Where To Stay In Nagoya

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While Nagoya, a port city on Honshu Island, may not be the first place you think of when planning time in Japan, if you read on, you may well begin to understand that it deserves some of your time. Nagoya is a city of 2.3 million with the metropolitan area totally 10.1 million. It was a provincial capital in the 17th century, resulting in the repair of Nagoya Castle on the site of a previous castle from years earlier. It is divided into 16 wards but when it comes to districts in which to stay, many of the wards are suburbs and purely residential.

As an important industrial centre, Nagoya was a target during World War II yet continued to develop after peace was declared. Nagoya is home to automotive companies like Toyota, Lexus as well as Brother Industries. It is a mix of modern and historical. Its major landmarks are the Atsuta Shrine, the aforementioned castle, zoo, aquarium and gardens. Its TV Tower dominates the skyline and its museums, several relating to the automotive activities, and science centres are worth visiting while ninja and samurai traditions are not forgotten.

The public train network allows visitors to access all parts of the city but you may want to stay close to the places that most interest you. That will determine your decision on where to stay in Nagoya. You will be able to get a base in the traditional parts of the city and also find somewhere quiet away from the crowds and then use the excellent transport infrastructure to get around.

Where To Stay In Nagoya

1- Naka

Nagoya Castle With Blue Sky
If you want to spend time exploring Nagoya Castle, the Naka area is where to stay in Nagoya.

Most first-time visitors are likely to pick Naka on the basis that it is the very heart of the city with Nagoya’s main things to see and do close by.

Nagoya Castle is a “National Treasure” that dates back to 1612 during the Edo Period and although it was damaged during World War II, repairs began as soon as peace was announced.

Its gardens are beautiful, with cherry blossoms in the spring and deer and birds aplenty during the summer months.


There are several other historical sites as well as museums that tell the history of Nagoya’s auto industry, including Toyota HQ (the world’s largest automobile manufacturer).

Some of the neighbourhood’s shrines and temples are hundreds of years old: Toshogu Shrine and Nagoya Shrine are the two main ones to look out for.

The former dates back to the mid-17th century while the latter is six centuries older and dedicated to the Shinto God, Susanoo.

In contrast to the serenity of the shrines, the city’s nightlife is certainly vibrant while Nagoya has established a fine reputation for its food scene.

On the outer edge of the historic district, commercial development has meant modern buildings with plenty of choice in restaurants, bars as well as clubs.

There are green spaces in Naka with Meijo Park just a short distance from Shiyakusho Station.

The accommodation around Nagoya Station (Naka-ku) is popular with visitors who want everything on their doorstep and all budgets are catered for.

Hotels In Naka

APA Hotel Nagoya Sakae Kita

APA Hotel Nagoya Sakae Kita is 15 minutes from Nagoya Castle, centrally located if you want to walk around the city.

It has its own hot springs for your evening relaxation if you do.

You can expect comfortable rooms and a subway station is close by.

Sanco Inn Nagoya Fushimi

Sanco Inn Nagoya Fushimi features include massage services, laundry and luxury rooms.

It is close to many popular attractions with the subway station on hand when you want to tour the city.

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Nagoya Fushimi

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Nagoya Fushimi is 3-star and five minutes from Fushimi Station.

The Nagoya City Science Museum is also near while there is plenty of dining choice in the immediate vicinity.

It is very popular so advance booking is imperative.

2- Sakae Town

Nagoya Landmark
Where to stay in Nagoya around Nagoya Tower? Check out the digs in Sakae Town.

Sakae Town is the commercial hub of the city, a district full of plenty of shopping alternatives, everything from corner shops to large departmental stores.

It is also known for its museums, especially good for art lovers, with 20th century impressionism well covered.

At night, Sakae Town lights up with neon displays as the streets begin to fill with young partygoers.

Entertaining nightlife varies from cocktail bars to karaoke and the area is also excellent for all types of cuisine.

The Nagoya TV Tower stands at 180 metres (almost 600 feet) high and it can be seen for a long distance, including all of Sakae, when it is lit up at night.

Nagoya Castle is just a single stop away but locally there are the Hisaya Odori and Central Parks, green spaces among the hectic neighbourhood.

Oasis 21 is a large multi-purpose space while Sakae Nova and Sunshine Sakae are modern shopping malls, the latter with the Sky Boat Ferris Wheel on the top.

Look out for the programme at the Aichi Arts Theatre.

Another place to visit is the planetarium within the city Science Museum.

You will not find 5-star accommodation in Sakae itself but there are plenty of options providing good value if Sakae is your choice for a base.

Hotels In Sakae Town

Red Planet Nishiki Nagoya

Red Planet Nishiki Nagoya is part of a chain of Asian hotels, the Nagoya one opening in 2010.

This 3-star hotel is really atmospheric with vibrant décor and friendly staff.

Marunouchi Subway Station is just a short walk away when you want to explore the city.

Hotel Trusty Nagoya Sakae

Hotel Trusty Nagoya Sakae is only a minute away from Sakae Subway Station.

There are 200 rooms with guests offered food and/or drinks packages for during their stay.

There are business and conference facilities with a range of language skills among the staff.

Smile Hotel Nagoya Sakae

Smile Hotel Nagoya Sakae is among the most affordable hotels in the neighbourhood, it is well-furnished with free Wi-Fi and air-con throughout.

Bathrooms have both shower and bath tub.

There are a number of dining options here.

It’s a short stroll to the subway station and Nagoya TV tower.

3- Ōsu

Osu Kannon , Nagoya , Japan
Osu is where to stay in Nagoya for local flavour.

Formerly part of Naka-ku, Osu is to its south and is known for its excellent cuisine and good traditional shopping alternatives.

Add the range of entertainment available, Osu is a must-visit neighbourhood even if accommodation is limited.

There is something for all ages so this neighbourhood is ideal for families.

When you walk down its main street, you will see international restaurants covering almost everything you can imagine.

The shops are definitely able to sell you the type of authentic Japanese products you might want as souvenirs of your trip or as presents for friends and family.

Think beautiful, colourful handmade clothes or jewellery.

As well as centuries-old traditional shops, there are modern fashion boutiques.

The Ōsu Kannon Temple is a beautiful, peaceful place, a restored Buddhist temple that was built in the first half of the 14th century.

The Kannon statue was originally housed in Osaka but came here early in the 17th century but burnt down during World War II.

A huge red paper lantern hangs from the ceiling in the main hall and worshippers often hang smaller notes from it in search of some good fortune.

Almost entirely based on entertainment, Osu has limited accommodation but if you are determined to make it your base then do your research.

Hotels In Ōsu

APA Hotel Biwako Seka-Ekimae

APA Hotel Biwako Seka-Ekimae is a minute away from JR Seta Train Station.

It is Western-style with free Wi-Fi and flat screen TV.

There is air-con throughout and rooms have fridge, tea/coffee maker, desk and bathrooms with bath tub.

Features include luggage storage, buffet breakfast and vending machines with drinks.

Trip & Sleep Hostel

Trip & Sleep Hostel is close to the train station.

The communal first floor lounge is large with Wi-Fi and room for you to use your laptop.

There is a shared kitchen and bathroom with shower and hairdryer.

Rooms are spacious and beds are comfortable.

There is daily housekeeping.

Hotel Abest Osu Kannon

Hotel Abest Osu Kannon has a good location close to shopping, Osu Kannon Temple and the subway station.

There is free Wi-Fi, a launderette, public bath and sauna.

Each room has a fridge, TV, kettle and hairdryer while the private bathroom comes with nice toiletries.

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4- Kanayama

Night View Of Nagoya (From Sky Promenade)
Aichi Prefecture is where to stay in Nagoya for the family.

Kanayama is a little further from the centre of Nagoya but it has good access to all the city’s main attractions.

The reason for staying in Kanayama is precisely to avoid the tourist traps and crowds while still being able to travel a short distance to the things that interest you.

Prices are generally lower than in Naka or Sakae.

The neighbourhood is one of modern development with the skyline dominated by high buildings such as the Kanayama-Minami Building which has 31 storeys.

You will find the Nagoya Boston Museum and the Nagoya Urban Institute within the tower.

If you are interested in art, particularly Japanese art, the museum is the place to go.

The Urban Institute tells the story of the development and history of the city through its exhibits.

Kanayama’s location on subway and rail lines mean you can explore the city as a whole quite easily.

Locally, there is the Atsuta Jingu Shrine, a Shinto shrine which attracts more than 9 million visitors annually.

It covers 200,000 square metres (2,200,000 square feet).

It dates back to the 1st century AD and was damaged during WWII but over the next decade it was restored.

If shopping is your thing, the Asunal Centre is the place to go.

Some back alleys still exist and here you may find some interesting food venues but don’t go in to ones that are empty because it probably means that the locals have voted with their feet.

Poor places are rare.

Hotels In Kanayama

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand Court Nagoya

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand Court Nagoya has some of the best views of the city, so this is a popular place to stay.

It is a 4-star hotel within the Kanayama-Minami Building with rooms from the 16th floor upwards.

The restaurant is on the 30th floor so you can dine while taking in some of those views.

Kanayama Station is just a short walk away.

Nagoya Kanayama Hotel

Nagoya Kanayama Hotel is a Japanese-style business class hotel close to the Kanayama Station.

Rooms have wooden floors, are small but rates are competitive.

There is a public bath/spa to enjoy and the buffet breakfast is a great way to start the day before heading out into the city.

Meitetsu Inn Nagoya Kanayama Annex

Meitetsu Inn Nagoya Kanayama Annex has spacious rooms, free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour front desk.

It is 3-star accommodation with the subway close by as are convenience stores.

Rooms are comfortable with Western-style beds, TV, bathroom and a desk.

5- Nishi

Modern Zen Peaceful Bedroom
Looking for a quiet neighbourhood to stay in Nagoya?

Nishi is in the north west of Nagoya, a neighbourhood largely lacking in tourist numbers.

If you want to avoid the crowds, this is a district that you should look at and it’s not entirely without things to see.

Nishi has a long history dating back to the Edo Period which began at the start of the 17th century and ran until the second half of the 19th.

It was a place where the main street, Shike-Michi, filled with merchants and there is still evidence of an interesting history to experience.

A neighbourhood museum tells its story while plenty of historic buildings still remain.

Nishi has a large public park, Shonai Greens, where there are a number of established walking trails.

Nagoya Lucent Tower is one of the city’s tallest buildings, 180 metres (600 feet) high with 40 storeys of offices.

You will find shopping while the Toyota Commemorative Museum is interesting if you enjoy cars.

Toyota, based in Nagoya, is the largest auto manufacturer in the world.

You are in no way cut off from Nagoya’s main highlights because there is a good bus and subway infrastructure in place.

Nishi has a variety in accommodation yet nothing 5-star within the Ward itself.

Hotels In Nishi

Cypress Hotel

Cypress Hotel is a 3-Star hotel suitable for tourists and business travellers.

Rooms, smoking and non-smoking, are clean and tidy with a desk, air-con and TV.

Recent reviews suggest that previous problems have been addressed.

The location is good as is the breakfast.

There is a convenient store downstairs and the overall location is good.

Hotel Livemax Nagoya

Hotel Livemax Nagoya is a 3-star hotel, every room have air-con, TV and private bathroom.

Nagoya Station is just 800 metres away, only five minutes or so.

There are smoking and non-smoking doubles and twin rooms.

There is a free Onsen (hot spring bath) to relaxation after a busy day.

Designer’s Apartment Polaris 101

Designer’s Apartment Polaris 101 is a single bedroom apartment with free air-con.

The apartment has free Wi-Fi, TV, washing machine while the well-equipped kitchen includes fridge and microwave.

Joshin Subway Station is a few minutes’ walk and the train lines a little further.

There are cafes and restaurants just a stroll away if you don’t want to cook for yourself.

6- Noritake And Meieki

Night View Of Nagoya Station
Somewhere near Nagoya Station is one of the convenient places to stay in Nagoya.

Noritake and Meieki are two small districts within Nakamura Ward deal where you will find plenty of shopping opportunities.

The range is everything from trendy boutiques to quality departmental stores.

The result is that you will find crowds but there is also the Noritake Garden.

The Garden is built on the site of the former ceramics factory that began production in the 1870s.

You will find the Noritake Museum and the Craft Centre very interesting.

You will learn about the history of ceramic production.

You will even get the chance to make something of your own in the workshop.

The antique red-bricked factory buildings and kilns were still being used until half a century ago.

Noritake remains one of the best quality fine china and porcelain names in the world, taking its name from the district.

You can buy it in the stores on site.

Meieki is home to Nagoya Station which makes the district very accessible to other parts of the city and beyond.

It is the tallest station in the world with twin towers each having 50 storeys.

Hotels In Noritake And Meieki

Mitsui Garden Hotel Nagoya Premier

Mitsui Garden Hotel Nagoya Premier is a 5-minute walk to the station.

It has free Wi-Fi, 24-hour front desk and a public bath.

It has air-con throughout with rooms featuring TV and fridge while the bathroom has shower and bath.

Other facilities in currency exchange, luggage storage, restaurant and Sky Bar on the 18th floor.

Sotestu Tesa Hotel

Sotestu Tesa Hotel is a short walk from Nagoya Station.

While the district is busy, the hotel itself is quiet.

The 3-star hotel is air-conditioned with free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour front desk.

Each room has a desk, flat-screen TV, fridge and private bathroom.

Sanco Inn Grande Nagoya

Sanco Inn Grande Nagoya is a 3-star hotel and spa 5 minutes from Nagoya Station.

There is free Wi-Fi, buffet breakfast, 24-hour front desk and luggage storage facilities.

It has rooms with a private bathroom with shower and is no smoking and quiet.

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