Where To Stay In Osaka

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Osaka, a large city on Honshu, Japan’s main island, is one of the country’s main financial centres. The city’s population is 2.7 million though as part of the large Keihanshin Metropolitan Area, there are 19 million people living in the immediate region. Its origins date back many centuries, establishing itself as an important trading port as early as the 8th century. Huge companies like Panasonic and Sharp made their bases here while the Osaka Exchange ensures that its financial importance will continue. Osaka is also a place known for research and development as well as its universities. Several national government agencies are found in Osaka as well. You will see immediately that there will be many different reasons for people to visit the city. The highlights include Osaka Castle and Shitenno-ji, one of the oldest shrines in the country.

It will come as no surprise that Osaka’s infrastructure is well-able to cater for visitors that comes in the form of accommodation to suit every budget, fine restaurants and a well-developed nightlife. The transport system is good with metro and bus services to help both locals and visitors get around. With Osaka as your base, you can easily get transport to visit other attractions in this part for Japan. Attractions such as the Kyoto temples, the history in Nara or Himeji Castle are all worth consideration if you have a few days to fill.

Visitors may want to be close to the main city landmarks, but not necessarily so. The most popular neighbourhoods in Osaka are described in some detail below. It well help as you begin to do your research before a possible trip to Osaka. Depending on your budget, you can go for sheer luxury, intimate boutique hotels or budget hostels and guesthouses. Transport links throughout Osaka are good so if you are prepared to travel, you can choose any of the six neighbourhoods discussed below.

Where To Stay In Osaka

1- Minami Area | Namba Station, Shinsaibashi And Dotombori

View Of Dotonburi Canal
Somewhere near Dotonburi Canal is where to stay in Osaka if it’s your first time.

If you want to stay in the best entertainment neighbourhood in Osaka, Minami (“South”) is for you.

Within Minami, you will find distinct districts, including Namba, Shinsaibashi and Dotombori.

Namba Station is at its very heart and there you will find fine restaurants proud of the city’s cuisine as well as the Kuromon Ichiba Market, the Hozen-ji Temple, and Hozen-jo Yokocho Alley.


If you join a food tour which includes the market, you will get all your questions answered.

The small stone temple in the alley is very interesting.

Dotombori, has many great restaurants, food stalls, and bars lining either side of the canal Osaka is regarded as the “capital of Japanese cuisine” and within Osaka, Minami is the place to go to if you are a dedicated “foodie”.

You are surrounded by neon lights and even just walking around after dark is fun.

The signs you will see are often of wildlife, the giant crab being a good example.

Have your camera ready and definitely take a photo of Gilco Man, regularly described as “Running Man”.

As the most popular neighbourhood in the city, you can expect crowds so yes, you would look elsewhere if you want a quiet time.

It seems you would be in the minority based on the crowds here especially at weekends or peak holiday times.

There are several options of accommodation in all price ranges in Minami.

Hotels In Minami

Tourist Walking In Night Shopping Street At Dotonbori
For nightlife, Dotonbori is one of the best places to stay in Osaka.
Swissotel Nankai Osaka

Swissotel Nankai Osaka has a direct connection with Namba Station, close to Takashimaya department store and Dotonbori is a 10-minute walk away.

This hotel is 5-star with swimming pool, spa and fitness centre.

Seven restaurants serve every imaginable dish and the views at breakfast on the 36th floor is a great way to start the day.

Cross Hotel Osaka

Cross Hotel Osaka is close to Ebisu Bridge on the Dotonbori Canal.

You could not be closer to the action if you stay at this mid-range hotel.

Features include bar and restaurants, free Wi-Fi and coffee machine and all toiletries.

Hiyori Hotel Osaka Namba Station

Hiyori Hotel Osaka Namba Station is a 4-star budget hotel just a minute from Namba Station.

Rooms are spacious by Japanese standards, with toiletries, bathtub, TV, free Wi-Fi and fridge.

Breakfast is buffet-style with lots of options available and there is a happy hour with free iced tea, ice cream, and sake!

2- Kita Area | Umeda Station And Osaka’s Business District

Autumn Skyline Of Osaka Business Park, Japan
Osaka Business Park is where to stay in Osaka for business.

Kita, the Japanese word for “North“, is the business district of Osaka, defined by its modern skyscrapers and offices.

It may lack a little Japanese flavour, but it still is a good choice for an Osaka base with shopping and restaurants readily available.

You can also expect a choice of entertainment activities and pedestrian-friendly exploration with the Umeda Sky Building the standout landmark.

It is 173 metres (almost 570 feet) high with panoramic views in every direction from the top floor observation deck.

The train and subway connections allow ease of movement around the city meaning it is convenient as well as not being as busy as Minami.

There is plenty of demand from visiting business people, often at the high end of accommodation, hence the presence of some top international names.

While it may not have a huge amount of nightlife alternatives, Dotonbori is just a short distance away.

O-hatsu Tenjin Shrine is in the midst of the skyscrapers where it has stood for 13 centuries while you may find Kid’s Plaza interesting, a museum whose function is to teach children various activities.

Hotels In Kita

The Modern Bedroom Is Luxurious, Japanese Style
Where is a good place to stay in Osaka?
The Ritz-Carlton Osaka

The Ritz-Carlton Osaka is a short walk to both JR Osaka Station, and Nishi-Umeda Subway Station.

The 5-star hotel has 5 in-house restaurants including one, La Baie, Michelin starred with French cuisine.

Decorated in European style, there is swimming pool, spa and fitness centre.

Harmonie Embrassee

Harmonie Embrassee has features you might not expect within its price range.

There are surprisingly large rooms and great city views with Hankyu Umeda Station and JR Osaka Station just a walk away.

Rooms have flat-screen TV, kettle, fridge, and coffee machine.

Hotel Wing International Select Osaka Umeda

Hotel Wing International Select Osaka Umeda may give you the feeling you in the film “The Great Gatsby” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Even the café and bar take the Gatsby name.

Enjoy the free welcome drink in the bar! While the rooms are small, they are stylish and comfortable, with private bathroom and bathtub.

It is definitely value for money and JR Osaka Station is close by.

3- Tennoji Area | Shinsekai And Tsutenkaku Tower

View Of Shinsekai And Tsutenkaku Tower
Shinsekai and Tsutenkaku tower where to stay in Osaka blog.

Tennoji, south of Minami is the old Osaka, formerly slightly seedy but now very much revived.

Abeno Harukas, the tallest building in Japan stands here and has done for a decade.

At 300 metres (1,000 feet) high, you cannot miss it.

Japan’s largest department store is inside as well as an art museum.

Liberty Osaka Museum is also worth a visit, a museum dedicated to human rights.

Shinsekai has plenty of photo opportunities including the Tsutenkaku Tower, which is 103 metres (340 feet) high and has an entertainment arcade and mahjong parlours, as well as an observation deck.

Look out for the Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine, a 3rd century with a waterway with trees and lanterns surrounding it.

Less expensive than more trendy parts of Osaka, this neighbourhood has a favourite local dish, skewered fried meat and vegetables, Kushikatsu, perfect with a beer.

This part of Osaka is fairly relaxed and also has plenty of budget-friendly accommodation.

Hotels In Tennoji

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel is a 5-star hotel within the Abeno Harukas building.

Rooms are above the 38th floor so the views are wonderful even before you think about heading to the top floor.

You can enjoy the fitness centre, shop at the huge or eat in a wide range of restaurants within the building.

There is direct access to Tennoji Station and different subway lines and JR Lines.

Hotel Trusty Osaka Abeno

Hotel Trusty Osaka Abeno is part of a hotel chain.

Tennoji Park is just across the road while Tennoji Station is a few steps away for trains and subway.

Its restaurant serves Teppanyaki with the chef cooking at your table on an iron plate as you watch.

Cogo Tennoji

Cogo Tennoji is an ideal option if you want budget accommodation close to interesting landmarks.

There is free Wi-Fi, shared kitchen and lounge.

It has mixed and female only dormitories as well as a Japanese style alternative.

Shitennoji Koshindo Temple and the Horikoshi Shrine are both within easy walking distance.

For more about Japan, read:

4- Honmachi Area

Honmachi is the downtown district between Kita to the north and Minami to the south.

It is much quieter than these two, partly residential or otherwise office-based.

Utsubo Park is here but otherwise it has limited landmarks yet it is a good neighbourhood for hotel accommodation with prices generally lower than more popular downtown areas.

There is subway station on the Midosuji Line so it is fairly easy to get around if you make Honmachi your base.

You can walk to busier more popular neighbourhoods anyway so if you want a quiet base, this could be for you.

Utsubo-Koen Park is a welcome green area and it includes a rose garden with more than 160 different varieties.

It is popular with locals who picnic, especially at weekends or late on the summer’s day.

It the spring there is plenty of cherry blossom.

If you want a game of tennis, there are 16 courts.

Hotels in Honmachi

St Regis Osaka

St Regis Osaka is a 5-star hotel on top of Exit 7 of the Honmachi Subway Station.

The bathrooms with shower and bathtub are marble while you can enjoy a built-in LCD TV.

There are wonderful city views from every room which have minibar and a Nespresso coffee machine.

Get a butler if you wish to organise your time for you.

International food is available while the rooftop Japanese garden is a great place to relax.

Moxy Osaka Honmachi by Marriott

Moxy Osaka Honmachi by Marriott is especially popular with the young, a bar with a DJ being a feature of Fridays and Saturdays.

Each room is well-equipped and there are table games within.

Sakaisuji Honamchi Subway Station is nearby while Osaka Castle will only take you 10 minutes on foot.

Hotel Yururito Osaka Hotel

Hotel Yururito Osaka Hotel has accommodation of various sizes and is just a few years old.

The largest, deluxe family room, is great for a family or group and each has a kitchen, as well as seating area with TV.

Hommachi Subway and Utsubo Park are just a short walk away.

5- Nakanoshima Island Area

The island of Nakanoshima is found between two rivers the Dojima-gawa and the Tosabori-gawa.

It was once essentially a business district with office buildings but this has changed to make way for a hipster revival.

There are many cool restaurants, trendy fashion boutiques and retro coffee shops.

As well as the lovely riverside walkways, there are several museums and the rose garden in Nakanoshima Koen Park is a “must.”

Naka-no-Shima is peaceful, residential but also a little different from other neighbourhoods in Osaka.

Subway connections are good while JR Osaka Railway Station is a 15-minute walk.

If you are feeling energetic the riverwalk to Osaka Castle is just over half an hour.

There are coffee shops along the way so you can stop whenever you like for refreshments.

Alternatively, visit the Museum of Oriental Ceramics which includes exhibits from China and Korea, with English descriptions.

The National Museum of Art and the Osaka Science Museum are also on the island.

When it comes to interesting architecture look into Osaka Central Public Hall, a century old and now used for concerts and lectures.

Hotels In Nakanoshima Island

Conrad Osaka

Conrad Osaka is 5-star, part of the Hilton international brand, with four restaurants, an indoor heated pool, and great views over a city.

Hotel Cordia Osaka

Hotel Cordia Osaka is excellent value for money.

A chic hotel with comfortable rooms, large in Japanese terms, it even provides a smartphone for use while you are a guest.

Higobashi and Yodoyabashi Stations are just a walk away.

Higobashi Station is nearby with JR Osaka Station then just a 7-minute train away.

There is spa, as well as wellness facilities and a well-equipped gym for guests.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier

Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier has an Onsen, the Japanese hot spring bath and this 4-star accommodation can provide it, something that is fairly rare in Osaka.

Head to the top floor where there is also a jacuzzi.

Spacious rooms each have a TV, fridge and private bathroom with a bathtub.

6- Osaka Castle Area

Autumn Season And Osaka Castle In Japan
The Osaka Castle area is where to stay in Osaka Japan for atmosphere.

Osaka-jo, Osaka Castle, attracts over 2.5 million visitors every year.

It has eight storeys and at night, when lit up, it is an even more impressive sight.

The castle sits within a large park that is full of cherry blossom that flower in the spring providing a beautiful contrast to the castle’s white walls.

If you make this neighbourhood your base, head there early in the morning before any of the tour buses arrive.

Once they arrive, you will be in crowds while because of its night time appearance, the area does not really become quiet until very late.

Osaka Museum of History is another attraction, built on what used to be the Naniwa Palace in the 7th century.

Fire destroyed the Palace that same century but the museum will teach you more about its history and the centuries that followed up to the present day.

Locals enjoy picnics in the park and you are welcome to join them.

There are some lovely local bakeries where you can buy your food for your picnic.

Accommodation here is limited so you may need to book in advance if your heart is set on staying locally.

Hotels In Osaka Castle Area

Hotel New Otani Osaka

Hotel New Otani Osaka is a 5-star hotel with excellent views of the castle which is on the other side of the river.

It is a large hotel with big rooms and plenty of cuisine alternatives, Japanese and international.

Other features include spa, massage, sauna and hot tub.

A free shuttle bus service to Kyoto as well a city sightseeing bus are other facilities for guests.

KKR Hotel Osaka

KKR Hotel Osaka is another hotel that will give you great castle views from most rooms.

The view from the restaurant on the 12th floor is better still.

Indeed, the castle is just across the road.

Check in advance to ensure a castle view from your room.

A free shuttle service runs every 20 minutes to the nearest subway station if you intend to explore other parts of the city.

Taketo Stay Osakajo Apartments

Taketo Stay Osakajo Apartments are just two minutes from Kyobashi Station.

Private accommodation, your room with have a balcony and free Wi-Fi, a shared lounge and free coffee.

There is a well-equipped kitchen with microwave, hob and kettle, TV, air-con and bathroom with bathtub.

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