

Here are a few ideas from luxury to mid-range to budget.

Hotels In Hakata

Miyako Hotel Hakata

Miyako Hotel Hakata is a modern five-star hotel a minute from JR Hakata Train Station where each room has a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with tub.

The hotel is air-conditioned with free Wi-Fi throughout.

Facilities include an outdoor pool, spa and fitness centre as well as two restaurants.

Its location means that it is an ideal base to stay to get around to the highlights in central Fukuoka.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Fukuoka Gion

Mitsui Garden Hotel Fukuoka Gion is in a great location, with easy access to public transport, bus, underground, and train.

It is also close to a huge shopping mall and a 7-11 store.

Rooms are a good size in Japanese terms, both bedroom and bathroom.

The breakfast buffet is a great way to start what is sure to be a busy day seeing the city.

Hotel Forza Hakata-Guchi

Hotel Forza Hakata-Guchi which is close to Hakata Station is a value for money hotel with air-con and free Wi-Fi.

Nicely furnished with dark wood furniture, each room has TV, fridge, and private bathroom with bath.

There is a 24-hour front desk, luggage storage and a breakfast buffet with plenty of local choices.


  • Ideal is you want a central location in the city.
  • Hakata is the city’s transport hub.
  • The best shopping and restaurant alternatives are here.
    Hakata is the top nightlife neighbourhood.


  • You won’t be able to avoid crowds throughout the day or evening.
  • Prices here tend to be higher than in other neighbourhoods.
  • There are very limited green spaces in which to relax.


When deciding where to stay in Fukuoka, consider a hotel in Chuo.

Chuo Ward comprises a number of smaller districts including Tenjin, a popular choice for making a base to explore Fukuoka and Daimyo that is becoming increasingly popular with the younger generation.

Tenjin’s appeal, among others is its shopping while it is also famous for its restaurants and nightlife in general.

This is once again part of the centre of Fukuoka.

It is the place where departmental stores and fashion brands have chosen as their city bases while by night, you will find bars, izakayas (Japanese pubs), and restaurants.

The Nake River divides this neighbourhood from Hakata, and it centres around Nishitetsu Fukuoka Tenjin Station.

In Tenjin, there is even an underground shopping mall with numerous streets, and hundreds of shops, ideal for a rainy day.

Tenjin Central Park is small but a great place to relax and even enjoy a picnic.

From time to time, it hosts festivals and events, while in the spring, you will see plenty of cherry blossom.

Among the local attractions are the Kego Shrine and Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art.

Daimyo tends to attract hip young crowds in search of entertainment and vintage shopping.

Maizuru Park is here, built on what was once Fukuoka Castle.

Cherry blossom is abundant in springtime in Ohori Park while Fukuoka City Art Museum is another attraction.

Chuo has plenty of budget accommodation and a range of mid-range places but no luxury hotels.

Hotels In Chuo

Nishitetsu Grand Hotel

Nishitetsu Grand Hotel is just 3 minutes from Tenjin Station, a 4-star hotel with 8 different dining alternatives.

Comfortable rooms have Wi-Fi, TV, minibar and private bathroom.

There is a 24-hour concierge, safety deposit facilities, dry cleaning and currency exchange.

Relax with a massage after a busy day.

Hotel JAL City Fukuoka Tenjin

Hotel JAL City Fukuoka Tenjin is another 4-star hotel with air-con and free Wi-Fi.

Each room has flat-screen TV, safety deposit box, a desk and a coffee machine.

The buffet breakfast is popular and the ideal way to start your day.

With shops and Nagahama Park close by, this is an ideal base for a trip to Fukuoka.

Hotel Mystays Fukuoka Tenjin

Hotel Mystays Fukuoka Tenjin is just a very short walk to Tenjin Station and therefore a great base from which to enjoy the city.

Rooms are carpeted with air purifier, TV, fridge and Wi-Fi.

Massage facilities can be ordered from outside while there are vending machines and microwaves for guest use.

Guests can also make use of the hotel’s launderette.


  • Very central location with easy access to the rest of the city and its main attractions.
  • Very good public transport infrastructure.
  • A shoppers’ paradise for everything you can imagine.
  • Busy nightlife, bars and restaurants.


  • It is crowded, particularly at weekends and during holidays.
  • Prices are a little higher as a result of the central location.
  • There are limited green areas to enjoy.

Nakasu Kawabata

This small neighbourhood is on an island, one with important historical landmarks, including the Kushida Shrine.

It is a place when you can reflect on things before perhaps heading to the oldest shopping street in the city, Kawabata Shopping Arcade?

It is a good place for buying gifts for family and friends or just personal souvenirs of your holiday.

There are good accommodation alternatives, especially around Nakasu Kawabata Station where rates provide good value.

This is a lively district with excellent nightlife with neon lights, karaoke bars and tasty street food.

It is also famous as one of Japan’s largest red-light districts.

Hakataza Theatre and the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum are two of its local attractions, both near the station.

When it comes to shopping, there are the Canal City Shopping Mall, the Hakata Riverain and the Nakasu-Kawabata Shotengai Shopping Arcade.

Seiryu Park by the river is the best place for some relaxation.

Hotel In Nakasu Kawabata

Hotel Okura Fukuoka

Hotel Okura Fukuoka is a five-star hotel that has a range of facilities to justify its status, such as a health club with sauna, indoor pool, massage facilities and free Wi-Fi.

Rooms have TV, air purifier, minibar and a private bathroom with tub.

Your choice of dining is impressive – there are 10 alternatives.

The Nakasu-kawabata Subway Station is just a couple of minutes away.

Hotel Resol Trinity Hakata

Hotel Resol Trinity Hakata is close to both Nakasu-kawabata Subway Station and Tenjin Subway Station.

It is modern accommodation with Wi-Fi, air-con and heating.

Rooms have fridge, TV while the bathroom has a tub.

There is also a public bath on the top floor, restaurant and bar.

The spa salon is specifically designed for ladies.

The Lively Fukuoka Hakata

The Lively Fukuoka Hakata is 3-star accommodation close to Nakasu-Kawabata Station.

Every room has a private bathroom with bidet.

Facilities in each room include TV, Wi-Fi, free toiletries and kettle.

Breakfast is available each morning while the restaurant serves international cuisine.

There is also a terrace on which guests can relax.


  • Very lively nightlife scene
  • Central location with all the benefits that provides
  • A wide range of dining choices, Japanese, other Asian and international


  • Rarely a quiet time
  • Crowded, especially at night
  • Limited outdoor places to relax with few green spaces

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Fukuoka, Momochi Seaside Night View
Momochi Seaside is where to stay in Fukuoka.

Nishijin within Sawara is the place to go if you want to see shopping, Japanese style.

It’s a neighbourhood with a long history and culture which is still evident today.

In the main shopping street, you will find not only authentic Japanese sweet shops but also old book shops.

Local food is also essentially comprised of dishes that have been local favourites for many years.

Accommodation tends to be more basic than in the neighbourhoods already described in this piece.

Certainly, traditional guest houses will give you a true Japanese experience.

Sawara Ward is a large neighbourhood which includes Nishijin but also areas like Seaside Momochi where you will find Momochihama Beach and Momochi Seaside Park.

You are still just a 15-minute bus ride from the centre of the city.

Fukuoka Tower and the Fukuoka City Museum are two of the landmarks here.

The Tower is 234 metres (770 feet) high and there are great panoramas to be had from its observation deck.

If it is the baseball season, head to Fukuoka Yafuoku Dome or simply walk along the river to enjoy the sight of Mt. Sefuri.

There are apartments for rent here as well as traditional Japanese inns to book.

Hotel In Sawara

Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk

Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk is a lovely four-star hotel overlooking Hakata Bay.

There is an outdoor pool, spa and fitness centre while the beach is just a short distance away.

Facilities also include 5 different dining alternatives, several shops, an ATM and concierge.

Western cuisine is included in the breakfast options.

Rooms each have a flat-screen TV and extra-long beds.

The hotel runs an airport shuttle service.

Residential Suites Fukuoka

The Residential Suites Fukuoka are studio accommodation with kitchenette including fridge and microwave, washing machines, bathroom with tub and a balcony.

Features include two swimming pools, a restaurant and a fitness centre, while you will also be able to rent a bicycle.

There is free Wi-Fi and vending machines for drinks.

Loungers are available on the terrace while luggage storage and safety deposit facilities are other features.

Rooms have TV and a comfortable seating area.

Vintage III Vacation Stay 14774

Vintage III Vacation Stay 14774 is a single bedroom apartment with free Wi-Fi and air-con.

It is strictly non-smoking.

There is a washing machine, with the kitchen including fridge and microwave while there is TV in the seating area.


  • Accommodation is usually cheaper than elsewhere
  • If you want some peace and quiet, look here
  • There is good access to the city airport


  • You have to travel to get to the city centre
  • There is limited choice for dining and entertainment
  • Nightlife is limited so you may have to travel at night for a change


Gates Of Shinto Shrine In Fukuoka, Japan
Were to stay in Fukuoka?

Higashi Ku is the neighbourhood where you will find many academic institutions, including Kyushu University.

It is also the port area which is the major employer in the city.

There is an extensive coastline in this neighbourhood to the north of the city.

There are a number of sites of interest in Higashi, such as the Hakozaki Shrine.

This Shinto shrine dates back to the first part of the 10th century yet it was destroyed late in the 13th century following the Mongol invasion.

It was rebuilt and has been recognised by the government as one of Japan’s most important.

Marine World is an interesting aquarium that opened in 1989 and has 70 tanks holding species typical of the warm waters locally.

There are sea lion and dolphin shows, many species of shark, with over 20,000 fish of different species on display.

Island City is artificial and worth a visit while if you want to relax in a “green space”, then try the Genkai National Park.

The park is fairly small, 105.6 square kilometres (almost 41 square miles) and was founded in 1959.

Its appeal is the scenery, the white sand and caves rather than any wildlife although there is an underwater observation point.

If you want to stay in Higashi, choice is limited, you will find some alternatives.

Hotel In Higashi

The Luigans Spa & Resort

The Luigans Spa & Resort is ideal for families with Marine World in mind.

The hotel has a golf course, 6 tennis courts, indoor pool, sauna and health facilities.

Features include free Wi-Fi, air-con, shopping, coffee shop and 3 restaurants.

The outdoor pool is open in summer months with loungers on site.

Bathrooms have bidets and shower/tub combinations while each room has TV, fridge and kettles.

The 358 Sora, close to both the Kashiikaen Amusement Park and Marine World is a comfortable hotel where you can rent bikes and expect luggage storage and use electric car charging facilities.

There is a restaurant, conference centre, a relaxing spa and gym while every room has Wi-Fi and air-con.

Vessell Hotel Fukuoka Kaizuka

Vessell Hotel Fukuoka Kaizuka is a hotel near Canal City where you will enjoy free Wi-Fi and parking.

There is a restaurant and dry-cleaning service.

You can hire a bike if you want to explore after eating your buffet breakfast.

Each room has private bathrooms with bidets and shower/tub.

TV, fridge and kettle are there for guest use.


  • You can certainly expect to avoid any crowds
  • Prices are lower than more central parts of the city
  • Marine World is a great place for families to enjoy


  • Beyond immediate attractions, you will find yourself travelling most days
  • There are limited accommodation alternatives
  • You will not find a huge choice for dining

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