20 Things To Do In Danang

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Danang has plenty of activities for all types of travellers, with plenty of beauty and nature to explore as well as historical sites, or even heading out to the beach and catch some sun or waves. This coastal city is situated centrally within Vietnam and is a great place to access other locations in Vietnam. There’s always something new to do when you come here. Here are the best things to do in Danang and beyond.

Danang, Vietnam

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20 Things To Do In Danang

1- Visit The Marble Mountains

Da Nang: Lady Buddha, Marble Mountains, and Am Phu Cave Tour
Visiting the Marble Mountains is one of the things to do in Danang, Vietnam.

Right outside the city you will find these five mountains to the south, each representing one of the five elements.

There are multiple ways to be able to get to the top of the mountain range, from a cable car to using an elevator as well.

There is an entrance fee and do keep in mind that it is a spiritual site so dress modestly.

While open year round, do keep in mind that the dry season is a better option as it wont be as hot.

Wear comfortable shoes no matter how you get to the top as you will be doing a lot of walking.

Recommended tour: Da Nang: Lady Buddha, Marble Mountains, and Am Phu Cave Tour

2- Surf Or Relax On My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach Is A Beautiful Beach In Danang City
Chilling out on My Khe Beach is one of the things to do in Danang city.

There’s no way you can miss seeing the beach when you’re in Danang.

It stretches out to around 6.2 miles long (10 km) and is easily accessible from one of the main roads in Danang.

It’s extremely popular with both local and international tourists and there is something for everyone here.

You can enjoy your mix of beach sports, from beach volleyball to jet skis and parasailing, or simply dive into the pristine clear blue waters.

It’s perfect for any time of the year as well.

It’s facing directly into the East, making it a fantastic sunrise spot, with the water sparkling from the rising sun that also reflects off the mountains that can be seen from a distance.

3- Go To Non Nuoc Beach

Traditional Fishing Boat On The Beach
Spending time on the beach is one of the top things to do in Danang Vietnam.

For those looking for a bit of a more intimate or less crowded beach, then they should consider heading out to Non Nuoc Beach.

It is a much calmer vibe and is at the foot of the Marble Mountains, making it a great place to enjoy after you’ve finished exploring the mountains.

It’s also a more luxurious option for those that are looking at staying at resorts locally.

This also helps to give more privacy and a quiet and relaxing experience over the vibrancy of My Khe Beach.

Recommended tour: From Da Nang: Snorkeling and Island Hopping Tour by Speedboat

4- Discover And Explore Ba Na Hills

Da Nang: Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge Tour & Optional Lunch
Visiting Golden Bridge at Bana Hill is one of the classic things to do from Danang Vietnam.

The Ba Na Hills is an excellent spot for you to explore when you are in Danang.

There are numerous activities you can do, so make sure that you dedicate a day to it.

You’ll be outdoors a lot so make sure to have ample protection and covering as well as also the right type of walking shoes.

Besides the various attractions that can be done here, there’s also the world’s longest cable car here as well.

Of course what is bringing you here is the Golden Bridge and you can get there by bus.

This is the bridge that has massive hands holding up the bridge as you are walking and viewing the jungle before.

There’s also a French village that’s been built into the hills that you can spend the day exploring as well.

Recommended tour: Da Nang: Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge Tour and Optional Lunch.

5- Explore The Son Tra Peninsula

For those that are having an extended stay in Da Nang, heading out here is a perfect day trip.

It’s just outside of Da Nang and itself is a nature reserve filled with lush flora and animals.

There are also numerous beaches here to expand on your beach days.

Whether you’re heading to Da Den Beach, South Beach or any of the other locations.

While you are here there is plenty of seafood options to divulge into.

It’s a great opportunity to get everything from lobster and eel to massive prawns and calamari.

And remember that the seafood is extremely fresh and possibly even caught that day!

6- Visit The Cham Museum

There’s no reason not to expand your knowledge and check out some beautiful relics and sculptures from a kingdom not forgotten.

The Cham kingdom is around a thousand years old and this museum is dedicated to parting with knowledge about them.

It’s not only home to a key part of the history of the region, but also houses some national treasures as well.

The building itself is a beautiful yellow building that is inspired by French architecture.

It’s also quite a low cost endeavor with a minimal entrance fee.

Afterwards, you’ll notice you’re right at the beachfront, ready to grab a cold drink or head straight out to the beach.

The Cham Museum is at Số 02 Đ. 2 Tháng 9, Bình Hiên, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000.

7- Watch The Dragon Bridge Fire And Water Show

Dragon Bridge By Night In Danang City
Seeing the Dragon Bridge lit up is one of the things to do in Danang at night.

Why have just a bridge when you can have a bridge that’s in the shape of a dragon!

This is one of the most noticeable views in all of Da Nang and it lights up every evening for all to see.

There’s also a walkway to get some local sweets by the water and there’s plenty of space to view the bridge itself.

On the weekends and when there are public holidays, when the clock strikes 9 in the evening there’s a performance that shouldn’t be missed.

First, bridge traffic is closed.

Second, the bridge starts to breathe fire and then water to cool that heat off.

This is all combined with a light show that will dazzle you and your fellow travelers for years to come.

8- Visit The Cham Islands

This is a collection of eight islands that UNESCO has deemed worthy to be a biosphere reserve.

There are different ways to stay in this area, from hotels to homestays to simply getting a tent and living in the great outdoors.

There is infrastructure here for hospitality and tourism but do keep in mind that there may be special rules when it comes to preserving the area.

There are plenty of activities you can do here, such as an underwater walking tour.

You can go fishing throughout the various waters and even be able to possible cook what you catch.

Or you can go diving and explore these truly clear waters seeing coral and fauna that is only able to be seen in this region.

A great time to visit this would actually be during the warmer season from March through September.

9- Visit The My Son Sanctuary

Da Nang: Full Day My Son Sanctuary Tour
Exploring My Son Temple Ruins is one of the things to do from Danang, Vietnam.

This place is about 43 miles (69 km) from Da Nang, so it’ll take about an hour to an hour and half to get there by your choice of transportation.

It’s well worth a visit and it’s quite isolated.

There are still plenty of structures to enjoy and it’s quite a big space to explore for the day.

What’s great about this area is that it has structures that are over one and a half thousand years old, and you can see different styles and construction methods as this sanctuary evolved through the ages, up through the 14th century.

You can get here by motorbike quite easily, and there are also bus options that can take you there for usually less than $10, but do check the prices ahead of time.

You can consider a car rental, but make sure to negotiate because this can be quite a pricey option.

10- Visit The Han Market

Always wondered what your bargaining and negotiating skills were actually? It’s time to put them to the test at the Han Market.

This is a massive market at the center of Da Nang and it’s indoors, so it can be a great option if the weather looks like rain.

It’s also two floors with the first floor dedicated to food items, specifically the fresh catch of the day and other local spices and a local specialty, dried fish.

There are also plenty of food options to choose from so it’s a great place to enjoy lunch or dinner.

The second floor has an assortment of items ranging from jewelry to electronics and clothing.

Keep in mind that the stalls can vary in price differently so make sure you take the time to explore, discuss, and find that souvenir or other item before you leave Da Nanag.

11- Visit The Da Nang Cathedral

Da Nang Cathedral Church In Da Nang, Vietnam
Admiring the architecture of Da Nang Cathedral is one of the interesting things to do in Danang, vn.

Visiting a church during holiday may seem as if it’s not a top priority but you need to see this Cathedral.

It was built in the early 20th century and was the only one built during the French colonial period.

It’s a beautifully well maintained church that is an outstanding testament to what architecture is capable of.

It’s also bright pink, which is common throughout Vietnam.

Many of their churches and cathedrals are bright welcoming colors, helping them to look like inviting places of worship.

While you’re wandering around this amazing location, don’t forget to snap a photo of the weathercock which is in the shape of a rooster.

You can enjoy a service here, but do remember to dress modestly and stay quiet.

Also make sure to not take any photos during a service.

It’s free to enter so beware of scammers telling you otherwise.

The Da Nang Cathedral can be found at 156 Tran Phu St, Hai Chau 1 ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang City

12- Visit The Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village

South of Da Nang lies this village of master craftsman.

First you’ll get to explore a beautiful village which has its own opportunities for picturesque views and delicious food options.

Then you’ll get to see how these artisans are able to shape such a hard material into beautiful items and sculptures.

Be wary, as there’s a good chance that you’re going to want to buy anything and everything when you arrive.

These craftsmen will shape marble, sandstone and other materials into some of the most exquisite pieces available today.

For those that are extremely interested in their works, it’s possible to commission their own pieces and get the items sent back to their home countries.

13- Visit The Love Bridge

There is a special bridge in Da Nang that is specifically catered to love and couples showcasing their love.

Usually people tend to do this type of action regardless if the bridge can handle it or not, but this is completely dedicated to that action.

Consider going here at night and seeing the bridge light up.

You will see romantic hearts dropping from above the bridge and you can buy love locks from vendors near the bridge who can carve the locks with whatever you want them to.

You can also use your own locks.

It’s also a swing bridge too so make sure you’re able to get on it.

It’s best to visit this on the weekends as it as the best view of the open water and the Dragon Bridge as well.

Recommended tours:

14- Head To The Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Mountain Pass
A trip to Hai Van Mountain Pass is one of the top things to do from Danang.

This is for those expert hikers out there as the whole pass is over 13 miles (21 km) long with elevation points that go all the way up to 1640 feet (500 meters).

It is not a difficult hike but do note that there are plenty of bends and it can get quite narrow.

At every turn though is a breathtaking view to memorialize by taking a picture.

It has a great and rich history even known as a common area for smugglers, but those days are long gone and it’s a beautiful and safe spot to enjoy nature at its best.

There are also plenty of historical sites to enjoy on the path such as the Hai Van Gatehouse and the Hai Van Lighthouse.

15- Take A Day Trip To Hoi An

A day trip to Hoi An may not be enough but there are plenty of things to do in this ancient city.

You will feel as you’re heading to the past, and it’s recommended you find accommodation within its center.

You’ll have winding paths taking you to amazing places for food, see local artists and their beautiful paintings, or better yet, get yourself a new pair of clothing.

Hoi An is the place to get yourself custom made clothing in about 24 hours, and yes that means even a suit.

When you’re done styling yourself, you can let the sun set and enjoy the Hoi An night market, which is a perfect place for souvenirs and street food or join a cooking class.

You’ll also enjoy the main river the numerous canals connect to and see dozens of boats with multi colored lanterns, giving you a sight to remember.

There’s so many things to do here, such as explore the Japan Bridge and other activities, so maybe make it a multi-day trip.

16- Admire The Lady Buddha

The Lady Buddha is a towering statue that stretches 220 feet (67 meters) into the sky.

You can find it in the Linh Ung Pagoda outside in the courtyard.

It’s a beautifully constructed statue that has the Lady Buddha resting on a massive white lotus.

You will see her facing out into the open sea.

Keep in mind to get here is better for hikers and walkers with a bit of experience, but it is always well worth it.

You’ll get here outside the city and there are plenty of operators that can take you there. Check out this tour.

17- Head Out To Asia Park

Also known as Sun World, this is a popular place for families as there are lots of fun activities to do there.

It’s also home to the world’s tallest freefall ride for those that find themselves the adventuring type.

In addition, it’s host to numerous events and festivals throughout the year, so keep that in mind when it comes to planning your trip if you’re looking for something specific.

And yes, there’s plenty of food and shopping on site as well.

18- Search For A Zen Moment In A Pagoda 

Linh Ung Pagoda In Da Nang ,Vietnam.
Visiting Linh Ung Pagoda is one of the things to do in Danang.

Pagodas are a thing in Vietnam, especially Da Nang and there are at least two you should visit while you are here.

The first is the Linh Ung Pagoda that’s near the Marble Mountains.

It is constantly being renovated and also expanded as the years go by and is a true site to see.

There are numerous artifacts and statues related to Buddha inside.

The other Pagoda to consider is the Phap Lam Pagoda, which you won’t have to go far to see as it’s right in the center of Da Nang.

It’s a great place to visit to get a moment of Zen and peace from your travels and to appreciate the architecture.

19- Visit Hue – The Ancient Capital

Another day trip to consider is heading out to Hue.

It’s around a two hour drive and it’s about 57 miles (91.6 km) north of Da Nanag.

This is the ancient capital of Vietnam during its period of dynastic rule.

For those that are looking for the roots of Vietnam and it’s royal past, then this is a place to stop at.

It’s a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO as well.

You will marvel at the ruins that are reminiscent of the Forbidden Palace, as well as a slew of temples and mausoleums to check out.

20- Discover Caodaism At Cao Dai Temple

Here you will get to experience true Vietnamese architecture which incorporates multiple colors as well as techniques that exude extravagance.

At the same time you’ll learn about an ancient monotheistic religion known as Caodaism that was practiced back in ancient Vietnam.

You can even join in on a daily prayer they hold, but always make sure to dress modestly and conservatively. 

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